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    So yeah... it's actually pretty shit. I will review this stat and re-invent it, sorry about this I was sure it played a bigger role, guess I was wrong.
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    I'll review the entire stat as it does have more uses than you may think, I'll explain it more later.
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    You're gonna hate the future raids then XD
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    SW is the best for The Acheron killing the final boss in less than 3 mins. I couldn't do it as fast with my PU. There is also an old youtube video showing an SE "burning" the said dunjun much faster than I did. btw WH can, if not the only class that can, solo Abyssal Temple in team mode. This class seriously needs a nerf.
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    Don't really know how to say it, but I want to announce that I'm leaving NT team as GS. The reason is that I have some issues IRL that got me busy, so I'm not going to be able to be around as much as I should. I had a really good time and I did my best for this community, and I hope that you appreciate it, at least the most part of you. Hope to see you again in game or in forum when I can. Regards: Ex-GS Perse
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    The change was too harsh, yes. Farming is not worth anymore, so are the 5.2 Raids. When you are farming in 5.2 you have to focus on the Diamonds dropping. They are the only worth income while farming. Everything else is useless. Sometime you drop some res, but it is very rare. Same is for Act 6 farming. The relicts were a nice bonus, dropping from monsters. The most shitty thing is the change for Draco/Glace Raids. It is often the case, that I get 4x Shining Blue gemstone out of 5 Boxes. So in the end I get 0 gold. Since Dragonskin is not worth a shit, neither is dragon blood doing those raids is getting useless. It would be nice, if you would make the restriction to selling spider eyes only. Since we got a bank it is useless to save money in spider eyes. btw where is the credit card for the bank? `-´
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    You're playing a video game.... you're wasting time anyways.
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    It does work but it only works on certain things, I'll get more info on it when I can and explain it better. Things like our "custom" drop rate such as the Manes etc and the Avengers res these won't be affected by this.
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    I dont like the new system that u can only get raidseals by dailyquest , and can just finish it 5 times.. I want to do raid marathons, and not low amount.. That really takes the fun from the event.
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    Or you could farm pod for EP, you can get it pretty fast that way too.
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    This is the idea we need to fix the problem of a4, with people.
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    Hi, I have an idea. I think it would be nice if you remove max dmg showed (i mean these ~65k) so you could see your real damage instead of calculating it by adding 65k + showed damage because since a6 arrived hitting for more than 65k isnt anything special, but seeing +100k dmg would be much more satisfying.
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    Hello, my name is Shinryu, the Silver Dragon of the 2nd Era, Vyzer Deathoniak, the Dark Dragon of the first era's brother (RPing), ok lets get serious now. Being in the first team that cleared the dungeon, I will be writing this guide to give you an idea of what you will be expecting in this dungeon. To respect my friends who are doing this for rankings i will NOT disclose our clear strategy, nor the strategy that is leading them to clear this in the minimum time possible currently. There is some minimal things you need to know before you are attempting this dungeon. The Dungeon is designed to not be like an EE dungeon but an actual raid approach coming from harder games unlike EE's ''raid'' which always has been braindead. This means you have to be geared to a certain degree, have a proper knowledge about what you are doing, proper boss skill timing, and have multiple classes geared for it. Don't be afraid to test classes, there is many classes that can clear the dungeon, but the fastest requires some specific classes which like i said above i will not disclose here. Both Mdps & Pdps can clear the dungeon. But at various time frames. There is something new into the dungeon stat wise that has been added to the bosses, called ''True Resistance''. This works exactly the same way as Resistance but since resistance can only go to 70 and can be reduced to drastically get you a damage increase, This resistance has been added to maintain the bosses from not being killed too fast. Example if a Boss has 40 True