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  1. thought I can share my Whipper running TT: Whippers can do it under 20 minutes, too. But I don't really want to call it "speed run" pro side of being unable to skip the mobs: jewels, jewels, jewels The healer at the start... I want the drugs she is on. The true boss in this dungeon. The run from first to second boss always has me guessing where to stop to do mobs, usually the crowd gets too large if you don't stop midway. From there on the dungeon is just cruising boss to boss.
  2. Sit and permanent xp booster skill items. Those that fill your bags when questing or grinding.
  3. Tropical


    In Nemesis the game ends for solo players. The quest line is only good for 10 or 20% XP. The game wants you to do other things: join battle grounds, kill world bosses... but this needs more players. There are also daily quests from the quest terminals, and at your level you can still run the lower dungeon Ignis Vortex. For Abyssal Temple having the unique zeta suit helps a lot. The dungeon is not really too hard, it's just too hard to gear up for it. For geared players it's too easy. If you want to keep questing you should ask players if they can help you level up to 48 (for now). You'll have an easier time there and you can do all the quests in Nemesis before hitting level 50.
  4. You just saved me two skill resets. I was wondering why earlier this year i specced out of the whole first column moving all points into aoe attacks. And was about to try a build with eternal suffering and fatal flail again: Void debuff and strong phys attack. Now i remember, the eternal animation was the reason. Unusable.
  5. I am curious, how are sentinels, cyberblades and defenders doing in solo hard mode? And to what extend, if at all, do they need to adjust their build???
  6. Most likely the tradable is not even a valid item for this conversion.
  7. There is nothing to be fixed. They just work differently and only one happens to show to full effect in stats window which is a theoretical 100% attack, not showing the potential of the other one. It‘s math not bug.
  8. That is the point Filo. Stats window only shows full effect of the % jewel. The other one you have to calculate yourself from your actual attack skills. It is much stronger than it appears to be.
  9. Well, by stacking chk damage high you will obviously improve the % jewels. I played with my excel and I actually can get closer to both jewels being equal than I thought. In my case of a pve whipper with a crit weapon, non-hp Bangle, Eta gloves and all Wizard/Ghost accessories (trinket is only rare) i have a base min/max chk damage of 1324/1901 including 45/46 for being level 65. Min/max % is 14% from pet chip and earrings. So in my character stats I see 1324*1.14=1509 min and 1901*1.14=2167 max. You can easily see what happens if you add flat 16 here or 2.4% there. Just looking at the max stat: 1917*1.14 = 2185 with 1 rank 2 chk atk jewel 1901*1.164 = 2213 with 1 rank 2 chk atk % jewel % jewel shows higher value in character stats But I am not attacking with a 100% attack. Checking the stats sheet, the rank 8 Electric Tempest has a 400% multiplier (and conveniently for keeping it simple no bonus damage). So instead of multiplying 1.14 we multiply 4.14. 1324*4.14 = 5217 min damage 1340*4.14 = 5548 with 1 rank 2 chk atk jewel 1324*4.164 = 5513 with 1 rank 2 chk atk % jewel 1901*4.14 = 7870 max damage 1917*4.14 = 7936 with 1 rank 2 chk atk jewel 1901*4.164 = 7916 with 1 rank 2 chk atk % jewel You can see, the % jewel scales with your base damage, the flat damage jewel scales with your attack skills, more precisely their multiplier. I my case, attacks that have a multiplier of around 280 will have both jewels about same. But most of the attacks that matter, also looking at mech, have 300 or more. For other classes it's probably completely different. Can't be bothered to calculate that.
  10. The unique chk atk jewel being cheaper than a normal crit atk jewel is a good alternative for a whipper. the % jewel does work as intended but it is just not so effective by just multiplying the base damage. Whereas the flat jewel gets multiplied by all the % including whatever the attack skill has itself. The character stats window does not include stats from an attack (or rather assumes a basic 100% attack) so the flat atk jewel SEEMS to be weaker there.
  11. Also, I don't think there is much that can be done when somebody choses a low dps setup in favor of other benefits then there is, well, low dps. Skill wise it's a tradeoff and it's your choice. If you don't have the points for offensive mastery it's not so bad anyway. For a dps medic a full crit based gear set (instead of tank gear) is more important than a few skill points here or there.
  12. Am I the only one who believes a major problem with the medics buffs is the recently added SP consumption? For dps u move points from hp/sp passive to offensive mastery. That reduces your SP significantly and increases consumption. With both foil and offensive mastery on I always run dry on SP. And using skills consumes up to 800 sp (restauration) or 500 (cleanse)... I can barely manage spamming SP pots and always keeping an eye on it is a distraction and makes it all harder. Other classes don't have this hassle with SP, why the medic? Can u image how SWs would cry if their invisibilty drained their SP, and then Escape Artist costs 800? Why is a such a thing done for dps medic? I see that people cry about medics being to strong buffing and healing other classes in pvp. Why does it only lead to nerfing the pve dps medic? While the pvp healer tank is stronger than ever. Something is wrong here. The self-only buffs like offensive mastery would be a perfect way to help the dps medic without increasing the medics aoe heals and buffs. Instead u made them expensive SP drainers.
  13. Hasn‘t it always been 10 seconds? What feels weird is probably that you feel zero improvement vs. significant increase in cp consumption. Athena is the only major not worth getting.
  14. it's contained in the c++ runtime setup. Google it or use the link in the second sticky in the help section. You do not need all the versions, just one. I believe 2010 works fine.
  15. Don’t know about WH in that cap but for Medic Elementalist would just be a toss up with Gift Giver which is even better on targets with lower hp. It is viledon after all.