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  1. Thy

    The "Color Problem" of this game

    It's not the char hair. This is an item, that's why it has this color,,, She died the item hair. GM's have the same char creation as normal players do.
  2. Thy

    Character creation ?

    You can get them on gem and crystal altars whenever they are up, so always keep an eye on them.
  3. Ticket answered. If you didn't get an answer then just bump the ticket and it will be checked. Closed.
  4. Thy

    Rebalancing resource awakened weapon 65

    Please, don't necro old threads. Closed.
  5. Thy

    Add new bags to the game

    Someone else already made this suggestion not long ago so I'll just give you the link since Jordan answered it there.
  6. Thy

    Altar/Mystery Box Suggestions

    Treasure items are not used on altars, since you can get them in-game and spending vgn
  7. Thy

    Easter event

    Events are held by GS's,or me and vivi in rare occasions, anyways, I'm too busy with irl stuff and none of the GS's asked to host one, so most likely there will be no event, I think.
  8. Thy

    Altar/Mystery Box Suggestions

    This is a diamond altar exclusive item.
  9. Thy

    Lets talk about the future

    It's still being decided if it's worth or not. Also, we have the best server hosts, so no need to upgrade.
  10. Thy

    Post Your Desktop Screenshot!

    Still gay tô.ot I like this image tho,it's pretty ouo
  11. Thy

    Altar/Mystery Box Suggestions

    events special item
  12. Thy

    Screenshot Show Off

    Stfu pigeon
  13. Thy

    Screenshot Show Off

    U look so ugly :v