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    Changes Added new item Eden Crystal (NT) box. Note: This is to replace Eden Crystal (NT) from quests and level rewards and requires your character to be level 80 to open it. Note: This item is 1:1 for Eden Crystal (NT) and no Eden Crystals have been lost for leveling up. Enjoy!
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    From what I know, you cannot have HP and DEF on one bangle in CG. I could be wrong, but I never got a bangle that provided both of those stats at the same time ever.
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    Hello everyone! With the large wave of new players hitting both of our 2 games, we have decided to update the starter packs again with new goodies inside of them! Both Eden and Scarlet Blade will get these packs and all accounts will be able to claim them again. Some of the additional goodies for Eden Eternal are: Some of the additional goodies for Scarlet Blade are: All items that were originally in the packs are still in there and are still available to claim. All items inside these packs are nontradeable. As a note for an SB pack, please be careful with the class you select. Once you pick a class' pack, we are unable to change the rewards you get from it! Head over to the Event page of your game's website to claim them! https://ee.vendettagn.com/event.vgn https://sb.vendettagn.com/
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    Sorry Spek. I like to see you in game, try to be on most you can for the event at least.
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    This is only a suggestion don't hate me for this, lately I've notice there are alot of returning players in SB most of them are well respected and might be an asset in their respective factions this coupled with new players joining, I'm thinking that this is a perfect timing to conduct an EXP event, not a one time EXP event but a scheduled EXP event maybe weekly for a set amount of time frame. when you think about it, returning players that are exceptional wont have to waste time finding a party and doing exp grind for weeks, they can head straight helping their faction by participating NB and AK keeping the PVP alive while new players will have an opportunity to have a look and see how it feels when PVP on SB is alive, I know this is counter inituitive letting newbies participate in big boys playground but it will give them more reason to make themselves better, I'm thinking of an EXP event where you need to use 1k EXP boosters not only does it helps the AP market alive by giving AP buyers reason to sell AP, but this will also help the server grow via donations, this will open up a new possibility for a PVP event instead of the usual PVE event like last year although its nice to have both if possible.
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    Goddess does have a point though. Doing an exp event prior to me releasing the patch would put us in the same issue that I'm looking to avoid with early players leveling too quickly. The problem of people leveing too quickly is in the quests and the mob exp as well (Luna did this massive graph for it to show general trends of leveling). So bumping that up even higher would just throw actually new people even further out of balance. If I could contain said event to just higher levels, it'd be all well and good, but it'd be available to everyone.
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    All Unique versions of the Delta Bangles have the same enchant -> so no HP And Gamma bangles, at least the ones I skimmed, also have no HP enchants.
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    Thank you! This is what I'm fairly certain of, too. I've been certifying every decently priced Bangle for pretty much any class, and so far, nada. Sucks.
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    its more of a better stat in early game but overall it’s not enough to make a noticeable impact from the damage. The tru protection is void. But go ahead and get the def since it still somewhat helps and you can’t really stack void yet. in end game it’s pretty minimal. Before we had skill changes you could easily go without defense passive even tho it added like 700+ defense it didn’t help at all lol.
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    Mind is slightly blowing up right now. Why is Def useless? Any links to formulas or something? I need answers because this does not compute!
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    Lower level caps also don't have people farming the DGs because there isn't anything dropping unique accessories for level 30~39 on a regular basis. Like Vivi said people are rushing to endgame without proper gear and getting smacked. The idea of creating better Team dungeons (that people can't solo easily) with more loot is so that more people would create PTs to farm them. Team dungeons also give better exp than just farming away in the same spot doing the same thing for hours on end without having anything but exp to show for it. Doing Team dungeons where the bosses give better exp and more loot, people would probably enjoy doing that instead of farming DS for hours. At 60+ nobody does team DGs because those DGs aren't worth the time to farm. At lower level dungeons it's not the armor that is needed, it's the accessories that players need to compete in PvP. Just because they create a toon for endgame doesn't mean that they are ready for it. Let people enjoy a good healthy time leveling and farming without rushing to endgame to quit. I stopped helping new players because they quit regardless of my help or they are probably just using an alt begging for others to just give it to them. If a player wants to reach endgame, somebody could help them reach it in 3 hours most likely, so why not let them level and experience the game.
