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[COMPLETE] Maintenance


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The servers are now back online!

Server has been migrated to NA with significant hardware improvements.
NOTE: Please understand that our main goal has been to eliminate the "delay" in-game. We believe a massive upgrade in hardware was essential and we have done so to mitigate this issue.

I hope everyone understand that not everyone is going to have 10ms ping. The idea of moving to NA was suggested because a lot of our players are from the America region. We have respected this request but again, I must re-iterate that this does not mean you're going to be playing lag free 110% of the time.

We've done everything in our power to essentially deliver the best we can for you all and I hope this suffices!

Gem and Crystal Altar have been updated.

Rank Rewards have been reset and rewarded to everyone for last month.

Mystery Boxes have been updated!


The servers are currently offline whilst we do maintenance.

We will be migrating the servers to our new NA machines.

We anticipate this process to take a while so there is no ETA when the servers will be back online.

Thank you for your patience!

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