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    Channel 1 player count has been reduced back to 300. Global Speakers have returned to the game. Created the following new stats: Added Zephyr's Calamity wings to the game. Added Zephyr's Vanguard wings to the game. Updated the stats of the following items: Removed Fibi Frosty from Mimic Mystery Box rewards in-game. NosMate Guardian Angel will increase HP to 100% when used. Partner's Guardian Angel will increase HP to 100% when used. Updated text of certain items that gave wrong information. Improved drop rate of Amon and Lucifer bosses. Martial Artist now has a Trade Limit requirement of 93+30 and 2,500,000 reputation. Fixed a bug that caused Channel 1 to crash this week. Fixed bug where "Huge Monsters" would not drop anything.
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    Hi-hi. BananaNyan/Kira here and I would like to bring to attention on how hard it is to EXP and lack of boosters being provided in the game now is making it even harder and could be making it almost impossible for players who do not spend Vendetta Points on the game to level up to end game. As a medic, it is especially hard since I cannot farm alone as I do not contain the damage other classes have and it's extremely hard to find EXP parties as I am not always on when Free Knights are busy or even when they are, majority of the people are already level 65 and the the other half just do not want to level up because of how boring it is. Sometimes, I find a few people who are genuinely helpful, but they are also not on all the time when I am online. With my experience with leveling, I would understand why players who are level capped would not want to help due to it being so repetitive. I know Boosters are given when you level up, but the amount you are provided are nowhere near the amount you need to level, so you are in a predicament and I've been told before that leveling was even harder before I came back, but this could still scare away new players who want to get to end game and I do not want that. I have some suggestions to try to make this easier if possible. 1. Providing a buff when you go into Dragon Valley that gives you a % amount of experience boost. Can range from just 100% which isn't exactly the best, but it's something... to 500% exp boost buff, so at least players who cannot afford to buy boosts can have some way of experience boosting, 2. Making bosses in Amara and Boss events in Enocia drop EXP boosters from 700% to 1000% that are tradable as I have seen 200% boosters before, so if people at level cap do not need these boosters, they can give to someone who needs. 3. Making the experience boosters in Item Mall a little cheaper, like from 500 VPN to 250 VPN. 4. Making the mobs have a really rare chance of dropping something that would cost gold, like Ancient Jewel Spanner, Jewel Spanners, 10% Unique Kilos, or Jewel Safeguards. This could attract people who are already level capped into helping others who are not because they have a chance to get some good loot from this, but make the chance slim so people do not end up just farming mobs all day and not participating in PvP or bosses. 5. Creating a title for killing mobs in Dragon Valley that grants them boost on DPS Stats. It would attract more people who are DPS to come help and would make experiencing a little faster called like Dragon Hunter or Dragon Destroyer. These are only mere suggestions and I would completely understand if they cannot be used or made, but I do think it would make things easier or make people more excited to help players who are having a hard time leveling and do hope these are taken into consideration. Thank you so much for reading~ BananaNyan/Kira
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    Basically the idea is to add a function where you hover over the item in VGN mystery box and it opens an information box with the item info
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    As the title suggests, I would propose to the staff and @Bash to re-introduce the speakers for all channels. Since they left, I noticed: 1) A decrease in the population, both for trade and for the new trading system for new players 2) Less raids of any kind (considering that normally people could hear if there were raids both from channel 8 and even from Act 4). 3) They had been removed because there had been a patch that would have introduced the new speakers that showed the objects in the chat, but soon after that they also disappeared from circulation. 4) They were also good for creating teams of some particular raids like the Fernons 5) With the global speakers it was possible to contact someone who sold a particular object in ch 1 even being engaged in another activity in another ch. I hope the idea is taken into consideration because I consider the globality of this item a good way to stimulate trade and the life of the server.
