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  1. Well what do u expect they are just desperate and can't do anything they will keep continue trying to get back their Players.
  2. Well Gameforge is just desperate. They won't accept VGN. I mean it's kinda understandable cause they lost more than 50% of their Player base to VGN.
  3. Hope u can give me a statement after
  4. alright good to know thank u i was thinking about exp my martial artist but first i want to know is it even worth it to start
  5. Hey, I would just ask all of you what are your experiences with the new class? is it viable or to weak? just write down your opinion
  6. +1 As well this bug was already known on the official server. i know its hard but u can do nothing just write a ticket and hope that bash can help u out. I mean just think about it. the gold cap is 2kkk so why u have 1b and want to take out an item worth 2b. that was ur own fault
  7. I think Kliff is the cheapest way to get a good partner. With a costume for round about 20kk? u can add speed so its as fast as Tom. If u have enough money i would suggest u to just go for Ragnar instead
  8. There are also Blue souls in act 3 but they are really rare compared to red souls
  9. A nice place to lure would be Hell Ruins 2 or Hell gate 4. Maybe u should watch some videos on youtube there are many tutorials how to lure good in act 6
  10. Main Questline till ts 55 and exp at act 5. With Valhalla quest u can reach lv 88-89 and do the a6 quest to get to 92/93 without LOD. There are a lot more ways than on the official server because u gain way more %