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  1. -1 Perfection is already very easy to get, comparing to officials. It's also an end-game system. If perfections were tradable, it would be basically too easy.
  2. I feel like you failed to raise any logical arguments. The argument that "it will help large families" is pretty valid, because arena works like this right now - larger groups of people are better. As I said before, the only people, who disagree with this idea are the most common safe-hit abusers. That's the point, which I got from their nicknames.
  3. It never was 'choosing'. Bloodevil said it already - you don't get 'ganked' for nothing. If you were a toxic, arguing person, no one would talk with you nicely. If you were annyoing, what do you even expect from people? If you made everyone hate you, don't complain on getting ganked. You are responsible for your own reputation. As I said before, none of the PvP game modes should allow you to deal damage and be immortal at the same time. There is nothing wrong with safe-zone's cd. I don't think that this change would help large family. I think, that arena wouldn't be so bad with such a toxic, gamebreaking tactic.
  4. The current arena system doesn't work fine. None of the PvP modes should allow you to perma hit everyone without getting hit. That's how safe-hitting works. Imo, it must be prevented. This abuse is not fun for anyone.
  5. I've told you 3 times already. This idea doesn't want to delete safe-zone. This idea wants to give the cooldown to prevent the cancerous "safe-hitting tactic". How would it harm small groups in arena? I don't get that.
  6. The only people, who call it irrelevant are people which basically safe-hit all day, abuse Sin Charge (aka getting another alt to get 7k charge). Safe-zone change won't even help "big families". It will just make arena funnier, cuz people finally won't only safe-hit for 8h a day. It will bring some competition finally.
  7. We don't want safe to be removed. We want a cooldown to disable this stupid safe-hitting "tactic".
  8. I don't think that it would advantage only to the large families. Currently the "safe-hitting" is the worst "tactic" possible. Several times a day I see people fighting on arena like: 4 people outside the safezone, 8 inside safehitting. Tell me, why should that be even allowed? Thanks to safe-hitting no one can even touch you. 10 seconds safe-zone cooldown would make arena great again.
  9. Even If this system was released, It wouldn't disallow you from afking in arena. +1 On that idea, 10 seconds system would have finally stopped this dumb "strategy" of safe-hitting.
  10. I totally agree with the post. This kind of RNG factor makes us losing points and time for no reason.
  11. Hello and welcome! Hope you'll have a nice stay here ~~
  12. Shadow Stone>Hourglass overally in PvE because reducing ress gives more damage. On Fernon tho you don't reduce enough ress (unless you rely on RNG Erze's 5% chance debuff). Pure damage, aka Hourglass is better. The option, which gives damage to monsters on lower level than you, also works on 99lv mobs, so also on Fernon. Considering that Hourglass effect stacks with Steampunk, Reindeer, it is a better choice for these raids. You mostly rely on pure damage on this raid, so Hourglass is the best choice for pure damage (it gives 7% DMG, 25% DMG to mobs and 100enh damage on r8).
  13. Basically Lv on Land of Death - the family exp area. Don't do the mainquest anymore - it's a waste of time. LoD times guide: NOTE: Current serv time is displayed at the right corner of the main page: https://nt.vendettagn.com Overall LoD guide: I'd suggest you to level up there till level 89-90, so you get lv93 from a6 quest for sure. Quest can be obtained without making the previous story line - you must enter on A6 map from Graham NPC (centre of NosVille) and you will automatically start the quest. If you have any more questions, you can check the table of contents also - you may findd a fitting answer there:
  14. Small changes for such items actually hurts. Such items shouldn't get buffed. Having this item in equipment is prestigious enough. -1
  15. Oh, and also, sadly, you can't do that. You must switch your skills everytime you switch SPs.