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  1. The 3 sp quest is everytime a deadly bore. I can say that the 4 sp is extremely simple and fast to perform. +1 for the increase in the drop rate of the items for the mission (especially for straw).
  2. Honor


    Well after the new "antibotsystem" the auto pick should be a good idea. Rather, I would propose to enable it only in the maps of Act 6. Since there is still the risk of some pg bot intromission, the best choice is to enable it for people who have decent equipment to be able to farm from those monsters.
  3. Overall defence is very good for mages and swordman S-HP is kinda useless for everyone but if you find a very good armor with very good pvp effects you can use that. Reduce all malus% is very usefull for mages and sometimes for archers Increase res is usefull for mass pvp like 10vs10, riot into arena or frozen crownAct4
  4. Honor

    New prices

    On this I agree. This thing was created to fight those who buy gold for real money. It's definitely a boring thing for some secondary players, but it's useful for fighting these illegal exchanges. I played a couple of games and noticed this problem many times. When a bug happened some players were punished for exploiting, even if the bug was caused by the programmers. Other games simply fixed the bug and only punished those who took too much advantage of it. In any case you are right to say that this reduction in gold will favor some and disadvantage others. I read what Bash said about changes to gold and to players suspected of using bugs. I am sure that this thing will go to favor those who had huge sums in the banks or in the invenctory\alts pg. Maybe I'm wrong but in any case punishing everyone for an error made by some is certainly wrong, it is better to punish only the responsible or not to punish anyone (because in any case the problem is caused by those who program the game and has left these gleams of hacking ). In any case, I respect all the work Bash and his team have done.
  5. As for the Red mage agree with the changes you have proposed. As for the Holy, There is not much to say. Either you make this sp directly from PvP or you change it a little to increase the support it offers in raids. For the blue magician I find myself once again in agreement with what you have proposed. The balance between the various stuns and the new magician shield seems to me excellent. Only note on Blizzard's stun. -Reducing it from 80 to 50 seems excessive, I would propose a 65%. As for the DG, I disagree only with two thing: 1) -Chance of inflicting critical hits is increased by 30% ---> 10% -Remove: Critical damage has increased by 50% -Add: Long-range attacks increases (Player Level * 2) -The improvement you propose is not at all fair with respect to what would be subtracted. The DG is based on critics and many players have bought perfect guns to make the most of the critics. 2) Furthermore, with regard to the two buffs, the best thing would be to reduce the recharge time of the two skills. From 300 seconds--->100 seconds. For the volcano I would have a counterproposal on the Magma Plating skill. - Increase the buff duration to 200 300 seconds - Defence against 5000 critical damage - All defense powers are increased by (player level 1) - Movement speed is increased by 1 For the TL, in addition to the improvements you've proposed, I would have two suggestions regarding the two buffs he has. -Sea Bleading Increase defense level 1 -> 2 -The possibility to avoid malus under lv 3 is 5% ----> 15% As for his bubble - Reduce damage to 30 ---> 35% -Heal 30% --- 25% of the damage reducing the MP -Defence against 7000 critical damage -It does not disappear due to too much damage. As far as the Seer is concerned, I agree with the modification of the Illusion skill circle, the latter should also be applied to his Time lost skill because as you have pointed out, sometimes these abilities are not applied because of a badly scripted terrain. As for the magician's shield, I agree to reduce the damage and maybe even the speed if the Defense against 7000 critical hits effect is applied. For the lighting: 80% Absorb (lv players) *10MP---> 20MP Time lost: Here I would propose to completely change this skill. It is almost useless and difficult to apply in a PvP. I would suggest turning it into a shareable buff: -100% possible to reduce skill recharge time by 30% - Decrease the speed by 2 - Duration 50 seconds As for his buff and the possibility of teleporting 4 cells: - Possibility of teleporting 4 cells -> 6 cells For the archmage, I agree very much with your changes and I would be happy if my previous suggestion regarding the sacred mist was implemented in the balancing series: https://forum.vendettagn.com/index.php?/topic/7803-little -change-to-sacred-mist-of-the-archimage /
  6. For swordsmen the best PSPs are Hongbi Lucifer and Nelia. Hongbi makes you invisible and is great for ambushes. Lucifer is perfect against those people who fill A4 with buff without restraint. Nelia is great because it allows you to move an enemy near you and block it so you can skill it. From my experience I see more Hongbi on swordsmen, also because invisibility is useful a bit 'everywhere while lucifer only in A4.
  7. Well the answer is the global res effects up the armor. 20+ global res as S% Green effects is perfect for frozen crown. This+good jewelry wih good reduce crit damage and you can survive and kill at the same time. Or fernon s6 but we all know that is kinda impossibile if you dont have 30kkk?
  8. It is better to have an IC where people want to participate with maybe someone makes a couple more money than an IC in which almost no one participates. +1 on the old IC.
  9. I have read the suggestion twice and even now I have not understood what kind of idea you are trying to propose. I don't want to be rude either, but it seems to me that you have trouble making money. On this game you have to make money and that's it. Or you spend it to buy already buys and it takes you three times as long. Or produce the items you want on your own, taking the risk of losing money. The fact of not being able to interact with the market means that players cannot in any way progress in the game. This is because even if you somehow get to 88+1 you would have no hope of getting the C equip for expare in act 6.2. If this suggestion aims to create a gameplay where the aim is to create your own stuff but having incredible drop and UP buffs im totally disagree. This idea will not in any way give the other players the incentive to resume playing. We need new PvP and PvM activities to encourage players to continue. Unfortunately Bash is one and runs 3 games. It is better to focus on specific things like the famous dungeons or the AOT.
  10. Based on the fact that I am a mage. Those 3 extra points of HP/MP and those 15 of attack represent a real increase on my final damage and the amount of MP I receive? Also to do a total calculation of the damage I have to do: Weapon damage + enahnced damage +%UPweapon + S% Damage + S% Damage PVP(+my normal damage without weapon). Example: Type 700 + 98 + 200% + 19 + 21% = 2713 as total damage. Is this the calculation I have to do or is it different?
  11. Hi guys i have a "simple" question about the sp points with normal sp(SP+15) point and SL. If i have: One sp with 100 damage and 82 energy And one with 100 damage and 85 energy The difference is +15 damage in the sp sidebar effects. This +15 is very usefull? Is it essential or can it be compensated for by enhanced damage? Also how much is the difference between a S% damage in pvp 29% and a 42%?
  12. +1 Why not? Is usefull. And +100 for the return of the global speakers?