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  1. I understand... I put 16 Legendaries not because I wanted to have a lot of free legendaries but for the diversity of the community. Taking into consideration the amount of time 1 Legend would take... people would obviously try and go for the one they really like. I added both cutesy stuff for the ladies, Japanese style looking ones for the cultural fans, the badass looking items for the edgy type and so on. You cant just have like 2 or 3 Legendaries because that would be boring and you will never have everyone fired up for just a few items. If you guys want to keep the server active and keep people from leaving, then you have to put something that catches everyone's attention for the long run. You can add as many bosses, accessories, sets, weapons, trials, and yet it would only keeps players active for like 2 months, they get what they want and once again they leave because they would get bored. Anyway, everything was just a suggestion... you guys would know what's possible and what isn't, I just threw several good ideas out there so you guys wouldn't have to start from scratch when creating future content... I'll just stay at the side and spectate to what comes next. Thanks for your time.
  2. The idea is to have anyone pick any buff even if there are 5 people with the same buff. It all comes down to strategizing. No limit to 1 per person. And I didn't just add atk buffing pets. I only put P-Atk and M-Atk Pets because those are the main ones for PvP... I also added one Healer type which was the Femme for the Wis - Lck buff, leaving the option of fusing one to get a Attribute % + wis and lck or -crit dmg + wis lck. I also added the glitzy since it is a high demand pet that any one can use for the PvE. Tanks pets are all situational, you could have one whole row for "tank pets" because you could fuse numerous of possibilities, example: def - all attri, def - -% dmg, def - hp, hp - all attri, hp - -%dmg, and so on and so on.
  3. Oh ok I understand, then I will rethink the idea and work with what is available to suggest something based on that.... But before I work hard on another project.... I do understand how Legendaries from other servers are what you guys are putting in to Mystery Boxes and Altar. And I did think thoroughly on what to suggest as a grand prize and thought that those rewards were fitted enough to motivate people to do arenas. Like, you could forget about everything I suggested and just implement the Blood Coin system by trading X Blood Coins for Y (like you said) to 3v3 or 10v10 or Temple Arena, but nothing would change if the prizes aren't good enough. Lots of people seek the 100% Achievement Completion because of the really cool mounts you guys created, but that's because you decided that it would be a fit prize to motivate others that aren't really into achievements to also join into the fun and spend lots of time into crafting because the mounts were awesome. Those mounts could had easily been in Mystery Boxes and brought in some income. The same method would go into the legendaries I suggested. If the person really wants those unique fashion items, then they will have to be active in arenas. You could even keep the section "Suggested NPC Items" and simply add all 16 legendaries which I had in altar as prizes for doing arenas. setting a cost of, for example, 2000 Blood Coins. The amount of time it would take to collect that many coins would be at the minimum 400 Arena wins or maximum of 1000 arena losses. Estimating the time each match would take would be at the bare minimum 5 mins each, that's already 2000 minutes spent playing EE, 33 hours and 30 minutes for 1 legendary. In that much time I can easily make enough money to buy mystery boxes and end up getting at least 20 items if I complete all 70 attempts 20 times and had awful luck. So in my opinion, that's some hell of a well earn legendary to that player. You could even keep the idea of getting Legendary Fragment but from an in-game Mystery Box, sort of how BaSH had Orange Costumes from Grab Bags in Twin Saga where you could get all different types of items instead of the Costume. Make it really rare to get a Fragment and make 5 Fragments of X Items exchangeable from an NPC. It would all be luck on 1. Getting the legend you want, and 2. Getting the legend you want 5 times. Personally, that would keep me active because they are items worth investing my time in because they are exclusive to arenas and no one else can get them unless they work just as hard as me. There's no pay to win, no laziness, pure PvP of people fighting to win because they actually have something to win. My biggest concern are Free Wins, that's why I had suggested 5v5 because its harder to have 9 other alts to have logged in for free wins. But if it's not possible, then make it exclusive to 10v10 Arena OR allow for the players to REPORT someone who is giving FREE WINS or just AFKING inside the arena using VIDEO PROOF like how any other report is handled. 1st Report with Proof = Warning, 2nd Report with Proof = 2 Day Ban, 3rd Report with Proof = Permanent Ban. That way you wouldn't be rewarding cheaters and I'm sure the community would help out with keep cheaters out because everyone gets pissed when they have an Alt Char on their side. I can give numerous ideas because I want to keep the game alive and active. Don't get me wrong, I also want the server to get donations, even I donate when I'm enjoying the content. But soon, if not already happening, the server will be dead with people just coming in for TW, and leaving until Friday that they have to do arenas to rank for GvG but not take them serious, even use Alts. Thanks for reading!
