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  1. Nyet

    Rainbow Battle in disguise

    Yeah Nyet the big bad wolf huff puff and blow your k-d down, grr I am cyber bully
  2. Nyet

    Rainbow Battle in disguise

    I'm not going to bother arguing, I've said my opinion on it. Also, yes you got me dude I'm a bully! How dare I not agree with what you think and not think that someone being mean ;-; on a game is cyber bullying, I must be one too! Oh what a world so many bullies
  3. Nyet

    Rainbow Battle in disguise

    This isn't cyber bullying, you're being childish and salty because someone blacklisted you and now you can't raid because you performed poorly in rainbow battle. If you truly have the audacity to claim that as being cyber bullying your perception of online harassment is jaded at best. This server disallows "Cyber bullying" so if you think that's what it is report it, until then you're just being a child in my eyes. If you were well equipped, you wouldn't do badly. Maybe try being smarter next time, since you said you weren't smart..? Nobody is forcing you to do anything, just like you shouldn't be trying to force a pointless change on players that aren't affected by this issue, there is no need for this change, you can host your own raids or join other peoples. Blacklisting is at the players discretion, why should you performing badly not be a reason for them to blacklist? Anyone has the ability to blacklist who they want based on what they want, or do you want a suggestion that a GS has to approve reasoning behind a blacklist? If anyone is trying to "suggest Bash to force" it's you right now from what I can see there isn't much reciprocation on your request and you're the one crying, I'm merely explaining why people are mad at you for losing a rainbow battle. This isn't a serious problem you can read Point 1 my guy!
  4. Regardless of whether or not it's a good idea and would balance things, the server is probably 60% populated by mages, community backlash on something seen as a mage nerf would be very likely, by that logic I doubt it'll be put in place.
  5. Nyet

    Rainbow Battle in disguise

    Sorry, I hope I am misunderstanding but you're claiming that someone calling u weak in a game and hunting you in arena as a result of YOU joining a competitive game mode as an under-equipped player is on the same level of real life bullying? Your issue is self-inflicted as a result of your lack of farming to equip yourself appropriately to do rainbow battle. I wouldn't even consider this cyber bullying. This is just basically you saying people aren't allowed to be pissed off at you because your lack of equipment causes them to lose a game-mode where rewards are at stake. It's different if you're doing a PvP in arena and someone says you're trash and kills you, sure be mad whatever; there's nothing on the line, instead in Rainbow Battle your negligence toward equipping yourself is making other players lower their chance of receiving a reward. If you're going to be that delicate I would suggest doing PvE, the mobs can't be mad at you.
  6. Nyet

    Rainbow Battle in disguise

    This seems like more of a personal problem than something that will affect the majority and need action done on it. Bringing examples of 1 person doing slightly worse and still flaming doesn't really validate the need for this to be in place. All I can say is improve your character, if you're strong and doing well you won't be flamed as frequently, if at all.
  7. Nyet

    Rainbow Battle in disguise

    Also something to consider about this suggestion is that people purposely trolling you can't really face consequences, if they relog directly after the battle you can't prove it was a certain person that did it. To be honest I'd rather stick with my point, even though PvP is a toxic community, you don't get flamed for no reason. If you're doing well you shouldn't get flamed, if you do; it's a game, get over it. It happens everywhere nothing new in rrb. I find it hard to believe that you're getting "bullied" when you're doing nothing wrong, if anything I'd be happy bet you're the basis upon which your team lost.
  8. Nyet

