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  1. Viroona City Ruins - class drops: shaman > sage > blade dancer > ranger > knight Decayed Hallows - class drops: mimic > warrior > illusionist > warlock With these 2 dgns you can make around 5000-6000ccm in one day. 750ccm and 600ccm for killing the bosses; 3600-4320ccm from drops; 360ccm from daily quests.
  2. Word Game (ノ>ω<)ノ

  3. Hello! Dai here!

    Welcome Dai!
  4. Screenshot Show Off

    Scarlet Blade characters looks like adult movie actresses
  5. Custom theme

    There was a Black and Purple theme called Vendetta Theme :v but now is extinct
  6. Unarchivable Item

    Ty mr. Jordan!
  7. Screenshot Show Off

    hauahauahaua no
  8. An uncommon GvG

    Ty GAMERXGAMER for the most fair GvG i've ever seen :3 i've made new friends there uahauhauah Me with my new friends (not enemies) PS: i've died in a few seconds after this picture :c (Thanos )
  9. My suggestion is to change a single drop from Lv95. Trial World Bosses, to change the wonderland godstone for a viroona godstone. because the wonderland godstone is almost useless dropping one by one. This is the Wonderland Godstone, with each 10 of these you can make a lv90 holy weapon. This is the Viroona Godstone, with each 2 of these you can make a lv95 holy weapon.
  10. Unarchivable Item

    Well, this was my first prime item, from a long time ago :v (2 years) and still unarchivable. Item name: Artrageous Guitar (Prime) PS: the legendary one is archivable.
  11. Screenshot Show Off

    I have some EE screenshots here, so i think: why not post? :b Post yours too and show to us your handsome character :v Me with black/red look Me with black/blue look Me with my couple Usagi_Senpai <3
  12. Real Life Picture Thread

    Look at this face! i'm so ugly ;'v :]
  13. Word Game (ノ>ω<)ノ