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  1. It is difficult to start this speech .. Also because someone has already expressed himself and above all we are still with the doubt as to why we have reached this point without a real answer. But since we can't know why, the only thing I want to concentrate on is the "goodbye" that I leave to the players of Nostale Vendetta. I started playing on this server in October 2018 in full Hallowen. The first time I found myself frightened by the amount of things to do to become someone (since the server seemed complete and challenging). But soon everything vanished. I realized that here if you wanted something you could obtain it with your strength. And so it was. I have faced too many raids. I've faced so many people in PvP. I unleashed my character to the fullest trying to give it my all. I even finished all the missions of the game to feel more in tune with the game. I thank all the friends and enemies I have made. It was a wonderful experience. And even if today it has closed so suddenly I don't feel like trying to discriminate Bash's choices. I don't even expect comments, also because this is a kind of open letter to the community of N. As a last thing I tell you not goodbye but CYA. Maybe one day we'll resume playing on this server. A wish of hope. Gyad
  2. The stones are probably the easiest drop of the whole quest. The real problem is the damn straws that you have to drop into the Mountain Cave 5 from the caterpillars. Needless to say, by killing all the caterpillars on the map, you're lucky if you collect 1. I spent I do not know how long to change the channel and decimate the caterpillars of each cave 5. The 4 SP has a very simple concept. Kill a defined amount of monsters + collect only 1 object from a specific monster. The best thing would be to intervene on the mission of the 3 SP regarding Eva Energy's drop. Bean pod: increase the drop by 10% Bloody stones: increase the drop by 15% Flints: increase the drop by 5% Straw: Increase the drop by 50% Special water bottles: do not increase the drop These% are the result of a person who has done this mission more than 10 times between this and the main server. Obviously they could be correct but the main concept remains the same. Eva's drops are poorly structured and need improvement.
  3. I don't know why but they remind me very much of Metin 2. Note that the hairstyle of the "girl" already exists in the game with r.i.p imagination In any case it will be fun to see a character with 4 wings🧐
  4. The costumes are well done graphically even if the effects should be reviewed. Those wings to be applied to the character without SP are very useful especially in a hypothetical PVM. The name change card amazed me. Not for the fact that it will be a thing to buy for real money but precisely because it is the item itself if it had been requested more than 5 years ago and the excuse was always linked to characters who stole theft and then changed their names. At least this tool will surely be one of the most purchased things ever. Who wanted to change name for some time. Who wants to give themselves a new identity Who even changes his name to avoid being persecuted in the arena or in raids. Obviously this will mean more work for the staff regarding possible thefts or similar actions.
  5. It is clear that this is only a rework but if they had the audacity to show it all it is obvious to say that there is nothing else with regard to the SPs. They just thought that the models had to be changed and as they were there they added some speed and some res to haphazardly more. The subject of graphic rework will not apply to the skills at all, but probably only to the effects of these SPs. I say this because if they could they would immediately show how it would be possible to use a Blue skill faster. While we find ourselves with the usual effects on a SP that in a certain sense appears only in a different way than it was before. As if I were wearing a SteamPunk skin but I always used the same sword as before. Surely I can be wrong and I would be happy to catch up with a graphic rework of the animations ... but considering the times of those 7 they do first to bring out a new SP that groped to fix in a serious way the old ones.
  6. It must be said that they made very little effort and that they did not take advantage of these "rework" at all. Already from the video it is possible to see how the speed of the skills has remained almost identical. While now they are adding some random res and movement speed. Ok the blade was slow, but +2 to the Ranger and +1 to the blue? That is, the Ranger has a +2 integrated between the skills while the blue is slow by nature like SP. Inverting them was too difficult to understand. Although you may think that the ranger loses a skill to get that +2 another one seems totally excessive (especially here where you can have too many ways to increase your speed). Finally I would say that the most striking thing concerns the shield of the blue magician who has not been touched in any way by losing the possibility of turning the mag's 3 sp into a competitive sp. Last thing about resistances ... Put at random when the best thing is to distribute them to satisfy all the elements (trying to give some more points to the resistance relative to the belonging element).
