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  1. Adding a % dmg factor to zenas / erenia to get a box is just dumb. you need buff chars etc. and zerks will never get a box, that just doesn't make any sense at all. And I didn't bother reading because I disagreed with it in the first place and didn't really feel the need to see through 50 lines justifying it when i already made a decision
  2. That's really a lot of reading so i just read the first part about a slow c28 sader. If you can't afford to use certain wings / shoes for move speed, don't expect to easily pick up items, it is what it is.
  3. Well if you're spamming raids which give a pretty good amount of gold regardless nobody is relying on these drops realistically? I don't see any issue with how it is now, SP wings are good to have in general for damage not just for speed, damage tarots give speed, there shouldn't really be any slow players in the raid at all? Just don't think it's necessary to re-work this for the potential benefit of like 1kk an hour, sometimes a loss some hours?
  4. I think the MA class is level 80 when you make it so it wouldn't make sense to be low level and able to create one? I'm not sure, I haven't actually gone through the effort to create that class it seems pretty weak in most aspects of the game and thanks
  5. You should be able to get in the lower level raids, there are probably fams also looking to push the fam level that tend to add lower levels to do raids to increase it quickly, could give that a try. Just give it time and build up your reputation slowly, you'll get there in the end. Mage there isn't really much to say, try get a pet to help lure when you do get to 6.1, partner is good too. I like to build my AM 70 0 100 50 for 6.1 mobbing, I'm sure others would disagree it comes down to preference. I would advise later aiming for a shadow gem too since that increases PvE damage a lot, aside from that I'm probably not the person to ask, just a PvP trash ok
  6. Yeah just prioritise finishing the trade requirements. You can build a DG and gun PvE set to join Zenas raids down the line & long term will be necessary for Fernon raids - Though that's far down the line. Wand for PvE needs - S-% to damage > Enhance damage > Damage to evil > Undisturb while casting > Light property (Not really needed), SL Damage / Property Support Gun for PvE - S-Overall, SL Damage / Property (If not on wand) PvE gun - S-% To damage > Critical Damage > Enhance damage > Damage to evil. - SL's should be Overall + Damage + Energy (Overall on support wand, damage / energy on either equipment). Robe is not really too important in terms of necessary stats S-% to defence, S-% Bad effects, S-% HP recovery all seem to work in PvE, Reduce all stun / Blackout, Enhance long / melee are also pretty nice. You can also do lower level raids, cuby, slade etc. once your trade requirement is completed these boxes sell quite well. I would personally prioritise resistances->equipment->Sp's->Trophy/Accessories/Books.
  7. Well in terms of proceeding you'll need to complete the trade requirements before you worry about buying any SP's or equipment, you won't be able to. Once you complete those I'd advise leveling to champion level 30, perhaps in a party with 2 other low c level players, if you quest to act1.6 end you'll be around level 83, from there you can do LoD for level 88 and begin the a6.1 quest for more combat / champion level xp. Advisable as a mage in 6.1 is Archmage, swordsman Renegade / Monk, archer WK. You should be able to do this with decent lv 92~93 set & others in the party. Once you reach c30 you should buy a relevant PvE set for your class, aim to get one of the aforementioned SP's to +13 to join Erenia raids. These raids will allow you to make gold and you can then decide what to buy from there. Like you first said "What sps are good" you need to elaborate on what aspect of the game you want them to be good for.
  8. WTB GM Trophy 25kkk
  9. Well like I said, not currently that wouldn't work, but dependent on the rewards there will be people playing next season, when it comes.
  10. All I want is at least a minimum base stat requirement or a certain number of PvP stats, it's a PvP game mode, there's no point of being in a team with 2 PvE players vs 3 PvP players, there's no point even trying to play the game. If that's not possible just add some matchmaking at all? So that you're matched based on average k-d, division placement (not possible in pre-season) or average DPS / Damage taken - to an extent.
  11. Please introduce a minimum stat / dmg output / tanking ability requirement for RBB. I'm sick to death of having shit players on my team constantly with 14% dmg PvE equipment making me lose games. Turns the game-mode into an absolute chore and it's a fucking joke they might as well be c25
  12. Fernon are like 10kkk not 100kk 😃
  13. I'm not saying onyx aren't very viable, however saying something else is op as a reason to not nerf something else is flawed logic and pretty ignorant. With every new res increasing item the viability of an entire playstyle / item set is being removed. Onyx is strong sure, it doesn't completely remove the validity of an item choice, I think that's what you're struggling to understand