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  1. Hello and welcome to VGN and EE.
  2. Smh @DrDieLess repeating what Vivi said with other words
  3. Arkana! ARKANA! Look that shiny unique that dropped in front of.....HEYYY WHO PICK THAT UP :@ Come on! Say it! Say how much you love me for risking my life to pick this for your lazy ass. Let's make a deal. You go out there and fight them and i will let you sleep on bed tonight.
  4. Other thing i could think as Jordan mentioned about probability of corrupted file is to re-install your winrar to the latest version and then re-download the game. Usually reason for corrupted files is winrar.
  5. Welcome and good luck with the GM works. We are here to help you with Scarlet Blade anytime and don't worry. I am sure you will like this game more than the others
  6. Welcome to VGN and to Eden Eternal. Hope you will like everything that our team has made so far for the game. Any questions you might have don't hesitate to ask. We are here to help you.
  7. Hello there, i will notify DrDieLess if he can upload it on other site aswell.
  8. From this edit i'll assume you found it so will close the thread.
  9. Hello everyone, Once again, a giveaway for discord nitro is running on my discord server. You can find the link for discord and how to take part on previous post. Good luck all.
  10. It was already discussed a while ago and we will look at it in future patches, can't promise when. ~locked~
  11. If i see RGs and FKs forming pt to farm together then i have seen everything 😂
  12. Hello and welcome to VGN and Eden Eternal. You can take a look on EE guide section for some useful informations.