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Patch v48

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Hey everyone Patch 48 is finally here. After a large amount of delays due to life, player drama and staff drama we can only apologise to the members of the community who behaved. I'm sorry if a feature I said was coming was canceled or the dungeon isn't as hard as promised due to the issues mentioned, so we appreciate your understanding and we hope to deliver things promised in the coming future.

There is also an event going on in relation to the new dungeon, for more information go here:

To provide feedback please post here:


New Content

  • New Dungeon: Dragonridge Sanctuary
    • This is a new hardmode dungeon that I hope can deliver a challenge to all players.
    • With this new dungeon title, all event titles that have been given to players over the years have all been updated to the same standard of the new title.
    • Note: Be warned here and now, this has been intentionally designed to kill you over and over again. Every boss is defeatable aslong as you have many highly geared classes and read the bosses skills and mechanics.






  • New Equipment Type: Monster Stone
    • Brand new equipment that can be worn to increase your characters stats.
    • To increase its level you must collect materials that can be obtained by killing monsters within 10 levels of you. To upgrade this item you can do it through the Arcane box.
    • Note: For any custom themes the icon has been added to the theme folders upon launching the game so you can customize it to your own desire.


  • Level 100 Racial Crafting
    • Racial Crafting and Analyzing Speed has been decreased from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.
    • Human's
      • Basic Level 8 Enchanted Gems (e.g. LCK Elimination Lv8)
      • Advanced Level 8 Enchanted Gems (e.g. Fortune Flame Gem Lv8)
        • Note: These can be fused just like the level 7 Gems (e.g. Fortune Flame Elimination Gem Lv8).
    • Bear's
      • Dragon Knight Awaken Glyphs
      • Samurai Awaken Glyphs
      • Ranger Awaken Glyphs
      • Luminary Awaken Glyphs
      • Sage Awaken Glyphs
    • Zumi's (Monster Stones)
      • Basic Fire Stone
      • Basic Ice Stone
      • Basic Thunder Stone
      • Basic Nature Stone
      • Basic Holy Stone
      • Basic Dark Stone
    • Frog's
      • Green Bean Phoenix.
      • Enhanced Awakening CP Charm I
      • Enhanced Awakening CP Charm II
      • Enhanced Awakening CP Charm III
      • State Removal Potion Lv2
    • Halfkin's
      • Basic Enchant's Level 15 (e.g. Trophy Enchant - Guardian Lv15)
      • Advanced Enchants Level 2 (e.g. Trophy Enchant - Magical Guardian Lv2)
    • Tools
      • Level 100 Pickaxe
      • Level 100 Gloves
      • Level 100 Crystal Ball
      • Level 100 Fishing Rod
        • Note: Use at X:190, Y:143 in Eden Glen.
        • Note: Use at X:200, Y:150 in Eden Peak.
      • Note: All gathering tools have been added to the Item Mall.
      • Note: Fishing Rod has been added to the Loyalty Point Mall.




  • Defense Cap has been increased to 55% instead of 50%.
  • Level 3 Gems now have a 100% success rate in crafting.
  • Level 4 Gems now have a 100% success rate in crafting.
  • Level 5 Gems now have a 100% success rate in crafting.
  • Gem Pouches now contain level 4 and level 5 Gems.
  • Updated <Blueprint Seller> Elika with new Merchants.
    • Updated her Categories too.
  • Added New Guild Town Crafting Materials.
    • Farming (Level 100 - Level 120).
    • Mining (Level 100 - Level 120).
    • Summoning (Level 100 - Level 120).
    • Monster Drops (Level 100 - Level 120).
  • Changed the level of the item "Purple Heart" from 100 to 95.
  • Changed the level of the item "Time Core" from 100 to 95.
  • Added New Guild Town Crafts.
    • Enchants (Level 13, level 14 and Level 15).
    • Potions (Level 8 and Level 9).
    • Gems (Level 8 and Level 9).
  • Added New Enhanced Potions to Dragonside Ridge.
  • Updated the following Glyph Icon's:
    • Oblivion Glyph
    • Bloodsworn Glyph
    • Guardian Glyph
    • Ninjutsu Glyph
    • Flex Glyph
    • Meteor Storm Glyph
    • Hurricane Glyph
    • Blessing Glyph
    • Rejuvenation Glyph
    • Reaper's Shackles Glyph
    • Reaper's Shadow Glyph
  • Added an option to the Loyalty Shop "Consumables" section that allows you to buy a stack of the item.
    • Note: The stack size would be based on the item sale count. For example: stack of 10 Dry Branch would be bought as a stack of 990 Dry Branch.
  • Updated the drop tables:
    • Ruin's of Ages Monster Materials.
    • Dragon's Keep Monster Materials.
    • Palace of Dream's Monster Materials.
    • Crystal Utopian Realm Monster Materials.
    • Dragonside Ridge Monster materials.
    • Note: Only the items have changed, not drop rates.
  • Reworked Level 110 to Level 120 Path of Destiny Maps.
    • Doubled the EXP gained from "EXP - Epiphany".
    • Massively Increased the CP gained from "EXP - Practice Makes Perfect".
    • Over Doubled the Gold gained from "Money Accidental Discovery".
    • Increase the amount of gold given by "Money - Monster Invasion" and "Money - Runaway Monster Rampage".
    • Updated the Scoundrel's drop table.
  • Added "Spirit Rabbit Transformer" to the archive.
  • Updated the Archive with all the new items.
  • Fixed some of the archives listings.