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    I'm also telling you the reason I think that's a good thing to change. First, allow us to combine Wind, Ice, Fire and Earth Meteor in one "Elemental Meteor" that gives us 5% atk/m-atk, 5% move-speed, 5% cast/atk speed and 5% hp. Reason: Sometimes we might want to use the 5% Cast Speed Meteor, but since almost everyone uses Fire + Earth Meteors you either have to wait for the cd to end or give up the 5% Cast Speed, because if you're playing healer or another class that needs cast you don't want lose the 5% hp/atk when you go back to DPS. Most people wont even feel that change, but I bet it will be very helpfull for those who will. Change Ranged Skill "Wind Will" to give P-crit and M-Crit rate: Reason here is obvious, that's just useless for Mecha. If possible, I would say a full remake for that skill sounds good, since most geared people will have close to 100% crit rate on all ranged classes, as well as 100% m-crit rate on mecha, but a change to give m-crit rate would be nice for people who aren't fuly geared yet. Also, I think all of those skills (for Tank classes, Meele, etc) could be changed, they're pettry much useless now days, A remake on Racial some skills sounds good too, since they're kinda useless too, like Meele class human skills gives 1k heal per crit (Lv120), that was very helpfull when they released racial skills, but right now feels like using it is just waste of time, Survival Screen (Tank class racial) also doesn't give that much heal, most times you wont use it because it will only push mobs away from ur party while not giving any really healpfull heal. When those racial skills was released it was very OP so I don't think they should be weak as they are now. I also don't think it really needs to be overpowered skills like they was, just some helpfull skills is good. Allow us to transfer legendary achievements for alts Making alts isn't hard, but it's just boring to keep crafting again everything you did in your main character. Gold isn't a problem for people who are already geared, so doing legendary achievement on alts isn't but painfull boredom. I know that it can disturb ranks, but the item that transfers legendary achievements could also exclude the character from rank, just like GMs can't rank. (Well, but we understand if it's not possible to exclude characters that doesn't have gms power from rank, so nothing to do in this case) To help the game become more noob friendly: Lower respawn from low level maps world bosses. Really, there's no point to keep killing Justin Alspore all day till u get the T, and it's even hard because once you start killing world bosses, someone else will kill the next world boss you need. The only use of those trophies is to get achievement for HP, so I don't think they need to be so hard to get too. The lower the best, like really, if you can change world bosses per level I think that even 5 mins respawn for 1-30 world bosses would be good for new players, 15 mins for 31-60, 30 for 61-90 and 1h for 90+ Lower CCM cost for awaken sets. I know that Lv95 Awaken sets "hidden achievement" is really good, so it's supossed to be hard to get. But imagine being a new player who just got to lv 100+ and now needs to farm 44k CCM to finish all sets, but at the same time he needs to farm CCM to finish Lv100 Awaken weapons. Togheter with the fact that he needs to start farming gold to buy alot of things, awaken books, aven fame. For a new player it just sounds "Get away from this game, this isn't a place for you, noob" Remove Putification debuff in Lv95 trials. Same reason as above, it's just making easier for new players. It's the easiest way to nerf 95T bosses. Since new players may struggles to find help to make 95T, the easier it is the better. It will help new player to get close to a point that he can solo everything he needs and it will make Lv100 trials much easier. Since now days isn't that easy to find a party for Lv100 trial, people will be able to get gears in 95T and join togheter with anothers new players for the level 100T. (Yes, I know that if you're a new player u can just ask someone help to gear AOJ that's very easy to gear and join trial, but if u tried to go for trials now days you know most partys just have new players without many gears trying to get some Lv100 weapons, and you can't have 10 AOJ party so) Increase GoP Gatekey drop. Since you're going to need 30 keys for every combo (40 if u going for the cape), increasing the drop rate for gatekays would be nice too. We aren't seeing that many partys for GOP too, so making it easier to finish combo for new players (who will struggle even more to find a party that accept him while he's still gearing his character) is nice. Well, that's it for now. I'm thinkg about a lot of things that would help Eden to be more noob firendly since i'm helping a new player to gear. But I'm not sure if it's good to just come and spam suggestions without discussing it with someone first. So if you guys wants (Staff, Players) we can discuss more about changes that would help the game to keep new players playing. I'm sorry for my bad english, hope it's all understandable and I hope any of my suggestions can help Eden to become a even better game than it already is. Thanks for your attention, if you have anything to add or change in one or more suggestion, please leave a reply.