  4. Open Spoiler to preview all images. Abrir el Spoiler para revelar las imagenes.
  5. Greetings! I have seen some arguing about the temporary removal of Normal Class Tw and unnecessary theories of guilds doing blah blah blah. I have come once again with a new Idea instead of fighting. So without further ado, I hope you guys like the idea, do what's possible and ignore what's not. Improve my idea if necessary, I don't mind.. its all just to provide a solid plan of where to begin ❤️ Special thanks to BlackQueen and Koega for some ideas. ❤️ Eden Eternal VGN PvP Game Mode Game Mode: 5v5 Crystal Capture and Defend Description: In this game mode, players will be paired up into two parties of 5 members in each side. You will have the option of Solo Queue and the second option of Party Queue. For Solo Queue, the player will be paired only with and against other players who are also in the Solo Queue option, requiring organization and cooperation amongst unknown players. For Party Queue, only the party leader must queue and then all members must press in agree or disagree, to be able to enter the Queue line. Party Queue members will only be paired up against other Party Queue members. Objective: Players will be placed in Team Blue or Team Red . In Team Blue, players will have to work together and decide which classes they will use and their goal will be to Capture the Crystal in the center of the arena. In Team Red, players will have to work together and decide which classes they will use and their goal will be to Defend the Crystal in the center of the arena. The Blue Team will have 10 minutes to take over the Red Crystal. If they fail to do so, then the Red Team will win 1 Match Point. If the Blue Team succeeds in taking over the Crystal Structure, then the Blue Team will receive 1 Match Point. Teams will switch from Defense to Offense and vice versa after 2 rounds of being in the same position. The first team to reach 3 Match Points will win the game. Teams will have 2 minutes before each round to organize and change strategies. Special Abilities: Each player will have to speak to an NPC in the Spawning Zone to pick a special Offensive Ability if your are in Team Blue, or a special Defensive Ability if you are in Team Red. Abilities may be selected by more than a single player Team Blue Offensive Abilities: Man on a Mission - Player will be granted +50% Extra DMG to Crystal Structure, but will lose -30% DMG done to other players and increase +15% DMG Received from other players. Berserk Mode - Player will be granted +15% P-Atk, +10% Extra DMG to players, +15% Basic Double Hit DMG, but will do -30% DMG to Crystal Structure. I’m a Wizard - Player will be granted +15% M-Atk, +5% Skill Double Hit DMG, and -15% DMG received, but will do -20% DMG to Crystal Structure. Hit Me Baby - Player will be granted +5% P-Atk and M-Atk, +30% Basic Double Hit DMG, -20% DMG received, +10% Block, and will reflect 15% of DMG received back to the attacker.. Additionally, the player will receive the buff “Masochist” every time they are hit with a basic attack or skill and it will stack to a maximum of 150 times. Once the buff reaches 150 stacks, the player will instantly die, dealing instant death to Friends or Foes in an area of 10m around the player (Structures are unaffected). Player respawn timer will be increased to 30 seconds. The Almighty - Player will be granted +20% HP Increase, +10% Wis, +30% G-Heal, +20% Defense, +15% All Resistances, -50% DMG Dealt to players, and -20% DMG Received. Additionally, the player will receive the buff “My Beloved” that stacks to a maximum of 10 every time the player casts a skill. Once the 15 stacks are reached, all allies within 50m of the player will be healed for 50% of their maximum HP and the buff will be reset. Team Red Defensive Abilities: Unstoppable - Player will be granted +15% HP, +25% Movement Speed, and Immunity to