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Eden Eternal's Christmas Wish

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What!? More Christmas stuff!?

Yes, more stuff!


Every few days, we will be randomly giving away 1 Legendary costume, or a max of 50 EC to 1 lucky player.

All you have to do to enter is:

Log onto Eden Eternal's Website: https://ee.vendettagn.com/

Select the "Events" tab

Click "Submit Event"

The "Submit Event" box will look something like this:



1 winner will be announced randomly till the first

maintenance of the new year (around the 3rd of January).

The winner will be randomly selected from those who have entered and will

be announced on this thread when they've been selected.


Once a winner is selected, if you wish to enter again, you MUST hit "Submit

Event" again to re-enter the drawing.



If you see your name posted on this thread as one of the winners, please place in a ticket with your requested item. 

Winners that have not placed in a ticket within a weeks time or does not put in a requested item within that week, will lose their chance at the item!


Please read some of the important rule information below:

  • Alt abuse will be monitored for this. If you are suspected of using alts in order to get more entries, you will be banned from this event and all future events that are held.
  • You cannot win more than once.
  • Game Sages CAN participate in this. Should one of them win, we'll select an additional player to win with them.
  • Any costume that was given for free from Beta Rewards or Compensation Packs will not be given.
  • We have the right to deny any item requested if it has not been released (either in mystery boxes or altars) or is an exclusive item (example: Legendary anniversary items)
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