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    Hello, 1) As you must know, there's gear swap system, and i suggest to get 2 more. We are at the beginning of the server and this shouldn't be a priority, so for the future as players might play different classes with many different builds. 2) The game is mainly played by players who have a lot of PvP Experiences, And you maybe would like to have more than 3 skill's bars.These been used to put some potions, items, weapons, stars... I suggest to get the acces to put 2 more bars, which each players will decide to put it or not with the + from the first bar.. 3) We are far to get it, but i would like that idea be considered or at least thought. From Searing Valley (lv 69 - 71) - Vingot Lab To Devastation Realm (lv 73 - 75) - Devastation Dimension Both have maps to run, and i suggest that to avoid areas stealing, to get enters like dungeons (illimited or not). 4) I would personally like to know if you have information on G-Healing and P-Healing, to know when we have points and whether it is high or low. if so could you implement it in the game? 5) I think we are a lot of players who came to this server for normal classes, and for fun in PvPing. Could you put one more TW in the future to get more fun during week days ? Thank you for taking the time to read this topic. Let's react, give me your points. Thank for the work produced. - Zel
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    I spent time reading this tiring post. 1. Newbies arent even supposed to be in Amara, most people dont understand the powerleveling is an exploit, it would take a newbie years before getting to 65 if you do it normally, even if you boosted your friend to 65 in like 3 days it does not mean he should be out fighting in NB, Amara etc. The fact that he is getting one shot means he is undergeared, doesnt mean people are too stronk its just that he is too weak. You need to spend time leveling pet, gearing properly and learning how to actually play SB. Exploiting your way up to 65 doesnt mean you are legible to PVP, that is what newbies need to know. 2. You feel too squishy because you dont know how to properly build your toon 🤣 stacking up Huge HP doesnt mean you will automatically get tanky, you should ask veteran people in your faction they will tell you what is wrong with your build, but i heard you are stubborn and always has reasons not to listen so dont complain. 3. The only reason why duel last in level 29 back in the days is because people dont have a clue on what they are doing, try gearing a without pet PU to +10 set with good item stats and have your friend make a toon without pet that has +4 set since it yields the same stats back in asb days. i can tell you it will die in 5 seconds. 4. Blame looters, FK has tons of them. Most of the PVP RG players dont have good FK toons because they only stick with RG, also dont complain about RG not helping FK when theynare outnumbered because FK wont do the same. You guys like to call zerg all the time and when you suddenly get wiped 1 or 2 times you guys go offline 1 by 1. The reason why FK dying is not because of FK changing faction to RG there were non these past FC, The reason why FK is dying was because you guys are creating your own drama(from valid sources) and making your own friends quit or remake toons to RG side.
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    Hey Izo! You are wrong when you say low levels have more survavibility. My 39 can oneshot pratically every level 35 DPS, but on the other hand people like Evovoe, Ibelina and Celia69 can oneshot my level 39 with 20k HP (so I figure they can oneshot every other player in Viledon). If we go far away, I remember there was the same situation from the beginning of the game: this was from November 2013: May 2014: To reach 50+ kills in less than 15 minutes, you understand everyone fall down in few seconds. And I remember pretty good the opposite situation, when we RG just went down in the battle just to die as flies still before to touch the ground. You find the game not balanced just cause it never was. And it will never be.
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    please add unique scanner in the Banana NPC
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    You simply cant appeal to everyone.... I think its amazing that +6 your gear becomes easier now, as it should, it gives a ashot to everyone to have proper gear, and people will always complain and want the cheapest way possible to get everything +10 or everything they want, and just because they will complain about +8, its how it is, you cant have it all in a flash like some people do. And ive noticed specially since new altar and cap came out, people will try to rip off more gold from others simply because they have something people want and take advantage of that because of people's needs. JLike everyone said, its not something the GM's can control, its the community. Regardless of how easy or hard it is to get SS on altar, your bound to the price people sell them for. If they wanted to sell CLSS for 2k, and everyone did the same, then you could only buy it for that price, unless someone sold it for 800g, iIn the end, its the community that decides the value of the items in the game, and many take advantage of that fact to overprice some items. A good example is when you see people selling BP vs those giving BP away, the same type.