all crowd control but will get +10% DMG received from other players. Additionally, the player will receive “Reckless’ Aura”, creating a 70m area around the player that reduces -5% DMG done to Crystal Structure. Killing Machine - Player will be granted +10% HP, +10% P-Atk, +10% Defense,+25% Atk SPD and +10% DMG Dealt to other players. Additionally, the player will receive “Killer’s Aura”, creating a 70m area around the player that reduces -5% DMG done to Crystal Structure. Dark Magician - Player will be granted +10% HP, +10% M-Atk, +10% Defense, +15% Cast SPD and -10% DMG Received from other players. Additionally, the player will receive “Magician’s Aura”, creating a 70m area around the player that reduces -5% DMG done to Crystal Structure. It’s a Tank - Player will be granted +20% HP, +10% Defense, +10% All Resistances, +10% Block and Parry, -10% DMG Received, and -15% DMG Dealt. Additionally, the player will receive “I’m Not Useless” buff, causing enemies to suffer -1% HP per second and reducing enemy’s DMG Dealt by -15% in an area of 10m. The user will also receive “Tank’s Aura”, creating a 70m area around the player that reduces -5% DMG done to Crystal Structure. Guardian Angel - Player will be granted +20% HP Increase, +10% Wis, +40% G-Heal, +20% Defense, +15% All Resistances, -50% DMG Dealt to players, and -20% DMG Received. Additionally, the player will give the buff “Crystal’s Blessing” that stacks when skill is casted to a maximum of 5 times and lasts for 3 seconds to the Crystal Structure. “Crystal’s Blessing” heals the Crystal Structure 1% HP per second per stack, to a maximum of 5% HP per second. If buff is not kept active on Crystal Structure, the stacks will be reset. Also, the player will receive “Angel’s Aura” buff, creating a 70m area around the player that reduces -5% DMG done to Crystal Structure. Rules: 1. All players must be Lv 95 and above. 2. You may change classes inside Arena. 3. You will have 2 minutes to get organized in Spawning Zone. 4. You may respawn after dying, but you must wait 10 seconds. 5. Arena Badges and Enchants will not work. 6. Crystal Structure will not receive Class Skill Buffs. 7. Crystal Structure is not immune to debuffs. 8. Players may only pick an Ability in the Spawning Zone 9. Players may switch Special Ability after dying. 10. Special Abilities cannot be removed. 11. If a player Disconnects, they will reappear in Respawn Zone if match has not finished. 12; If a player leaves party, they will be teleported outside of Arena and will receive “Traitor” buff preventing Solo Queue or Party Queue for 30 minutes. 13. Players will receive a boost of HP. (Similar to Territory Wars) 14. DMG Shields will be allowed. 15. Potions from 4 Trials of Dimension will not be allowed. 16. Players will receive all buffs from Path of Destiny once they enter the Arena 17. Reviving items will be ineffective. 18. You will be unable to do Party Queue if you are in a Raid Party. 19. Raid Party will not be available once inside the Arena. 20. Pets will not be allowed for attacking purposes. Rewards: Players will be rewarded with Blood Coins, 5 Blood Coins to the team that wins and 2 Blood Coins to the team that loses. Blood Coins will be able to be spent after consuming the item. An NPC in Aven will display all the possible rewards you may choose from. Blood Coins will be sent through the Mailbox to the players once they have been teleported out of the Arena. Suggested NPC Items: 5 Blood Coins = x1 Mystery Gem Box* 10 Blood Coins = x1 Blood Crystal* 30 Blood Coins = x2 Mystery Tower Gem Box* 50 Blood Coins = x5 Mystery Corona Essence Box* 100 Blood Coins = x20 Blood Crystal 150 Blood Coins = x10 129 Eternal Points (NT) 200 Blood Coins = Awaken Weapon Required Item 500 Blood Coins = “Mighty Crystal Guardian” Title Voucher (NT). 