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  1. The 3 sp quest is everytime a deadly bore. I can say that the 4 sp is extremely simple and fast to perform. +1 for the increase in the drop rate of the items for the mission (especially for straw).
  2. Overall defence is very good for mages and swordman S-HP is kinda useless for everyone but if you find a very good armor with very good pvp effects you can use that. Reduce all malus% is very usefull for mages and sometimes for archers Increase res is usefull for mass pvp like 10vs10, riot into arena or frozen crownAct4
  3. For swordsmen the best PSPs are Hongbi Lucifer and Nelia. Hongbi makes you invisible and is great for ambushes. Lucifer is perfect against those people who fill A4 with buff without restraint. Nelia is great because it allows you to move an enemy near you and block it so you can skill it. From my experience I see more Hongbi on swordsmen, also because invisibility is useful a bit 'everywhere while lucifer only in A4.
  4. Well the answer is the global res effects up the armor. 20+ global res as S% Green effects is perfect for frozen crown. This+good jewelry wih good reduce crit damage and you can survive and kill at the same time. Or fernon s6 but we all know that is kinda impossibile if you dont have 30kkk?
  5. It is better to have an IC where people want to participate with maybe someone makes a couple more money than an IC in which almost no one participates. +1 on the old IC.
  6. Based on the fact that I am a mage. Those 3 extra points of HP/MP and those 15 of attack represent a real increase on my final damage and the amount of MP I receive? Also to do a total calculation of the damage I have to do: Weapon damage + enahnced damage +%UPweapon + S% Damage + S% Damage PVP(+my normal damage without weapon). Example: Type 700 + 98 + 200% + 19 + 21% = 2713 as total damage. Is this the calculation I have to do or is it different?
  7. Hi guys i have a "simple" question about the sp points with normal sp(SP+15) point and SL. If i have: One sp with 100 damage and 82 energy And one with 100 damage and 85 energy The difference is +15 damage in the sp sidebar effects. This +15 is very usefull? Is it essential or can it be compensated for by enhanced damage? Also how much is the difference between a S% damage in pvp 29% and a 42%?
  8. Yeah infact, probably how every Korean company has moved on those p2continue on the phone?
  9. Anyway @Elrond here some immage. First form Transormation skill Second Form
  10. Wow male skin is so weird ahah But hey with that i can play as a Kovolt?
  11. I thought nostale SE had closed and transfered outside Korea.
  12. By removing the "Furry" side they are so beautiful. Going to look in other forums I discovered that it could be a sp with a double element like the Renegade(but it is not a sure news). In any case, if Bash decided to implement the 4th class with its modifications, there would be a small wave of novelty regarding the PvP side. P.S Only now known as the graphic brand is no longer of Entewell but of this GameCyber, probably because Nostale Korean closed its doors and Gameforge decided to turn to other graphic designers. In any case, the fact that they are going forward is good news.
  13. You need to decide what you prefer, PvP PvE Frozen Crown etc etc. Normaly the best is the shadow stone for pvp and pve but if you love the pvp without res down and crit you can build the stone of destruction. If you wanna do fernon raids build the hourglass
  14. Yes As EmmaniloJarjas noted years ago the dg used the wand. Yes, but the dg is used in particular for the pvp 1v1.
  15. Thanks....i guess. Infact i expressed myself badly. The shell of the armor concerned more on: Which of these effects is more versatile in PVP maps? In any case, thank you for your suggestion.