New Cosmetics

  • Face
    • Crescent Moon Tattoo
    • Dream Catcher Tattoo
    • Flirty Hearts Tattoo
    • Furry Friend Tattoo
    • House of Cards, Clubs Tattoo
    • House of Cards, Diamonds Tattoo
    • House of Cards, Hearts Tattoo
    • House of Cards, Spades Tattoo
    • Millennium Rose Tattoo
    • Rose Tattoo
    • Yin and Yang Tattoo
    • Flower Tattoo
  • Back
    • Nightfall Arcane Wings
    • Added Twilight Arcane Wings
  • Weapon
    • Arctic Winged Artillery Gun
    • Bubblegum Winged Artillery Gun
    • Dragonic Winged Artillery Gun
    • Emimating Winged Artillery Gun
    • Rose Winged Artillery Gun
    • Rubellite Winged Artillery Gun
  • Pet
    • Lumikki
    • Justicia
    • Nidhogg
    • Summer Nidhogg
    • Christmas Lumikki
    • Alice
    • Alternate Alice
    • Halloween Zashi
    • Sakuya-Hime
    • Maid Serena
    • Summer Serena


New Player Changes

Due to a popular opinion of it being "too hard" for new players to get started on Eden Eternal. It now has it's own section in the patch notes!

  • Added New Level Up Rewards
    • Vendetta Level 90 Chest.
    • Vendetta Level 105 Chest.
    • Note: These rewards are given to all existing characters too.
  • Tripled EXP Reward for the custom Shaxian REP quests.
  • Temple Knight Armor Level 90 now scales to level 100 instead of 95.
  • Temple Knight Weapons Level 80 now scales to level 100 instead of 95.
  • Temple Knight Weapons Level 80 now have a 100% success rate during fortification (Without the need for Safety Stones).
  • Removed "Pharaoh's Guard" buff from the level 95 Trial bosses, including the World Bosses.
  • Rebalanced/Nerfed the Attack Stat of the Mutant World Bosses (Patch v44 Maps Only).
  • Rebalanced/Nerfed the Attack Stat of the Trial: Devastation Dimension Bosses.
  • Rebalanced/Nerfed the Attack Stat of the Trial: Vingot Lab Bosses.
  • Awaken Armor Quetzalcoatl Quest Item now has a 100% chance to drop.