1000 Blood Coins = Transferred Mount: “Blizzard: Silver Lion (NT)” (Aura Kingdom) (Exclusive to this Arena) Mystery Gem Box - Gives a random Elemental or Physical Resistance Gem lv4-7 Blood Crystal - Item used to getting items from Blood Altar (Exclusive Altar for PvP) Mystery Tower Gem Box - Gives a random Gem from Dreadlore Laboratory and 4 Trials of Dimension “Mighty Crystal Guardian” - Passive Title that gives +3% P-Atk and M-Atk and Reduces -10% All DMG. (You don’t need to have it equipped to receive the stat boost.) Awaken Weapon Item - An idea for future content. Blood Crystal Altar: Look at Second Post for Visual Representation of Everything Listed. The Blood Crystal Altar will be one of the main attractions for players to try their best at winning and it will be a constant motivator to keep the arena alive, bringing in PvE and PvP Players alike because of the exclusive rewards which can only be obtained through purchasing a Blood Crystal with Blood Coins earned from Winning or Losing. The idea of the Blood Crystal Altar is for the items that are placed in it are all Non-Tradeable and the only way to get them is by participating in the Crystal Capture and Defend. Altar Suggestions: 1-9a: 1a. Energy Explosion Potion Lv7 - 2a. Mana Explosion Potion Lv7 - 3a. Complete Support Potion Lv7 - 4a. Quick Recovery Potion Lv7 - 5a. Strength Potion Lv7 - 6a. Agility Potion Lv7 - 7a. Intelligence Potion Lv7 - 8a. Wisdom Potion Lv7 - 9a. Luck Potion Lv7 1-9b: 1b. Blood Coin x1 - 2b. Corona’s Heartflame Lv100 (NT) - 3b. Corona’s Heartflame Lv90 (NT) - 4b. Corona’s Stardust Lv100 (NT) - 5b. Corona’s Stardust Lv90 (NT) - 6b. Corona’s Essence Lv100 (NT) - 7b. Corona’s Essence Lv90 (NT) - 8b. Shattergem (NT) - 9b. Eternal Chisel Lv100 (NT) 1-9c: 1c. Blood Coin x2 - 2c. Rose Quartz Sublime Safety Stone (NT) - 3c. Amethyst Sublime Safety Stone (NT) - 4c. Citrine Sublime Safety Stone (NT) - 5c. Coral Sublime Safety Stone (NT) - 6c. Ultramarine Sublime Safety Stone (NT) - 7c. Viridian Sublime Safety Stone (NT) - 8c. War Stone - 9c. 18 Crystal Cross Medals 1-9d: 1d. Blood Coin x3 - 2d. Magic Armored Scorpion - 3d. Robust Armored Scorpion - 4d. Illusory Nightfall Demon Drake Ilu - 5d. Aggressive Nightfall Demon Drake Ilu - 6d.Dark Thunder Wyvern - 7d. Ice Flame Tarragon - 8d. Magic Femme Whitesnake - 9d. Glitzy Sprite Princess Alyssa 1-9e: 1e. Blood Coin x4 - 2e.Ether Crystal - 3e. Mini Reactor - 4e. Demon Crystal - 5e. Mysterious Rare Encant Box (NT)* - 6e. 129 Eternal Coins (NT) - 7e. Class Temple Chest (NT) - 8e. Glory Gift Bag (NT) - 9e. Random Dye Box* 1-9f: 1f. Blood Coin x5 - 2f. Magic Bear Puppet Fragment (NT) x1* - 3f. Scarlet Japanese Umbrella Fragment (NT) x1* - 4f. Skyforged Darklight Blades Fragment (NT) x1* - 5f. Silver Winged Bow Fragment (NT) x1* - 6f. Demon Kitty Wind-Up Key Fragment (NT) x1* - 7f. Endora’s Backpack Fragment (NT) x1* - 8f. Custom Alice’s Wonderland Hairdo Fragment (NT) x1* - 9f. Custom Uriel’s Fancy Haircut Fragment (NT) x1* 1-9g: 1g. Blood Coin x5 - 2g. Cesela’s Bunny Picture Book Fragment (NT) x1* - 3g. Ornate Dual Fan Fragment (NT) x1* - 4g. Holy Scarlet Tachi Fragment (NT) x1* - 5g. Furious Thor’s Holy Sword Fragment (NT) x1* - 6g. Holy Demon Wings Fragment (NT) x1* - 7g. Transparent Black Butterfly Wings Fragment (NT) x1* - 8g. Hand-dyed Hairstyle: Eternia Fragment (NT) x1* - 9g. Custom Eastern Exorcist Hairstyle Fragment (NT) x1* *Mysterious Rare Encant Box (NT) - The idea is to create an enchant box that contains only Enchants that are found through chests or relics that are scattered all around zones and gives a random Lv1 - Lv7. *Random Dye Box - This box would give a random Dye, Headwear or Clothing. *All Other Asterisk* - This are all Aura Kingdom Items. The idea on why the items on altar say “Fragment” is that players will have to collect 5 pieces of this Green Items and fuse them through Arcane Box. The formula would be 5 Fragments of X Legendary + 1000g to create the wearable costume. The following is the translated version of everything to Spanish so everyone understands Traduccion a Espaniol estara abajo