resistance, means it will always have damage reduced by that amount of resistance. It cannot be decreased. If a boss has 40 True Resistance + 60 Resistance, This means the boss has 100 resistance, and will take 0 damage from the player, Thus you will be needing reduction accessories to reduce the 60 resistance to be able to do damage. That said, there is lots of compatibility with the - resists. Reducing all the resists will not always benefit you. You will need to test out and see till how much reduction you will need for your party to provide the best damage/time. This dungeon bosses have many mechanics implemented into them as much as EE's engine allows it. This means you cannot braindead the dungeon like any previous EE dungeon, you need to pay attention to the boss buffs, your debuffs, your HP, your positioning etc. Discord Shotcalls, help a lot here to help with the team. Each boss has a certain type of damage received greatly reduced when attacked with that type or completely Immune to that type of damage. Example First boss Nasci is Immune to Pierce Damage & Nature Damage. Most bosses are also immune to auto attack damage, which means only skill damage matters for them. Each boss has an extreme soft enrage type of skill which triggers at 30-50% HP. Beware of those skills, they will instant wipe you if you don't pay attention 1. Nasci Elite Form Nasci Elite Form is pretty basic and straightforward, It has knockups after 50 % HP. Heal & Kill it as you normally would for other types of bosses, but in a harder state. 2. Nasci Dragon Form To note each boss has a constant aura debuff that applies to everyone nearby. In the case of Nasci it is - mov spd, - cast spd, - healing. Two Green Circles will appear when Nasci goes into Dragon form, example: Standing in those Green Circle will give the player - 40% damage Dealt but will also prevent them from getting knocked up by Nasci's skill, which can be devastating to the players combined with its Soft Enrage skill + Dots. Like i said i will not post how our team cleared it, so you do your positioning and discuss with your party how will you attempt it. After 50% HP, Nasci will get a buff that will make it take 0 Damage, which needs two players to be at the NPC after 50 % HP in order for them to do damage to the boss. This means you will have to discuss which players will do NPC, who will heal and who will do damage to the boss. You can also kill the boss with dots, but this will take you over an hour just for this boss, thus not giving you enough time to clear the dungeon which ends automatically in 3hrs. After 30% HP, he will cast his Soft Enrage, which will deal massive raid-wide damage to a player he marks with a Sniper debuff. This part demands a lot of heal and survival. If your healer misses even 1 heal on them at that time, they will most likely die. Find your strategy, and discuss how to kill it. 3. Eis Elite Form Eis has a reduced damage taken from strike/slash, It is also immune to Ice and a few others. I don't have the SS of the exact buffs they have, so please check accordingly. It's Elite form will spawn 4 adds every now and then, it will be like this, provided you keep the boss at its original position: Each Spawn heals the boss/gives the boss immunity/damage reduction/player reduction in resistance. Also note the aura here constantly reduces your ice resist by a LOT. So beware. Eis Elite form will be also surrounded with an ICE AREA which will freeze anyone who goes into it. For this, you will need 1 player to do a NPC, which will give immunity to the NPC to get frozen, and the NPC will be given 1 skill to remove frozen status from the frozen player. To note, this skill has a 3 second cooldown, So this means you cannot put all players to go inside the ice area at the same time. By paying those two things into attention, You will need to efficiently kill the boss, while killing the add spawns. Be sure to watch well when your team mate is frozen. 4. Eis Dragon Form Eis Dragon Form resembles Tienro from Skeleros Ice Abyss a bit, i.e there is similar mechanics. There will be many Ice Spirits all around the area he is on, 1 player will need have to take 1 NPC which will be available when Eis Elite is killed. Each Ice Spirit will constantly heal Eis if it is left on the area, Thus the NPC will need to constantly clear the ice spirits while the other players kill Eis. At around 35% HP, Eis will empower his Ice Rails skill with a buff that gives itself +100% Attack, this will do massive damage to anyone hit, Being hit multiple times by it will cause the player to get frozen and die. So avoid getting hit from this multiple times here. Note this can also kill the player with the NPC buff up, so make sure you be careful. While he has his buff up, players hitting Eis will get a damage down debuff which reduces damage dealt by -2% stacking 50 times. At 50 stacks, you will stop doing damage to the boss. You will need to stop hitting it then, for the debuff to go away. Keep going, until Eis Dragon form is dead. 