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I played Nostale for ~4 years back in 2008/2009. Was Blue Nos, ~ Level 83. Came back sometimes, but always quit again. Now with Vendetta I wanna have a fresh start, but WHAT exactly is different on the Vendetta server? I've read that the XP was adjusted, what else?


How is the economy like? Can I actually buy SPs for a fair price, or is it like back in the days, where I have to spend 50kk for a WK?


Also, if you guys have any tips or tricks for leveling on this server - much appreciated. I basically remember anything about this game, until Act 5. Never really played that.SP 5-8 are also new to me.


Thanks guys, hyped to be back. ?



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You got 20x XP, 5x money and a higher droprate. Tbh nostale vendetta is just a better version of the offical version. start out playing, do the mainquestline and you will do fast progess. Because of the higher drop rate its pretty easy to get decent gear and sps. If you have anymore questions just ask other players. the community is very nice and will help you out.


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