  6. If you could take the time to review the items I listed, none of them are worth 20k+ with the exception of like 3 or 4 which is why I said that it would be considered "The Jackpot". The Legendary items I listed are items that several people have because of altars from 2-3 years ago so I don't see how that would bring their price even lower if not many people are looking for them. So like Jordan said, no need to worry about Box Items or Diamond Altar items being possible to get through the idea I proposed. And about the pleasure of being one of few to have a Costume to feel superior or different to the rest of the community, this ain't the server for that mate lol. Since VGN-EE began, they have not been crooks where they rob you from your money like aeria games keeps doing to their people by having awful rates so you could be "unique". I've been there and done that For uniqueness, Vivi has provided us with an enormous amount of Dyes, enough to make the indecisive go crazy... so yeahhhh, making rates of success bad and asking for too many essences would just defeat the purpose of getting rid of the excess amounts of an item and providing a "consolation" route for it. You don't get what you want and you can even be trolled and receive the same item like Jordan mentioned haha so it's all just another gamble which is one the main themes in the game.
  7. I really don't think it would affect the donations since we would still have to purchase EC to roll to get costumes, instead it would promote the spending of EC in altar because it wouldn't be a waste (Ex: spend 25k-30k on x100 EC, you get maybe 2 legends which only brings back 4-8k each, leaving you off better selling the EC that no one wants for that same reason). Also, having a high amount of possible outcomes when re-rolling means you most likely wouldn't get the item you want but that someone else might be looking for. And like I stated, I did not use any of the costumes that are mainly obtainable through donations in Mystery Boxes keeping that very same reason in mind. Thanks for the consideration and I'll be excited to see if this or an improved idea of it comes out in the future
  8. Greetings to everyone! I had been busy so hadn't been able to play.. but I'm back and I have seen a lot of things looking a bit down. Prices on Legendary items have drop crazy low. Yes it's a server where things shouldn't be as hard like other servers (thanks btw VGN <3), but in my opinion, Altar items have been repeating way too much and people have to wait so long for an item they want because there can only be so many items per week on altars. The items that do get released have a massive influx due to the amount of Eden Crystals in game allowing people to get up to 5-10 unsellable costumes. The high amounts of Eden Crystal has happened because of the high demand on Mystery Box Items and because people don't want to roll their Eden Crystals on items worth 2-4k. Even the new items being released start at around 25k, and by the next day they would be worth 8k or even less by so many people selling it. Saludos a todos! Habia estado ocupado y no tenia tiempo para jugar… pero regrese y veo que las cosas no se estan viendo tan positivas. Los precios de objectos Legendarios a caido bastante. Si, es un servidor donde las cosas no son tan dificil de conseguir como otros servidores (de paso, gracias VGN <3), pero en mi opinion, los objectos de Altar han sido repetido demaciado y mucha gente debe esperar por semanas o meses para que el objecto que desean pueda aparecer en el Altar de Cristal. Y los objectos que si se ponen en altar se sacan tanto que uno termina con 5 a 10 trajes que no se pueden vender por tanto Cristal de Eden que hay. La cantidad de Cristales a sucedido por la demanda alta de objectos de las Cajas