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  1. More options to build a class, that’s what I heard.
  2. I don’t see the point of listing all the skills. No whipper can have them all especially if they go hp. Like medic can’t have all the buffs on a working build. Don’t present them stronger as they are.
  3. Sure, items in that cap should be 20-100g. But if there is one in short supply costing 4K, i would farm that dungeon right now and sell those items for gold. Some supposedly drop from Harbinger but if everyone takes the short way to mainframe, no drop.
  4. If items are in AH for many k of G and a dungeon drops them it seems to me like a good reason to farm... New players just don't know that.
  5. IV should be xp lowered. As well as xp from 39 cap BGs and bosses in viledon. People level to 40 way too fast, often by accident and unprepared. World bosses should be looked into too. For example Viledon Helios drops to naraks with a chance for a cheap unique gear. Not much...
  6. Level 37 uni lingerie, please. Or make it drop somewhere.
  7. About the Baby Pink lingerie... I really like it, and have it as main on my 39 where the jewel slots are not bugged... but could you buff up the pink colour a bit? It looks a bit pale in most environments. Or maybe it’s my cheap screen... And for other caps, will the slots get fixed?
  8. There is nothing mysterious about it if you understand the formulas which are explained by limeox in some old posts and run the actual numbers shown on the simulator web page. Attack skills may have a multiplier of 100-500% and a % jewel just adds so much on top of that. Whereas the flat stat jewel gets the multiplication. The character screen implies a multiplier of 100% which in most cases is too low. Instead you got to compare values in the skill description.
  9. my advice would be: 1. reconsider your approach, do you really want to solo it? Because yes, the game ends in Nemesis for most solists. 2. ask somebody to help you level up to 50 and start again from there. 40-49 range is a tough spot.
  10. +1. These items are trash but have potential to be worth collecting if balanced right. Actually i wud prefer to keep their value but remove CD so they can be used on the spot.
  11. iirc the quest with teleport was added with last years balance changes for those who somehow lost the original teleport skill. Is it still needed at all? There is still the original quest later on. How about just making it a shop item?
  12. That‘s why in my case i needed a new toon. 40+ cannot farm bc.
  13. I think the dungeons are ok. In nemesis it is just really hard to gear up. you enter Nemesis with shitty delta base gear suit, bangle and helmet there is nothing within your own power you can do to fix that. I know from first hand experience ? ended up making a new toon for a different approach.
  14. 1. Help! When I use my launcher nothing happens! 2. It fills me with profound happiness to follow you whereever you go. And to pick up junk along the way. 3. If you think my chat is cheesy and annoying... you haven't met the Narak yet!
  15. Tell me, how does it feel to get a healer‘s kiss? Don‘t make your hands dirty, let me get that junk for you. Do you have no enemies to fight?