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Patch v39


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Based on my Patch roadmap or plans this is half of the cosmetic patch here, I've been waiting on some things in order to get more custom content from the other games so that is why this cosmetic patch isn't full. However, this means I will likely delay the cosmetic patch later in the cycle and try get some more content out in the meantime.

Just before getting into the patch notes I will mention here about 3 bugs that have not been fixed yet.

  1. Auto-Sort Bag, this is a long messy bug that is fixable but will take time and simply I didn't have the time to address it yet. Apologies.
  2. Blade Master Combos, due to some changes in the server stuff with a recent patch I will need to rework the skill to make it functional. This does not mean change the skill to something else but rework the backend to make it functional again which is messy and time consuming. I'll try get this done ASAP as I know the class needs this to function.
  3. Invisible PVP no longer leaves combat, I'm still investigating this bug so at this time I have no news on it just yet.


Major Changes

  • Halloween Event has been added.
    • 3 Bosses are taking over Aven, defeat them all for daily rewards!
    • 3 New Halloween themed pets are now available with both in-game reward and item mall variants.
    • 4 New themed costumes are available in game.







  • New Event Dungeon has been Added, "Vendetta Treasury"
    • Quick Daily EXP and CP farm for players above level 80.
    • Rewards with charms for further EXP and CP grinding.
    • Note: This dungeon I plan to bring with all events and possibly randomly throughout the year if everything goes well. So if there is any suggestions to improve the quality let me know!




Minor Changes

  • Many new costumes.
  • New Boss Pets.
  • Updated Koharu pet attack attribute to Fire.
  • Updated Aflallo pet attack attribute to Dark.
  • Updated Fina pet attack attribute to Ice.
  • Updated Shirley pet attack attribute to Holy.
  • Updated the icon for the achievement "It was just a little rain cloud".


Bug Fixes

  • Class EXP no longer goes to negatives when going past a specific amount at level 109+.
    • This was caused when changing class it would bug out the value and save an incorrect value.
    • Anyone who was affected by this bug should automatically be fixed back to 0 after maintenance.
  • Daily Rewards should now reset when the end of the month has been reached.
  • Samurai now has level 100+ Class Expertise.
  • Awaken classes and various normal classes no longer disappear from the class expertise list when Samurai is leveled past 104.
  • Fixed the Arch-Elementalist skill "Magic Burst" so it no longer goes to negatives after leveling it too much.
  • Fixed the Battlefield Poet skill "Melody of Mana" so it no longer goes to negatives after leveling it too much.
  • Fixed the Blade Acrobat skill "Victory Dance" so it no longer goes to negatives after leveling it too much.
  • Fixed the Zumi Templar and Awakens Passive "Enforcer".
  • Fixed the Zumi Thief and Awakens Passive "Crazy Wheels".
  • Fixed and Issue with the pets "Kimba", "Petra" and "Maul" where the break animation would occur on entering combat.


Text Fixes

  • Fixed the description of Gravity Manipulator skill "Air Dance".
  • Fixed the description of Pet skill "Resistance Collapse".
  • Fixed the name of the achievement "Magic Scroll: Hand Enchant - Beast Blood Lv3".
  • Fixed the description of the achievement "You Are Not A Dragon!".
  • Fixed the description of the item "Formula: Mars's Secret".
  • Fixed the description of the item "Blueprint: Magic Tuskar Club".


Balance Changes

  • Gravity Manipulator
    • Knowledge Point "Soaring Dance" DMG lowered from 350% DMG to 300% DMG.
    • Skill "Gravitation Lockdown" cast time lowered from 2 seconds to 1 second.
    • Skill "Black Hole" cool down lowered from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.
    • Skill "Feather Steps" stack cost increased from 3 to 5 stacks.
  • Dragon Emperor
    • Skill "Dragon Rage" P-ATK and M-ATK lowered from 20% to 15%.
    • Skill "Dragon Emperor Leadership" M-ATK and P-ATK lowered from 50% to 40% and 25% to 20% (Respectively).
    • Skill "Dragon Wing Bash" damage over time lowered from 30% to 25%.
  • Holy Blade
    • Skill "Destructive Leap" PDMG increased from 200% to 250%.
    • Skill "Destructive Leap" MDMG increased from 150% to 175%.
  • Devil Hunter
    • Skill "Shooter's Mark" P-ATK and M-ATK reduction increased from -10% to -15%.
    • Skill "Aimed Shot" cool down lowered from 4 seconds to 2 seconds.
    • Skill "Will to Survive" cool down lowered from 45 seconds to 25 seconds.
  • Assassin
    • Skill "Neck Twister" range increased +50%.
    • Skill "Lockdown Slice" range increased +50%.
  • Elegant Dancer
    • Skill "Dance of Blessing" cool down lowered from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.







Enjoy your day!

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