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  1. Been fun, gave items away to some ppl in nosville and fam cya
  2. Since this is in general discussion, I suppose it's here to discuss? Not really sure why nobody replied. It's inevitable there will be bad vibes in any situation or case, some people like to dislike things, it's normal. However I believe some of the "hatred", though I believe it not to be that strong, I would say discontent towards many decisions and especially staff members are completely justified. For example just this week, myself and a family member got threatened with a ban for killing someone in arena, the GS kept asking me why I was hunting him to which I replied, I can hunt who I want it's arena. He then told me that I am "harrassing" a GS and hunting him "because he's a GS" in an attempt to ban me. Sadly unlike the majority of people in this server, when a staff member is completely bull shitting, I'll call him out, I said "Ban me if I'm breaking the rules" "Ban me I dare you", which he didn't, he knew he was talking shit, I knew he was talking shit, he just wanted me to stop killing him. When you give a normal player the power over others whom they may not like, they will abuse it, whether it be physically by banning someone, or threatening them with it. Another example was Pecado whom was threatened by a GS that attacked him first. He literally got hit first and threatened with a ban when he attacked back, it's ridiculous. Once the GS was called out on his bullshit he twisted the story to yourself and said "He's hunting me because I banned him on discord", he tried to get a player banned because he didn't do his job correctly as a GS, then when people called him out covered it up with more lies? Hunting, killing or disrupting a staff member due to a mute or ban, is a bannable offence. Hunting, killing or disrupting a staff member due to them being staff, is a bannable offence, neither me nor my fam mate were killing them for either of these reasons, yet were threatened with it. When a clear abuse of power is shown and nothing happens a dislike and yes maybe even hatred will be built up, it's very obvious whether or not you want to agree that there is bias and unfairness within the staff team and that will not change, the GS decide which GS join, they pick their friends, they help the people they want more than others and will and have tried to get people they dislike banned for false reasons, often being successful, I've had GS's telling me they're "recording" me in arena just to try get me banned, it builds up more "Anxiety" which I'll comment on below and is a shit experience to have. Regarding the "Innocent Bans (Apparently causing anxiety)", I don't believe the word apparently should be used here. You're looking purely based off the perspective the ban is "temporary" and to gain information via discussion. However, you forget people's money and time both go into this game, a ban temporary or not, is just that, a ban. If you imagine you enter your bank account to see how much money you have left and your funds are 0 and account is locked you're going to shit yourself, if you then call up your bank and they say "Yeah, we removed all your money and locked your cards we wanted to talk about a suspicious transaction", that's not what happens. There would be absolute uproar and repercussions against the bank for doing that. In principle it's the same thing, you're taking people's "money", regardless of if you see it that way, temporarily to discuss why they "might" be banned? It's ridiculous and most definitely will cause anxiety not apparently. Alternatively, leave a note to the player that their account will be frozen in nosville and to open a ticket as an investigation is taking place on their account, leave them unable to trade or play, but don't just ban them? At least that way they know to directly create a ticket, discuss the reason they're under suspicion and attempt to fix it. I know if I saw / have seen my account get banned my first thought is "nice, again" and my second thought is "what the fuck did I even do?" I would say at least 9 times out of 10 majority of people have no idea why they're banned, it's the same with mutes, I've logged on and gotten a 48 hour mute, no note, no reason for a mute, I'm just left sitting there not knowing what happened. I better not even get started on mutes because they're the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen, I can tell someone "go die loser" and a GS tells me I'm "threatening their life", "wish death upon someone" is that a joke? If I lose rbb or someone notes me offering 20kk for an onyx wing and I say "go die" do you really think I want them to keel over? Yet someone calls me a faggot, cunt, inbred, waste of oxygen, drug addict, homeless whatever as an example, "oh just blacklist them", "it's just online things it's expected" it's ridiculous. Clearly you care about the server, or you wouldn't constantly release updates, listen to people where you can, be active on forum and interact with people. Especially when you go out of your way to say bad things about for example, nefasto, falagardo, shows you do care since it's impacting the server and you're open about your anger towards it. I don't really think anyone believes you're only in it for the money, if they do it's pretty obvious that it's untrue. I think both these sections go hand in hand really the same applies to both, there's more to your upkeep of this server than money and you clearly do care about it and your players, however I believe you have to realise, your GS are players, they are your community, they did not take a CRB and do a university degree in Psychology or some shit to become a GS, they wrote a pretty form and guess what, the other GS they know voted them in. Their word should not be the bible and when you're up against a player saying one thing, a GS saying the opposite and you're undecided, it's YOUR decision, you should not be swayed by what they say, I can't say to my CEO to stop doing business with a customer, I'm not on an equal level with him, yes I'm sure if I raised a concern about something it would be looked into, however in real terms it won't change much, I believe the GS do good things but I completely 100% believe they're far outweighed by the bad. I haven't seen a bot in ages and to be honest, that's all a GS was really needed for. I believe you work hard and try hard to uphold your integrity and be fair and calm with people and trust me I know full well people are moany fuckers, I'm a moany fucker half the community is, people complain where the server goes down for a 30 minute maintenance, no point at all getting worked up over it. However I believe you often jump the gun when people for example lost their