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Patch v16

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General Changes:
 - Increased the level 85+ quest line exp to x2 to aid with levelling from 89-91.
 - DOD can now be ran 10 times per day.

 - The following items have been given a Legendary version:


Mysterious Tennis Team Uniform
Mysterious Swim Team Uniform
Mysterious Heavy Metal Rocker
Mysterious Heavy Metal Rockette
Mysterious Brigand King Gear
Mysterious Bandit Queen Gear
Mysterious Ultramodern Armor Garb
Mysterious Ultramodern Armor Threads
Mysterious Officer's Uniform
Mysterious Officer's Dress Skirt
Mysterious Tailcoat
Mysterious Gown
Mysterious Prep Guy
Mysterious Prep Girl
Mysterious Trenchcoat
Mysterious Fitted Pea Coat
Mysterious Courtier Garb
Mysterious Militissa Ensemble
Mysterious Taoist Robe
Mysterious Miko Dress
Mysterious Modern Elegance Suit
Mysterious Whipped Cream Dream Dress
Mysterious Summer Vest
Mysterious Summer Dress
Mysterious Wild Outback Digs
Mysterious Outback Adventurer Cutoffs
Mysterious Magic Garb
Mysterious Magic Princess Gown
Mysterious Dragon Tribal Coat
Mysterious Dragon-Scaled Bedlah
Mysterious Knight Armor
Mysterious Knight Armor Dress
Mysterious Everyday Uniform
Mysterious Everyday Uniform Dress
Mysterious Suave Kimono
Mysterious Genteel Kimono
Delicate Cruel Death Suit
Delicate Cruel Death Frock
Mysterious Rose Knight Suit
Mysterious Rose Princess Gown
Mysterious Mecha Pilot Suit
Mysterious Female Mecha Pilot Suit
Mysterious Pirate Vest
Mysterious Pirate Tank Top
Mysterious Wolf King Suit
Mysterious Vixen Dress
Mysterious Pastry Chef Ensemble
Mysterious Pastry Chef Threads
Mysterious British Olympics Competitor Tee T-Shirt
Mysterious British Olympics Cheerio Skirt
Mysterious French Cobalt Olympic Garb
Mysterious French Cobalt Olympic Threads
Mysterious French Crimson Olympic Garb
Mysterious French Crimson Olympic Threads
Mysterious French White Olympic Garb
Mysterious French White Olympic Threads
Mysterious Olympics Competitor Tee
Mysterious Olympics Cheerio Skirt
Mysterious American Olympic Garb
Mysterious American Olympic Threads
Mysterious Spanish Olympic Garb
Mysterious Spanish Olympic Threads
Mysterious Brazilian Olympic Garb
Mysterious Brazilian Olympic Threads
Mysterious Portuguese Olympic Garb
Mysterious Portuguese Olympic Threads
Mysterious Chinese Olympic Garb
Mysterious Chinese Olympic Threads
Mysterious Thai Olympic Garb
Mysterious Thai Olympic Threads
Mysterious Malaysian Olympic Garb
Mysterious Malaysian Olympic Threads
Mysterious Japanese Olympic Garb
Mysterious Japanese Olympic Threads
Mysterious Hong Kong Olympic Garb
Mysterious Hong Kong Olympic Threads
Mysterious Korean Olympic Garb
Mysterious Korean Olympic Threads
Mysterious German Black Olympic Garb
Mysterious German Black Olympic Threads
Mysterious German Crimson Olympic Garb
Mysterious German Crimson Olympic Threads
Mysterious German White Olympic Garb
Mysterious German White Olympic Threads
Mysterious Doctor Robe
Mysterious Nurse's Uniform
Hand-dyed Schoolboy Chic Ensemble
Hand-dyed Schoolgirl Chic Ensemble
Mysterious Rugged Gi Garb
Mysterious Sleek Gi Threads
Mysterious Pastry Chef's Toque
Mysterious Officer's Cap
Enigma Bell
Mysterious Wings Headwear
Mysterious Mini Top Hat
Mysterious Unicorn Horn
Mysterious Rose Eye Patch
Mysterious Bunny Hat
Mysterious Alpaca Ushanka
Hand-Dyed Double Pompom Christmas Hat
Hand-Dyed Christmas Reindeer Antlers
Mysterious Xmas Cap
Mysterious Eyepatch
Mysterious Radar Monocle
Elite Monocle
Delicate Alpaca Bandage
Vengeful Seraph's Wings
Dreamy Seraph's Wings
Holy Seraph's Wings
Enchanting Serpah's Wings
Divine Seraph's Wings
Sugar Bear Satchel
BunBun Backpack
Velvetina Bunny Backpack
Petre Rabbit Backpack
Thumperina Backpack
Rogre Rabbit Backpack
Sun Sprite Wings
Periwinkle Pixie Wings
Forest Fairy Wings
Sea Sprite Wings
Pink Pixie Wings
Honey Crescent Moon
Forest Green Wing Branch
Spring Wing Branch
Seductive Wing Branch
Blossom Wing Branch
Frost Wing Branch
Blue Freedom Wings
Sheer Glimmer Fins
Milky Glaze Fins
Celeste Gossamer Fins
Sakura Gauze Fins
Sunstreaked Film Fins
Super Cool Peacock Tailfeathers
Grove Lazurite Wings
Dew Lazurite Wings
Tempest Lazurite Wings
Sakura Lazurite Wings
Sunshower Lazurite Wings
Demon Pirate Cutlass
Protestor's Sign
Tedde Bare
Lake Laku Lobster Lopper
Plumed Fan
Legendary Painted Drum
Crystal Wand (Blue)
Blowfish Boomstick
Magical Bunny Paintbrush
Thunderbolt Stallion
Stalwart Razorback
Peepers' Egg Carriage
Lime Fluff Alpaca
Cotton Candy Alpaca
Chic Alpaca

 - Archive has been updated.

Bug Fixes:
 - Fixed tandem bug with Hello Kitty Sports Car mount.

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