5. Holy Thundor & Thundor Shadow Before Thundor's Dragon form appears, there will be two of his elite forms, which NEED to be killed at the same time or within a few seconds, else the other form will respawn. Again here, they have their own immunity to certain types, mostly Slash & Strike. Each of them has different ones, so be sure to check them out, and assess what is best for you to kill them. They will be assigned like this Holy & Shadow Thundor cannot be too close to each other, else they will receive a buff, making it harder to kill. Make sure sure you check them well, positioning is important here. Every few seconds, A holy circle/dark circle will appear at random places in the arena. Putting the elites in there while killing them will give them a damage received increase, But they need to be put in the opposing attribute circle. Therefore Shadow = Holy Circle, Holy = Shadow Circle. Kill them as appropriately as your team wishes to. Shadow Thundor will debuff a player with a debuff that will heal it, so be careful. Once both are killed at the same time, Thundor Dragon form will spawn, with another set of mechanics. 6. Thundor Dragon Form Thundor Dragon form deals mostly thunder damage, as its name says. So be sure to get high thunder resistance before attempting this. His Soft Enrage skill will spawn sands which have a lighting puddle AOE, standing into that will deal massive dot damage and explode, killing the player. The placement for the boss will be as follows Every few moments, upon killing the crystals, they will reappear. These crystals need to be killed asap. Else they will give Thundor a Damage received reduction and Heal its HP. AT THE SAME TIME, when you hit the crystal, the player hitting the crystal will receive a yellow debuff, which when hitting Thundor while that debuff is up, will heal the boss and reduce its damage taken. So make sure to stop hitting the boss until the debuff goes off after you kill the crystal. The boss will also have a debuff skill like Asmodeus from GoP, where if this debuff stays for long, it will kill the player. It takes around 7 seconds to get the NPC buff again (V.I.P Buff). Using this NPC on the player will prevent the player from getting that debuff, but will also give the player -20% Damage dealt and this is stackable. So do not accidently double use the skill on the player, they will deal significantly lower damage, and wasting your time to apply it on another player. You will have to check the player debuffs constantly for this. So NPC, don't be braindead. The entire parties life relies on you. There are various strats to attempt this boss, but this is how the boss mechanics is supposed to work. 7. Bushi, aka Nejuro This boss is more about paying attention to your debuffs and boss buff very well, rather than doing mechanics. There will be a NPC before it where you will be buying 3 different types of potions, Each removing a specific debuff from yourself. Holy & Dark Potion share cooldown, so be careful on which debuff you are using the potions on Each debuff will have its own effects like HP/MP drain, damage received increased. This is crucial to be removed, Bushi can instantly kill everyone from full HP no matter how tanky you are. I will not mention which potion removes which debuff, i will leave this on the player to test out. After 50 % HP, Bushi will cast, Bloodsword Shockwave. You need to stop hitting the boss here, it will get a purple buff while using this skill every now and then. Having a stack more than 5 will already result in critical damage to the party. Having more than 13~17 stacks depending on how tanky your team can sustain will result in instant wipe. This damage goes by millions as this boss debuff aura constantly reduces your physical attributes of your character. It is somewhat the easiest boss here, provided you are paying attention. 8. Draconem Elite Form Before attempting Draconem, i would like to mention there will a green set of circles that will appear in the area where Bushi was and Draconem will be. Standing in those circles will instantly kill you, and you cannot get back without dying if 1 member dies. So life leafs is recommended here or just simply do not die here. It will require a lot of practice to get it right. So maintaining tankiness is important here. It looks like this , except it is green. The boss will be in the middle, and a set of crystals will spawn every now and then, The crystals need to be killed asap as they will give Draconem a less damage taken as long as the crystals are up. The structure looks like this Draconem Elite is relatively a quick going boss, its difficulty is more or less that of Eis Elite. So just follow anyway you wish to kill it. The Crystal Spawn order is random so, choose which you want to kill first. 