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Hi There!!

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Helloooooooooooo everyone! :)

I probably should've done this back when I started playing but this section didn't exist  x'D sooo I am here so why not!

My IGN here is Poofy. The idea came up from what my irl friends would tell me that I had a very kind and happy attitude which kinda made me seem squish-able?? I don't know, I always thought I was eeeeviiiil so that's a big let down for myself haha. xD

Anywayyys I've been playing Eden Eternal for about 4 years now, I started out in Aeria Game's English Server, then I followed a friend into it's Spanish Server which was a really fun experience. I got to learn Spanish, atleast typed... and got to meet lot's of people. Then when that closed I went back to Main Server, then tried PlayEden Private Server but was let down with the Staff Support and went back to Main Server.... sooo I came to Vendetta out of simple curiosity and ended up falling in love with this server for it's constant updates and continuous Staff Support!


Anyways I don't wanna make this too long cause then no one will read :c but I started off the game with the wrong foot and most of the community hated me without even knowing me .-. I don't really know how that works but umm yeah I'm a really cool person once you get to know me n.n and I like to help out and give back to those who deserve it so if you find a random stack of gold waiting in your Mail Box, Don't be surprised :D!


A last couple of words for the VGN Staff, I gotta say that the work you guys are putting into the game, or at least Eden Eternal which is the one I play, it's quite outstanding! Although I'm sure that work carries on through the other games as well :) Congratulations on the company you guys have built and I shall continue showing my support :) 

~~Poofy :DDD~~


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Welcome,hope you keep enjoying your stay here. Thx we will always be trying to improve even more our games :))

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