  7. I believe the reason for these changes is due to the 3D model of the first 4 SPs. Take for example the Blade and the Archimage. The blade model is mechanical and slow, and even with the fix of some time ago it is still a plasticy and little used SP despite the excellent potential. Same thing if we take the BM and the blue magician. The latter is practically the fifth essence of slowness in using skills. If it were faster and with a more serious shield it would be a fearsome SP for every PVP. Most likely they will not leave the possibility to choose the old model but as you suggested you would be nice if they improved the skills they already have with effects that do not include the only "press a button several times and you hurt". Moreover in the case of new specialists the best thing to do as you said to balance the skills so that they are useful both in the PVP and in the PVM without leading to abominations like the SIN which is a PVP machine and the destroyer that if it didn't have gas it would be more useless than a dander even in the PVM.
  8. In fact I remembered that they were classified as Grahams owned and inside the game they looked exactly like in the image I showed but with different hair colors. I also remember seeing these monsters on the map of the arena that opens sometimes in Frozen crown and that were displayed as monsters with a champ level of their own.
  9. I believe the addition of a new act is certainly a great way to encourage people to stay on Nostale. The problem is that with regards to our server that focuses more on PVP there is a need for something new regarding specialists. Like other sps, a new element, or anything else that from the PVP's point of view allows not to be nailed to the usual SEER SCOUT WAR metagame etc ... I also believe that waiting for their class balancing is completely useless since there are several differences and different situations for PVP and PVM here. As for the graphic rework of the old sp I would say that it is certainly a good idea. Taking into consideration a game like LOL every time a champion is updated, his skills and skill launch times are also changed, so it is hoped that even specialists such as the slow and cumbersome blue wizard will be made more competitive even with new animations . Furthermore, the fact that only the graphic rework of the water SP has been shown suggests that the next graphic fixes of (wk sader holly) (war destroyer red mage) (dg serker assassin) are coming. Moreover, some other quick updates on a kind of family point amplifier and on the alleged Graham skin
  10. Ok, I think it's clear which of the two is more convenient and in general which works better on SPs as fast as Seer. Thanks for the answers guys, you can close.
  11. Ok thanks to both. I note that I have 3138 damage on the board so according to the logic 7% would be to affect much more on the total damage. If there is any other expert magician who can give me his opinion, he is welcome.
  12. Hi I have doubts regarding the next trophy that I should do to my mage pg to replace it to the Shadow Gem during the PVP. The first is The Artfact of Knowledge. As you can see, the main effects of this trophy are the enhanced magic damage of 200 and the increase of 2000MP. Already here I ask you if those 2000MP are cumulative and are added to the MP books or are they simply 2000MP more? Then I ask you how good are you with this 7% CDR? I own erze and with that 5% I hardly notice any difference either on the low cdr skills or on the high cdr ones (maybe a buff that recharges 3 seconds before normal). The other trophy that I would like to highlight is the Cube of Destruction. This trophy seems to be made precisely for the pvp, even if beyond the little useful effect of stealing hp from the enemy I see a slightly lower increase of attack and defense in PVP. I know that normally the PVP effects are the strongest because they apply as last compared to the total damage of the weapon. So I wonder, considering the increased damage of 200 of the first trophy and these two + 7% in PVP between attack and defense, which is more appropriate in PVP? Which of these two is more suitable? Normally I think that the first trophy is perfect only for the attack while the cube allows to have a fairly high increase between defense and attack. But I leave the answers to the most expert.
  13. Yeah this: A little version like the LOD boss👌
  14. So a Fabulous pegaso(probably with a buff like fibi) A strange PSP version of fernon fused with lucifer🤓 New items for RB(But our is better...maybe) A little ice witch pet(i just want that)😇 And another fabulous emote
  15. What a pity, if he had been superior he would surely have been one of the most useful means. In any case it is similar to Nossi and offers this light but new effect.