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    I think a sooner release would be better for the game's longevity but there should be content that connects the two caps to each other or changes to help alleviate the issues free to play players will have with new content/gear. The biggest issue I can see with releasing new content is for the free to play players is the need for new gear. While most of the level 70 gear isn't necessary (mainly looking at armor sets, most weapons (with the exception to gun and a few others)), people will feel the need to upgrade to them. A lot of focus lately has been on draining gold from the server and making stones more accessible and/or cheaper. All of these things have been accomplished but we will see how effective it really is after the wipe when the influx of stones from the diamond altars and people spending money vanish. There needs to be some sort of daily or weekly quest that encourages players to do PvE content that we currently have. You could implement this PvE encouragement sooner rather than later or with the introduction of the new cap. There needs to be something, like a daily or weekly quest, that free players can utilize to close the gap between the players who can afford to spend money to accomplish their goals. These dailies or weeklies can reward players via AP items like EC, 129 coins (I'd lean more toward EC, since they are the primary driver of the economy and to make them non-tradable). You could create these quests with the dungeons or trials in mind, maybe both; the normal dungeon one being less rewarding than the trial quest. You could also make the dungeons and trials increased in difficulty by adding either more health, more damage from the bosses, making a timed version of the dungeon so you have X amount of minutes to complete it. Without something like this, I don't see a reason to update to 70 cap because it'll just be an endless cycle of what we've seen in the last two caps. People will do the content, get their drops, complain they cannot afford to fort it until something happens, people fort too easily because of the new changes then PvE content is boring again and the game dwindles in activity. While this game is a business and I do understand that, the community will not survive without the free to play playerbase being happy. As a customer myself, I have no incentive to spend any money on the game if there is not even players to play it with me.
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    My opinion is we should wait a bit more: As some people said, it's not the optimal time to add new content for students and yound adults. Plus, this kind of players can't enjoy a full farm day online, so some of them might not have reach the finality of lvl 65 (getting at least one awaken weapon and maybe fortify it +10). Also, there are players that started the game during summer and didn't have the time to catch up. I can't speak for F2P players because I contributed a bit, but since their progression is slower, server would be more F2P friendly if you release later the new content... I don't know. That's why I say we should wait a bit, but maybe not wait next year! Actually, pvp is waiting a major updates so player can enjoy arena, at my knowledge, it should come in the next few weeks. (And fix TW (I promise Jordan I'll stop harassing you one day 😋)) November could be a good schedule to release new content. I want to also discuss the schedule of releasing lvl 70 content: I think releasing 70 trials 1 or 2 week after increasing the cap level is good. But not the S trials. Then, maybe release 25 players expedition, Rose Knight Tales,... And later, 70 awaken armor and 70 S trials (if I remember correctly, they came a bit after, so players were encouraged to do 70 trials to get stuff and blueprints, that are a bit harder than S trials that came to help low-time players). Maybe we splitting all of these on 2 months like you did on 65 content. Anyway, asking community is really nice and I want to thank everyone that will contribute do make this server playable on long-term.
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    I say in the next few weeks. Almost 3 months of 65 cap was a long enough time, and it was fun, but the PvE has become repetitive. Honestly I feel a lot of people are bored of logging on if not for random PvP matches. Awakened weapons definitely gave a second wind for this cap but its dwindling quickly. 70 trials and S trials will give us a lot to do at this cap, and DK and Sage are capable of changing the PvP meta so that they are new and exciting for that demographic too. Thankfully I don't think that adding this cap so quickly after awakened weapons is overwhelming for people either, because stones are more available than ever and also most people don't need to upgrade anything new yet anyway.
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    While I think FC is a waste and never truly balances out the game and players should just create a character in the other faction on their own. However, I think there needs to be some consideration as to who is allowed to FC and their reasons why. The purpose of FC is to balance the game out, not to send characters over to harass and bully other players. So, for a player to choose to FC, one should consider their actions in the game in how they play. Players who have been observed to harass/bully others, not participate in faction activities, and/or having no desire to actually balance out the game should be refused permission to FC. It is of my opinion that players do these things won't change and it doesn't balance the game just because they FC because they have no true intention of balancing out the game. If these players truly wish to balance out the game let them first be observed to care about making sure others enjoy the game not a selfish desire to enjoy making other players hate playing. Ways to identify that they care about others enjoying the game. 1) they are not seeking out and attacking players repeatedly over and over again that have no desire to fight them or have no ability to atk back like those who are under geared, under level, and are spending their time farming. They also shouldn't be raiding the other factions base to kill players who are AFK. 2) They participate fully in helping the faction kill bosses. They don't hit the boss once or twice and wait for the rest of the faction to kill it. 3) They don't initiate or participate in flame wars in shout, area/general chat, or PMing to mock or also harass players of the other faction. One last thing is that players who want to have 1 character in both factions and use FC to do it shouldn't be doing it to just reap rewards of the other faction for purely looting the dominating faction, rewards for winning AK and NB, and do it to keep the balance offset to secure victory continuously for their opposing faction. Such players who have no true desire to balance out the game should be refused approval to FC and they can just create their own characters in the other faction, level it up, and gear it on their own accord and the GMs/GSs shouldn't enable such poor players.