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    Its great to see someone look out for us noobs, most of these suggestions can be "groomed" as they are fantastic steps to take if possible. When i was told i needed to do GOP daily for a month for a chance of drops etc i was ok with this, but then another GS/EE told me its not ok, thats nothing compared to what you will need to be competitive as the game has aged gracefully (then i started to cry lol). There are way too many things required for new players to do especially for a hard core like myself, and if new ones struggle to get any form of help (which WE NEED), then Tuti is correct that it will be a turn off. This is a good post and i hope its looked into and polished from the Devs/GMs perspective. Loving this game and all the classes, excellent work so far Vendetta Team. A big shout out to GS Mozzarella /Nippa / Vyzer & Lilith for finding the time to help me in game and answer all my foolish questions, excellent staff.
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    I know a lot of you record or u have in the past, I think it would be pretty cool to compile it all here! Post past or new videos below of the game! Here some of my fav:
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    I think +10 all res on base stat of the wings is too OP, it should be changed to the 2% chance otherwise people can stack it with overall resis armour/rainbow trophy/fernon shoes and it will be impossible to reduce their resistance, i feel like reduce resistance was in a good place for swordsman/archer since they don't have a whole lot of reduce resistance abilities, but with these wings it makes it impossible for both of these classes to have enough reduce res, since people can already have 180%+ all resistance
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    Issue has been resolved, sorry for the downtime I was not around for a while so I came back late to sort this. Servers are coming back online! Thank you!
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    I think players should be able to have their items visible in the market place without actually needing their characters in order to sell them. Sort of like how we have sign-posts but they'll only dissapear after (example :5 hours) rather than if the player leaves or logs out of the game. Then the summary and gold earned could be visible at the Cuarry Bank.
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    @DarkAngel Don´t worry, the restriction is not working as it should xD. There are many other martial artists (appart from me) that have reached the requirements and still can´t trade or use nosbazar. I´m lvl 96+31 and still can´t do anything
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    I agree, a lot of your suggestions are a good idea. Thank you for the well put up suggestions and we are trying to make our game better!
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    You’ve made some great suggestions. The staff have read your post and we will discuss amongst ourselves and with the GM Jordan. We love hearing your ideas. Just remember that sometimes, for various reasons, we can’t apply all your ideas. But we certainly hear you, read your ideas, and take it on board. Thank you for the well thought out suggestions~☺️
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    Since there's no current place where you can find the info on all trophies, I thought it would be great to make a page on the forums for future reference when needed. I'll start it off by posting images of the current trophies I've got or seen. Divine Rainbow Crystal Peaceful Hour Glass Cube of Destruction Rock of Defiance Artifact of Swiftness Shadow Gem Artifact of Force Feel free to add whatever is missing and I'll update this page.
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    I wonder if the dog tags and medals can be exchanged for instant exp pots?
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    We have plans to add this back don't worry. A lot is going on behind the scenes we've been very busy.
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    Maybe the skin system I add can work with this. I am pretty sure it will be able to.
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    Just making dungeons viable for exp farming is enough to fix this problem imo. I know I'd be a lot more willing to help exp farm if some decent loot was involved.
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    No, channel is already constantly full and lags beyond belief, adding more AFK characters is just going to make that even worse and even more constant.
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    The trade limit while can be at first "hard" for newcomers is truly needed to prevent "smart" people to abuse bugs/cheats and destroy the economy. People injecting HUGE amounts of gold and items is seriously a problem and can make the game collapse, on the other hand I understand you but you don't need to trade the first hours in the game, with the addition of level up packages given by Armored Bash you get anything you need: armors, weapons, potions, snacks and even ancelloans for FREE. Anyways completing act 1 and reaching level 83 takes at most few hours, now the 1 milion reputation is a tiny bit harder to achieve but there are tons of people in game constantly hosting marathons of Chicken King/Cuby/Ginseng/Castra raids that you can easily join without worrying about getting kicked. Also there are other methods to gain reputation such as doing PTS with a group, killing mobs in Act 4 and the easiest one above all: doing Instant Combats, always join them. So, in my opinion, it's not a stupid rule and it doesn't make the server bad. It's 100% needed unless you want the server to collapse in several months due to gold sellers/uncontrollable cheaters duping items.
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    It could be the case that it doesn't destroy Wing B it just changes the appearance and removes the Transmog Item. This way the only thing you have to keep buying is the Transmog Item. Seems a fair trade given some games destroy the item.
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    Or MAYBE something like this.. would look cool on Ranger as an example
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    Hello. The MA change for nb was not announced in the patch notes. I need some time to trade my nb staff and pots etc to farm this rep and level 93+30. Maybe you give us this weekend to buy things?!