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    19997,10409 if I'm not mistaken
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    GS already have such rights. They cannot sit all day and police the game though, there are times when a lot of the team are asleep or doing their own thing outside of the network. We understand that this is a main issue though and the staff are working on ways to address this. Unfortunately when games are low in population they tend to inherit such behaviours. There is a lot of things we can do to help stop such activities but it won't ever be fully in the direction you hope it is.
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    Weapons awaken shouldn't be changed. The best part of having 120% weapons on cap 65 is exactly the fact we can work iwth builds other than awakens weapons. If a proc isn't that good, simply don't make the awaken version and use a 120 (?) Nom-Awaken Bow is 10 times better than pre-awaken. The reason we make the Awaken bow is exactly because of the prox. If it was bad, we would keep the - resist debuff. People say a lot of "build variety"but when there's a minimal chance that can really happen people try their best to screw it.
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    I believe the general community opinion was that they didn't want the system added as it cannot be limited to 110% without conflicting with the 60 and 55 versions. Since the drop rate in 65 trials is higher than in 60 trials too (By default). However, please correct me if I'm wrong about this and we can open a vote or something but I'm currently of the impression that people didn't want it.
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    Hello dear SB community, I am Izorist, i played for some time few years ago and recently came back like 3 months ago. Today i wanna talk and say my opinion on the game. Some may have already meet me in game, some may like me and some may not. I am not here to talk bad bout someone or to be rude, i will just try to explain the way i see the game. Please to try to understand that if you have somethin to say, try to be polite, each of us has an diffrent opinion and not all of us can agree on same things always. 1.Current state of the game So first will be the thing bout what most of people cry (including me) bout : dmg . the stats from lvl 60+ on items became so ridiculosy high that everyone cries that the class he is playing(including me) is too squishy and needs more surivivabily. I do agree with this, that every class is very squishy except DE. but when a class gets a bit of buff or somethin people in their own selfishnes wont ask for a bit of balance, all they say everywhere i look is that needs buff- need more dmg and i am too squishy pls buff suriviability. Maybe it should reduce a bit of dmg and so there will be survivability and with that a bit closer to a bit of balance. First of all this is a RPG game. and it should be treated as a RPG game, DPS are squishy and die easy. tanks are not squishy but should not have high dmg. and healers that are somewhere in betwen but instand of dmg they have ofc heals. i have not never ever seen an so exagereted and unbalanced game in DMG as much as SB. i played alot of RPG game and alot of diffrent roles, and nothing ever should be able to die from 2-3 hits. FFs an player char/toon is not an NPC. Look back on lower lvl caps (29-39-49), thats where things die how it should . nothing has dmg to kill you from 2 hits(except bosses if you are not tank ), in PVP at lvl 23-29 in Caergate even if ur lvl 25 with +4 items on you, fighting against an lvl 29 player with +10, you wont die from 3 hits or within 5 seconds. the fight is a bit longer like with 20 sec or soemthin like that, depends on situation it can even take like 1 min. you will die in the end, but still not in 5 seconds. In that 20sec/1min you had time to do somethin to cast a skill to use a buff or a heal or somethin. Thats how it feels for me that the game should be. Imagine for a new player that lvled to 59-60 that comes to Amara .. maybe to kill some mobs or to see what quests he could have . or what could he do now that he is finally an lvl high enough to participate to late game content and do stuffs with other friends ingame. but insteand, that player is gettin 1 shoted but dunno what highly exagerated and OP dps class. he didnt even had a chance to cast 1 spell, to use a hp regen potion, or take one step away trying to survive a bit. that is very dissapointing and makes alot of new players not to play anymore(becasue of reason :maybe i am not good enough for this game, maybe is too much for me to handle, maybe the game is too unbalanced and is not worth, i could find and ask for alot of reason but i am not gonna list them all) or maybe some will keep playing and telling to themselfs "well is ok, ill lvl up soon to lvl 65 and make gear and i wont be 1 shoted", but at lvl 65 there will be no diffrence just that from 1 shot you get 2 shots to die. As all the other RPG games out there the dominant class in a game is the DPS class