items in inventory you said "it's impossible" or when people can't log-in you say "you entered your id pw onto falagardos site", when people disagreed with the implementation of the trade requirements, half the server became "gold sellers". It's just not true and I think that you personally should work on that though it may not be my place to say. I also believe you do take names as I've seen first hand that you've brought up past incidences to validate a ban, things that are hardly related at all, I'm sure we both know what I'm talking about there. I believe you have the right intentions but not the right execution with some things and I'm not saying everything you do is wrong or always act like that as often you don't, it's just on occasion and does stand out. As a server owner, I don't believe you should be getting into arguements with players etc. about that kind of thing, you should have a dedicated "PA" who will reply on your behalf to forum questions, dedicate responses to tickets, reply to when everyone is throwing a fit about the server being down, as it would be much easier for yourself to 1. focus on the task at hand and 2. not even have to worry about a "take no names" persona as you wouldn't have that conversation to begin with. Sadly that's a double edged sword as you'll lose community interaction and this will feel a lot more like a "franchise" than a private server, so that's at your discretion just how I look at it. I know you're a nice guy having spoke with you many times, however I think that your PR skills could do with some work, myself, I'm the opposite, I'm most definitely a cunt, however I know how to write nicely when needs be and be formal about certain situations, I don't see that from you, you have the right intentions as I said. I'm not afraid to admit that and I'm sure majority of people can see that about me, when I write in game, I'm a cunt, when I come on forum and write a reply to a thread people say I'm a suck up and try to impress you, I just know when to write appropriately, for example even in this text, you've used rhetorical questions and had a tone of being annoyed in certain points where it sort of invalidates the part where you're trying to be level headed with people, that's how I read it anyway. I could also complain more, I'm pretty good at it, however I've said throughout and believe, you have the right ideas and you care about the server most definitely, sometimes you just go about it wrong, sometimes you do great, it depends on the situation. I personally don't think people try to bend the rules, however if you're going off that notion, pay attention to your own GS team, they bend the rules too, I don't know if you turn a blind eye, or you've just given up with the amount of GS you've gone through to find a team of unbias people, but it definitely happens. There are certain GS I really like and believe do well, bloodevil for example, I have nothing but praise for him, I will always go to him when I have a problem, I don't hunt him but we aren't best friends or anything, he does his job as best he can, there were and are other GS in the past or currently in the team that we've even spoke about in tickets I believe did / do a good job, however there is a severe lack of diversity in the team to the point where they're just a group of "yes men" whoever says something the rest agree as they're friends, I'm sure it's not hard to see. I can see why it works, it's probably easy to make decisions when you have everyone disagreeing on one point and agreeing on another. However it causes problems for sure, Giselle, an admittedly trash GS, did say he once got threatened by the other members of the team for not agreeing with a decision they made, it's sometimes not good to have a group of people in a team that will "all" agree with eachother and I can happily speak privately about multiple examples of it. Those are just my opinions, I'm sure you'll disagree on some but hopefully understand where I'm coming from, if you even bother to read, felt like I typed for years
  3. What does stashed mean? You are expected to hold 4 kertos trophys in just your equipment inventory instead of holding them to use on your next major? Either way you get them through a box that you've bought / raided for, why can't you hold onto it somewhere until you need it? I have a warehouse of some trophies I've already got 1/1 for my next major so keeping for when i've done that one.
  4. Maybe just aim the skil better bro 😃
  5. It has 5 bro don't give a false info if you know nothing? lol
  8. ???????? Just have a weapon with 2x dmg, a secondary with overall and an sp with 50+ perf as an example, that's not hard to achieve and stops people using large monster shells in rbb as an example. Regardless I've provided you with many ways to "exclude "noobs" from RBs" you're just choosing to argue. You haven't provided any alternative aside from letting underequipped people ruin the game mode for others 50% of the time.
  9. Nobody has fantastic eq that is +8, no idea what your idea of fantastic is but it's wrong. And there is a way. Add A Shell Requirement I've said this 4x i don't even understand what you're even arguing anymore.
  10. The people that often play rbb aren't under equipped aside from a few examples and you just answered your own question "how can I tell if it's PvP or pvm" "Fantastic PvP shell" ..? Use the shell not the +? And let's not lie and pretend there's people walking around with +7 2kkk+ PvP equipment
  11. I've been having PvE people in my team for a very long time and it's something that should've been fixed since a very long time, just put equally equipped people against eachother, I don't get what you're finding so difficult to understand about what I'm saying. Just because something is happening doesn't mean the answer is "get used to it"
  13. This isn't original nostale so I don't see how that's relevant, it's also not AoT which didn't and still doesn't have useful rewards, so I also don't see how that's relevant. Whether or not the person comes back, which they do, a lot. They shouldn't be allowed to guarantee someone a loss in the first place, I already explained the logic behind people hosting erenia, should be the same in this case.
  14. I don't rejoice when I'm vs people that troll, I report them. Just like I report people on my team that troll and also are bad. People that are not equipped for a game mode shouldn't play it, simple as. If there are rewards involved, which there are, them people playing it are reducing the chance for others to get the reward, it's just not logical. When you do an erenia raid you don't add people with level 15 equipment and say "well they're only joining sometimes" it makes the raid slower, you get less boxes, same logic applies.