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    I cant really agree with any of the points related to Faction Change intentions. You cant know, or figure out, why a player really wants to faction change. There are several reasons and im not sure if it would be a "good rule" to force people, to tell the admins in the ticket, why they want a faction change. And even if they would answer that question in the ticket, how should the admins know, if it is the truth or a lie? If i wanna faction change and admins would ask me why, i could tell them lies, saying i wanna faction change because i met new friends over there and want to play with them, but maybe my true intention would be to annoy and bully someone from the other faction. You cant control it and everybody should be able to faction change if they want, for whatever reason, without having to justify. And whats the matter if admins faction change a char, or if that player would create and lvl a new char on the desired faction? There is no difference. And even if Admins would put this rule and deny the faction change to some people, they still can make new chars on the other faction and still following their intentions. So i dont think those rules would make any sense. Other than that, i dont like to get killed aswell, when i have to afk, but hey, if i decide to go afk in a pvp zone, even if im in my own faction base, its still a pvp zone and i have to expect to maybe get killed by someone. Thats how it is, if u dont wanna get killed when u afk, go afk in a non pvp zone. But i agree that people should not spawnkill/permakill, specially not undergeared, underlvl'd people, or newbe's. And to the point about bosses and afk looting, i guess most people agree, that those people should get punished, for example with a debuff or whatever. Its kinda hard to find a good method which would be a fair punishment, cause everyone has their own opinions on that. PS: no offense, just telling my thoughts 😊
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    i leave this here any SE that take Lightspeed lvl8 are either making troll build or they are noobs, since if you take it you dont have enough build any decent build with rest of points for se, sure 186 move spd is nice and all but it means nothing when most classes have pulls and charges that can close range and even PU can make that move spd to 0 if it use it all slows from 25m range and se cant even touch it, so if you start nerfing se's move spd then better nerf pu's slows too and medic's move spd since it can get it so high too
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    MM - from R.O.S.E - CD 1 SEC. 😆 Nexus Fury (amara) only give 400 rate? (No clue if right or not :v) TTC Team - Ancient Boxes still FFA 😆
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    well vivi looked into this awhile back and said she couldn't find any difference between +7 narak and higher meaning they all have same rate
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    Just as an update to this thread as I didn't get a chance to update/create a new thread. I have came up with an initial list of changes to be made.I am aiming for the end of the month but I cannot say for 100% it will be ready by then. The initial change list will be as follows and if anyone wants to give any input on these changes then you're welcome to but most of these changes came from this thread in some form or another or other threads. 3v3 Changes Small HP Adjustments. Disable Class Change during the match (Still will be enabled before and between rounds). Will investigate friendly pets being targeted using tab (This is something that will come after everything else). 3v3 Things to Watch Impact of Healing Classes (Specifically with the minor HP Adjustments). Impact of Immunity Potions. 10v10 Changes Small HP Adjustments. Disable Class Change during the match (Still will be enabed before and between rounds). Reduce the round timer to 5 mins. Implement a Wave Based Spawn System that every 15/20 seconds will respawn all players who are currently dead at the same spawn point on the map. Update the Ormormu buffs to be none removable by Buff Removal skills (e.g. Purifying Wind). Will investigate friendly pets being targeted using tab (This is something that will come after everything else). Now I would like to state that these changes will be implemented as an initial step. Once the changes are implemented we will then see how they sit and then create any other changes to improve the quality of these specific PvP modes.
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    I think it is a good time to implement new things, I hope they are things that can benefit f2p players, the current state of the server is too noticeable, it would be great to be able to attract back those players who left the game because of how almost impossible it was equating itself to p2w players, with fewer active players, is less and less attractive for those who want to start in this game. There are only arenas, 10vs10 is the most salvageable, 3vs3 is too repetitive, TW is dead if it is not JaT vs 911, and only the first 3 days, GvsG with only 4 guilds that can fight but only 2 can last more than 10 min the event. In short, we need more players, I hope that changes are implemented that bring back those players who were never bored with the game, but are angry with the current system, as well as attract new players. .
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    The game is not boring because of the little content of cap 65, it is because it depends a lot on p2w, in cap 60 the opportunity to make gold was greater, make dgn and kill bears in the highland with your same level cap gave a good drop. They put cap 65 with new maps that give practically nothing and you go to highland bears or dgn 60 that previously gave a good drop and these no longer give as much for having a higher level. At the end of the day it was the f2p player that gave the flavor to this server, and the p2w complements it, we are in which I include myself. A new cap will cause several to leave the server in which I am included, spend a lot of us to get my set and weapons +10 so that they put me cap 70 soon? no thanks. And I emphasize for the f2p player it will be even less attractive. What they should do is put more PVE events, since the pvp is honestly dead by the same community and the grabbing of characters in 1 or 2 guilds. This weekend it will be gvg from alts. Now if the concern is to continue making money for vendetta as before, I think that cap 70 is not the solution. I translated some words, my English is not very fluent.