and SB went in their favor in terms of DMG. I understand that someone that wants to play dps has high dmg, a healer has high heals and a tank has alot of survivability. but people that play DPS should also understand that if they cant kill somethin (someone that plays tank and has no dmg ) they should not ask for DMG buff or to nerf that class . or if they coould not survive another dps class they also should not ask for more surivivability and also for more dmg again. that will not resolve anything. and istand they should find other and better way to balance the game but with somethin else not by increasing stats again, and again, and again and so on. At the moment, the highest oportonity to enjoy the game is give to the DPS type of players. those that want to play tank or healer not so much. and in some cases some of the classes have both high dmg and survivability because of the unbalance. Something must be done bout this becase is kinda ruining the game, people must go specific builds and talents to be ABLE to do somethin in game, not beeing balance and not to be able to enjoy the game the way you would like to, kinda take out the mood of playing. I know the thirll of killing somethin fast and feeling cool bout beeing a good dps, but there should be given a chance to other aspects of the game as well . At the moment the game has nothing to do with beeing pro and have good skills. when all you do is stack high DMG (because this is what is OP atm) and take some stuns and disable skills/spells, chaining those ones for like 5-6 sec and BAM, got a kill, i am pro GG. And ofc after i got 20 kills like this, it happens once to get killed or not beeing able to kill someone because RNG has be on their side and missed 1 attack, what we have to do now is to cry bout that class beeing OP. And so on we go over and over and over again and will never stop asking bout dmg buff and survivability buffand all other stuffs . and you get what i am saying. 2. DEBUFFS When it comes to Mass pvp in Amara, NB and AK, there are so many debuffs that everything comes down to 0 , you die instantly and thats it. Somethin must be done about this not only because there are too many but also becasuse they are too high in numbers, and again it brings you down to 0 and you die instantly, not even 5 sec you do not have. To resolve a bit with this problem could be either to lower the stats of the debuff or to remove the debuff at all and add stats to the skill like: this skill has 10% crit chance/dmg or Acc/Ch-Acc.or whatever it is decided. 3. STATS At this moment in game everyone goes for almost same build, skills and STATS (not everyone but 90% of players). Not beeing diversity feels like everyone is playing the same class. Stats on Items , Randoms and jewels could be changed in values, so that people can go for somethin diffrent, try diffrent build, diffrent playstyle. Ofc there must be some diffrence of how one stat works here and there, but not as high as it is now, people should be able to go for a somethin diffrent then normal and still have a chance of doing somethin. not beeing either too OP or too usless Somethin could be done about SP also, as there it can be gained from so many sources , and beeing totaly usless. people spamming skills/spells like there is no tomorrow. To make SP more valuable, it can be changed to reduce the regen from potion and increase the cost of skills by a bit. Or change some skill to give some stats for a specific duration of time a but at the cost of higher SP, or who knows maybe make( if possible) an Mana/SP shield (like draining SP insteanf of HP when taking dmg) 4. Crying out bout the class i play( just as everyone does). What i will talk here bout is 1v1 situation, not mass pvp, there everyone dies in 2 sec, 3-4 if you have ME on your back (mostly will be from my perspective as a WH player that tries to be a tank. WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT I DONT NOT ASK FOR WH TO BE IMMORTAL. I am asking to give them a bit more survivability without the shields. thats the reason why i want to play tank, besause i do not want to die from 2 hits or in 5 sec. WH it is supposed to be second class in terms of tankiness/survivability next after DE.. but thats not even close, not even to half of what an DE can be. i am not saying that DE is too tanky, i am saying that has to low survivability. Ultimate Soulshield and Defender's Might skill that are supposed to help you in dire times by giving you some survivability so you wont get busted so easy by dps classes. i wont say stats that they give they are trash or 0, they are good they are uslees if u dont use them both at the same time. no matter what you do you always get busted either cuz of that 15 sec cd window or becase you dont use them at the same time. i dont want to be selfish by saying that there should be added more stats to them or make 1 of them permanent like DEs Chakra Shield, but at least reduce the points that they require for gettin full benefit from them. Leaving Ultimate Shoulshield and Defender's Might skills aside, WH has this Armor Mastery