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  1. iirc the quest with teleport was added with last years balance changes for those who somehow lost the original teleport skill. Is it still needed at all? There is still the original quest later on. How about just making it a shop item?
  2. That‘s why in my case i needed a new toon. 40+ cannot farm bc.
  3. I think the dungeons are ok. In nemesis it is just really hard to gear up. you enter Nemesis with shitty delta base gear suit, bangle and helmet there is nothing within your own power you can do to fix that. I know from first hand experience ? ended up making a new toon for a different approach.
  4. 1. Help! When I use my launcher nothing happens! 2. It fills me with profound happiness to follow you whereever you go. And to pick up junk along the way. 3. If you think my chat is cheesy and annoying... you haven't met the Narak yet!
  5. Tell me, how does it feel to get a healer‘s kiss? Don‘t make your hands dirty, let me get that junk for you. Do you have no enemies to fight?
  6. OK but given the PU‘s basic attack is NOT any more powerful than the SE‘s the resulting imbalance in this one particular case is extreme...
  7. Not a big deal really and not relevant for pvp but i was toying with auto attack and noticed the differences in CD. Each class has a basic attack of 60% with 0 bonus... Same for all but CD differs greatly. If put to unattended auto attack a SE (CD 0.8s) produces nearly twice the dps of a PU (1.4s), if the sim is correct. I don‘t see why this should be the case. I‘d suggest make it 1s for all, or if you want to keep differences make them more subtle.
  8. It’s not like self-dropped Ling jewels would make you op anyway... there are so many other things hard/impossible to get in Vile: SG, spanner, materials for pet chip upgrades, RP for major upgrades (much easier farmed in Ellis). The maxed toons have that sorted out with alts. Jewels are peanuts.
  9. 20% Attack Speed increase / Cooldown reduction means 20% increase in DPS for a 8 seconds.. I am curious to see the compensation for taking that away... for example on my toons on average a 2500 crit attack / 1500 crit rate buff would increase a short rotations damge by 20%... thought my excel might be totally wrong and i have no level 65 toon to run the numbers with.
  10. No I don't disagree. PVP is fun and it's the essence of this game. I'm just saying in lower Turnpike the pattern I always see is: crates first because people NEED this stuff and THEN check if there is a match for PVP. And in many cases there is no match but that's a different story. Besides that, I forgot to say: thank you for this great guide!
  11. Crates and towers are the main reason why players join lowbie BGs. Why is that wrong? Where else can you get uni necklace? You do these first and then see if there can be some pvp but usually the difference in strength is too big. And no, of course you don‘t deny lowbies their Turnpike crates.
  12. Tropical

    Pet Chat!

    1. Seriously, Arkana, can‘t you find a better guild? 2. Let‘s change faction. There is much better loot on the other side. 3. I wonder what happened to the 12th slot. I know it‘s there... somewhere...
  13. The loss of veteran players retiring can‘t be compensated by cannibalizing the lower caps, forcing them to level up, leaving Viledon and Nemesis deserted? On the contrary they do invaluable work by helping new players to learn the game, gear up, take them to battlegrounds and boss raids... giving newbies a good gaming experience right off the start. More incentives to level up might be a good idea, but a proper way to dexp would really be appreciated.