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  1. Well with that being said, I'll lock the thread here.
  2. I have got many times invite after initial invite if 20 secs passed and other hasn't respond or declined.
  3. Actually you are wrong. This is how currently works. Let's say 5 rg and 3 fk register. RG FK Player 1 accepts Player 1 accepts Player 2 declines or not respond to invite Player 2 accepts Player 3 accepts Player 3 accepts In this case player 4 from rg side will get invite, if player 2 declined, he will get it immediately, if player 2 did not respond to invite, he will get it after 20 seconds. If player 4 don't respond either then player 5 will get invite on last 20 seconds before bg starts.
  4. What's the point to make it getting invite if numbers are already imbalanced before bg starts. He will be kicked anyway if other side have less people from register. It's not like the system picks randomly people who registered. It picks the first people who registered to be against the same amount of enemies inside bg. You will get invite if someone from your side cancels or doesn't respond in the 20 secs period you get to answer on invite.
  5. lol that 2 years after reply on your own post. Well maybe you should consider change pc I guess.
  6. Hello and welcome to vendetta Scarlet Blade.
  7. Alternative link has been updated, if you still having issues with website download, you can use the alternative way.
  8. Alternative link will be updated later tonight due to being at work atm and can't do it.
  9. Game accounts are linked in one email and cannot be changed.
  10. Nice quest @Jordan Why i don't wonder at all seeing this
  11. Welcome, hope you will enjoy playing here.
  12. Official server has shut down since 2016. Vendetta scarlet blade is the only one that exists.
  13. Wish you all the best Nova, was a fun ride during the last year on our good and bad moments. Really enjoyed and loved your costumes.
  14. Anyway as TheHealersGod suggested, this thread will be closed. No need to continue discuss about the game and other things related to this game as the server shut down.