that gives some 440 def and void 11%(1.100). first of all it is the weakest of all defensive passive( others beeing the CB and DE ones), others giving points in 3 type of stats, and also the 440 defense is an absolute 0. At lvl 65 i have around 1.700 defense with full points in this passice unbuffed, with my other 2 shields buff i go up for 2.500 defense, but even this high is totaly usless when everyone at lvl 65 has around 3.000 defense penetration(even more). Please there should be added more Defense to this passive so it can mean somethin. also an 3rd type of survivability stat that is increased. And this is what i dont like the most. if i get caught without shields on, i get busted in 5 sec. If i have CS on or i am beeing in Mech mode does not make any diffrence, i still die in 5 sec. And if RNG Jesus is on my side and i do not die in 5 sec and i am able to get at least 1 shield on it is too late cuz i am already brought from 60k hp to 15k. And this 15k means nothing even if i have shields on, i die in the next 2 sec. The biggest problem is not only that WH survivability skills are bad . but also none them gives good enough stats to be able to get back on feets after you been caught without shields and be able to do somethin( like at least to be able to run away with my tail betwen the legs full of shame cuz i am bad and not a pro like all others at this game). DE have 2 shields( one is permanent and the other realy helps you in dire times, and also a Healing skill. CB have Still betabolism that makes them totally immortal for 12 sec, also they get back in fight with full HP and have an chance of doing something. SW have these Eva/Ch-eva buffs that are untouchables for the duration, if they could not kill you for the duration of this buffs, they go invi and run away. Also they have Clease and Move speed like hell, i once runed on bike from middle of Amara on bike(180 move speed) to the frony of my base with an SW 100% of time on my back doing dmg. this is not ok. maybe having high dmg is understable but also having tons of move speed, teleport, cleanse is totaly unfair. SE again have Tons of Evasion and Move speed and ME are healers . So in the end WH is nowhere close to beeing Second after DE in survivability. Now another thing that WH cannot but other classes can is that, other classes have Acc/Ch-Acc buffs or they have like CB increased not from buffs but from skills themselfs, and can go for diffrent builds like Crit or ch dmg. As a WH i am forced to go for Acc(for pulls) or Ch-acc( for a bit of dmg and some disables). I msyelf i care too less bout dmg, but i just wanted to point out this thing too. And to close the topic bout WH i want to say bout Intuition skill that for 7 skill points with 9 sec duration with a 40 Sec CD is totaly usless something must be changed here and make this skill more worthy. I do understand that making some changes to a class talents/skill might have an great impact on some classes/roles but. But what could be done in this situation is to increase the number of skill points that are required for some skill so that people wont have enough skill points to abuse every aspect of a class in having both huge dmg and survivability. 5. Some small things. - Makin the new lingeries drop only from bosses is kinda bad, not only the drop chance is very very low, but also people are online in game only for when Amara bosses are up and thats it. Maybe making the new lingerie to be craftable with things from both PVP and PVE( Team dungeons not Solo) . Both FKs and RGs take time of day/night when they know there are enough ppl on to kill bosses so they avoid pvp... - Banning Dual log didnt help at all. some people are still dual logging, and for some others gave them more reason to quit the game( i myself i am fine with this but just saying) - Faction Change was kinda not ok. Alot of players changed to RGs side and now FKs are dead (i myself i know only 1 toon that ive seen RG and changed to FKs). When from time to times RGs where outnumbered in pvp some time ago , i personaly know players that changed to RG side to go and try to help so that we can have some good pvp. Now when FKs are outnumebered no RG comes to FK to try and help a bit, the only time ive seen RGs coming to FK side is to only take loot from bosses and thats it.
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    Diamond altars come 2-3 times a year on awaken, it can be diferent on Classic but i'm not sure. GM's never tell when comming back but they will say sometime
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    Jinglebells! Whipper smells! Medic laid an egg! The Cyberblade broke his blade! Assassin got away!
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    back to sw cleanses. Two eponas taking turns cleansing their allies in mass pvp would keep everyone's attacks rolling. It's counterintuitive to play the class as support but SWs are actually far better mass cleanser than medics. That 10s cooldown on Clench makes all the difference. It only works of FK's tight formation tho cuz RG's are usually scattered.