    Rainbow Battle in disguise

    If you aren't weak you shouldn't have to hide your name, if you're weak that's why you're being flamed. I don't see the issue, just get stronger before you do Rainbow Battle since it's a competitive game mode, if not expect to face repercussions if you're the root cause for a team losing?
  9. Pretty much what was said here, I clarified this in my comment earlier by saying it's not plausible on archer to have anything aside from overall res on a tunic if you plan on doing PvP. Yet the other classes have the ability to go 2x def on top of their defence buffs due to their res increase. Don't really see how that's hard to understand. @Kaizou The thing you're missing is that archers HAVE to sacrifice a stronger stat to even survive, whether or not they are meant to be "the lowest defence class" the reason you can tank and have the ability to is your high res stats allowing you to build "perfect" eqs which are 2x def, archers don't have that possibility, ignoring the defence buffs.
  10. As someone that plays arena and fights multiple people, any shell aside from overall resistance just isn't plausible, similar to how 2x damage on any weapon is the only good option. Since that's the case I'm going to be hit 10k by mages consistently i.e. seer or TL. Not to mention that even with sum6 kertos / vala as an archer if that's on overall 58/48/48/58 48/58/58/48 without a resistance tunic you have 140% on average for each res, with my res tunic I have around 170 on all (Average), any mage with a half decent wand reduces over that, 20% from trophy, 21% from wand, gun reduces 12% I believe? That's already 53% without even putting a shell on the wand or debuff. At the point where you're getting reduced to almost 100 without a shell, then combined with the fact you're sacrificing 2x defence vs full attack sps and 2x damage wands, which Res Reduction built mages STILL have, you have no ability to tank. It would be different if All res reduction was an S-% stat like overall / damage, then they would have to go full res reduction, but at the moment mages utilise full damage equipment and res reduction at the same time. An archer simply has no ability to survive with the current state of equipment especially in a 2v1. Yet a mage and swordsman have the ability to tank a lot more easily than archer and can output high damage. Mages benefit from borderline the same shell as an archer 2x dmg, enh dmg, reduce def, Res reduce if you want, yet have the freedom to build 2x defence as they have such high resistances, then on top of that there's the defence buffs. I simply can't see how anyone can believe mages don't do the same damage as archers at a minimum. Is 10% res for example really going to make such a huge change when mages can reduce over 100% res?
  11. @Kaizou Thing is IMO, what archers are meant to be doing is what you're stating, be the least tanky and output the most damage. But as an average I would say mages are outputting equal damage with the extremely high resistance reduce, or the ability to go full attack on TL / Seer, a mages damage is far more consistent than archers at the moment considering concentration of magic is much higher than hit rate for bows. On top of that like you've mentioned with HP books, it's hard to disagree mages are OP, they have higher HP than archers with the combination of a mana shield where it's a very unlikely possibility a mage will run out of mana they have constant damage reduction, high hp, high concentration on attacks and high DPS. Imo archer needs some kind of buff, with the current state of EQS, Trophies etc. taken into account it's the weakest class.
  12. I'm aware, I just thought I'd point out your idea of balancing a class is a bit jaded to believe mage is balanced. I don't see how 10% res is harmful when mages can easily reduce overall res to under 100 with a single debuff
  13. Seer has highest DPS out of all sps, combined with highest defence stats, I wouldn't call that "overall class balancing"
  14. Nyet

    The fall of Squizzy

    I've explained like 3 times now it's a ping issue, people without the same latency won't be able to replicate the issue, hence that's borderline an impossible request. Nobody will be attacked for their suggestion, I would love to hear their reason why they think it's a hack and I'll be happy to explain why it isn't. In fact I welcome that to happen. So the reasons it's being held is because of a system that is not 100% correct, a video which has been replicated so pretty much just because Siseneri records every day and caught something suspicious? I just can't understand where you're coming from here lmao. It is honestly very easy to see it's not a hack, just play the videos side by side, they literally almost look the same aside from the position of the player and direction they walk. I can run you through it live in arena if you'd prefer.
  15. Nyet

    The fall of Squizzy

    I don't really see what different people disproving it have to do with anything at all. How does the evidence provided not prove the exact thing you're accusing of to be wrong? Kaizou has basically explained it himself and if you didn't notice, there is not a single piece of reasoning aside from your own from anyone saying Yes as to why they believe it to be a hack. However for pretty much everyone who has said no they are saying why they believe that to be the case? Is that not your idea of third party intervention? I can understand why you aren't explaining how your system works, but if it has gone off when we've replicated which I can be sure it has considering the circumstances were exact then that adds more evidence to his case. People are not going to go out of their way to help because they either don't want him unbanned, couldn't give a shit or already believe as stated many times throughout the thread by people saying no the video says enough. Sadly despite what you think this has nothing to do with my persistence, if I truly believed he was hacking and the evidence that we have presented to be insufficient I wouldn't be bending over backwards to prove otherwise. I admitted it was suspicious, I have said it's been disproved, if anything it's a learning curve for not only your GS team but perhaps for your implementation of adjustments to your system and the banning of people using eagle eye. At no point was anything he did in the clip outside of the capabilities of the game, if you played it I'm sure you would understand that.