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  1. 13175

    Add a queue for logging into a full channel

    Idk if it's possible to make. If yes, +1 on this idea from me.
  2. 13175

    Do something against price fixing

    The price of the VGN is stable from around 8months. It is changing only a bit (between 8-11k/one VGN. Also, I'm not a fan of any kind of taxes. Prices will just raise by x% and nothing else will be changed.
  3. 13175

    Laurena Gemstone

    If y want to exchange it like this, I'd make it even 200 gems = accessory. That would be balanced imo.
  4. 13175

    Make shops not possible

    Tbh I've personally sold/bought some stuff from the market place. Also, everyday I see people sitting there and selling their stuff. In my opinion, market place should stay.
  5. 13175

    Make shops not possible

    What if you decided to sell your SPs/Bet stuff w/e else. You must go a market place and just put a shop to wait for an offer for your item. No one is making 10 different speakers to sell all his things, that's a waste of time.
  6. 13175

    Best way to farm gold ?

    SC/SP = Specialist Card in the NosTale. I think he haven't noticed the fact that the topic is about EE, not about NT.
  7. 13175

    Best way to farm gold ?

    @Gimax The question was about Eden Eternal, not about Nostale.
  8. 13175

    Make shops not possible

    Tbh, shops are needed. Sometimes people have an item which is worth more than just 2kkk so they open shop to sell stuff.
  9. 13175

    Dmg to evil and lower society monsters

    Idk why it doesn't work. Ask entwell I guess x)
  10. 13175

    Dmg to evil and lower society monsters

    ^It works for Erenia actually. So Evil is the only viable stat on a6 since the Lower Society Mobs doesn't work at all x)
  11. 13175

    Rainbow battle Matchmaking

    Welp, it would be nice, but there is one problem - amount of the player is not as high as in lol for example. You just wouldn't get a team for ages as a highe rank player or as the low rank player.
  12. 13175

    Fernon Fairy uniqueness.

    But man, Did u see anyone besides Vira with a fernon fairy? No. Why? Because it's not worth it & useless. Fairy needs a change
  13. 13175

    Fernon Fairy uniqueness.

    All ress would be nice. Some kind of a counter to all these 80+ reducing ress people.
  14. 13175

    Fernon Fairy uniqueness.

    It gives: 12% dmg to devils (PvP) and 12% dmg to angels (PvP), 3% pvp damage, 5 ress (for example if its a water fairy, it gives water ress), 5 elemental Energy (same as with ress). Basicly this ress and elemental energies are useless.
  15. 13175

    Fernon Fairy uniqueness.

    +1. Making this fairy is not worth it at all. I'd suggest a buff & maybe a new possibilities to get the fairies essences since fc raids are pretty dead.