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    First of all, great suggestions. Meteor's are designed in a way that you're only allowed to have 2 of them active at once, I see no problem with this system on how it is right now especially now you have the status helper system that will time it for you unlike back in the old days where we had to time it manually ourselves. This is possible to change Wind Will although it likely wont have much effect on the game at all as most people who are playing these classes will have 100% crit or close to from the get go. As for changing racials I'm rather against doing so as it will cause more upset than joy and then it will just become an endless cycle of "well you did this with this why not this with this". Maybe in future i might revamp some of them but expect most of them to stay the same. Transfering achievements is something I'm generally against and always have been. I did this for the achievements that actually take time to complete such as enchants and the awaken sets as they take far more requirements than other things. You might see more of these things pop up in future if I change my mind but this is something that is not only something I disagree with but also something that is very anoying and bandaide'y to add to the game. With our drop rate this achievement isn't hard to get, it just takes a bit of work timing them, I see no problem with this plus a change like this would take days of work for something very QOL. With my time being limited as it is I don't think this is a good resource to spend my time in doing so. Maybe in future I will start to do this if our player count demands it. Personally recently my character was sitting near the Justin Allspore spawn and everytime I logged in for a maintenance or something that required me to login to game he was alive. I have plans for future awaken sets and once they come out these titles will be made easier, they have already been lowered in ccm a bunch already and gold so for now they will be left as they're still viable sets to use and should be worked for. As for the "Get away from this game" comment, literally any half decent MMO i've played including this one has always been like this. Your character is suppose to be worked on to become strong, people are forgetting their is other armors the player can make first and there is weapons that will be perfectly fine to use while you wait for your awaken to be completed. This problem stems from the fact that people want to get the best possible gear from the get go rather than fortifying say a level 100 trial weapon to use for the time being. However, I have made a number of QoL new player improvements to the game for the upcoming patch which I will not spoil. So before worrying about the above comment wait until the patch is released as I believe I'm overhelping new players at this point with the new changes I've made. Many of my testers can vouch for this point. As for removing the purification debuff, I'll see about that for the upcoming patch as I have no opinion on that so I will query the other staff. Although again as the previously mentioned point people will not just go to 95 trials to gear unless their end gear choice is the Awaken set. As there is a new GoP dungeon coming out in the next patch as promised in my patch notes I will see what improvements can be made to the old GoP to make it more noob friendly. However, this new GoP is specifically designed for veteran players so I don't wanna hear any complaints about it being Anti-Noob as this is the point with these dungeons. GoP as a concept was designed as a dungeon that noobs should not enter which is why they only come once a year. Just remember this one point to take away, new players need to remember there is easier content to play through that TK weapons and armor are more than enough and they can work on getting tanky trophies with resistance like from BTS or DD/VL that will help them in the later content.
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    Yeah since he forgot now we've got our items stuck at Bazaar, I sent a note and they said they wouldn't retrieve them, now I gotta spam pts like a slave to get 2,5kk rep cuz @Bash forgot to state that he's applying new restrictions to martial, yay!
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    Hello! -- I'm kind of a new player, can't say I'm new but I played the original Nostale, such a long time ago that I've forgotten most of the stuff there are here, and so much stuff has been released, that oh my god I have so much catching up to do. - All my friends who I used to play with were on Skype, and that platform is sooooo long dead, so if anyone wants to like give me a little helping hand I wont refuse it - But thanks to the Vendetta team for keeping the game up Things to note: - I've played the original game - I love Korean food - I absolutely adore corgis - I'm quite friendly if you get to know me I sincerely hope to see you all in game, so if you see a random adventurer lurking around do say hi :3
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    Well, welcome then! You'll get used to most of it in no time, even the community which is.. kinda weird at times.
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    I've got the same problem, the change wasn't announced in patch notes, and now I got all my items in my martial stuck in bazaar, I've actually sent a ticket about this too.