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    I'm not going into details about his ban because hacking is hacking and I won't tell you how they are able to identify and track hackers or what they are banned specifically for in their use of hacks. Not that I should know or care to know, but that they can identify what he did is enough to warrant a ban. They caught him and banned him that's all you need to know. You can say it's from lag, but there are hacks out there that actually will lag the system to cause this. The fact that he kept moving and jumped around 5 times after being stunned is proof enough and all you need to know about what he will do for a win. I've faced him where his CB was invisible for an entire match and couldn't even lock onto him with skills. Noobs who hack and call me a noob are stupid as hell. You talk all this crap against me like, really? You think it solves anything? Mocking players is a sure way to keep people playing.
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    Nabs its Plasma, Atomic & DoT reduction :v
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    I don't find a use for Metal Scraps once I got the major cyber skin, but I would like a better way to get mechanical shards or at least being able to convert glue into shards since those come in an abundance.
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    Akan will start farming himself or let Sand farm him 😬 easy medal for both 🤣
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    First I wanna point out some stuffs: https://imgur.com/4BoROAs This is a picture of FK jumping to RG side not only to loot and PVE, but also to jump like a complete idiot and feed their faction scores. Seriously? How stupid and low can people become? Why cant you just be normal? Why cant you just stick on 1 faction and be loyal? By leaving your faction just to loot in the other side you are making the numbers more imbalance just to satisfy your selfish goals. You always ruin people's experience and teamwork by causing drama, either by feeding flags, scores or just starting a chat fight. People on FK side who sticks and play only on that side gets their name dragged with all your bullshits, and also you are ruining their experience at the same time by causing more imbalance. People abusing systems that is not designed for that purpose: Sand and Akan sucking each others dick for easy RP, logging toons simultaenously on both sides to Monopolize BG drops, logging toon in the opposing side to give free kills to their faction or give flags, killing their own toons over and over for achievement and so on, these BS is so tiring. We should establish rules for this kinds of stuffs, by allowing the GS to kick people that jumps to either side just to loot or just or start causing unwanted dramas, Those people are not needed nor wanted they are just causing imbalances for a chance to get loots without any assurance, but more importantly causing drastic number imbalances than what should be. Isnt that enough reason to kick these kind of people, this is ruining experience for honest people on both side. Honest people are always the one that suffers while Selfish and greedy people always reap enormous rewards and getting away with their exploits. @Vivi, @Bash I know Im not the most polite person who post stuffs here, I may also be the first person who will criticize your works but you know, I really do care, we always wanted what's the best for the server.
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    NB 21x9, but... it was a very nice pvp. now only true fks join for lose in bgs! or... EmilySears (SexyChibiusa) only for get wings. HaHaHa after block dual loguin im very happy. i hoping some fks back for game
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    this kind of thing has been the staple of SB since the aeria days, folks used to always switch for loot then, i can still name the main culprits. Its not a faction thing, its a player thing.
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    @sicat If the game can only have more people with the mindset like you then the would game would probably be more enjoyable, but look around there isnt enough good people playing the ones abusing outnumbers them. @Bash Any methods will do fine as long as the problem would be addressed, I couldnt care less about the punishment as long people would not be allowed to use unnecessary methods to take advantage of other people.
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    i've farmed those boxes, at least 50x each and only got 1 the entire time, the drop rate is very low or something. honestly i do agree for the crafting idea since it will make gaining them a lot easier and make it easier for free players to actually be able to use uni gears if they can't afford buying uni scanners in the ah after they bought the uni gears. considering a rare scanner cost 1 gold, you'd also have to take into the account that level 30+ all have unis, with that i'd create a new npc in barb that made it possible for players to be able to craft them as well as the areas above for 40-49, 50-59 and 60+. 2 Ancient relics sounds reasonable with 2 rare scanners at the price of 10g per uni scanner crafted as well as them being NT. If not this then a possible add to the drops for dungeons SF+ that give a decent % rate to recieve a NT scanner to go with the normal drop rate of a tradeable one that is still possible.
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    Well... I won't kick anyone for it, but I will jump their looters if said person pissed me off enough in the past.
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    Yeah but I have a SW, SE and CB now hopefully next month I can start building WH and PU
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    Nonsense, This is what too much PVE does to a game, players starting to become pussies.
