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Event Music Festival [DONE]

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Hey ! I have the pleasure to present you this new Event !!


What will this event do?

The event will be writing a poem or song about Eden Eternal. Please no longer than 30 lines for the reader's sake and for your own.

 What are the "Rules" for this Event ?

1. No plagiarism of any kind, try to be unique and original. (No stealing from the internet)

2. Stick to the main focus ( Eden Eternal ) try not to go off topic on random stuff.

3. You're only allowed to submit a Poem or song.

4. This must be in English only.

5. Make sure to include in your post your IGN (in game name).    

What will the prices be ?

  • 1st 5 Event point,
  • 2nd 3 Event point,
  • 3th 1 event point,

The event starts today and will end on June 21th.

Have a nice day and good luck, May Art be with you !


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