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  1. General guideline: Do act 1 so you can reach lv 83, then do lod until lv89 and 50% At lv89 with 50%, go to act 6, start the quest and after completing u'll be lv93 You can exp c-level by yourself getting r5+8 eq lv92/93, a sp(tide lord for mages) +10 or+ and a party You can also exp c-level by buying service from other people (generall 15/20kk for hour) [doing so you can reach lv25 in 2 max 3 hours] For mage specific : most used sp are archmage/tide lord for mobbing, seer and dg for raid zenas (dg fernon too), rest of sps mostly for fun or arena. Pet and partner : i prefer fluffy bally but fibi it's a good option too. Foxy or Fiona S buff for extra 180 AP+cooldown reduction, cheongbi for fernon raids. Trophies (vendetta's feature): Shadow Stone general usage, hourglass for fernon raids (there is also something pvp wise, check the guide in the appropriate section) As for shells best investment is getting good Sls; on mage sps usually go max element and then put the rest into attack. A optimal build should be 70 attack and 100 element (def/hp remaining points if u got) [you can reach this by using eq with 15+ element sl, 10+ attack sls, 10 overall sl and a sp +13/+14].
  2. Ciri995

    A bounty hunter system

    If a player want to be exluded from this "bounty system" to avoid being killed randomly when walking into nosville, then he must be given a chance to do so. Some time ago i entered arena to speak with a friend of mine and got killed like 100 times in 10 minutes by a guy who was anger at me without apparently reason; i didn't even try to reply at his attacks because my character it's pve oeriented and i had no chance to damage him. Also i had no reason at all to attack him, since i did nothing to make him mad at me. I would like to don't see this kind of expirience putting a free pvp without the choice to be exluded from it. And i mean exluded at all, like 24h/7d
  3. Ciri995

    A bounty hunter system

    Why? If a player won't to be involved into any kind of pvp enviroment, it should have the chance to block this kind of feature. I mean we are talking of free pvp in all maps. Why do i have to get killed if i don't even want to do any kind of pvp? What happen if a player hates me so much that put a bounty on my characters everytime he can? I have to be killed because of a childish behavior?
  4. Ciri995

    A bounty hunter system

    Not that bad idea but have to work on the restrictions. If a player won't to be involved in pvp habits, need to have a chance to be ignored by the system
  5. Ciri995

    Updates 2018/19 Official Server

    Ok new wings are dope
  6. Ciri995

    Question about zenas luxury high heels

    Well i saw it for 200 to 400kk too a while ago, but everyone i asked to, said me that it's worth literally nothing and are usless
  7. Hi, wanted to ask about this item since i don't see anywhere for a while. Is it useful? Has some value? Someone told me that costs 20k gold x_x
  8. Ciri995

    Specialist Gender Item / Magic Lamp v2

    +1 i agree with that There are some sp's that looks way better in a gender than another
  9. Ciri995

    Remove Time boat for act 4/5

    There is a timer for ships maybe because u have to get on them in time if u want to do the relative raids (FC raid have a timer for a reason); if u get there in late, well, your problem. Next time plan wisely what to do and get there asap. If you dare to make some explainations about WHY timers of ships should be removed and this reasons are a valid topic then do it and let's argue. Otherwise your sentence it's pointless.
  10. Ciri995

    Remove Time boat for act 4/5

    I don't get why people ask about stupid things like this to make the game easier and faster as already it is Faster/easier don't means more enjoyable
  11. Ciri995

    What do people buy with VGN points?

    There are plenty items good for reselling in the shop: Pet beads (21-25kk), perfumes (130k), divine fairy boxes (1,5-1,8kk).. There is also people who buy a huge amout of VGNs from other players and throught screen share they open mystery boxes and give the rewards to the one who bought the VGNs
  12. Ciri995

    Hourglass trophy

    Oh well nice to know
  13. Ciri995

    Hourglass trophy

    Another question relative to the hourglass: Why is hourglass preferred over shadow stone for fernon raids? And also, is there a class that works better with hourglass trophy (pve wise)?
  14. Ciri995

    Shells Options

    Anyway, i still thing we need some changes for the s-options. Basically 2/4 of "S option feature on shells" it's usless (refering to s-dmg large monsters and elemental prop). In this game only 2 options matters (s-%todmg and overall sls), the rest has no use, for real.
  15. Ciri995

    SP3 "Wiggler" [Straw] Drop Rate needs to be increased

    What about ts61? What's in there?