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Halloween Event 2019 [CLOSED]

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"Here's Johnny !"

As you know, Halloween is coming closer and closer, where masked, disguised children are looking for candy, using pumpkins that have been emptied, pierced with eyes and lit from the inside. So we want to give you something in return in the form of a Halloween screenshot contest!

So what will the task for this Event be ?

Thats simple ! All you have to do is creating a halloween themed screenshot of your character in Eden Eternal.

What are the "Rules" for this Event ?

  1.     It's NOT allowed to edit your screenshot with softwares like: "Photoshop ect...".
  2.     You're allowed to take part with only one account per person, if we catch you taking part with several accounts you'll be disqualified from the event.
  3.     You'll have time till the 14th of November to send us a Screenshot of your character.
  4.     Just make sure to leave your InGame name with the sent screenshot !
  5.     You cannot reuse screens from old Events

What will the prices be ?

  •      1st place : 5 Events Points
  •     2nd place : 3 Events Points
  •      3rd place : 1 Events Points

Well that's it so far all left to say now is that the VGN-Staff wishes you a Happy Halloween and see you soon.  

 Post your screenshots here : Click me!



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