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Patch v42

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Major Changes

  • Normal Class Territory War has returned (Currently in Beta).
    • Currently guild rewards are disabled for this mode.
    • Players over level 80 are treated as if they are level 80.
      • Includes Stat Calculations.
      • Includes Player vs Player DMG.
      • Fear skills over level 80 are effective on everyone.
    • Weapons, Rings, Necklaces, Capes and Trophies are capped at level 80.
    • Armor is capped at level 78.
    • Buff is now given by default, no spawn HP issues.
    • Granted unabled to swap class state, limited to Awaken Classes only and Mimic.
    • You're only disabled if you log into Awaken TW with an Awaken class or Mimic.
    • Current Schedule:
      • Monday to Friday: 3PM Server Time.
      • Saturday: 6PM Server Time.
      • Sunday: None.
  • Guild towns will only require 3 Logins per week now instead of 10.
    • Note: Was hard to test so I cannot 100% guarentee the effectiveness.
  • Christmas Decorations have been added to Aven.
    • Note: There is no boss event as I ran out of time and thought that it was more important to bring the long overdue content. I will make up for this by hosting 2 Events on Christmas Day of boss spawns, Apologies.
  • Vendetta Treasury is back with its bugs fixed!


Cosmetics Added

  • Added Mounts:
    • Wishful Christmas Sleigh.
    • Snowy Christmas Sleigh.
    • Warm Christmas Sleigh.
  • Added Pets:
    • Robust Santa
    • Magic Santa
    • Brave Santa
    • Wise Santa


Bug Fixes

  • War Stone Polymerizer Cooldown has been fixed.
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