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  1. Just set players full hp after transforming into a SP in that case, look simpler.
  2. Ultimate


    Actually, I do not even get how bots can be a problem concerning auto-pickup. In all case, they'll drop everything. And the goal for this patch was "So now we won't have to worry about exploit" if they still do it will mean that the whole patch is useless.
  3. Ultimate


    +1, since bots aren't a problem anymore
  4. With the new trading system implemented, my suggestion is now even easier (to not say already developed). To fix the issue "what to do with useless eq", I suggest allowing independents players to drop items so they can give it to a "normal char" (alt) which will be able to sell it normally. Even if it does not support his current char, he can still make use of useless drops by helping someone else or having a second char without this mode
  5. Good idea, so having only one account which meets requirements is required.
  6. Because you said that you think of features only based on singleplayer, but the major part of the community have alts. I believe that this suggestion makes all this patch worth for everyone. I know that in your perspective 1-55 isn't a big deal, but is what I said that hard to implement that we have to all deal with 5 hours of walking/speaking? (sure, without counting alts) The point: changing the "just do it" to "there's nothing" without any side problem The only bad side I can think of is maybe that some sellers have a lot of alts with them, but the 30/15 days delay will remove a lot, maybe that some GM will still have to check maps for some time, but it is still worth the 5 hours that you remove to more than 2000 players
  7. Saying "people who do not support us are gold sellers" is maybe a too easy argument. Wasn't it possible to remove the condition for all existing accounts for more than X months and who connected in the last 30/15 days? It is literally the same for you but without the bad sides
  8. But leveling to c45 alone is also much harder
  9. Ultimate

    New prices

    Not when this change requires to invest more than 5 hours PER CHAR for absolutely nothing. Also, can I ask how do we care about gold sellers? We do not, you're the only one who does, in our perspective we can already buy gold using VGN, but in yours, it means less revenue. BUT, like said above it will now be a singleplayer game, will new players get the bravery to go into ts55 alone to FINALLY buy mystery boxes to sell them to other players? The answer is probably not. So now the math is, are you the winner at the end?
  10. Ultimate

    New prices

    I do not approve everything he said, but he's right when saying that it's wrong to change the game mechanic only to prevent exploits. So now we are in a game directed by economies where 50% of players can't play their roles. Am I really forced to play around 1 week to have my 4 char able to play the game NORMALLY? (new players will now only play alone since they just can't interact with anyone) The new equipment gift is just useless, we never lack power, we are just traveling around all the game to speak with everyone EDIT: btw, remove all equipments from raidbox before a5 raids, they are useless
  11. Ultimate

    New prices

    Just gonna wait until the final solution is found, unplayable right now.
  12. Ultimate

    New prices

    You should just buy them at nosb... nevermind... Just make another char to kill each monster and let your main char get the drop, oh wait you also can't drop...
  13. Ultimate

    New prices

    3 days? I have to do quests for my 3 char and my char where ALL my gold are So let's say x2 time ts 1-55 quest (if I take 2 char each time, just look at the trouble)
  14. Ultimate

    New prices

    I'm personally completely against it, it is just annoying for the majority of players only to delay gold sellers. Not worth the trouble.