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  1. Glad you made it to run the game, have a great time here ^^
  2. If you haven't played since then, no one has changed your password, it's just your account is forced to change the password with email from vgn that sent to you but after so long plus you don't have access to the email, you can't recover it. This means your account password was deleted and was pending for new password through the way i said before.
  3. Last time that everyone forced to change password was like 2-3 years back so if you had to play from that long period that's why, otherwise you just don't remember your password.
  4. Did you might happen to save anywhere what exactly it asks you? Because i'm quite sure on these type of verification steps you are allowed to blur every personal info that should not be shared on what you will provide.
  5. Mint is also a prepaid way that you will get a pin code to use on pgc site. So where exactly was the issue with mint. If the issue was on giving your information, i believe it's for security reasons as like when you buy something online with your bank account that you give pretty much all the card details (number, owner name, cvv number, expire date) but giving these infos on not is up to you obviously. Since you cancel the payment, the money will be send back. Technically they haven't been sent till they get verify, it's just that amount of money is bonding till verify or cancel. Cancelling will take few days probably to be shown. Usually max 3 days (weekends excluded). It's same as when it's getting successful payment. On your bank account it will show the total balance and the balance you are able to use since the rest is bonding till the verify from the bank system.
  6. If you wanted a safe way to buy vgn points, you should follow pixelgamecard site as it's the only site you will be able to get card for it. Any other side you will find, it is not associated with us and we can't help you if you get scammed from these. As of now pixelgamecard has the paymentwall option that has a few options to pay with bank account but they working on finding alternative for super rewards (no ETA).
  7. Yes, EE is also from aeria games. Welcome to VGN, hope you enjoy playing here on our servers. We do patches on both games adding new stuff from what original games have/had.
  8. Open a ticket requesting for further help from GMs by checking the email on the system.
  9. The second one is Dropbox application, the first idk it.
  10. btw, uniq lvl 30 mechs drops from turnpike chests on 30-39 cap. Rare lvl 30 i don't really think exists as you can actually kilo lvl 20 mech to uniq and it turns to lvl 30 once it succeed.
  11. there is a uniq sw lvl 30 mech in AH, if noone has bought it yet. edit: nvm, it got sold
  12. i vote for removal of void pierce ancient jewels and i also vote for the add of sp regen
  13. You can place a ticket and request help with but i can't guarantee you that you will get all the information you need. It's up to the gm and on the information you will provide to them in order to help you.
  14. Is not fair to play ME so you have to play SW instead but to try and find your way as ME (since you prefer to play ME) to keep up no right? Ok i guess, seems legit. 🤔
  15. You are one of them as well that picks to play sw so why you even complain about, i don't get it.
  16. Hello Arkanas, As the title says, there will be 2 events in 1 day. DATE AND TIME 3 December 2019 starting at 18:30 server time. (means after Nuclear Bunker) Both sides will have 5 random numbers to guess and 4 hide and seek spots in Mereholt map most likely. There will be 2 more hide and seek spots for 60+ only in Dragon Valley map that both sides can take part same time. RULES You can win only once per event. (means you can win 1 time on number guesses and 1 time on hide and seek) On 60+ hide and seek you can take part even if you won on your faction hide and seek If you win on any of the events from one faction, you cannot win on any of the events from the other faction. PRIZE Winners will receive 1 event point Events will be hosted by [GS] NoRunNoGun FK SIDE: NoRunNoGun RG SIDE: StillAlive Good luck everyone.
  17. Have you tried to download this? If not, download it and copy paste the files from that folder, inside your sb folder
  18. I think he means the username on login, not from character. To be honest with you i don't really know if this can happen. I would suggest you to open a ticket and request it but i believe since you can't change email on your game account so you can't keep the same username too, but, if you actually mean about a character's name, this can be requested on ticket again as i mentioned before because it will have to be removed from the database as GoddessSand said.
  19. I assume you talk about scarlet blade. There are quite a few posts here in help section about this error. Maybe you want to take a look on them.
  20. That's not raise on the level. Our current level as recognized said is 65. Returning back to 54 level i don't believe would be the best idea.
  21. Actually it does remove it but not always. I remember taking wanted back in aeria using whippers mech for dot
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