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    i can help leveling too pm fk YOWIEWOHIE
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    i helped yesterday fk pt in suer full pt but the most from pt was rg ... spy event in mereholt would be nice
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    As for fixing early game, what about just shortening Quest kill requirements and just boosting the Quest complete XP or just buffing the standard server multiplier. That way people can still run through the story of the quests if they want, but instead of having to kill like 20 of X once you get to Barb and up you just have to do like 5 so you can just breeze through it. Being able to breeze through the quests and leveling would be nice for new players. Was something I actually paid attention to when I first came here was to see how much Gold a new player could get from doing all the quest lines, by the time I was done the 54 quests I was at around 7000 which is a fair bit to get a new player started. Not to mention if you go with a server XP multiplier buff it will help with the later levels as well too, with the population getting less and less, XP parties are harder to come across for the 60's area. Hell I still haven't even got to 65 yet since like... april
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    What's the point to make it getting invite if numbers are already imbalanced before bg starts. He will be kicked anyway if other side have less people from register. It's not like the system picks randomly people who registered. It picks the first people who registered to be against the same amount of enemies inside bg. You will get invite if someone from your side cancels or doesn't respond in the 20 secs period you get to answer on invite.
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    HI, wanna be my personal piggy? I can do many things to you
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    Hello and welcome to vendetta Scarlet Blade.
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    Welcome back. I'm RG Filomena, and I can tell you FKs need some players more in this time. Good luck.
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    Nice! Welcome back If need help or anything else let me know IGN Kalisti
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    I'm uncertain what the process will be for obtaining the pet skins of other bosses, but the Amara world bosses only give you a pet skin as a 1 time thing. If they do that with the other world bosses it will be a disappointment.
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    Is there going to be a Halloween Event this year. The one last year was awesome. If it is too much work to create a new one, it would be fine with me to use the one from last year. Please let me know. Thanks and keep up the good work on the game!
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    lol there were alot of not good players with high ranks cus they only log to sell rp chips or farm and log off. rank doesnt mean skill at all. highest rank i got was holy visage in ASB and i never farmed except for like the last 3 lines. if i farmed i coulda been archangel easily but i hate it.
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    There isn't really a best race for each class as its arguable down to to what you prefer for example. Most people like Halfkin for Illusionist because it grants 1% Double Hit, I however prefer Zumi as it gives some -DMG for PDPS classes which due to the low defense is really nice. Similarly with Luminary some people again like Halfkin for the 1% Double Hit and others like Human for the Anti-KD. If you're going to make a character of every race then you might be best just trying out each class on each race to see which ones you seem to prefer. Some races are clearly suprior than others on certain classes such as Zumi Martial Artist / Zumi Samurai or Anuran / Human Clerics. However, this late into the games life to be perfectly honest Asside from the Zumi Martial Artist and Zumi Samurai there really isn't anything that stands out as this race is 1000% better as 95% of racial skills have kinda been overshadowed.
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    I will add them, I was planning to add them last maintenance but it was earlier than expected.
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    Hey all, We will be providing the server upgrades today for Eden Eternal. Expect a lengthy downtime during maintenance later today. Server has been moved to NA. Server has 400% better CPU. Server has 200% better RAM. Some of the main issues with the game (and the main cause of lag) is due to the memory usage this game does. We have taken the necessary steps to help ease this issue and we hope to helps with everyones experience! Thank you!
