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  1. I don't get why reputation has to be seen like a "pvp" matter/feature. Removing all sources of income reputation other than glacernoon for me it's wrong, as it's wrong to divide players into two categories (pve and pvp) and make two different rankings for each other. For me that's wrong to label everything, it makes people feel less good than others for a stupid reason.
  2. In addiction i would add the option to change the symbol itself choosing whatever u like the most. I mean, something like the title system : u get up to 5kk rep? u got unlocked all rep symbols up to red star. Open a tab like the title system one and you can choose which one to use. I really prefer the half moon rep to the star XD
  3. Well yea, i was used to farm in a6.2 to get cash, and the nerf it's noticeble : in 8 hours before the patch i was able to get 200kk only with blue souls -- now it's 40kk less. Price for c25/28 eq is lowered but looks like price for the erenia boxes still the same as before the patch, just a shame. Another thin i noticed is that now there is less people buying leeching in a6.2... But tha'ts not the right topic to discuss this; i still think that the VGNShop it's already a very good gold mine if you know how to. People who knows how to use it, also know that to get good profit from VGNShop u need to be patient and wait, aka is not a process that grants you gold instantly. Removing this "feature", for me it's just a big buff to an already strong "gold-earning-way".
  4. Then a lot of people are just scums to me The thing i really can't accept is about this people having to put their credits card in game to get gold; what's the purpose of the game itself then? That's not even a game anymore at this point, because u just download/install it, use ur credit card, get a huge amount of cash and buy the stuff for ur character. Literally u avoid the game itself with it's progression and mechanisms-- but anyway, im against putting more "ways" to get gold throught the VGNShop.
  5. That's not a player in that case. Only scums buy and sell gold in my opinion; "players" just play the game as it is and gather cash in the ways the game offers.
  6. You're not wasting 3 hours of your time for nothing: actually making the stuff to get over trade limit requirements it's a "progress"
  7. The point is stop complaining about this little things and just play. People have to stop thinking about Vendetta as a game where they jump right into end-game without any effort (aka a very esiest and fast version of official nostale). This server has it's own identity and have to be considered as it is; regarding the sp point question, i also want to mention that when i started out on this server i faced the same difficulty at low leve: i just got my first sp but i couldnt use it that much because of lacking of sp points. So the choices for me where the same as for u, but i also got the opportunity to buy a 150k (?) sp point potion from bazar around 300-400k.. and u know what? The time i spent farming this 300/400k was the same as if i went to farm the 10k ones in glacernoon.. just wanted to speed up the process like a dumbass.
  8. XDDDDDDDDDDDDD Let's add dander seeds, too hard to farm! Anyways, for sp potion u have plenty of options: drop in glacernoon (3x each drop), drop from normal mobs (sunny meadows drops the cards that are worth 1k points), craft food that grants sp points (also glacernoon food gives sp point)
  9. That sounds like a lazy ass to me Drop-rate is way higher on this server, i still drop from sunny meadows at lv 99+50, maybe i don't drop 4x seeds every mob for sure, but in 10-15min i can gather way enough seeds for a time-space or two.
  10. ×÷·.·´¯`·)»Go make quest-line«(·´¯`·.·÷×
  11. Explain me why a slowdown to the playing expirience is bad. Explain me which kind of difficulty a new player can find if u get a package filled up with eq/snacks/blessing/potions every 20 levels, while leveling with act1 quests gets u to lv83 in few hours. Less gold income from bots/goldsellers = prices going down = new players benefit, older player not that much different from the past, he still grind for loot in a6 or do raids for selling boxes. Spending more time doing in-game activities to gain gold it's just an overall benefit for the life of the server.
  12. Ive been playin' nostale since italian server beta (around 2007) and i had plenty of characters there too.. i made act1-2-3 questline about..15 or 20 times already, buuut im not coming to the forum screaming about how stupid, non-sense and boring the questline is, now that is something we NEED to do if we want to have freedom with trades. The only people with a toxic attitude i see are all of this guys complaining about "making the act1 questline" I really don't get the point on complaining about such a stupid thing. It has already been said that to meet this requirements and get access to trades it's about some hours of your time, nor days/months; as u can spend 8h /day being sit in nosville watching for the ill-informed guy that will sell u something to resell for way more gold and make u a profit, you can also just go rush act1 questline. The only post i appreciate regards this patch are the ones that asks for better droprate of quest-items and such as; this people suggesting this kind of thing just tried to figure out a solution to the main problem of doing the questline for a high level player : the low droprate. For me the rest of you that just complain about doing the act1 questline and say that devs have made a bad job with the latest patch are just lazy asses (not to offend anyone but it's the truth). Try to figure out a solution to make this questline thing easier to you, instead of just complaining about the whole thing.. And anyway, if such a little thing makes people quit the game, well, i think that they don't even care that much about the game itself.
  13. Done act1 questline on 3 of my main characters (2 before patch, the third yesterday night) U're just lazy guyz
  14. Go act5.2 magmaros have good drop rate for those