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  1. The problem with this reputation system is the methods to do it. -Raid: They are certainly a good method but it is clear that after the Cuby and Ginseng the other raids require strong members to finish the raids faster. Not to mention that marathons require a seal. Seal that you either buy at the bazaar (and you can't) or you're lucky enough to have already created together with the other materials to open the TS. -Act 4: I don't know about you but after a certain level the penguins gave me no more reputation and even with the 80 Bash equipe, a devil tarot and attack potions, it took me a long time to kill a single prota or fox for 300 400 reputation points. PTS: Probably the best way to make a reputation. Too bad the materials are difficult to gather for a character who cannot access the bazaar, and here I am referring to the PTS and not to the half moons (which also cost enough from NPC Bash) or to the seeds. The best way would be to increase the reputation in the missions of Act 2. Or Increase the PTS drop for players level 70 90
  2. Or just sell by @Bash npc the Specialist Point Potion Or increase the possibility to drop that item by penguins from act 4.
  3. About suggestion 6: In this case I have the monster for you. If you remember well around the map you will find a winged demon and a winged angel armed with knives and spear that continue fight each other to no avail. It is possible to accept missions from them for green coins but in truth they are very useless npc\monsters. I would suggest applying this buff to these monsters once the rival faction is killed (obviously decreasing the hp and decreasing the respawn time). About suggestion 5: If you go to the Unknown Land you will notice that from the side of the angels as soon as you move away from the portal you can see the the monster that I showed in that picture. This monster is particularly more annoying than the others because of its malus. This wizard is present only on the side of the angels, while on the demon side no. My suggestion is to add one on our side so that there is equality during the invasions (because it makes no sense that I have to hope not to be struck while the angels can safely dodge and invade our side). Otherwise remove the one on the side of the angels (as I showed in the picture, green dot on the left). About suggestion 4: The problem is that the ice crown is based precisely on these strategies, whether they are infamous or legitimate. The problem arises when the players using the friendship wing is full of buffs and ready to kill you in 1 hit. We could also remove the wings, but at that point the crown would become even more boring. I think removing share buffs is the best idea. About suggestion 1: In this case it is very feasible. It would be enough that the thawing time is 10 seconds and that once the person comes back to life he will find himself with half of the HP and without any kind of buff.
  4. 1)I guess is not the best way to improve frozen crown because i dont want kill a super tank war and then see him again 10 seconds later at full life. 2)This would allow a lot of people to crown more easily. Every time I go to the crown I see people gathering their 20+ buff characters just to get out of the unknown land to kill 5 or 6 people. I believe that allowing each character to be an end in itself would make Act 4 a true PVP map like the arena. In which you win by the number of people and not by the number of buffs. I would like to remind everyone that during the Caligo in 70% of the cases coming out of the unknown land you will find a group of angels (a scout full of buffs, a war full of buffs and a scout with master wings full of buffs). These nice gentlemen will annihilate anyone who tries to leave or enter the unknown land. And this is because these people have a minimum of 10 pg alt. I do not want to discriminate but it is clear that 3 strong people with a lot of buffs are enough to prevent a whole faction from acting...unless they leave UL at 50. 3)I had proposed this thing in the form of buffs of a few seconds when you wear a sp. So totally favorable. I do not agree with this. The problem of the wings of friendship almost always occurs when there are only a few minutes near the caligo. A certain DH with master's wings teleports in the middle of the crowd (and loaded with all possible buffs) he begins to reap victims without mercy. I believe that by simply abolishing buffs these funny guys will think twice before teleporting randomly to the heart of the enemy faction. SUGGESTION 5: Place a dark wizard (the one who applies the malus similar to that of the serker). On the side of demons it is not present and for angels it is always easy to invade. While when the demons invade that side you will always find that stupid monster to place you an absolutely annoying 5 seconds malus. As you can see from the minimap that I posted there are two green dots. The one on the left indicates the place where a dark wizard is already present. While on the right side or on the side of us demons it is not present. The suggestion is: 1)To remove the angels 2)Or add one on our side.