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    In July of 2012 (Can't believe this was almost 8 years ago...) an MMORPG game graced my pc gaming screen which was called DBO aka Dark Blood Online but I wasn't introduced to it until 2014 . Dark Blood was publish by Outspark in 2012 but only last from what I could find less than a year from it's release date also from what I could find Outspark either shutdown the game, shut down them self, and left DBO in a ditch to never bring it back UNTILLLLLLL!!! Stream ended up picking the game up in 2014! But I don't know the whole store on why Stream took it down while it had many people backing up the game. I'm just gonna say now that I'M NOT the only one who wants this game back up and running. There are many (I literately mean many) people who would love to bring this game back and enjoy it but like me can sadly not.... I didn't know where to post this so I'm posting it hope that someone can see this and pick this beautiful game up that once stole my heart and got me into playing MMORPG games, be the judge for yourself: (Also here are the people I talked about wanting it back): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/comments/94463555 Edit: While watching the video I realized that the game had more characters unlocked LIKE: The Thief The Fighter Plus PVP! (Cause everyone loves pvp)
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    All your suggestion are ugly, one of the example is adding 200 - 250 dot it adds nothing even if you use ancient jewels, without heal or tons of HP you will die to dots. CB still metabolism ticks every 1 sec if they got damaged and it last for 12 sec, if you want a skill that has no miss it means we need to take away the damage part and treat it as a debuff like hex and it will never miss. The only changes which is good imo: CB Reduce skill point requirement on the first column of CB. Reduce heart piercing level to 10 instead of 13. Make Round Slash particle and adjust the chakra part accordingly. SE Reduce the skill point required to get and max gatling storm. PU Remove -ACC and lower -Crit to 1.5k on enfeeble. Make the Mind over Matter just plain ACC and CH ACC buff no stupid added reductions or any effect. Make the damage passive min-max 100 atk, 40% atk and min-max 220 chakra, 40% chakra. WH Make Ultimate Soulshield perma buff just like DE Chakra Shield. The quality of players in this game is too low, people need to improve also. Drop rates are high, patched skills and it still adds nothing, players stayed the same they only feels like Glorified bots now. Good example would be Izorist, a WH who overly spend alot of resource on HP just to stick on the backline 🤣 also throw skills like a baby with no rotation or what just plain button smashing. Also if you want classes to able to counter each other, thats not possible, PU vs SW everyone knows how will this go, unless the SW player is really garbage there is no way PU will win. SW will always have the preemptive strike and PU is not a tank so it will be easy for SW to kill the PU.
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    So these are the sets bonus, now I know that this wasn't even an aeria thing, because it comes from FNO, but is it actually possible to change it? Because I mean, every agi set has cool stats in it, but light one for p.dps has -malice wich doesn't make much sense, if it was on zeus rage wich is a burst dps set would make much more sense, but since sunburst is a dps/sustain set, what's the point of it? Every agi set has +5 or 10 mov spd but not this one for some reasons. I find it kinda unfair to be honest, you don't use the - malice on a class using that set because you don't even need it.
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    Its not about skipping content... the staffs, for example, has different purposes, fits different builds... and they are equally strong except for the fact that double hit staff has lower MATK. The driver system allow us to go for different build, which is not that easy cause you have to work on it too. I know that if you are going for Awaken Weapon, you may feel that is not fair if ppl doesnt need to do all the work to get good weapons. So I suggest Jordan to change the driver system to make it a bit hard, in a way that not envolves only buying weapons to feed your main weapon (not talking about rng here !!!)
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    So, the crate has became a cache: I have a bad feeling now... Oh damn! This game will go bad!
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    If we are going to buff awaken weapons atk there is no point in bringing the system back at all, the purpose of it is to allow ppl to choose beetwen a bit more of atk vs the procs on some of the awaken ones, if they also gives more atk you wont see anyone with golden weapons because it wouldnt be better in any way.
