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  1. Hope for fast recovery and fot everything to go well.
  2. Welcome to VGN. What game you are playing btw as you haven't mention on your post. We currently running 3 games soo ^^ anyways, welcome, i hope you enjoy your time here with us and have fun there.
  3. Link has been updated. Enjoy the loli voices ^^
  4. Hello guys i will re-upload it soon, maybe during weekend or after.
  5. Moved to the general discussion of the game, as it is not a bug report.
  6. I will check later the link incase it is broken but also make sure you have the latest version of winrar and try again.
  7. Here is an updated link as the previous one is no longer working!bzZhDIaA!e1w-GPDA7lIyeF3yoCrX0FVL0GyFA0SFhVriS7hm1kE
  8. You can always play in windowed or full screen if that's your max resolution.
  9. If at some point you run into a xigncode error please consider download this folder and paste the files into the sb folder.!aq4kTIaD!Zk3MGt7G5lAZXoVJPiFXEQuHLqcWCnBUvh8UJ4SkL2A
  10. We appreciate the support and understanding of you guys about the reason we say no at this moment for opening another server. Maybe in future Bash and the rest GM team decides to do it but like i said, as of now there are no plans for other game.
  11. Scarlet Blade is very sensitive in having a stable connection. If you receiving "mother disconnected you from the server" message, try these steps from this thread.
  12. V48 is out and alternative downloads are updated. You can try again.