  5. I would propose something alternative. Of the type: Eliminate the possibility of accessing the arena or the RB equipped with a tarot or even an FB. I think it is clear to say that these PVP maps should allow clashes without the aid of objects that allow an advantage. The pet is justified but as it is impossible to stay in the arena or the RB with Lucifer, Hongbi or similar it should be impossible to enter with objects that allow an obvious advantage to the player. Unfortunately it often happens to find people with 250 tarot cards around the arena or during an RB match. By doing so we will allow everyone to create fair battles not established by a tarot or a fairy booster.
  6. I did not understand if you refer to my message or to Konata's. In any case @Bash is it possible to apply this suggestion?
  7. Ok, I'll be brief. How many times has it happened to press the G key involuntarily? How many times during raids do you see people who blaspheme for having pressed that key and for being left without SP at an important time? As we know if we use this key our transformation will cease and we will have to wait from a minimum of 30 seconds to a maximum of 600. Now it is clear that I do not want to influence this button in any way because it is clear that it is a vital thing to be able to remove your SP whenever you want. I only wish that once the G key is pressed, a small window will appear (such as when you activate the ice flower oil) that asks for confirmation of the command. Like this: (Sorry for the poor quality but I used Paint to make the idea)😇 In this way, if I accidentally press G, I will have a chance to cancel the command and avoid the worst during certain activities) What do you think?
  8. The problem of SP is that some have peculiarities while others are only dispensers of damage with defects. If we take the RM and the Seer we can clearly see how with the first you can only do damage while with the second you can: -Climb the walls get the relatives in PVM and in Act 4. - Become immortal for 10 seconds - Apply a malus that forces the enemy to move badly and not be able to use objects of heal - Apply a malus that affects the CDR of his skills The fact that the Seer is unbalanced is clear, but it is also clear that the counterparts of the other classes are too. Not for nothing if the mage turn with 2 SPs out of 8 the archers always run with the Scout and sometimes with the Sin. The war is very unbalanced because the morale and its defense are monstrous and above all because it is unheard of the fact that a sp to create for tank can still dispense tons of damages. The monk and the renegade at least are balanced but the war is a different story. Or balance all the SPs Or the old ones are buffed to bring them to the level of the others. The problem of the second choice is that as far as you can boost an sp like the Holly mage or the Destroyer they will not have really useful skills for the PVP compared to their counterparts (SEER DG SCOUT ETC ETC). About that is clear that this sp is very stupid now and i'm and archer. Years ago he was strong if the player knew how to use him to perfection. Now it's a sp that is based on: I take a charge of 7k+ Active Cric Up I hope I don't miss the shot If i hit the enemy: I win the PVP. If I fail the shot: I look and try again or i die. Bringing the old Sin back many years ago would make this SP balanced and absolutely the most used by archers. Even buff the hit rate or slightly damage. Don't have a glass cannon that dies if its only strong blow fails.
  9. I must admit that I also disagree on the suggestion. I myself prefer the Zenas to the Erenia precisely because in the latter there is not a moment of real pause in which you can relax for a moment (even at the boss you have the fear of being transported to the room). While for the Zenas, having those seconds of waiting softens the feeling of having to do a full hour of marathon. At best I would obviously agree to change the buff when the goddess is infuriated.
  10. We are talking about 30 sec of difference But ok had not calculated the Renegade because from my experience and that of the interviewer I noticed how few people use that buff during PVP or during PVM. In any case, looking at it better, I am sure that we can also intervene on that buff, making the recharge of 100 seconds. To say that the others are perfect seems ridiculous to me considering the fact that as I explained if you are deprived of these buffs for any reason you will be left without an essential thing for that SP. Analyzing the Ranger. This sp has as its main "eye" buff with a really low charging time. Without it the Ranger loses much as SP. The problem is that even if for some reason someone manages to take it off you can apply it even after 30 seconds. If we see the DG or the WK we can see as if in any way you lose the buff you will have to waste time waiting for or restarting the game. A difference of 270 seconds where the Ranger buff lasts 300 seconds. While as regards the mana shield that I mentioned or the WK buff once applied you will have to wait for the CD to finish to ricastarlo and if you die shortly after applying it you will need to remain without. When I talk about the buff WK I talk about the fact that if you die like you in the middle of the buff you'll have to stay 150 seconds without that buff because the charging time is built for players who never die. While both in the PVM of Act 6 and in PVP activities certain buffs are essential. The DG believes it is the SP that suffers the most from these structured recharge times for a fake PVM. If the DG during an RB or in the arena or in the crown loses the buff I tell you immediately that it becomes even more useless than an explorer without his buff. And you should know this very well since you're a magician yourself. The DG's buff is strong yes, but it's a peculiarity like the morale of the War that recharges in the blink of an eye. I'm not saying that we need to halve the recharge time but only update them to a pvp style pvp different from the one created by the developers. If a magician loses his shield during the PVP it is right that he is in trouble but it is not right that even after having died or survived with 1hp he must still have to wait a lot of time to use something that makes that SP work.