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    i h8 2 double post but just found this masterpiece again from 34cap
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    ❤️Hi Hi GS Nova here~!❤️ Hi all! It's event time! While I am working hard on upcoming cosmetics for the game we here on the SB Team think it would be fun to allow you guys to have the opportunity to design a costume for the game! This is your chance to have your ideal costume made so don't miss out! 😮 💥Rules:💥 Your concept sheet must be set up similar to the example below: Must provide: - Clear view of front and back and side - All details must be visible and explained (as shown above) - All parts of the outfit must be labelled (Example: LED, Decal, Tattoo) - You must provide a brief description of your concept - Concepts must be in colour and preferably in Digital Format Failure to provide these details WILL impact your entry as I will need this information for the chosen costume. ✋Limited to 1 entry per person🤚 All entries MUST be your own work. Copyright characters and content or stolen, plagiarised works will result in disqualification. Costumes will be judged by the following criteria: - Creativeness and Uniqueness - Fits in with Scarlet Blade - Has followed all instructions clearly and has a well laid out concept sheet NOTE: Due to restrictions to our models we ask that you please look at current costumes in game for reference of what is possible for us currently. we can ONLY modify what currently exists. 1 winner will be chosen and have their ❤️design made into an official costume available in Scarlet Blade❤️ Entries will close June 30th Winner's will be announced July 1st All Entries must be submitted to this thread here: TEMPLATE AVAILABLE
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    Hello, I also created a post a few moments later where i complain about this. The restriction is not working as it should. My martial artist is already 95+30 and has 3kk reputation -.- Do you now if someone else has the same problem? And of course, i will lose my items on nb. GG
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    Updating this here. Made a video for the same written guide.
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    I am sure most of you are aware that there was a PvP event back on ASB and it was pretty successful. The numbers were even and both factions were winning fights. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it and it ran pretty smoothly given the fact that it was ran solely by guild leaders and no GM involvement. If enough people are interested, I'd like to gather leaders/GSes etc to host another event.
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    "Poi sono tornato indietro e l'ho battuto" Oh yes, I believe that!
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    Welcome, hope you have a great time here!
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    What? exp rate is fine,you all should reduce it more and lets lose some more players to the grind,filter out the weak😀🤣
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    I totally agree with you, there are only benefits in reintroducing global speakers. It would help with the constant lag in ch1 too, in fact lots of people are forced to stay ch1 because they need to buy/sell items and with the reintroduction of global speakers they could just go any other channel and still being able to do that, plus all the other things you've already mentioned. +1
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    throwback to this topic. the drop tables of DS were changed to account for DTO, and it seems like DS has been deserted with no added EXP or gold increase. I think DTO gives you like...1% exp with a 1k booster in team mode? Half the run is killing fatass Ent. Not worth it since the drops are the same. I understand if editing drop tables is time consuming and an extreme pain in the ass, but at least some good gold and EXP could be changed to make EXP farming in a team dungeon worth it.
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    Up to you but we don't assist with fixing clients that people tamper with.
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    This is because the bazar is the best way to sell the items. The second method is the use of the speakers. An hour ago I suggested to make these last ones useful as they used to be: viewable in each channel. In this way, anyone can buy anything without using the shop in a channel that is used only for exp and organizing act 6 raids.
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    Thanks alot thought it was a bug
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    If you wont gonna level up someone per gold, its easier in 6.1, and, if you sell experience, is just better in 6.2, about equip, just find Champion weapons with S% damage, damage to evil %, enchanted damage, and if you arent mage critical damage, in a r7+8 or more.
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    Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken. https://cdn.myanimelist.net/images/anime/1694/93337l.jpg Noblesse https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ba/36/e1/ba36e1c7b2fdcd0ae16f307a003b7f93.jpg
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    It's based on Decathlon's Formula Damage. I can say it's still beta but you can calculate your PVE Damage. If you know javascript you can make improvements or you can send message to me. IGN: Rockenny Link: Damage Calculator If you're confused feel free to ask questions or you can read Decathlon's Formula as a guidance. Example: Result Updates For the explanation purposes I added some pictures. Whenever you click on the field it's corresponding image will show up. Fields now have examples
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    Grind Pts if you are patient enough to do the act 1 quests until ts 55, farm 1kk reputation and get lvl 83 with all three chars, farming angels wings in act 3, farming ice flowers and ice cubes in act 4, raid marathons gives good money if you sell the chests. When you are able to farm act 6 just farm until your brain melt, get rich and throw a shitload of gold on teodor for betting equipment :'D.
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    Great suggestion.
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    New Specialists of fun and special moment with your boy/girlfriend.