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  1. IGN: Daddy Wish: Enhanced Dimension Lord's Tooth
  2. Hi, I'd like to request these be put up either Altar/Mystery Boxes, thanks Vivi! ✔️07/23/20 ✔️07/30/20 ✔️07/30/20 ✔️07/23/20✔️07/23/20
  3. I'm not entirely sure bud, ask Bijuu member UniKitty she mentioned it could be healed through in world the day of the incident if I remember correctly, that only comes from having gone and tested it to see if its possible or not. We dont find this pot to be such a big deal and cried over since its accessible to everyone so we haven't cared to test that function out or not 😮
  4. Adding to it, before there's that one person that say's it not going to show up with all the buffs you get and or it's from a healers pov, the engineer pot buff icon would show up within your raid party members visible buffs bar below their name when in use. Just saying XD
  5. I agree @Jordan it loses the purpose of the self farming systems aside from going for gold rarity materials, but having them put into ep shop would help a bunch only simply for the success rate being 78% and EE rng being an sob and because of the few guilds (one of them being your old guild) that do have a leveled miner and or farmer rarely put +2/ 10% miner or farmer up to actually make any worth of having a lv12 npc, luckily upgraded npcs where put up for patch but have since poofed since saturday night/sunday morning and highly likely won't be put up for another blue moon. I will say addin
  6. Having played VGN's Twin Saga from day 1 until it's shut down, I'd also would like to see it's return and given another chance, this time with more content as the Taiwan version has gotten patches since the closing, giving the game more possibility at content especially with the aid of Jordan. Aeria's tragic server of any games they run which includes Twin Saga was never given a chance by me simply it being aeria, and .to's server of this game, well I did give it a chance since it was getting patches (still is?) and the want to play the game again, it just wasn't the same as VGN's by a mile, t
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