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    I say the next few week, cap 65 its already enough for many in the server, was fun but not enough, idk if in the plan there news perfect dungeons like awak (DS/GoP) in a classic version but gonna be perfect if you implement into classic!
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    PET - Gothic Witch Michelle - Magic Tiger Cub Haku - Magic Snake Charmer Yamimaru MOUNTS - Azure Foxfire Kitsune (Legendary) ✔️09/17/20 WEAPONS - Cherry Blossom Dagger BACK GEAR - Sunstreaked Film Fins (Legendary) - Holy Frames Uriel's Wings (Legendary) THX.
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    Guys this is a bug report thread, not a thread for suggestions or discussions about movementspeed....😒
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    Just an update to the current situation. As PvP outside of TW/GVG has been dead for a while on this server (Except the odd 3v3 here and there) I have came up based on the responses on this post and my own thoughts a change list that will be progressed with over the next few months (Likely one mode at a time). If you have anything to add / discuss you may comment after this to discuss. However, I'm pretty dead set with these changes atleast. Elysian Island Changes Similar rework to Classic: Fix any spawning issues with bosses. Disable Battle Pets. Enforce a stricter level cap. Disable Arena Gear (Armor, Badges and Enchants). Updated HP Buff. Updated Rewards. Updated Ranking Rewards. More fixes to the friendly fire issues. Update the Boss Skills and Stats to match the current gear level. Update the Monster Stats to match the current gear level. Disabled the following items: Engineering Potions. Will Alternate with Temple Arena on days it is open. Temple Arena Changes Removed the use of Reality Potions. Update the Rewards. Upgradable Versions of the current Trophys. Update the Boss Skills and Stats to match the current gear level. Note: The reason I will not be making a Version 2 as suggested is that it's just too complicated and will likely have a lot of bugs to iron out. This will take up far too much time that could be spent on other projects and likely even if there is two versions, most people would only actually take advantage of the version deemed "better". Check and disable battle pets. Check and disable Arena Gear. Will Alternate with Elysian Island on days it is open. 3v3 Changes Update the HP Buff. Depending on changes might require some Healing Debuffs. Disable Battle Pets. Removal of Arena Gear (Armor, Badges and Enchants). Disable Class Changing during a match (Still will be enabled at preparation times). Will become a Timed Event instead of an All Day Event. Possible Change: New Map (We're in the process of testing a few). 3v3 Things to Watch Impact of Shielder. Impact of Immunity Potions. 10v10 Changes Will be completely removed / revamped for another game mode. Some Rough Ideas: Updated into a 5v5 Mode. Removed Arena Gear / Pets. Disabled Class Changing during the Match. Likely have a map objective (Capture the Flag, Crystal Capture, etc.) Could even end up with multiple modes in either an RNG or rotation. Improved Spawning System to help with regrouping. Monster Battle Arena Monster Rebalancing (Check Classic Patch 11). Remove Battle Pets. Remove Arena Gear. Possible Change: New Monsters, based on custom content. Possible Change: Stat balancing across the board so Armors and Class Passives etc are ineffective. Now I have some other things planned for the upcoming Five Year Anniversary, So I cannot say when exactly these changes will be implemented. But it will likely start with 3v3 and go from there. I will hope to have all the changes done this year but it just depends as I will likely be working on some content for the end of the year too. But this is what I currently have in mind, Hope this hits some of your expectations and might event bring some life back to these modes.
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    Well, the drop rate about that is okay, but tbh the balance to drop Lingerie for another Class then CB/DE is like a pop. Every second Boss gives CB ling - and we dont even have player , playing them lol. Suck's.
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    ye i can put it in eventually
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    Can you stop insult others that have different opinion then you. stay clean and fair. Making alts isnt an Option, why playing a class they maybe dont Like? just because gear and stuff are cheap? The Balance for all to get a lingerie for their class dosnt seem to be good shape. I didnt said to raise the rate of the lingeries / gear to get stuff easier. Its just a fact that those classes drop the most, while other drop less, doesnt matter wich Cap it is and that ist shit.
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    Either we are extremely and miserably unlucky, or it's really the drop rate ratio. I remember first days the boss with Lingeries came out, and I we had instantly like 3 CB lingeries drop. And single DE
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    I think we can say same stuff for every kind of gear, not just lingerie. Even in low levels, all uniq drops are around 40% of them cyberblade stuff, the other 60% is divided in 6 classes.
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    A special event Dragon has landed in Chromia! Defeat this dragon for a chance of obtaining Dragon Claws, crowd favorite past event costumes, and other various items! For example: Skeleton Facepaint, Santa's Frosty Helper, Bunny Ears, Bunny Facepaint to name a few! Dragon Claws can be used to complete achievements for a special title! This Dragon will spawn in Enocia and Amara Times for this spawn are: Enocia: 21:45 and 12:45 server time Amara: 20:20 and 11:20 server time Locations of the dragon are: Enocia main base (right near the typical teleport spawn) Amara mid map (near Orenji and Gorgon spawns) This dragon will only be active for 1 week, so get the items and drops while you can! Added the Summer Idol Costume Added a rare, all level version of the Rose Petal Lingerie This can be obtained from the Dragon Event Boss only