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  1. it's contained in the c++ runtime setup. Google it or use the link in the second sticky in the help section. You do not need all the versions, just one. I believe 2010 works fine.
  2. Don’t know about WH in that cap but for Medic Elementalist would just be a toss up with Gift Giver which is even better on targets with lower hp. It is viledon after all.
  3. Pretty sure one quest pops up when stepping out of the mereholt portal. Just teleporting into base will skip that.
  4. Maybe the issue is that quests pop up at the portal, not in base.
  5. not saying it is easy or fun but... Doing full clearances of DTO with two boosts gave me just under 2% xp per run at level 64. geared and built for high aoe dps a whipper can do 3 runs per hour. Leveling like this left me loaded with stacks of stamilar cubes and hexweaves.
  6. My major Athena burns 60 in combat and 45 out of combat, I believe thats correct?
  7. Moving the game to SSD I improved load times by some 50%. Some part of load time is network which you can not improve with fast storage.
  8. Ok, then it‘s just my luck not dropping any in over two years.
  9. Can anybody confirm that uni scanners really drop from these boxes? It used to be the case in early aeria times but i believe it was removed at some point and it‘s only a rumor ever since.
  10. It's not difficult but takes time
  11. Make an FK toon you'll have these items in abundance.
  12. The price drop in TT cards speaks for itself i would think. With the reduced drop rates it's too much work for a shard or two. I like the changes to mobs in TT hard mode. Groups with a healer (archbishop) are now killable for a whipper as well. Thank you. Normal mode archbishops are still too OP. Being range limited and slow the second boss with his buff minions suck. For these minions alone i would wish to have an acc bonus on one of the regular Athena attacks. I seem to miss sometimes. If after the pull I miss they buff. Edit: most of the time though the minions get through it is because I am stunned at that time. That boss would be more enjoyable with less frequent stun attacks. Apart from that the dungeon is near perfect for me. I like it. On a side note, major Athena is a joke. A very bad one. The 10% atk bonus, we all know, is just a number added to existing % multipliers and boils down to an unnoticable 1% actual dps increase. All other mechs have passives added that actually count. I'd rather have void or acc or crit instead of atk %. Same for Kali. Other Athena changes are hard to notice as well. Looking at other classes, pure envy.
  13. if it's the same mechanism as AT then the first butcher does nothing. You only need to kill the second to remove boss buff.
  14. Feedback from a pve WH (fully geared but far from claiming to be OP): - can hardly out-dps the healing of archbishops. The one at the start is the toughest, last time it took me 90 seconds just for this one mob, while bosses take about 100-150 seconds. Normal mode. Using stuns seems only to trigger more heals. - overall i reach end boss in under 30 minutes, just killing within nexus buff duration, then spend another 20 minutes for more mobs, checking crates and blood chamber. Hard mode overall 15 minutes more. - as a tank class you're not dying, but in large group of mobs wanting to use aoe attacks spend more than half the time stunned. Annoying and time wasting. - when you can't skip mobs they should at least give something that makes it not like wasting time. Maybe a small chance for RP chips like Ellis mobs. - Gold earned from mobs in normal mode is good considering the time invested, should be same in hard mode. On a side note, since Halloween patch, the whipper really sucks in pve. 30 individual nerfs to aoe range, target count, cooldowns and durations accross all skills feel like being set back 5 Levels. Or 10. In pvp, especially 1vs1, it doesn't even matter i guess. But pve in mobs, terrible.