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    Hey Anima here. This Suggestion is really small. Could you please maybe add something like a display next to "Quote of the Day" for Last Online Status for every Member ? Is easier then to monitor everything . Sincerely Anima
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    I've long thought of this, and fernon raid seals are actually becoming an issue, so I suggest either putting them in bash npc, or in Fernon raid box, as there are never enough of them.. Would accept better suggestions regarding this issue too.
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    It was obvious that in this tw they would let themselves win, I have been a spectator, I am a member of Kuhaku and this tw those of MT did not even give their 10%. And we knew that Dalamura was going to take the screen of this TW. for my part you have fallen too low to do that you disappointed me as a player. Psdt: Jordan no more favoritism. First they did not sanction when they used bugs in the treasure and now this? So, what's next?
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    The maps are in work but its very hard to make maps and content and I'm working all day on these stuff with my helpers but it takes time.
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    I also prefer the idea of increasing the amount of given seals after caligor rather than making them avaible in NPC. So ppl still has to go there and 'farm' them and not just buy from NPC.
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    This, to be honest. Also, you know what? It would be so rad if a "last online" status could be added also to the friend list!
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    Hi its me Nayxa I came up with a idea for you guys , however i will put this first into discussion to see if people like it or not then i will leave it or make it in sugestions(or ask a GS to move it) This idea was inspired by the viking(nordic religion, also my religion) theme thats around act 3.2 and some PsPs in winter event So i propose this, a event that lasts 1 week or less(depending on comments) every month This will be the "end of the world" so prepare for madness -3 world bosses that have HUGE HP and defenses around the maps, they are inmune to debuffs The first boss would be Fenrir(u can just use the same we have as pet and make it bigger) and would be easy to do The second is Jörmungandr(Midgard serpent) which will spit corroding acid at you(DoT damage effect ) and damages you normally The Third is Hel(Nordic God Of death) which i think the debilitating debuffs and summons of skeleton/zombie armies will suit her The rewards would be likely to be PsP or other items related to the norse religions However, this might not be implemented into the game so up to you guys This is it for now , hope that you might love this idea @Bash this is one of my ideas that might be fun or fresh air for all
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    The same day of the patch I went to u by whisper and told u what would happen because of the new distribution in tw, and that's how it happened. I also gave the only possible solution to this ( suggestion) , and I'm still waiting, It seems that we were only ignored. It's obvious that the new distribution always " MT vs. Garden "directly affects only Garden, since MT has more players (10-12) and Garden (6-7) in awak class tw since not a lot of ppl asist to normal class tw because dont get reward, likewise MT has more players focused on pvp, and Garden on pve, that leaves us in a great disadvantage, usually MT vs Garden tws, MT wins, and TW capp wins Garden, and everyone knows, so this new distribution favors MT as it always assures them territory and affects Garden and leaves them without territories, this will only cause the little pvp that remains to die, that the players of Garden get tired of always being vs server, the only option that this new distribution leaves to Garden is that the players get out of the guild to not be affected by this . The idea of MT vs. Garden is not bad, but the way it was applied is yes, and I told you. If they are going to involve 2 guilds in something that may affect, they should inform themselves or communicate with both guilds involved in this to know their opinions, since otherwise Garden is forced to lose all the tws, the first tw after the patch was nothing balanced, since the only guild that fought the terris before that were MT, Garden, SoulBreak, Kuhaku and in the first tw of that day the "balanced distribution" left to Garden vs MT + SoulBreak + Kuhaku, this from no point of view is balanced: https://prnt.sc/m6nux5 https://prnt.sc/m6nvdd And the only possible solution to this is to activate the "balanced distribution tw" when both guilds involved in this change have obtained their 3 terris, so they will not be affected or favored by this, which would take approximately Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday so that both guild win their 3 terris, this would leave 3 days for the tw are Garden vs. MT (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) which is better than the previous one and the current pvp in tw, or they could make the normal ones class tw gives territories also so that both guild get 3 territories faster and there are more days of pvp Garden vs MT, otherwise this change in tw only would be killing the only guild that deals with pvp vs MT and the pvp dying much sooner by this change.
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    I'd agree with giving 2x Fernon Seal instead of 1x after caligor gets killed as a reward.
