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  1. Ciri995

    Swordis SP choice in A6.1 OR 6.2

    It's not a must have, and of course you can just do fine without them.. but as i said, he could struggle in a long run with that.. If he want a safe and chill option, having this stats on his eq paired with good sls it's the best way
  2. Ciri995

    Swordis SP choice in A6.1 OR 6.2

    U would do fine as renegade in 6.1, for 6.2 i'd say u would struggle a lot. U missing property/energy and also enchdmg/lower society on primary weapon (necessary for 6.2 imho)
  3. Ciri995

    Swordis SP choice in A6.1 OR 6.2

    For a 6.2 farming monk or blade are very good, but as i see from shells u don't have enhanched dmg/evil/lower society options.. also water prop wouldve help a lot. For 6.1 renegade its the best, need to get 100 points into atk and some into element.. ur only sl is damage and overral, ur missing most of sls.. also energy could help, having a lot of points into energy grant u atk bonuses.
  4. Ciri995

    C 45 Weapons price

    Meh, i don't know if 100 base dmg more can make a huge difference but.. a friend of mine had a c45 r7+9 with shell stats way less than mine.. he hit 6-9k more than me with normal basic attack. Anyway i agree to put "flat" prices for equip to sell to NPC (i bought a c48 armor a month ago and when i understood that i could only sell to npc for 15k i got blasted lul)
  5. Ciri995

    Make next season +48 only in RCB

    I just don't get the point on making a "reward" avaible to only c48+ Just make things more accesible to everyone, do not rule out a big portion of players
  6. Ciri995

    A option to change classes

    What should ruin? Price inflaction on weapons/equips because people switch class as they wish? I dont think so.. there are a lot of equip avaible for all classes and price won't go down because most of good eq its made by betting and there is fresh equip every hour we play
  7. Ciri995

    A option to change classes

    Agree with this, just wondering why this thing is not on official server, maybe there is something in the code that cannot be changed
  8. Ciri995

    Fernon raid questions

    Wanted to ask to people who knows that raid.. it's ranger viable? Someone said me that they usually pick only scouts because meteors can crit and scouts have crit reduction that true? Im asking that because i got a 99+14+55 ranger and i want to put onyx on it.. (scout only 99+13)
  9. Ciri995

    S Monster Effect on Fernon

    I found a old topic on italian forum of Nostale and S-Dmg to large monsters was intended to work with raid bosses
  10. Ciri995

    Any thoughts on making perfection stones tradeable?

    You can also farm maines/dracos by opening Erenia boxes 😊
  11. Ciri995

    Any thoughts on making perfection stones tradeable?

    Is it so hard to just farm maines and dracos on your own? It will take time but i can't understand how people can have time to make billions and no time to farm little stuff..
  12. What u need with really good sls? As said, all i want to know its what is good and what is bad in shell option choice for my swordman, considering that i won't invest a lot into c25 equip since i just want to rush the c45. Of course i want at least get 100 points into atk and 50 on element for my sps (i think to lure in a6 u still need dmg on renegade, or am i wrong?) and to do so i need overral +10 and sl dmg/prop around 13-15 each
  13. Ciri995

    Make r7/r8 more % succesful

    Nothing more to say As i said in the other topic, its just random.. you're not the only one spending such money for nothing. Plus most of r7 eq with "decent" shell options are already cheap..
  14. About raids i dont care that much. My fam host erenia very often so i can join even with bad shell.. just want to be useful in some way. I knew about ele prop being a nice option too but since ive never had such option on my weapons i really don't know how it works related to s-dmg.. For the armor question, how do "recovery while def" works? I saw some armors with 60%+ for very low price, i thought it was usless