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  1. How does removing safe and leaving buffs / partners untouched make the "fairest thing for everyone". This is just a free way to completely remove a classes reliability, anyone with the brain capacity to look outside of their own big fam will realise this kills off any remaining validity archer class had. Archers were really strong with buffs, now lose 1v1 to swordsman + mage. Hence need safe to have a chance, removing that literally kills the classes viability.
  2. Yea, but that's PvP based stats i.e. pvp defence, I think adding resistance to a weapon skin is too much. As much as mages do reduce resistance there are 5% res hats, res armours, high % res boots / gloves, Fairy affinity. I think it'd be better if they had stats applying to something else, could be 5% skill cooldown reduction for example? Something new that isn't on any other equipment (This example came from laurena trophy).
  3. Why would a weapon skin increase your resistance? It's a weapon, it should make you deal damage not tankier surely?
  4. Well yes you can, the entire reason people safe hit is because classes are imbalanced, also as Bash said it's only people that have families with 20+ arena players available at the drop of a hat that would want this to be implemented, the only votes toward yes are from NinoGramo / darkness, two of the most active arena fams with the most members. I don't think that requires a genius. Besides I don't even get why buffs were removed in the first place, but if safe is going to be unusable to gain an advantage, prior lost advantages should be reinstated, with buffs the "class balancing" wouldn't be as terrible, as every class benefits from buffs, archer loses the hardest with the implementation of this suggestion and that's not to even say that it's unarguable archer is the shittest PvP class at the moment without doubt, why ruin it any more than it already is?
  5. Add a timer to safe, bring back buffs + partners + parties + pots + consumables (Attack pot + oil) as an alternative, archers can't beat a seer 1v1 without safe 99% of the time, especially if there are multiple people hitting you, just further increases the imbalance of an SP that is already beyond broken. Same how everyone is now going to swordsman since archers have a tough time vs warrior, class disparity is already appalling this will just make it worse in a PvP aspect.
  6. A month long april fools damn No I haven't
  7. Weird flex but ok Btw do you have a girlfriend? https://imgur.com/a/yqR4cUT
  8. Fuck dude she monkeyed me too
  9. Bro I would have a 15kkk bounty on me I don't want rape
  10. Welcome, I'm sure you'll deal with one of my daily 50 love letters I send to Bash in tickets or perhaps one of the daily 500 love letters he gets reporting me, so you'll be seeing me shortly Enjoy your time~ If you need any info from nos you can ask as I am undisputed top 1 PvP.
  11. Just put a function where you can list items with no buy price i.e. just to take offers (?) or a bid function which won't sell unless the player takes the bid (?) Isn't that what OP wants so items valued over 2kkk can be shown more accessibly without the risk of it selling?
  12. I doubt that since you get crit 20k+ with your equipment and that's without buffs in arena.
  13. I appreciate what you're trying to say regarding teams etc. and I'm more than happy to communicate with my team and decide what the best thing to do is. But as an archer against a team with morale you simply don't have that flexibility and it's extremely hard now with the new death implications which cause point loss to be pushed away from scout. I'm not going to say that I'd be good in ranger, I wouldn't I really can't tank enough to benefit from it, but someone in the team is forced to go ranger or you're just going to lose. In general I just think it's a dumb buff that needs some kind of balancing in the game mode as it is the decider of many games without doubt. Certain teams don't work well, others do, it doesn't change the fact that against a war you are forced to get hawk or morale yourself or you will be useless and will lose. There is a difference between communicating to win and the actual ability to win at all being heavily reduced in your favour as a result of a SINGLE buff. AoT was another example I brought up, certain buffs are just cancer for certain environments.
  14. I'm aware of how to win, but you can't focus objectives when you can't even hit people to make them go heal / back off from the point etc. I've had games against teams where the warrior will solo hold mid since he's unkillable and the other 2 players will either hold a point each or run together, a scout can invis over the wall and will die trying to take the objective 1v1 vs a moraled opponent, the other team mates will need to pass through mid or run around, it takes time and is just ridiculous. I have an r8 bow with 623 hit rate & a death tarot giving me 773 hit rate, yet I probably hit at most 1/8 attacks against a moraled opponent and it's the core reason I lose rainbow battle, every game lost so far has been vs a moraled team. Like I said earlier an archer can't tank as much as a mage outside of scout, if you're vs a moraled scout and forced into ranger a boost crit can hit you 20k+ easily, if you get hit by 2 of those you're instantly dead, it's completely forcing you to sacrifice a stronger sp to have the ability to hit someone at all, in my opinion it's beyond stupidity. Having played against rangers I know how hard their hp drops after I crit them twice, I'm unwilling to sacrifice even more points from a trash k-d when I'll most likely lose anyway just for a chance to hit someone. From my experience a team with a war vs a team without will lose every time.