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    my idea is 3x seals from every caligor
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    I want to start off by thanking all those involved for this great patch. Not only did it fixed the major bugs but it was extremely innovative. The concept of having the number 1 and number 2 pvp guilds consistently on separate sides has been echoed for years so kudos on making that happen. Now with that being said, there is a slight problem. Although the concept is brilliant, I recommend some changes due to the current landscape of pvp. Typically when there are 2 big pvp guilds, the differential between the performance of the 2 guilds are somewhat minimal. However, that is not the case in this matter. MoneyTeam is a true pvp guild and Garden is a pve guild that attempts to pvp. This is not a slight or an insult to Garden in anyway. It is obvious MoneyTeam is more committed to competitive pvp where as Garden has more of lackadaisical approach from what it seems. At least since maintenance, MoneyTeam has had more players than Garden in TW. Even if MoneyTeam decided to bring less players, their one party would probably fair well against 2 of Garden parties(If they ever manage to even make 2 parties). This leads to our problem. The disparity between the number 1 guild and the number 2 guild is too vast. It seems like more needs to be done to compensate or counterbalance this action. As unfair as it sounds, more guilds needs to be guaranteed to face MoneyTeam such as Kuhaku or others. I am sure MoneyTeam in fact wouldn't mind being against the entire server and probably would fair pretty well too but I feel like that may make MoneyTeam bigger. Since more people are typically inclined to join a guild already established and dominant in pvp. With all that being said, I do not know the best course of action. I truly believe this was a great step in the right direction but the lack of a true 2nd pvp guild to actually compete with MoneyTeam is causing an imbalance at the moment.
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    That ss only proof MT only want Garden dont win, since Garden dont show up they will let his Alt Guild (SB) win just breaking others crystals where SB didnt cap first, since there are no more good comments, I will ignore the rest. Nothing more to say,
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    Good to know which class i will pick once i start playing EE
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    I agree with GodOfLogic, Garden always been a pve guild, and right now they are kinda new in pvp, so its not fair fighting MT alone a guild with players that always been doing pvp, the only way to balance it right now is putting more players against them. And which Thanos said is not 100% right, yes, pvp players are the ones that usually make it dead, by quitting only because they lose, because of lvl or just lazzy to make new gears, they always find a excuse to leave the pvp or the game for any reassons, but i dont agree with what u said after, Jordan can help a lot the pvp, just by putting the new run map would bring a good amount of players that quit because they are lazzy to lvl up back.
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    As GodofLogic said the new concept of separating the 2 big guilds in TW is really good but not for the current pvp. The only guilds who actually have pvp people are MoneyTeam and Garden but the problem is they are not on the same lvl in pvp ( not trying to offend Garden) but everyone knows MT have more power in pvp. By separating them in every TW it only makes life for Garden harder and as GodofLogic mentioned the only way to kinda balance it is pretty much make MT be against world which is not fair for MT also couse even if they are strong that requires to have all theire pvpers in every TW wich cant happen couse they also got life. That concept would work great at the times when guilds like Offline-Celestial-Lag etc. were around but at the moment its not fair for both sides. This pvp problem is not something you can fix Jordan as hard as you try , players are the one making the pvp they are the only one that can change it. Some people may say that i cant say anything about that since the lack of pc and internet connection kept me away from EE for months but from what i see myself and hear from friends that still play, pvp is being like that for long time now. Anyway thats my opinion about that , cant wait to be back in EE I miss this game!!!
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    If you won any of the itens in boxes, you must relog in-game and it should be in Iten Mall (By pressing I buttom).
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    Ninja can be used only vs mages Gladiator the same Reaper can be used vs adventurers
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    Both guilds (MT and Garden)use alts, some weeks ago Garden Vs MT , MT won without using, (when i was there) Garden cant win vs MT cuz they cry before try. Saying " i lose because x thing happen" or "because y thing don't happen" isn't the best thing to do. Why win is too requisited for 600g? Why that all self attacks for some gold or for u guys be on 1st possition on rank is all? Garden and MoneyTeam are strong but attacking thenselves will not change it. I think its a good thing put this new system, when new strong guild back or merge it can be more ballanced, kets wait this "beta test" end and as @Yukani said make a votation to see the % of ppl like it.
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    Well. it all run out of the topic, now is just both guilds trying to explain why they are losing or winning, @Jordan should just close this topic and make a votation on forum to see if the majority of ppl liked or not the new system.
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    I dont understand what you said, because Kuhaku won the tw, and we had 10 ppl inside, and trying to win, you can ask any person in Kuhaku if we let the other side win lol.
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    Hello everyone! I'm SaaY and today i'm going to share a spreadsheet i've made to calculate glyphs stats. I hope it would be useful for you all <3 I Can't just share by google spreadsheet because you need edit permission to calculate, so i'm sharing a .xlsx copy. (Microsoft Excel) Link:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LRQeXY6WjSS1jp6z6xz5uJCt6-vJLoOn/view?usp=sharing After opening the link, all you must do is click on "Open with Google Sheets" Choose a class, and bellow "Glyph Name", click on that 'triangle' icon... Glyphs names will appears for you, select the glyph... And let it sum all stats for you ^^ PS: You will have a copy on your Drive, keep it up-to-date by clicking on link and opening it again with Google Spreadsheet to prevent using a outdated version :v (Last Update - 04/21/2018)
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    Ranged DPS Classes Trainer Devil Hunter Mecha Ares Annihilator Lethal Arrow Celestial Arrow Reaver Rifleteer