Misteriosas y porque las personas deciden mejor no gasar sus Cristales de Eden en objectos que solo pondra vender por 2-4k. Hasta los objectos mas nuevos que salen inician a 25k, para el siguiente dia valen ya solamente 8k o menos porque hay mucha gente vendiendolos. So there are multiple ways to go on about this such as making the ratios of legendary items hard to land on or decreasing the amount of Eden Crystals awarded from Mystery Box Item fails or rotate altars per day at reset... but all those ideas, in my opinion, would cause too much discontent and personally I wouldn't like it either. Asi que hay muchas soluciones como hacer mas dificil que los objectos Legendarios salgan o reducer la cantidad de Cristales de Eden que dan por los intentos fallidos en las Cajas Misteriosas o rotar altares al reset cada dia… pero todas esas ideas, en mi opinion, causarian mucho discontento y personalmente no me gustaria tampoco. The solution I propose is to make a selection of Legendary Items and allow them to be dismantled. This would follow the same idea as dismantling and rerolling Prime Items but I do think that instead of 2 Blue Essence, we only get 1 Essence per item Dismantled. This solution would allow for people to try and test their luck to see if they can change their 3k worth ugly legendary into something worth something like 10k or possibly more if they get one of those costumes that someone might really want. This also offers new players a chance to Costumes which probably won't re-appear 'till like 2019. This would also take some issues away with people literally asking for what was on altar the previous months and allows for the actual new things that not everyone has to appear on altars. Having the "Yellow Essence" from the dismantled legendary item tradeable would probably be worth more than the item itself. Another benefit would be that you could put 2 Legendary items at the very top which are considered "new" and non-dismantlable, and 1 on the second to last row which can be re-rolled since it is the one that lot's of people get. La solucion que yo propongo es hacer una seleccion de objectos Legendarios y darles la habilidad de ser demantelados. Esto seguiria la misma idea de desmantelar y rodar los objectos Prime pero en vez de ser 2 Blue Essence, seria recibir solamente 1 Essencia al desmantelar. Esta solucion permitiria que las personas puedan probar su suerte y convertir su item feo que vale 3k a algo que quizas se pueda vender por unos 10k o posiblemente mas si alguien a andado buscando el item bastante. Esto tambien ofreceria una oportunidad para los nuevos jugadores asi ellos puede probar surete en agarrar los objectos que ellos piden, sin necesidad de esperar a que pongan el objecto que piden hasta como el 2019. Esto tambien resolveria el problema con la gente pidiendo cosas que literalmente salieron hace 1 mes atras y deja que las cosas que todos de verdad quieren puedan aparecer en altar. Teniendo el "Yellow Essence" de el traje desmantelado tradeable probablemente tendria mas valor que el traje que uno estaria desmantelando y se podria vender. Otro beneficio seria que podrian poner 2 objectos Legendary en la fila de mas arriba que se consideran "nuevos" y que no se puedan desmantelar, y en la penultima fila poner 1 Legendario que se pueda desmantelar ya que es el que mas le sale a la gente. Blue Essence - Hat => Yellow Essence - Hat Blue Essence - Face => Yellow Essence - Face Blue Essence - Special Gear => Yellow Essence - Special Gear Blue Essence - Menswear => Yellow Essence - Menswear Blue Essence - Womenswear => Yellow Essence - Womenswear Blue Essence - One-Handed Weapon => Yellow Essence - One-Handed Weapon Blue Essence - Two-Handed Weapon => Yellow Essence - Two-Handed Weapon Blue Essence - Assistant => Yellow Essence - Assistant Blue Essence - Back Accessories => Yellow - Back Accessories I have come up with a list