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  1. Because I saw you bring some new NPCs and turn them into pets So I think these NPCs can also be pets We don't have a new legendary pet. who has been a male for a long time πŸ˜„
  2. COSTUMES Black Cat Duke's Hairdo (Legendary)βœ”οΈ04/21/22 Fiery Temple Hairstyle (Legendary)βœ”οΈ05/13/22 Michelle's Twin Hairdo (Legendary) βœ”οΈ03/31/22 Furry Friend Tatto (Legendary) βœ”οΈ05/06/22
  3. My point is that the rate of the DSR Box is too high For dungeons that are very difficult It's not about the crafting system If you think you're okay with this When you get 3 DSR boxes after completing a dungeon that's your opinion. and i have no problem with it and that will be one of the opinions of the players. About the DSR box that Jordan will know but are you sure you're okay with all those boxes ? And yes, I know Jordan usually won't fix anything if it's not a bug but i posted this so that at least let him know and consider
  4. I ask @Jordan to fix the award from Celestial Corridor Dgn Because me and many players got a lot of this which in my opinion It shouldn't have a high gain rate. From difficult dungeons like CC I understand that you included a DSR box as one of the rewards to make that CC gear creation not done too quickly But the chance of getting a DSR box is too high and I think it's inappropriate So I ask you to change it so that the DSR box has a chance of getting only 1 out of 5 slots from the reward or fix the rate of getting it P.S. Sorry if my language is not good TY
  5. IGN : Kibana ITEM : Marquis Saad (Prime pet)
  6. PET Robust Idun (Altar) βœ”οΈ12/23/21 Clever Nine-Tail Fox (Gem Altar) βœ”οΈ12/20/21 βœ”οΈ12/16/21
  7. Crystal Blue Mechanical Light Wings βœ”οΈ11/25/21
  8. I only want G-Heal for my alt and ignore other Class Ability Bonuses But the information in the EE Vendetta Wiki and in-game doesn't match I would like to know which information is correct. If I only want G-Heal And hope the information will be checked and corrected. Thanks 😊
  9. Can you fix something about this ? I suggest my idea in case it might be possible - Allows it to be stacked in 1 slot (I understand this may not be possible. Because items can time out. and disappear from the slot) - Or make it able to be put into Arcane Box to combine multiple items into one to increase the duration I'm just imagining that I could put x5 Fluctuwave Device in the Arcane Box to combine them into one piece and changed from 2 days to 10 days I still have to do the same amount of Fluctuwave Device. and use the same materials The only thing that will change is I don't need a lot of alts to store all my supplies My request is to help players save more slots if possible That includes other items that waste the player's slots thank you πŸ˜„
  10. COSTUMES - Seraphic Wings (Legendary)βœ”οΈ09/30/21 - Stellar Silver Glowstick βœ”οΈ10/14/21 PET - Magic Meiβœ”οΈ09/30/21 - Magic Scarlet Vandra βœ”οΈ09/23/21 - Skillful Puss In Boots βœ”οΈ10/11/21 MOUNT -Starry Chubby Sheep (Legendary)βœ”οΈ09/30/21 COLORFUL DYE - Orange βœ”οΈ09/30/21 - Bright Orange βœ”οΈ10/04/21 - Sunlit Orange βœ”οΈ10/11/21 - Cider Orange βœ”οΈ10/07/21 - Pale Orange βœ”οΈ10/08/21
  11. I want to change PVE Cast SPD of Healer set as well It was a useless status right now We can add it in other ways, but we don't because the Healer has enough Cast SPD now so it would be nice to switch to M-Crit Rate, G-Heal Or from another comment like -Malice is still more useful than Cast SPD But in my opinion, the M-Crit Rate or G-Heal would be most helpful
  12. Is it able to prevent all Pray of the main pet? I want to be sure that all Prays of my main pet will still have all 3 slots All will not change ?? THX. πŸ˜€
  13. In the Dreadlore Lab Gem section Nightmare Gem is identified to use Claret Gore Match Lv6 as a material But when I prepared it, it became Claret Gore Plus Lv6 I don't know how to fix it I think I might not be able to do it myself. Therefore report it here
  14. thank u I was mistaken for seeing some people wear more than one.
  15. I put 2 skills of the Holy Gem on my weapons. But I have only 1 skill to learn. What should i do < Zephyr Strike Is the only skill that appears >
  16. I've just received the Blueprint Hammer Lv 115 already. But I'm not sure if it's worth the crafting So I came to ask questions here. Thank you. Maybe I craft it. Because I like to play AoJ
  17. I can't played for a long time Today I came back to the new dungeon. And found that no one played AoJ I want to know if it's still a good job or not. If I will play it in HoO, will everyone in the party be okay with it?
  18. I want to know the conditions of Petra's coming. In channels 1 - 2, I killed Sam and Petra. But in Channel 3-4, I killed all 3 bosses in The Battle of Time and Space but Petra didn't appear. Thank.
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