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Hey Guys, Patch 35 is finally here with some big changes to the game! There will be a followup patch next week with the anniversary event and some costumes from Aura Kingdom and Twin Saga coming with it! I will also be posting an update thread in the coming days about the future of the games patches and what you can expect from me over the upcoming months so keep an eye out for that!

If you want to give some feedback or report some bugs with the patch please head to this thread and post your response:


Major Changes

  • New Level Cap: 120!
    • We're proud to announce that we are now the most advanced content Eden Eternal server even surpassing the official Taiwan version of the game. We plan to keep developing this game further and further for your guys!.
  • New Level 100 Trials!
    • Camodor Chaselands
    • Dark Tide Cave
    • Vingot Lab
    • Devastation Dimension
  • New Level 100 Gears.
    • Weapons
    • Armors
  • Added Daily Login System!
    • You are now rewarded each day when logging into your account for more than 30 minutes.
    • Note: This is per account and not per character.


  • Added Several New UI Features:
    • Bag Auto Sort.
      • Allows you to sort your bag into neat and tidily fashion!
    • Archive Saving.
      • Allows you to Specify specific items so that they don't get put in the archive when clicking Archive All.
    • Select all mail.
      • Allows you to select all mail items on the page to multi-collect or multi-delete.
    • Status Assistant.
      • Allows you to automatically use potions, mounts, star stones, etc.
    • Updated Backpack Manager
      • Allows you to bind Repair Hammers to be automatically be used if your armor falls below a certain durability.
    • EXP/CP Bar upgrades.
      • Will now use decimal numbers for more accurate reading on your current EXP and CP.
  • Added a Bot Check that will appear every so often to reduce botting and Pet Afking within the normal maps.
  • When disconnecting inside a dungeon, as long as you where not the only player in the dungeon and a player is still inside the dungeon you will reconnect inside the dungeon.
    • Note: Exactly how Dream of Destruction dungeons and Gates of Pandemonium does.



  • Another Portal has appeared in Dimension of Souls opening a rift to an Alternate Version of itself.
    • To compensate for the new level cap and peoples grinding needs, we have opened a duplicate Dimension of Souls to double the amount of grinding locations available.
    • Note: NPC's and Bosses have been removed from Alternate Dimension of Souls but the mobs are exactly the same.



  • Server rates are now always on and have been made so they no longer affect the EXP, CP and Awakening CP charms.
    • This means charms, achievements, gear, etc. that give EXP rates are now all in full effect.
    • This means we can host EXP events too.
    • Note: Exp Charms give n% of the original EXP and not the Rates EXP. Example, EXP Charm I gives EXP +525% exp not (EXP + 500%) + 25%.
  • Increase the Width of the Tip box that appears when hovering over Items, skills, etc. This means weapons with a lot of enhancements should no longer go off the screen unless your screen is SUPER TINY.
  • Made some minor improvements to some buffs within the game to try and solve the issues with channels crashing. We hope this has fixed the issue.
  • Peer channel has been merged for all levels so that new players can communicate with veteran players.
  • Territory War will now give Guild Honor to enter active TW guilds into Guild vs Guild.
  • Change Class Cooldown has been reduced to 5 seconds from 20 seconds.
  • Viroona Vale has now been officially added to the map (South West Continent).
    • The warp portal has been restored to its original state.
  • Removed the Cooldown of:
    • Basic Elysian Devil Soul
    • Intermediate Elysian Devil Soul
    • Advanced Elysian Devil Soul
  • Increased the duration from 3 minutes to 30 minutes on:
    • Quick Recovery Potion Lv1
    • Quick Recovery Potion Lv2
    • Quick Recovery Potion Lv3
    • Quick Recovery Potion Lv4
    • Quick Recovery Potion Lv5
    • Quick Recovery Potion Lv6
    • Quick Recovery Potion Lv7
    • (Enhanced) Quick Recovery Potion Lv7
  • Added EXP/CP/Awaken CP Charms to the Item Mall.
    • Additionally created some bundles to save your some AP when purchasing.
  • Eternal Talisman's I and II now worth with Awakening CP.
  • Altered some skills to fit the trial versions of the Dungeon, should not affect the base dungeons at all.



  • Fixed the text on multiple skills in regards to the new trial dungeons and the base version of the bosses to help improve understanding of what the skills do.
  • Fixed the Recommended Event System Message.
  • Fixed the Buff Description Name on the Auric Jewel.
  • Fixed the Name and Buff Description of EXP Charm III, CP Charm III and Loot Charm III.
  • Fixed the Typo with the Life Worshiper KP "Explosive Music".
  • Fixed the Description of the skill "Dragon Wing Bash".
  • Fixed the name of "Formula: 1H Weapon Enchant - Violence Lv5".



  • Fixed the EXP and Loot Bug when in a monster taunt party and the monster puller leaves the party passing all the EXP and loot to another member.
  • Fixed the Locus Life Leaf being usable in PvP.
  • Fixed the "Anniversary Alpaca Ornament" item preview crash.







Thank you all and have a wonderful day! Please make sure to leave some feedback and some suggestions of future content :)

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