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  1. I have a viledon toon for two years... never saw a mech drop there or in BG. Don’t bother farming.
  2. What is true about this thread, the patch was pure fan service for SW and went way beyond reason nerfing others. No more fun playing ME WH and PU.
  3. Who are you kidding? Your sentinel will happily kill the medic in arcana mode with particle and then switch to mech for the whipper.
  4. [Edit] confirmed, Kali spamming attacks 1,2 kills faster than before. I for one like the split buffs. At least it opens options to tweak the medic without affecting aoe. The issue with particle resist is sad. Especially when you realize what it means. Medic easy to kill for dps classes, hard to kill for whippers and medics. It's a faction nerf. Wish they were more frank with this.
  5. I think what the defender need would be a defensive aoe buff to live up to her name. Maybe that new anti-whipper buff on the medic would actually fit better on the defender?
  6. That seems not to be lag. Make a video, send it in in a support ticket.
  7. i would like to see a video of that bot... i still believe in lag for as long as we talk about a distance that can normally be covered in a second or two. Like whipper pull when used on a target that runs the other way, target thinking they’re out of range when actually their last second of movement only happened on their own screen and the server tells them, stop, you got pulled. about von, it improves stability among other things but it can’t do magic. The physical distance between your computer and the server remains the same or even gets increased. Also the copper cable that brings internet to your home remains the same...
  8. It’s lag. To reduce server load a lot of stuff is calculated client side but for actual results the server overrides and updates the client. More lag produces more obvious results. As a medic I have countless times when I cast a heal on someone under attack with low hp only to see the target dead after 1 second and the heal wasted.
  9. How about a 3 minute cd? So one can call ppl to battle or party but not spam insults.
  10. Advice so far is correct but mostly refers to end game. If you are going the long way, doing quests and stuff in lower caps being a support medic right from the start is a bad idea. When there is nobody else to support and you need to get things done by yourself. So up to level 49 you should really go what BananaNyan calls battle medic, then in Ellis change to support or a hybrid build. About healers kiss, same: it's good to max in end game, but at least up to level 39 only 3 points. The scaling is really off in this skill. Increments are ridiculous. These points are better used in hp which increases your self-healing as well once you have good bonus % from gear, title, pet chip.
  11. Sure, items in that cap should be 20-100g. But if there is one in short supply costing 4K, i would farm that dungeon right now and sell those items for gold. Some supposedly drop from Harbinger but if everyone takes the short way to mainframe, no drop.
  12. If items are in AH for many k of G and a dungeon drops them it seems to me like a good reason to farm... New players just don't know that.
  13. IV should be xp lowered. As well as xp from 39 cap BGs and bosses in viledon. People level to 40 way too fast, often by accident and unprepared. World bosses should be looked into too. For example Viledon Helios drops to naraks with a chance for a cheap unique gear. Not much...
  14. Level 37 uni lingerie, please. Or make it drop somewhere.
  15. About the Baby Pink lingerie... I really like it, and have it as main on my 39 where the jewel slots are not bugged... but could you buff up the pink colour a bit? It looks a bit pale in most environments. Or maybe it’s my cheap screen... And for other caps, will the slots get fixed?