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  1. NoRunNoGun

    posting pictures

    Answered. Thread is closing now.
  2. NoRunNoGun

    How To Change Email For Forum Accoounts

    Actually to change your forum account email you can. Click on your name right top of the forum site and it will open you some options. You will find 1 option that says "Account Settings" Once you click it, you will see your current email address and an option to change it. Once you change your email, you will have to verify it again from the new email. NOTE: this email address will be changed only for your forum account. Your game account will have the email that you registered with and this can't be changed.
  3. NoRunNoGun

    The Return Of Petty

    another whipper for RGs damn it. I mean welcome back
  4. NoRunNoGun

    Wanted: GS PvP

    Hello everyone. So as the title says, it's time for some PvP with wanted GSes. EVENT HOST BY: [GS] NoRunNoGun & [GS] Waldo (if any other GS take part he will noted here) DATE AND TIME: Wednesday 20 June 2018 - 4:00 PM (server time) PLACE: Amara map 60+ lvl You all know these 2 towers that no one really use. So it's time to do it how this will work GSes will stand on top of the tower and everyone job is taking down the wanted and at the same time protect their own GS. Can you do that. Let's find out REWARDS: Event points
  5. NoRunNoGun

    Cant login into game

    Asked so the thread is now closed.
  6. NoRunNoGun

    Extreme delay / lag

    Server is located on France, not England. Maybe you were downloading something or you had to many tabs opens? For example if i open youtube, facebook, battlenet, steam, discord and SB i will start lagging ingame.
  7. NoRunNoGun

    Hello there o/

    Welcome to Vendetta server hope you will enjoy the game
  8. NoRunNoGun

    Skill reset quest? Been gone a long time

    @Doper i don't think at this one matters if he is RG tbh.
  9. NoRunNoGun

    Skill reset quest? Been gone a long time

    The quest line was: Accept first quest Complete first quest Accept second quest Reset your skills Complete second quest
  10. NoRunNoGun

    Please add new title

    Lag depends on your internet speed or distance from the's not problem from the game.
  11. NoRunNoGun

    Skill reset quest? Been gone a long time

    In your case i would say yes you have to buy a new skill reset code to complete the quest since you got the quest and didn't accept it and wasted the skill reset you got from the previous quest that was meant to be for the quest you can't finish now.
  12. NoRunNoGun

    Patch 97 Feedback

    Exactly also sounds great idea...a server to be all alone...sounds fun