How to Purchase a PGC!

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Donating with Pixel Game Card 

Pixel Game Cards are valid for 14 days, which means you have 14 days after purchase to use the card before it expires. 
If your card expires prior to you being able to use it, please contact PGC support for a renewal.

As with our previous payment providers, we at VGN cannot assist you with your purchases at PGC. If you have any issues regarding why your payment was denied or why it is taking longer then usual, please put in a ticket for the PGC support staff.

How to Purchase

Go to and register an account

The only information you'll need to provide is an email and password.


Once you have registered, you'll be asked to verify your account with the email you provided.

After you have verified, you can now log in to your account using the login panel (located directly next to the registration panel)!

Purchasing a Card

To purchase a new card, simply press the "Purchase" tab at the top of the screen, then select "Paymentwall" or "Super Rewards" once the page loads.


All regions have different payment options available to them, so what you see may differ from others.

Once the card has passed fraud checks and the transaction has gone through, the card will appear in your purchase history. 

Click on the "Account" tab in the top right corner to view purchase history.

Click on the "View Card" button to view information on the card

This window will show you all the information you need regarding your PGC purchase including:

~The card's code

~The card's value

~The card's status

~When it was purchased

~Where it was redeemed at

~When it expires

~Payment IDs/Reference Numbers

Using Your PGC Card

Once you purchase your card, head back over to our donation page |

A new widget has appeared on the website for you to use!

You can locate the card's code in the information provided in the "View Card" section.

Insert the card's code into the widget on the donation pages along with your VGN account to redeem it. 

After successfully redeeming the card, a notification will appear on the browser to confirm that you have.


VGN, the item mall currency for each game, can be bought from PGC for the following rates:

PGC Price VGN Points Bonus
$1 500 No Bonus
$5 2,500 No Bonus
$10 5,000 +250 VGN Bonus
$20 10,000 +500 VGN Bonus
$30 15,000 +1,500 VGN Bonus
$50 25,000 +2,500 VGN Bonus
$75 37,500 +5,625 VGN Bonus
$100 50,000 +10,000 VGN Bonus

These rates are the exact same that we had with our previous provider.

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