Class Changes

  • Dragon Emperor
    • Dragon Emperor Slash no longer gives Triple Hit Buff.
  • Blade Master
    • Slightly increased the attack range of Brainwash.
    • Slightly increased the attack range of Swallowing Strike.
    • Swalling Strike now reduces enemies Move SPD -20% instead of -15%.
    • Slightly increased the attack range of Brutal Mirror.
    • Brutal Mirror now reduces enemies Move SPD -20% instead of -15%.
    • Slightly increased the attack range of Oneiric Sword.
    • Oneiric Sword now reduces enemies Move SPD -20% instead of -15%.
    • Steadfast now increases Move SPD by 50% instead of 30%.
    • Class Talent "Carte Blanche" now additionally grants 3% Move SPD per point.
    • Thousand-Cranes Stance Combo stage 3 deals 75% bonus DMG instead of 100%.
    • Thousand-Cranes Stance Combo stage 4 deals 100% bonus DMG instead of 150%.
    • Tameshigiri Slash Combo stage 4 now reduces Slash Resistance by 20 pts instead of 15 pts.
    • Chi Strike Combo Stage 3 now reduces Defense by 30% instead of 25%.
    • Chi Strike Combo Stage 4 now reduces Defense by 50% instead of 40%.
  • Annihilator
    • Siege Mode now increases your P-ATK by 1/3 less than before.
    • Siege Mode now reduces Move SPD by 60% instead of 80%.
    • Siege Mode now increases your DMG Dealt +10%.
  • Lethal Arrow
    • Lethal Soul Break now has a 1.5 second Cooldown instead of a 3 seconds Cooldown.
    • Lethal Wind Storm now decreases targets Move SPD -10% instead of DMG Taken +6%.
    • Lethal Wind Storm now only stacks 4 times instead of 5 times.
    • Lethal Wind Storm "Weakened Armor" now decreases defense by 30% instead of 20%.
      • Note: This was actually bugged and was only reducing defense by 10%.
    • Lethal Wind Storm "Weakened Armor" only requires 4 stacks now instead of 5 stacks.
    • Lethal Wind Storm now grants the caster "Wind Surge".
    • Lethal Wind Storm "Wind Surge" grants the caster 5% DMG Dealt for 7 seconds, stacks 5 times.
    • Lethal Ring of Fire now deals Triple Hit DMG.
  • Darkness Blade
    • Removed Chaos Incarnate Mode.
      • Note: Although this mode is cool as hell, sadly it will never be more than a gimmick.
    • Imprisoned Magic Cut "Charging Magic" now increases M-ATK by 3% instead of 2%.
    • Imprisoned Magic Cut "Charging Magic" now lasts 7 seconds instead of 5 seconds.
    • Imprisoned Magic Cut stun now lasts 3 seconds instead of 2 seconds.
    • Imprisoned Magic Cut no longer has a Cooldown.
    • Demon Magic Cut "Darkness Shock" now reduces enemies P-ATK & M-ATK by 5% instead of 4%.
    • Demon Magic Cut "Darkness Shock" now lasts 7 seconds instead of 5 seconds.
    • Demon Magic Cut "Magic Outburst" now grants +20% DMG.
    • Demon Magic Cut "Magic Outburst" no longer grants +20% M-ATK.
    • Demon Magic Cut "Magic Outburst" no longer removes "Darkness Shock" stacks when expires.
      • Note: You still have to wait till the end of "Magic Outburst" to re-apply this effect.
    • Demon magic Cut no longer has a Cooldown.
    • Broken Magic Cut now reduces Dark Resistance by 7 points instead of 5 points.
    • Broken Magic Cut now lasts 7 seconds instead of 10 seconds.
    • Broken Magic Cut now stacks 5 times.
      • Note: The Holy Version reduces Holy Resistance instead of Dark Resistance.
    • Broken Magic Cut no longer has a Cooldown.
    • Enchantment Circle now grants M-ATK +30% instead of +20%.
    • Dark Reversal now swaps the player between Darkness Mode and Holy Mode.
      • Note: This skill is a toggle skill.
      • Note: This skill does not cost any MP to have toggled.
    • Class Talent "Dark Matter" now grants +1% DMG Dealt to all Holy Type Skills.
    • Class Talent "Dark Matter" now grants +1 point of Holy Resistance.
    • Class Talent "Dark Matter" now stacks 5 times.
    • Class Talent "Enchantment Refining" now grants +1% DMG Dealt to all Dark Type Skills.
    • Class Talent "Enchantment Refining" now grants +1 point of Dark Resistance.
  • Angel of Justice
    • Heaven's Hammer no longer increases enemies DMG Taken.
    • Heaven's Hammer now grants the caster DMG Dealt +10% for 7 seconds, stacks 5 times.
    • Note: This was not to make the class weaker but to make it less abusable for nuking bosses. Its impossible to make a boss harder with this skill in its current state.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug when lowering a monsters Move SPD by over 100% they would become rooted.
  • Fixed an issue where Guild Arena points where resetting on the first TW after the Weekly Maintenance.
  • Fixed an issue where Dream of Destruction rankings where not being displayed.
  • Fixed and issue where element damage was occuring more times when a Triple Hit or Double Hit was applied.
  • Blade Acrobat "Victory Dance" is now removed on changing class.
  • Samura "Shrine Belief" is now removed on changing class.
  • Arch-Elementalist "Magic Burst" is now removed on changing class.
  • Fixed a bug with Shielder Skill "Titan's barrier" removing none-removable debuffs.
  • Fixed a bug with Reaver Skill "Shadow Stealth" removing none-removable debuffs.
  • Celestial Arrow "Sacred Spirit Arrow" now gives 30% ATK SPD as intended.
  • Block Percentage Debuffs now work on monsters.
    • Note: For Example, Aura: Broken Spirit should now work fine on monsters.
  • M-ATK Overflow issue fixed with buffs that excceeded 32767.
    • Note: This is a permenant solution to the problem that was previously occuring after the level cap with high M-ATK buffs.
  • Giant Henchman in Roaming Hills walking animation has been fixed.
  • Fixed a long standing issue where checking the target monster of your target would have 1 extra stat (5 star having a blue icon instead).
  • Fixed a lighting error with the following pets:
    • Aryn
    • Michaela
    • Zashi
    • Amaterasu
    • Izanami
    • Zephyrine
    • Tyr
    • Kitami
    • Humbled/Winged Goddess
    • Note: Some of the pets still have imperfections but if I find a solution in future I will fix it as always.


Text Fixes

  • Fixed a typo on the Skill Description of Blade Master's "Brainwash".
  • Fixed the name of "Infinite Light Cannon".
  • Fixed the buff name of "Infinite Light Cannon".
  • Fixed the buff name of "Infinite Darkness Cannon".
  • Improved Clarity of some of the Path of Destiny Buffs.
  • Fixed the name of all Class Pets over the level of 100.







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