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    I have nothing against the driver system comeback, however, Atk of awaken weapons should be adjusted to be the same than 120% weapons. I don't really get why someone who just sit in Aven buying weapons in peer but does not put the effort of farming cristal cross medal, trial medals, increasing their fame and trying to kill the WBs that'll get camped for sure when awaken are released, should have a weapon with more atk than someone who actually spent their time doing all of the above, just because awakens have procs. ( PS1:Some procs are honestly not even that good ) ( PS2: I'm saying this as someone who just sat their ass in Aven buying 60 staffs to get it to 120%. ) Standard gold weapons with more atk than awaken just goes against the principle of awaken weapons If the atk of awaken weapons is not adjusted, then it's a flat no for me because it will encourage people to skip awaken content
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    I think most of the people that complained about the driver system was because we could only increase the % to 110+ with more weapons, would be better if we could increase but also drop/craft 110+. but if the 65 drop rates isnt as bad as the 60 was it may not be needed.
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    Comments always have just as much impact as polls in most decisions as if 100 people vote yes and 10 people vote no but 10 people give valid points while the 100 do not then it would be pretty dumb to follow the poll results right.
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    Dang.. I'm not even a part of this 👀 But yes, BlackMagic is equipped with a full-time Farmer / Master Farmer that I do my best to keep track of. Plenty of people (including some of your guild mates even!) request merchants to be placed up so Merchant Upkeep is not really a problem unless I become inactive (Not probable then, even. I'll probably have measures put in place to handle such things.) If you have farming requests then I will happily do my best to keep up with them (and others)! Also..Celestial isn't particularly dead. There are usually plenty of alts there that repair during the day (Now..night times, sure can use some work, but that's all in the future to come!) However, in regards to your post I'll throw out some blueprints and make some effort to try and help with building XP. But don't be going out here throwin' shade on other guilds bruh. Have a good day~ - Judgement
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    Also, i just made a little Visualisation on why lvl65 Gems should be added into the game: (Just a little joke to brighten up the mood because reading forums is a pain today...)
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    I think this is what youre looking for. How to play SB for dummies 101: Make an Account. Make a PU starting class. Donate tons of AP, enough to buy a pet, 11 pet chips and to sell other players (30kish AP). Ask someone to boost you to LV40, EDGE in FK and HappyGuild on RG. Do quest up to Meet the Batachrian. Continue boosting to LV60. From here you will hit a bump, either wait for people who Do DV party or AFK in suer to level your pet. While there is no exp party, try to socialize and ask what to do with your 30k gold( you will need lots of PVP medals to craft your gears, Republicubes etc.) Making +10 is easy so if you do this right you will get: +10 set LV59 - LV65 gears, Pet, Pet chips and a LV 60 toon in like 2 to 3hrs.There is no actual ranking in PVE imo every class can solo Tartarus, the game is highly gear dependant. Everything will just boils down on how fast you can clear monsters, it is wise to do full clear anyway eversince Tartarus Challenger was implemented. Every class can survive the dungeon granted you have the required defensive stats. DE, WH, CB = Void and CH resist. SE, SW, PU = EVA and CH EVA or CH resist. Ranking of class depending on how fast it can clear solo: <--- this is the only thing that matters. PU SW - Max AoE and DoTs SE DE and CB - CB is much safer tho, because most CB if not all, has Heals on their build. WH - What makes WH suck in PVE even tho it has the most AOE is because WH damage comes mostly from DoTs and the total dot damage is around 72k I think with atleast 15 seconds cd on each skills, most Dungeons in late game has twice or thrice the HP than their DoTS and the bosses is like 10 million HP so have fun with that. SB is almost a dead game, Average log in player is about 20 people and half is AFK, there is no one in the lower zone, you will find yourself at the mercy of veteran players if you cant donate. You cant really do anything since there is nothing in lower cap that is worth the Gold anymore. It will be a long and painful grind till you give up, I hope this helps and goodluck.
