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Dragon Valley - hide n seek

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Hello Arkanas,

So as you can already understand from the title, the event will be hide n seek but it's going to be for 60+ players only. "reason of the chosen map"

The event is going to be open for both sides at same time so maybe you will want to finally get some bike snares in usage :P

Event will happen on Tuesday 28/5/2019 and time 6:30 pm server time (means after Nuclear Bunker)

How it will work:

Each round you will ALL have to wait on starting point where other GSes will be. Once i hide myself somewhere on the map, you will go out there to find me. The first one who will find me is the winner.


  • If you caught of hiding somewhere on map and not being on starting point, then you disqualified from the event.
  • If you get to find me but you weren't on starting point, again you disqualified and lose your reward.
  • You can win only one time.
  • No usage of alts in order to win more than once. In that case you won't get to win anything.


  • Each winner will receive 1 event point and a costume of his choice.

             We have the right to deny any item requested if it has not been released or if it's a limited version.

This time you can't request Dinner Derby either.

Events will be hosted by [GS] NoRunNoGun

GSes that will help moderating the event:

[GS] xXsaphiraXx

[GS] DarkSunrise

[GS] FreezinColt

[GS] Bikini

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