  11. I start by saying that I know the server's policy that the rework of the SPs cannot yet be implemented until the original servers receive one from them. The problem is that going to analyze all the SPs (mainly those from PVP) I noticed how some buffs have really bad CDs. What I propose concerns the modification of the recharge times of the single buffs. I say this because I noticed that between: -DG removing buffs - Various Lucifer - Death(arena pvm etc..) - Dead during the Caligo Some SPs really suffer from the lack of buffs especially if we talk about the magician. Of the SPs I identified we find: Blade Sader Wk Dh Dg Tl Am SWORDMAN 120s-->80s 180s-->120s ARCHER 300s-->180s 300s-->180s MAGE 300s-->180s 300s-->180s 360s--->180s 300s-->150s These changes have been developed by me not to benefit SPs but to balance recharge times that are not suited to gaming activities. The skills that are recharged when they end are definitely the worst, especially (once again) for mages, since if your shield falls ok, you deserve to be severely damaged but you can't have to reload or wait 300 seconds to use something so vital. The same goes for the WK and DH, especially if we talk about Raid. For the sader the same speech as the archer. Finally the blade is one of the sps with the highest rate of MISS so it needs a buff that at least compensates in the attack and a bit in the defense. I am sure that the modification of certain skills will not bring any problems in terms of balancing but will only allow some SPs to be able to buff more easily and without having to log into the server again or wait more than 180 seconds for a buff needed by that SP.
  12. Since many people agree with the suggestion (for ACT4 I would also agree to disable it since as suggested by someone, anyone could flee and then full their lives to the fullest ... even if it should wait MINIMUM 30 seconds and after a fight normally goes over 70, but just go to the citadel and use a FULL potion or just sit). @Bash what do you think?
  13. It is clear that this is only a rework but if they had the audacity to show it all it is obvious to say that there is nothing else with regard to the SPs. They just thought that the models had to be changed and as they were there they added some speed and some res to haphazardly more. The subject of graphic rework will not apply to the skills at all, but probably only to the effects of these SPs. I say this because if they could they would immediately show how it would be possible to use a Blue skill faster. While we find ourselves with the usual effects on a SP that in a certain sense appears only in a different way than it was before. As if I were wearing a SteamPunk skin but I always used the same sword as before. Surely I can be wrong and I would be happy to catch up with a graphic rework of the animations ... but considering the times of those 7 they do first to bring out a new SP that groped to fix in a serious way the old ones.
  14. It must be said that they made very little effort and that they did not take advantage of these "rework" at all. Already from the video it is possible to see how the speed of the skills has remained almost identical. While now they are adding some random res and movement speed. Ok the blade was slow, but +2 to the Ranger and +1 to the blue? That is, the Ranger has a +2 integrated between the skills while the blue is slow by nature like SP. Inverting them was too difficult to understand. Although you may think that the ranger loses a skill to get that +2 another one seems totally excessive (especially here where you can have too many ways to increase your speed). Finally I would say that the most striking thing concerns the shield of the blue magician who has not been touched in any way by losing the possibility of turning the mag's 3 sp into a competitive sp. Last thing about resistances ... Put at random when the best thing is to distribute them to satisfy all the elements (trying to give some more points to the resistance relative to the belonging element).