9. Draconem Dragon Form, aka Riri This boss is not entirely difficult but requires a knowledge of Nasci, Eis and Thundor's mechanics, because all those 3 bosses mechanics will be spawned at the same time. And you will need to dodge all of them. Similar to its first form, Draconem will spawn a mini add of Nasci, Eis and Thundor at the same time. Each of them Either slowing down the player/knocking the player back/HP Dot and the mechs they had. It will look like this without the Circle Spawns which i will go onto next. There will be a massive amount of Circles that will CC you every now and then. They look like this: Standing on each of these circle will apply a different CC to the player upon the timer goes off. Blue Circle = Will freeze the player Green Circle = Will knock up the player Thunder Circle = Player will be stunned You will need to dodge all these circles while killing the boss, and the dragon spawns. Now before attempting all of this, you will have to talk to the NPC to spawn it, the NPC also gives a player a NPC buff here. This NPC is very important to help progress through the fight The NPC should not get any CC circle, else this can wipe the entire party. The NPC gives the player 3 skills to use. The first two will remove cc from players getting hit by the circles (example being frozen like on Eis, on Blue circle). After 50 % HP, Draconem will cast his Enrage skill (it has an aerolite animation if you wish to put fx on). Before the cast goes off, the NPC player will have to use the Skill 3, else he will instant kill everyone in the group. You have to do all this at the same time, to kill the boss, It is also the most tanky boss among all, So optimizing this boss will take time. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is an overview guide of the most important things you need to know. Each parties has their own strategies to beat this dungeon. Some of my friends are doing the ranking, so to respect that, i will not post the full clear video. Nor will disclose any info about how we cleared it, until the ranking is done for them. We have taken hours and hours to optimize ourselves to beat this dungeon, At first it looks undoable. But to this point members of our team has been able to do it in under 30 minutes while maximizing score. I will not disclose how they did it. This strategy is confidential to our previous static team. As well as the current one who is doing it. I promised everyone i will write a guide myself in around 1 month from release, There you go. Full unedited Video to be uploaded about it will be debatable depending if my previous static team agrees or not. Have fun clearing this dungeon, This was to give you a very in depth overview about the dungeon. Good luck. And i hope Jordan releases more fun raid tier dungeons in the future. It brings a lot of challenge and teamwork. Thank you again. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: I have edited our first clear video but cut parts to respect the classes being used by everyone. Some parts you can still see some of the classes, So it is to give you a vague idea. Have fun.
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    Metallic phoenix v2 & Vivi 👽
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    i had in asb ch atk % r3 and all balls was oneshoot... or thats was the Ancient Void pierce jewels rank3...idont know.. over 7k void pierce was very nice
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    Disagree. Let the rare stuff be rare, especially the beta stuff.
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    disagree, it has no insane buffs which means not everyone needs it. I Think Beta stuff should stay Beta stuff, I'd be really sad if my snow white would turn worthless from one second to the other.Thats not what i played Beta for. Udyr
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    hi! I'm a medic main and have been for a very long time. Prob like the main medic tester lol. There are a few routes you can go but currently it's best to have at least Accuracy buff for any route or you will seriously lack the acc/chacc to do any damage to mobs or people. You can go for a route with the stun: Shock Jock. This route is pretty costly as you will lose out on some mobility and maybe even some HP depednign on what you want You could instead go for the atomic tree and see which ones work for you. There are two slows and 1 immobolize. They can help you alot with kiting so that you can healer your self and teammates easier. DOT (plasma fire tree) is useless as of now. I max my heals cus they are really good. Buffs are really up to you. Theres a Crit atk buff, a Phys and CH atk buff, resist/void buff, eva/cheva buff, and a detect buff for SW/PU who can go invis. Then for utility/mobility. Theres shift: TEleport skill. and Heeled Flair: A movement speed buff. Cleansing is important as well to get rid of debuffs. We don't really have DPS right now, mainly in mech. but I wouldn't really use that to DPS either. Here is my build right now. https://limeox.info/app/scarlet/sim/?c=4&l=11&s=l00800000010000hf6510b00700751 I have a utility build with max HP. I can get myself out of situations pretty easily and I am pretty tanky but I can't do much on my own lol.