myself as a suggestion and added at the end of the thread. While making it, I decided that it wouldn't be bad to add old costumes and a couple of the more recent ones... and by recent I mean like the last costumes that x-legends created. I also kept away from seasonal costumes, special reward items, mystery box items, VGN Created Costumes, and Diamond Altar Items. I added a couple of items that do appear in Mystery Boxes but only because those items are the original items which you guys have not changed so I think there shouldn't be a problem. I also left a couple of items which are very nice looking and don't appear often in altar which would be considered the "Jackpot" if you happen to be lucky and rolled to that. So I hope it's at the very least, a good example Any ideas, changes, opinions are all welcomed. ^^ He creado una lista yo mismo como sugerencia y la agregue al final del comentario. Mientras la hacia, decidi que no seria tan mal agregar un poco de los trajes mas recientes… y con reciente me refiero a los ultimos que x-legends creo. Tambien me mantuve alejado de objectos de festividades, objectos de premio, objectos de Cajitas Misteriosas, objectos creados por VGN, objectos de Altar de Diamante. Agregue unos objectos que si aparecen en las Cajas Misteriosas pero solo porque son los objectos originales que no an editado asi que no creo que deba haber problema. Tambien deje unos objectos que se ven lindos/bien y que no aparecen mucho en altar que se podrian considerar el "Premio Mayor" si uno tiene suerte y rueda a ese objecto. Asi que en lo minimo, espero que sea un buen ejemplo Cualquier idea, cambios, o opiniones son todas bienvenidas. ^^ Costumes: Total of 70 (35 Male, 35 Female) Head Accessories: Total of 30 Face Accessories: Total of 20 Special Accessories: Total of 20 Back Accessories: Total of 30 One-Handed Weapons: Total of 30 Assistant Weapons: Total of 3 Two-Handed Weapons: Total of 30
  9. Helloooooooooooo everyone! I probably should've done this back when I started playing but this section didn't exist x'D sooo I am here so why not! My IGN here is Poofy. The idea came up from what my irl friends would tell me that I had a very kind and happy attitude which kinda made me seem squish-able?? I don't know, I always thought I was eeeeviiiil so that's a big let down for myself haha. Anywayyys I've been playing Eden Eternal for about 4 years now, I started out in Aeria Game's English Server, then I followed a friend into it's Spanish Server which was a really fun experience. I got to learn Spanish, atleast typed... and got to meet lot's of people. Then when that closed I went back to Main Server, then tried PlayEden Private Server but was let down with the Staff Support and went back to Main Server.... sooo I came to Vendetta out of simple curiosity and ended up falling in love with this server for it's constant updates and continuous Staff Support! Anyways I don't wanna make this too long cause then no one will read :c but I started off the game with the wrong foot and most of the community hated me without even knowing me .-. I don't really know how that works but umm yeah I'm a really cool person once you get to know me n.n and I like to help out and give back to those who deserve it so if you find a random stack of gold waiting in your Mail Box, Don't be surprised :D! A last couple of words for the VGN Staff, I gotta say that the work you guys are putting into the game, or at least Eden Eternal which is the one I play, it's quite outstanding! Although I'm sure that work carries on through the other games as well Congratulations on the company you guys have built and I shall continue showing my support ~~Poofy :DDD~~
  10. Eden Crystal Altar or Mystery Box doesn't really matter, I haven't seen these in the 5 months I have been playing. Body: Seastorm Darkblade Ensemble (Legendary) Weapon: Thunderstorm Great Blade (Legendary)