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  1. Ferox

    Reputation ranks

    I could just repeat what I wrote before. absolutely not challanging - Ofc it is challanging, you could check the ranking ingame (n -> Rep. Rankings) and see that it is not full of 200kk players yet (Isn't working atm, should be back soon I guess).And if you do those 25k rep raids only (for pve players e.g.), you still need to do 8.000 raids and that is a lot of work. not worthit / you get nothing out of it - Why are you playing games? It's not because you earn money from it or something else. You just do it for fun, don't you? For some players (like me) it is worth to have a lot of rep, because it's fun and a goal some players want to reach (having 200kk rep). For pve it's not really worth to level up to c50 too but some players do that because it looks better -> not worth? I don't think reducing everyone's rep is a good way to handle this. You can compare it with reducing everyone's gold by 20%. Not many players really liked that. But I do agree with the basic idea to do more about reputation in Nostale. Like inserting new icons (10kk rep, 20kk rep, 50kk rep, 100kk rep, 200kk rep) or just raising the reputation limit to 500kk for example.
  2. Ferox

    Reputation ranks

    Because you want to reach the limits that games give you. Many players want to reach achievements and having 200kk rep is one of them. Do you have 200kk rep? There are not that many players with 200kk rep so it is an attractive goal to reach. You can abuse those special speakers to annoy people. I do think that it could annoy many players even if they are limited to 10/day (3 top players = 30 speaker/day).
  3. Ferox

    Reputation ranks

    -1 - There are players that tryhardet to get that amount of reputation. It's not fair to reset all (e.g. a player with 200kk rep and a player with 15kk rep) to 1kk rep. - Those special speakers are annoying af (If you mean the orange one which appears on the lower center of your screen, I saw those on the german official server). They are like family shoutouts. Turning off all speakers won't help here if you want to read the normal ones.
  4. Am I the only one who does not like that 2 movement speed, which makes nearly all of the other wings useless? Imo, the movementspeed you get from wings, is one of the main reason to buy them (pve player!!!!!!!!).
  5. https://prnt.sc/o1jyqh It's a meme you uncultured piece of society example: https://prnt.sc/o1jzoe
  6. Wait. That's illegal.
  7. Please stop. That's not Nostale anymore. That's cancer.
  8. +1 I got one adventurer c30+ too and with that update he is kinda useless. Why would you not at least give them the same requirements? Edit: lol did not read the name first, that's my family/me!
  9. - 🐻Puppet Master's Costume Set🐻- 🔥Blazing Fire Wings🔥 / ❄️Frosty Ice Wings❄️
  10. Ye ik, the second post was written 1 week later because those items didn't make it and the third post was triggered by that "costume weapon" suggestion you read every week. x)
  11. "oNyX, sTeAmPuNk and FrEe fIbI" nah, still what he says 👇😋😘