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    I apologise for any delays on previews (since I was going to do one last week). However, I spent the time grinding out work for this update instead and am glad to announce that the dungeons are completed and now its just onto the rewards and other features to be done before we can finalize any testing for this dungeon. I will preview so more bosses from the content but I want to keep the previews brief as I don't want to spoil the future content too much by revealing everything. I expect this to be out before maintenance this week. Again I apologise for any delays but please understand with content from this game pretty much everything has to be made from scratch and where X-Legend may have entire teams to do this I only have myself so again apologises for any delays and I hope you enjoy the content update. I would like to give an ETA but I don't want to overshoot or undershoot the target date. However, I will announce an ETA as soon as I'm sure of one. 😁
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    If you are Royal Guard tell the name, I can send you some. Oh, and don't forget to study my old guide about Pet food:
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    u always give bad suggestion and these are useless for many old players they already full geared as GM make all things drop rate tooooo high they don't need to farm most of the things u mentioned I can tell u now i only farm TTC.other dgs&boss are stupid like ur choice and don't mention necklace & trinket.they are the only 2 things not be ruined by high drop rate by now don‘t lead GM to another trap
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    Ok, then it‘s just my luck not dropping any in over two years.
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    Now people feel someone's absence in TA... Karma for those of ya who held Jesse in derision. That aside, crafting it may sound good but what ya guys suggestin do not make it accessible for lower levels. Its funny that unique delta gears sell 10g while scanners sell 200g. Every newbie can buy a uni delta but not all can use em, sad. That said, my suggestion is to make those uni scanner drop in SF and all higher DGs.
  45. 1 point
    Actually, Iwas thinking along the lines of Rare Scanners + Ancient Relics or something. What I would to see happen is allowing some of the currently useless junk to be somewhat useful. That's just me. Maybe add epoxies into the mix, like you're suggesting, as well.
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    Hello ! Today, I provide you with a guide that includes all the colors of Dye. They are arranged in the order of pages 1 to 52. If you want to quickly find a particular Dye use CTRL+ F and enter the exact name you are looking for. Light Gray Powder Blue Peacock Blue Sea Green Grass Green Sunshine Yellow Pale Peach Scarlet Dark Red Amethyst Sage Orange Dark Grey Sand Yellow Yellow Eggplant Coral Pale Blue Lavender Midnight Blue Vermilion Bright Orange Coffee Citrus Vibrant Violet Silver Grey Leaf Green Pale Crimson Dawn Gold Lemon Chiffon Lace White Deep Green Mocha Sunlit Orange Royal Purple Sandstone Red Cyan Blush Sunflower Basil Cerulean Plum Steel Blue Mist Gray Cider Orange Rosewood Merigold Ruby Red Deep Purple Paradise Blue Sassy Pink Emerald Pure Red Pure Green Pure Blue Pure Yellow Pure Magenta Pure Black Seafoam Indigo Misty Rose Ivory Apricot Saffron Amythest Purple Jam Redwood Pink Deep Turqoise Ash Gray Hyacinth Forest Green Celedon Lime Green Green Dark Green Jade Mustard Moss Army Green Dark Blue Peach Blossom Rose Gold Cantaloupe Caramel Salmon Pale Orange Soft Gold Pale Green Turquoise Grape Periwinkle White Ash Merlot Gray Pea Green Red Gold Eggshell Oak Green Light Turquoise Wisteria Sweetheart Pink Snow Blue Mauve Tan Sun-Kissed Tan Rosey Tan Sandstone Bronze Starfish Chocolate Light Brown Antique Pale Pink Slate Gray Charcoal Brown Goldenrod Spring Moss Sapphire Blue Camo Green Mint Green Fern Midnight Turquoise Sky Blue Sangria Lilac Rose Lipstick Red Pine Green Ice Blue Orchid Sea Blue Sunshine Yellow Blue Maple Pickle Red Brown Frosted Pink Teal Coral Pink Starlight Color Starlight Color No. 1 Starlight Color No. 2 Starlight Color No. 3 Starlight Color No. 4 Starlight Color No. 5 Starlight Color No. 6 Starlight Color No. 7 Starlight Color No. 8 Starlight Color No. 9 Starlight Color No. 10 Starlight Color No. 11 Thank you !
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    Some one think punishment will make players quit. I don't agree. If punishment can make the environment of game better then it's good In fact it is unbalance that will really make players quit or stop playing. U can see fks rarely go to BG recently and usually less than 30%fks were online during NB.Players don't like to play unfair pvp. No player want to fight when it is 5v20. So the less will quit or stop playing.Then the other side will have no enemy to kill. they will quit or stop playing too.Vcious circle. Punishment can also be imposing a fine.For example:Decrease 3000G from 1 player's account.