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  1. Thanks for your help, you spared me some work ❤️
  2. Oh thank you all * - * i'm going to cry, ok jk haha :v I will comeback one day :3 much love!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm here to communicate about my departure from the Vendetta team, for those who don't know me, I've been playing eden for a long time and I've been on this server since 2015, I've spent many moments and unfortunately I didn't have time to do more for you all as a GS. I must devote myself now to my 'labor' life, the main reason for my departure (I must admit that I was a little bored in the game too). I must thank all of the community and staff for receiving me so well. Anyway, I wish luck and good game to all u.u Goodbye / Adios / Tchau o/
  4. SaaY

    BM Combos

    Ty Luxdrayn! i will add those combos soon ^^
  5. Hello everyone! I'm SaaY and today i'm going to share a spreadsheet i've made with some BM Mixed Combos. I'm a noob bm and just have learned yesterday how to make combos and my combos are a bit large e.e I hope it would be useful for you all ❤️ Link: kutt.it/tPt5U9
  6. Hello humans! I'm here to share my glyph calculator made in google sheets. I hope it would be useful for you all ❤️ Link: kutt.it/NirhgG After opening the link, you must click on File and then Make a copy... Choose file name and location; A new page will be open... Select the glyph for each class; And let it sum all stats for you ^^ You will have a copy on your Drive, you can keep it up to date by making another copy from the original file.
  7. There's no problem in using Locus Life like that, it's allowed.
  8. Thx for you suggestion Deathoniak o/ soon i will add, but those resist potions works on GvG/TW?
  9. Hello humans! I'm SaaY. This is a spreadsheet i've made with some buffs/stats needed to go TW/GvG. I hope it will be useful for you all ❤️ Link: kutt.it/2nNamO
  10. Dragon Ball Super ED10 covers :b Portuguese Version Japanese Version.
  11. Scarlet Blade characters looks like adult movie actresses
  12. There was a Black and Purple theme called Vendetta Theme :v but now is extinct
  13. I have some EE screenshots here, so i think: why not post? :b Post yours too and show to us your handsome character :v Me with black/red look Me with black/blue look Me with my couple Usagi_Senpai <3
  14. Look at this face! i'm so ugly ;'v :]
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