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  1. Update your winrar to the latest version and re-download the game.
  2. Welcome here. We are here for anything you need help.
  3. Take care dude, changes and fixes will come as always. Hope to see you again soon.
  4. ~thread closed~
  5. well haven't requested anything for a while :3 Rapidfire bikes Bashful Bloomers, Call of the Wild Leotard, Howl of the Wild Leotard costumes Rose Petals (L37), Violet Temptation (L47), Fleur de Noir (L57) linqeries
  6. If you used any uppercase letters on your username, they forced to lowercase.
  7. Welcome to VGN and to EE here.
  8. Now that event is over, i would firstly want to thanks every fellow GS that helped this event to be as fair as possible for everyone. I hope you guys enjoyed it and i would like to hear your thoughts on such type of open events and hide n seek. Have a nice day/evening/night.
  9. @Farron. FC is now closed for the time being. It was open since February 12 and closed on May 16.
  10. All good, will see you in game soon ^
  11. Anything you need we are here for help. Closing the thread now.