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Farewell NT

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Well here i am writing this topic, even though i never thought i would have ever left Nostale Vendetta. 
My journey here started 2 years ago, even before the Beta was ever released, writing topics on how to actualy improve the disaster gameforge holds right now, something that they NEVER had the capacity to control and to adapt on their own playerbase. We always first thought about our community and NEVER tried to pull money from anyone (something that gameforge/entwell does 24/7).

With the help of every single GS (Even the first one that were here) we managed to create something that everyone could enjoy, in a way or another, and spend time here. 

Nostale Vendetta was a new world, was something totaly different from what is currently called "OFFICIAL", was something that anyone at any point could have enjoyed and sadly all good things have an end. 

I never thought this end would have ever arrived, it was too nice to even think for half a second about this outcome.

I thank bash, vivi, jordan and every single staff member for everything they ever did and for their wonderful community and for what they created and own.

Even though Vendetta only lasted for 2 years, those 2 years here are worth more than 3 times the 12 years entwell owned Nostale.


In 2 Years we managed to make a dream come true, and for how long it lasted, it was the best we ever had.


Thank you, Caos1.

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