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  1. NoRunNoGun

    Word Game (ノ>ω<)ノ

  2. NoRunNoGun

    SBV Unable to move or remove Ultimate Skills.

    Ultimate skills are 2 for each character, you can't get any ultimate skill you want...each character has 2 specific skills, if your issue is about your other skills you will need a skill reset code to be able to change your skill build but ultimate skills they not changing nor you can get a different one from the two your character has. For example Defender ultimate skills are Boomstick and can't get Devastator as this one is for whipper.
  3. NoRunNoGun

    Free mount

    Hello there, on the site of your game by login in there and going on event tab you can redeem your starter pack.
  4. NoRunNoGun

    Which channel is it?

    As far as i know, on Nostale, once you login you choose on which channel you want to go so i don't really see the reason of making a command to see on what channel you are since you are the one who chooses a channel and it's not randomly selected. As for the server time, you can always see it through the Nostale site. It would be nice tho to have a local time as Scarlet Blade has and you can find the server time if you know the difference between your local time and server time.
  5. NoRunNoGun


    Welcome to the forums too. Hope you enjoy playing to our server.
  6. NoRunNoGun

    VGN Points

    There aren't free offers to complete in order to gain vgn points but as impactiko said to you, you can claim your beginner kit from Eden Eternal website on event tab.
  7. NoRunNoGun

    What are you listening to ?

    Boooo....i love Christmas.
  8. NoRunNoGun

    Patch Bug Reports

    I'll be updating this post every 2-3 days (if DrDieLess doesn't hate me for making him do it), so keep an eye on it. This was said on patch notes from Vivi.
  9. NoRunNoGun

    Patch Bug Reports

    Thanks. It is already mentioned tho here.
  10. NoRunNoGun

    Mystery Box Item Requests

    Dinner derby dress is only available through event system and you need event point for it. More about the event system check this thread.
  11. NoRunNoGun

    Random Values

    You sure it was Crit atk? We can look into it but if you can show a screenshot of this, it would surely help a lot to make it sure.
  12. NoRunNoGun

    Random Values

    Doc meant +- 15~30 the max beta...that means you might get a lower stat from max beta.
  13. NoRunNoGun

    Word Game (ノ>ω<)ノ

  14. NoRunNoGun

    Timezone for the LoD time guide

    I know this thread aswell as it is even in my signature if you look but it is also haven't been updated almost same date with the other i posted. It's just more detailed on countries.
  15. NoRunNoGun

    Timezone for the LoD time guide

    They might need update, i'm not sure as i don't play Nostale but there are the times for LoD here.