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  1. https://prnt.sc/p4ddl0
  2. How tf do you have all pets and partners with lvl 88
  3. Who the hell is still using Facebook?
  4. Did you even play the game? Show me that a normal player does 200kk rep in 1 month without tryharding as hard as hell and I will agree and reward you with a lot. That's just straight bullshit and lies here for me. Edit: I don't think that I am an insane gamer at all, no one said that. But I do think that 160kk rep is not nothing. Also I am a pve Player, I don't do that rep by just standing in a4 for days and killing everything I see. And yea of course there are players who would have a lot more than 200kk rep now but they don't play for like 1-3 months. Most of them are here for more than a year or even years.
  5. Pretty senseless to answer you again. I stay with my opinion. If I create a new acc now, of course I can reach much rep in a short time. But new players surely can't. For me your opinion about rep is completely dumb and wrong. 200kk rep is an achievement and it is a lot of work.
  6. For me it clearly is. It's not like you can start playing Nostale Vendetta and reach 200kk rep within a few months.
  7. I'm one of those players who gives a fuck about rep. I'm at 160kk atm and I want to reach the 200kk limit. So just resetting everyones reputation to 0 would be damn unfair. (I asked that question above for a friend. Would not make sense if I collect rep but want to go to 0 for different icons)
  8. Not weird flex bro. Good luck, wish you the best there. :)
  9. Ferox


    I like your name
  10. Is it still possible to go down on reputation to get different icons? Will you get the trade limit back? (Sry if someone answered me tonight in chat. I can't read it now) 🦅
  11. Stop complain Posi, quit again x) 🖖🏼 It was a nice time with you coming back. Cya soon again bro!