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  1. NoRunNoGun

    Crafting bikes

    It was already discussed a while ago and we will look at it in future patches, can't promise when. ~locked~
  2. NoRunNoGun

    Party opposing faction players

    If i see RGs and FKs forming pt to farm together then i have seen everything 😂
  3. NoRunNoGun

    New to Eden Eternal

    Hello and welcome to VGN and Eden Eternal. You can take a look on EE guide section for some useful informations.
  4. NoRunNoGun


    As DrDieLess said, forums are English only. Please make sure to read the forum rules ~moving the thread to general discussion~
  5. NoRunNoGun

    Disconected from the server

    Try this thread Also moved to help section.
  6. NoRunNoGun

    Hi! New Player to EE!

    Hello there and welcome to VGN and EE. As DrDieLess said, make sure to check out these sections. Also make sure to read game and forum rules.
  7. NoRunNoGun


    @inhuman7 do not spam, you will get help. No need to spam. Read forum rules
  8. NoRunNoGun

    Valentine's Day Event

    @Filomena they changed.
  9. NoRunNoGun

    Mystery Box Item Requests

    @Cro666 Here it's only for mystery box suggestions from things that already in game. Feel free to make a thread with your suggestions here.
  10. NoRunNoGun

    Valentine's Day Event

    @Filomena no event running this was just a suggestion you just read.
  11. NoRunNoGun

    xigncode error 0xe191009

    Try this Download this Xigncode fix and dump it into your SB folder ->!pm5hHapb!oNqVAzScPJ58NlBHg1RtqCBVJO08l9WTl-zNkB9tjM8
  12. NoRunNoGun

    racial crafting question

    ~moved to Eden Eternal section~
  13. NoRunNoGun

    Tradeable item

    That's exactly my point of not seeing a reason to make them tradable.