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    Hello ! Today, I provide you with a guide that includes all the colors of Dye. They are arranged in the order of pages 1 to 52. If you want to quickly find a particular Dye use CTRL+ F and enter the exact name you are looking for. Light Gray Powder Blue Peacock Blue Sea Green Grass Green Sunshine Yellow Pale Peach Scarlet Dark Red Amethyst Sage Orange Dark Grey Sand Yellow Yellow Eggplant Coral Pale Blue Lavender Midnight Blue Vermilion Bright Orange Coffee Citrus Vibrant Violet Silver Grey Leaf Green Pale Crimson Dawn Gold Lemon Chiffon Lace White Deep Green Mocha Sunlit Orange Royal Purple Sandstone Red Cyan Blush Sunflower Basil Cerulean Plum Steel Blue Mist Gray Cider Orange Rosewood Merigold Ruby Red Deep Purple Paradise Blue Sassy Pink Emerald Pure Red Pure Green Pure Blue Pure Yellow Pure Magenta Pure Black Seafoam Indigo Misty Rose Ivory Apricot Saffron Amythest Purple Jam Redwood Pink Deep Turqoise Ash Gray Hyacinth Forest Green Celedon Lime Green Green Dark Green Jade Mustard Moss Army Green Dark Blue Peach Blossom Rose Gold Cantaloupe Caramel Salmon Pale Orange Soft Gold Pale Green Turquoise Grape Periwinkle White Ash Merlot Gray Pea Green Red Gold Eggshell Oak Green Light Turquoise Wisteria Sweetheart Pink Snow Blue Mauve Tan Sun-Kissed Tan Rosey Tan Sandstone Bronze Starfish Chocolate Light Brown Antique Pale Pink Slate Gray Charcoal Brown Goldenrod Spring Moss Sapphire Blue Camo Green Mint Green Fern Midnight Turquoise Sky Blue Sangria Lilac Rose Lipstick Red Pine Green Ice Blue Orchid Sea Blue Sunshine Yellow Blue Maple Pickle Red Brown Frosted Pink Teal Coral Pink Starlight Color Starlight Color No. 1 Starlight Color No. 2 Starlight Color No. 3 Starlight Color No. 4 Starlight Color No. 5 Starlight Color No. 6 Starlight Color No. 7 Starlight Color No. 8 Starlight Color No. 9 Starlight Color No. 10 Starlight Color No. 11 Thank you !
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    Yes I saw a whipper with that bangle eheheheh. If you need I can hold one if I get, I usually salvage. Say me what class you need.
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    I personally spend every day farming two or more dungeons (if I go to alt or not depends if I feel like getting cucked by drop rate), I farm Utopian Realm for bloods for the new enchants and I had a magical day of obtaining 44 in a total of 10 runs, while average for me is around 20 (which is 1 enchant in other words) for about 1-2h or so of my time. It takes a lot longer to farm while podding because sadly for Lv120 this is the best way to pod farm (I have tested regular mobs and battlemap zones) they are rather slow imo. Anyway, I also run palace on an average of 20 runs a day (the solo modes drops for both dungeons are not updated for materials) so I get an average of 2-8 bloods a day (this means if I am lucky I can make two of the new gems). If you ask me that's very little for all the time I will accumulate farming every day, for the entirety of my eden life so I may be able to make enchants and gems for future sets/weapons, etc. I will leave off ruins of ages, etc, because those in my experience were also as insignificant if not worse than palace on average. I honestly think that putting the new materials into the item mall isn't going to make NPC "useless" because for a long time they have already been "useless" as you called it, they were only used for gold materials (legendary achievements mostly) because the sad fact of the matter is our server isn't as big a community as it needs to be to keep these NPCs in a thriving state, a non-inactive state. x: Now tell me would you really want to spend an average of 4-6h per day farming these dungeons for bloods for gems/enchants that are a never ending necessity?
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    They were 2 long years playing NosTale Vendetta and I really enjoyed them all in their measure, some days more than others that certainly. My period as GS of NosTale was good, I met the first line of Teammates, the second generation (including me) and the third last, with all their welcome and farewell to the members. At this point, I don't know what will happen to me and each of the players that I could play with and those that I missed knowing, but I hope they find a new place, maybe with some old friends or maybe with new ones friends but whenever everything goes well, don't put long faces, there is still life ahead and it is important that you take full advantage. For my part I'll try to start a new path in another VGN game and I'll continue here, at least for a bit to continue supporting the players as I have always done. Remember that everything in life has a beginning and an end, so don't miss the time to start and enjoy. Tell them not a goodbye but a see you soon, Chavez.