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  1. NoRunNoGun

    Patch Bug Reports

    What do you mean? I just checked it with my 49 lvl and i can't go to Amara, it doesn't even allow me to click on it.
  2. NoRunNoGun

    N ame

    You can't change your name on forum.
  3. NoRunNoGun

    ayuda por favor

    el nombre de usuario siempre está en las teclas bajas, si usó una tecla superior, la tecla baja se forzó automáticamente. También mantener el foro en inglés solamente. Lee las reglas del foro. Username is always in low keys, if you used any upper key it automatically forced to low key. Also keep the forum in English only. Read the forum rules.
  4. NoRunNoGun

    Patch Bug Reports

    It's already noted.
  5. NoRunNoGun

    Patch Bug Reports

    PATCH V106 Any bug found as we are on patch V106 that is NOT already said on previous patch please post it down below. Known bug Level 61 main quest: Squashing Eggs - Seona mobs not counting when you kill them.
  6. NoRunNoGun

    Eviltow of the Royal Guards

    Aaaw i thought it happened last night during AK. Didn't see his level once he was there.
  7. NoRunNoGun

    Eviltow of the Royal Guards

    He accidentally leveled up while on AK last night
  8. NoRunNoGun

    E-Mail change

    Not even. Forum account email can be changed. Game account email can't be changed.
  9. NoRunNoGun

    Heya o/

    Hello and welcome to VGN and Eden Eternal. Take a look on patch notes to see anything that our EE staff has added to the game. Also here you can find some guides. Please as you read the game and forum rules. Enjoy the game and anything you want to ask we are here to help you.
  10. NoRunNoGun

    Patch Bug Reports

    We are aware of this and it will be fixed.
  11. NoRunNoGun

    messed up quest

    For a while Amara had the Viledon name and vise versa. It was never able high levels to enter low level pvp map. The only time high levels where on low level map was when we fixed the names and people where on wrong map but once they left they couldn't go again there.
  12. NoRunNoGun

    SB channel 1 down [FIXED]

  13. NoRunNoGun

    Cannot enter IV

  14. NoRunNoGun

    SB channel 1 down [FIXED]

    SB has issues at this moment and all pvp maps, guild hall, delilah club, dungeons are down. The only places are accessible for now are Enocia, Mereholt and Barbiron as these 3 maps have channel 2 as well. All others have 1 channel which currently is down. GMs have been notified. Please be patient until GM is here to check and fix it.
  15. NoRunNoGun

    messed up quest

    Quests from Viledon cannot completed in Amara.