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  1. Actually i would not agree with this idea, cause beta player would permanently have an advantage and for new players its not able to get this costume anyway
  2. Actually disable wof is a nice idea, didnt think that way before. but resurection woudl be way easier cause u have like 5sec to resurect someone with wof and respawn its like 20sec or 30sec for sure. 3- I thought u meant the whole map but just the respawn area would be fine, i thought u meant to make the whole map a healing zone and people can go out of the portal hit and go in with instant heal.
  3. Well actually the base idea of an MMORPG is that u have to farm for ur stuff xD. But i know what u mean maybe they should increase the droprate a bit more so its even possible for high level players to do the quest without farming 2h without a reason
  4. 1. Actually that would destroy act 4 kinda hard cause people can sit infront of your start map and just revive each other all the time , atm they have to use wof so u have a bit time to catch them 1 by 1. 2. I would not add that since act 4 is a ''mode'' where u fight as a huge group against each other. It would destroy the ''team play'' and things like War etc would be unbalanced. Some people abuse the system and buff in the miniland with alts. Maybe it would be better to just try to 'delete' that. 3. Not a bad idea, but often people would just go out fight and run in for full heal and the enemy cant go for u.
  5. Well what do u expect they are just desperate and can't do anything they will keep continue trying to get back their Players.
  6. Well Gameforge is just desperate. They won't accept VGN. I mean it's kinda understandable cause they lost more than 50% of their Player base to VGN.
  7. Actually a pretty nice idea +1.
  8. +1 absolutely true. but i think the high defiinition is not the style of Nostale at all. they should make them look more like the game.
  9. That's the kind of costume / wings color i expected pretty nice but i dont know what Bash is going to add.
  10. Actually some of your ideas are pretty nice, but i doubt bash will implement your first potion. he was always against some kind of auto feed your pets to keep at least a bit work for the players.
  11. Thats a nice idea but i would change the numbers so people with hero level 45-50 are able to buy 4kkk+ items tho. just create a log if possible where u can see all trades of the day and the amount of gold so the gs could see suspicious stuff
  12. Hey, I had the idea to create sth like rewards for Rainbow battle. I would suggest to do it like u gain sth for playing 100,250,500,1000 wins and maybe at 1000 wins u gain jennifers hat so its possible to get it without being just lucky. I mean i know its strong and a rare drop but its kinda demotivating to spam Rainbow for jennifers hat but its like a 0.01% chance. I know it would be negative for people who already obtained the hat but i think after 1000 wins u deserve one Leave your opinion in the comments
  13. Yea thats right but i think it would be better to just reset the quest to the last timespace for those who already completed it. So they dont have to do it twice.
  14. I think this is a good advise for spanish people, because most of them are not that good in english and maybe they can't even find items in the bazar cause they are not able to translate them. Great work!