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  1. Thy

    VGN Official Discord

    Hey guys! Sorry for all the delay, the vgn discord is ready and you can join it using this link https://discord.gg/fXZGS3j Please make sure to read the information channel so you won’t have any problems. Just a little reminder, any game problem that require our help you MUST open a ticket for your problem. We won’t be helping people through discord chat with ticket related stuff. Once again, thanks for your patience and enjoy!
  2. Sorry, I have a problem with two accounts, Gem is loaded into the game and they do not reach me and I've been trying to contact support until I can finally enter the forum. I would like them to help me, it does not seem. just to recharge my money and not get my gems to help me please ..

  3. Still gay tô.ot I like this image tho,it's pretty ouo
  4. Its not the first time we say to you that we are still deciding. Wait for an official announcement.
  5. Welcome to Vendetta. I hope you enjoy your stay here!
  6. Thy bullies little puppies !:o

    1. Thy



    2. Fappuccino


      Sorry but...it was too heavy to keep. World should know about your cruelty q.q

  7. We do not reveal such information. I'm also closing this thread since it's pointless to keep it open.
  8. Private servers don't have license to host the game. We get files and host the server by our own, adding content when needed, official or custom.
  9. As I said, we are still deciding if it will ever be launched.
  10. We have other tasks to do with other games, so for now a new game it's still being decided. If we ever decide to open the server we will let you know,but begging won't make it happen since it depends on other games first. Be patient and let's see what happens.
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