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  1. 13175

    Server 2

    The fact is that if Server 2 was created, the Server 1 would instantly die. That's the true fact.
  2. It wasn't Bash's account. It was a scammer. Link was fake. You should've made sure that you entered the right link. This is the link of the NT VGN page: https://nt.vendettagn.com/ I'm 100% sure that you didn't enter that page, but the scam one. Due to that: you won't receive your items back in case they were taken. You have to be more careful next time. You can try to recover your account by using this site: https://vendettagn.com/recoveraccount.vgn Don't think there will be still items there.
  3. 13175


    You have to write a ticket, so the GM will review the problem. Link: https://www.vendettagn.com/support.vgn
  4. Not everyone saw the Bash's answer. Also, Bash denied only the idea to obtain icons by the reputation system. This guy proposed other ways of obtaining them. Personally, I like the idea of adding those icons to the PvP Tournament/Rainbow Battle. It would be a nice reward there.
  5. Adnotation: You don't need +10 weapon in PvE if you use Sader Alt (this buffer increases your Attack Level by 2, so basically it makes your +8 weapon +10)
  6. Well, in-game, when you enter to the raid with more than 2 accounts at the same time, the anti-alt abuse message pops off. So I'd say even in-game you are stopped from doing that ...
  7. You are right. Before they made 'overall' rules for all games, NT Had such rule. I guess GMs just forgot to add it to the new rules set.
  8. All the sections apply to all 3 games. Specific rules are the special rules for the certain games. Nostale's rules are only Sections 1-12.
  9. Here is the link: They are applied to all VGN Games. Hope it helped
  10. Do you really make a point, that people who came first to server deserve to be on top? If they were collecting rep till now, they would have had at least 2b reputation. They are on the same spot, as players who started 3months ago, because 200mil rep is literally no work. People achieve 20m reputation in officials, when new server starts in 1 week (it's 200m reputation in VGN). 200m is literally 1 month of work by just playing and not tryharding. It's nothing. If you guys think that you are insane gamers because you achieved 200kk Reputation then sorry, you are wrong.
  11. 200kk rep is like what. 20kk in officials. Do you really feel like 20kk rep is an achievement? You can literally get that in 1-2months. In case of top43 rep it must be removed. Also, too many people have already achieved that "goal" of 200kk rep. It would be unfair if they started from 200kk, considering the fact that they could've already got even 2 billions of reputation.
  12. It wouldn't be unfair. 160kk rep is not even an achievement. Neither 200kk is. Imo, it should get reduced in case there would be an update, considering the top43 reputation ranks. Yes, you can. You have to buy Ancelloan Essence in Arena, in the Reputation shop (it costs 5k rep per each and you can buy infinite amount of those Essences). I'm buying them from time to time to reduce my reputation to Blue Nos, beacause its my favourite icon. I reduce it to 500k rep and I don't get a trade limit back. Therefore, feel free to downgrade your rep to your desired icon
  13. Nah they cannot sadly. Tested on r0 Mukraju Robe without shell.
  14. It might be your antivirus/Windows Defender blocking NT. Check this thread:
  15. Hello! Firstly you have to know, that NosTale VGN is source, not opennos, therefore you don't have to put it on the official's files. Coming back to the main topic. So, maybe you have problems with your Nostale Client because of Windows blocking it? Check this thread, it might help you: