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  1. +1 I these changes come in force the game will be more enjoyable to play and it will have more sense to full geared players to play. There are so many ppl that has their max eq and live all day in arena. Also the 1v1 arena is maybe on of the best things that can be possibly added in game. This will define who are really the top players in game. Like ranking system in LoL with the LP.
  2. ilko0123

    A 2nd Server

    -1 this is gonna kill the server
  3. @Bash if u want everyone to be okay with this, you should make banning by IP permanently and to rework the log so u can get notification with bigger trades and trades pet time(minutes,hours) Then u can just add 1,2 persons to staff to help with this work. That way u wont loose your cash from VGN buyers and that won't affect innocent people in server. Thats the best option. Ye ofc u will have little more work but you are gonna keep the community as it was before. + Im not complaining about the quests. I just give a suggestion which everyone in the server gonna approve that. Its not a problem for me bcs im ok with quests and farming but im pissed how everyone is complaning and lot of ppl i know thinking of quitting. + Dont get offended but you are also like a gold seller. Gold is more buyable that VGN and Vendetta is much more playable than all other servers. I kinda cant explain it but u are gonna understand me.
  4. @Elrond how that fix the problem with resselers? They have the requirement with their mains and they can easy trade to his alt with same ip lul ? The problem bash dont understand is items for lvl. @Bash im gonna tell u an easy fix for this problem around ppl in server. Just make gold limit trade like (3 times 5kk of something like this) for players under the requirements and there will be no problem with questing and lvling..
  5. Okay i understand that new trading patch, BUT please some1 answer me how to farm damn blue herbs. Not working 6.2,6.1,comet meadwo, some people told me to make a ne char and compeate ts, are u kidding me all this for just 15 blue herbs, just make items that need to be farmed buyable from npc. I just need to spend like 2 hours just to get 15 quest items. . Answer me that and close this braindead topic.
  6. @Bash my items dissapeared but im not sure if its only from starter gear. I dont need em at all i just wondered if thoose items disappear only.
  7. The gold selling can't be completely removed. At least it can be slowed down. I think most of the gold sellers are scared to trade with their main accounts so maybe a new made char or chars under any lvl will be with (7,14,30) day trade ban. Until the time gone. That's gonna slow the gold selling and also the trades with big amount of gold can me monitored by algorithm or gm/gs's. There are lots of things to do buts thats a nice option. @Bash
  8. If u have a log that is made to follow all the trades between players u will figure it easy .