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  1. Tropical

    Pet Chat!

    1. Seriously, Arkana, can‘t you find a better guild? 2. Let‘s change faction. There is much better loot on the other side. 3. I wonder what happened to the 12th slot. I know it‘s there... somewhere...
  2. Tropical

    A new de-exp method?

    The loss of veteran players retiring can‘t be compensated by cannibalizing the lower caps, forcing them to level up, leaving Viledon and Nemesis deserted? On the contrary they do invaluable work by helping new players to learn the game, gear up, take them to battlegrounds and boss raids... giving newbies a good gaming experience right off the start. More incentives to level up might be a good idea, but a proper way to dexp would really be appreciated.
  3. Tropical

    Patch Bug Reports

    The NPC says level requirement is 55, but when a 55 toon tries to enter the key is consumed and entry refused. But that dungeon would be pointless anyway for level 55 toons. I would say the level 40 dungeon needs the population raised to 46, so level 55 toons drop something there. Also, the mobs self-healing is too strong - Viledon toons, even the most OP, are struggling here.