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    wot i never said restoration. i said rez as in the medic resurrection skill (lazarus blessing) I'm just stating no other class has an unusable skill like lazarus blessing which is pretty shitty to do to a class. 1 skill point matters alot lol. After seeing what Filo posted as well I do see why 100% was selected. I do think though a fix would be utilizing what looks like a spawn point in the head snatcher room instead if we disabled lazarus blessing in nuclear bunker.
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    Don't get me wrong. Ch-atks are just as viable as an option to use. If a player focused on just physical and crits, then they only get to deal 2 out of the 3 types of damage. If you balance your physical, are able to land a ch-atk, and have high enough crits. You can do so much more damage, than just physical and ch-atk or any of the other two. The purpose of the ch accessories are for more ch-acc, ch-eva, and ch-atk. The use of crits types stats for jewels and randoms is to balance out all attacks. Let me explain. You have physical atk of 5000, a ch-atk of 300, and crit of 15k. Well, if you land a physical you could get a crit atk added to that, but with that low of a ch-atk you might be lucky to land that atk and if you don't land a ch-atk you won't crit on it either. If you have physical atk of 5k, ch-atk 2.5k, and crit of 11.8k Then if you land a physical and ch-atk you could also crit on both the physical and ch-atk thus increasing your damage. You could very well still miss a physical or ch-atk as well as miss a crit, but landing all 3 and having the crit add to both means your damage just went up more than the above skill. Let's do the math here - 11k (going simple) added crit against 13k crit void you end up with 130% crit bonus. That 130% x 5k phsyical = 6.5k actual physical damage, if you also crit on your ch-atk you will have 130% x 2.5k = 3.25k of actual ch-atk damage. Now, let's ignore crits and give you focus on physical and ch-atks, That mean you will probably have about 6k crit atk as a end level SW focusing on ch-atk. You might have increased your ch-atk stats to (being generous) 3k max and have physical at 7k. But you want to go up against a tank, that tank has crit void of 13k. With a crit atk of 6k against 13k crit void you are going to end up with a 80% crit bonus. So, your phsyical of 7k x 80% = 5.6k actual physical damage and ch-atk of 3k x 80% = 2.4k actual ch damage. As you see going for ch-atks and ignoring criticals you have a chance of reducing your damage more than you gained since I doubt you can get more than 1k(being generous) of added ch damage. Comparing the numbers focused ch-atk 3k base stat - if you don't crit you do 3k damage, if you do crit you do 2.4k damage. balanced crit and ch-atks base stat of 2.5k - if you don't crit you do 2.5k damage, if you do crit you do 3.25k damage. Now this is overly simplified and there are so many other factors in this, but you can see that ignoring crit atks, could result in lower damage if you crit and you would want to try and reduce those chances of a crit atk by reducing your crit rate to as low as possible. At level 60+ best I could see me lowering my crit rate while boosting my ch-atk damage would be around 6.5k or 65% chance of getting a crit and not use precision. At 65%, that is still a good chance of crit atks landing more than not. You can't rely on just reducing crit atks because as you can see, you just reduce your damage output. The best players to go full ch-atk focus are SEs since they don't have much ch-eva or ch-resist. Also, players who don't focus on using crit voids so you can do much higher damage. Though if you are going to use crit atks on SEs, you'll want higher crit rate to get past their crit eva. Topic of another discussion. End result, ch-atks can be a method to choose over using crit atks, but understand your choice and how to best utilize it. Last thing you'll want to do though is crit against a high crit void player.
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    Hiya and welcome back to EE! I'd suggest taking a read over our patch notes here: https://forum.vendettagn.com/index.php?/forum/7-patch-notes/ as quite a lot has changed since official stopped development of the game!
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    This discussion is stupid as hell. We are not minecraft with an infinite bow. Just keep it as it is. Thx
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    I remember in the big guilds like the ones I was in, Revered, Villains discovered the CH% jewels didn't work the way it seemed they might. But we are unsure how they really work since we learned they actually do something when we got the R3 jewels. (u could 1 hit soccer balls). The worst extent of figuring this out is Viva, pvelegends, (forget his name here) had all uni R2 CH% jewels and did significantly less dmg than Crit and flat chakra jewels. people use the chakra accessories mainly for the CHACC tbh. also, alot of classes have pretty decent resists since the accessories have nice ch-resist. I know as medic have like 8-10k on all my resist wit just hero and if i wanna mix i can do 10-12k and max like 15-17k with restoration. most people use crit/chakra mix or all crit. my DE is insane with resist lmao/ cb and wh can be pretty high as well without tryin. people use narak wep skin cus its easier to obtain. also dot is unaffected by the chakra dmg
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    yeh its really hard to explain but as sand says. its more visual while the non% jewels actually increase your damage. its weird.
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    I can agree this change was slightly harsh and wasn't well thought through. Our motives were to stop the Spider Eye trades so maybe we will go back to just limiting certain items there is a patch tomorrow to fix that stat and a couple other issues so who knows? That being said though, when you use the term "all players" yes you're right it does affect a lot of players. When I look at a situation I want to see the whole picture and I am very good at analyzing the entire picture so for example... 2 weeks ago I posed as a "hacker" in-game. I claimed I had a "gold hack" and I also claimed I knew how to change your special options in Hero Equipment (I basically made maxed out weapons and showed them off). Now I aint gonna call people out but put it this way, out of the people who knew how many do you think didn't want the hack? Didn't want the gold and infact tried to get me on their Discord to start a "purchase system" together to make us rich? Bare in mind these are some of the TOP TOP players in-game wasn't just random people, these are people claimed to not be associated with gold buying or selling YET wanted to do this. Put it this way... 100% of the people I came into contact with claimed to want to be a part of my scheme not one person denied it or reported me to a GS. So when you say "all players are affected" why are those statistics not a concern for me? I can recall the Nefasto case, one specific player was in the Chatbox begging me to put the server back online whilst sat talking to Nefasto asking for the hack. This same player using the same phrases haselnus233 was using (you don't care or listen to us) but yet was in conversation with Nefasto. When I am asked to care for you guys, this is a one way street because in fairness no one cares about me or this server and that's fine but you cannot ask for me to be the only one giving here. As for improving VGN Sales if we Paygate something to make VGN more worth it we'd be money oriented fucks so it's hard for us to create ideas to monetize and that takes a lot of planning and hard work (which we're trying to do btw). I want to reiterate what I am saying btw, I do care about everyone and I know some innocent people are threw into this if not a lot but everyone must understand I am trying my best to make this game as clean as I can but everyone has to stop supporting them or decisions like this will continue coming (and no this is not me punishing you).
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    Literally nobody gold trades with a fucking relict, also do you have any proofs at all which show abuse of sale items?
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    Getting high reputation isn't a challege at all here, so new icons would be easy to obtain for everyone. So in order to add new icons an overall rework of the rep system is required imo.
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    there Is no difference between +7->+12 as naraks old myth
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    Same it's a weird change nobody asked for...also ppl buyed spider king eyes and webs to stock their gold ppl lost over 1kkk thanks to this change -.-
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    Hello guys, now if you open the nosbazar you need 1.000.000 reputation, my idea is to change this and instead of 1,000,000 put to 500,000 of reputation. This is the message: --> Capture <--
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    Hey there NosPlayers ! Please remember that this is a feedback only post. Please keep all posts to just feedback/discussions of given feedback, otherwise it will be hidden. Best regards, Panda
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    its so useless for new players !!! i play 2 Weeks and is very strong for me this Daily done it... pls easyer quest für " non C lvl op players" !!!
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    Idk ask Entwell and their fantastic mechanics.
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    10 people per raid is good, no need to have alts everywhere. -1
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    I've started playing on this server just after maintenance, i was introduced by my friend and played together. After changing proffesion to mage i didnt get any exp to job level since then (my friend didnt get any as well). We ignored it until Sp1, then i made few new characters to test what might couse it. From what i've leared is that you can go past job 20 with adventurer, after killing one mob in Nosvile at level 1 exp bar tells me that i have my job bar filled to 700~1000%. If you get to character level 15 before leveling job to 20 going further for job 20 will bug job changing dialogue, it says "you cant change proffesion on this level" even after meeting character (past level 15) and job level requirements. I've made few more characters to get job 20 at exact 15lv character but didnt succeed, exp buff gives simply too much expirience. Then i tried to only follow main quest line and it didnt work either. Am i doing something wrong? I mean i know how job changing works i've played a lot original Nostale.
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    I’m using disabled as in a skill that is unusable in other game modes and not the disable voltage effect. And you aren’t really a medic so I don’t really want to be lectured on how to use my skills.
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    STATUS: ONLINE The server is now coming back online. You may now log into the game again! Altars have been updated as well as mystery boxes. Preview of the mystery box items can be found in the forums as well as in the archive in-game. Thank you for your patience! ~~~~ The server will be undergoing weekly maintenance at this time. During this period, you will be unable to log onto the servers. Mystery boxes will be unavailable during this time. The boxes will remain unavailable until Maintenance is over. The Mystery box changes will be posted on the forums after maintenance is complete. During this downtime, the Crystal Altar and Gem Altar will be changed. Thank you for your patience while we complete our weekly fixes.
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    Status: ONLINE The server is now coming back online. You may now log into the game again! Mystery Box items have been updated with a newly rotated set. Thank you for your patience! ~~~~ The server will be undergoing weekly maintenance at this time. During this period, you will be unable to log into the game. Mystery boxes will be unavailable during this time. The boxes will remain unavailable until Maintenance is over. The Mystery box changes will be posted on the forums after maintenance is complete. Thank you for your patience while we complete our weekly fixes.
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    This week's mystery box! The following items may be obtained inside of it: Banneret corset Royal Corset Monarch Empress 50 Shades of Orange Orange Matrix ~~~~ 50 Shades of Navy Navy Matrix ~~~~ 50 Shades of Green Enocia Matrix Heart Racer
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    This week's mystery box! The following items may be obtained inside of it: Summer Nidhogg Comes in 2 types! Stats can be found in the in-game archive! Astral Ribbon Pony Tail Bodacious Wig . Winged Angel Wig Winged Goddess Wig Courtier Fedora Courtier Tiara Courtier Gentry Suit Wedding Gown Consecrated Seraph Wings Defiled Seraph Wings Scythe of Judgement Comes in 4 colors! Crystalline Dragon Comes in 3 colors!
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    Though there are speculations about the enchantment rate, it was not and never will be openly posted.
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    I read it. I’m just expressing. No other class has a disabled skill like medic. I could make much better builds with that 1 point. Im sure other classes could do better if they could move just one point. This isn’t my first post in this thread and I addressed the other stuff and have brought it up to the team.
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    I tried seeing if you could change but it wasn’t really an editable file like other games. Unfortunately I’m not sure how it registers the resolutions it’s always been different. I’ve played on like 4 dif computers
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    It's okay Bash. People will always complain when things don't go their way. All we have do is block the people that are trolls and attempting to get under our skin. VGN GMs are great and so are the GS's so you guys don't have to worry about that. 😀
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    Ok, I'll be brief. How many times has it happened to press the G key involuntarily? How many times during raids do you see people who blaspheme for having pressed that key and for being left without SP at an important time? As we know if we use this key our transformation will cease and we will have to wait from a minimum of 30 seconds to a maximum of 600. Now it is clear that I do not want to influence this button in any way because it is clear that it is a vital thing to be able to remove your SP whenever you want. I only wish that once the G key is pressed, a small window will appear (such as when you activate the ice flower oil) that asks for confirmation of the command. Like this: (Sorry for the poor quality but I used Paint to make the idea)😇 In this way, if I accidentally press G, I will have a chance to cancel the command and avoid the worst during certain activities) What do you think?
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    Isn't way easier to ask a GS whats the best way to sell gold?
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    Please add these new things ( Altar- Mining - Garden stuff ) in EP shop if possible.