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  1. Disagree. Let the rare stuff be rare, especially the beta stuff.
  2. -1 This idea is kinda redundant/useless. Would make Bash focus on not needed/pointless stuff. Other changes are way more important.
  3. 13175

    1v1 Mode Queue

    That would be cool. +1. It could also have some rank system, for example from F to S and own board, where you could see the top players
  4. Personally I think that buffs can be wiped out: - buffs give basically too much advantage. Your damage goes ridiculously high and It's just stupid. EQ does not matter anymore - war wouldnt be overpowered, because he would be still countered by mages and rangers. Idk how would u delete the alt abuse in FC. Personally I don't see any idea worth mentioning, besides GSes constantly sitting in FC to report people (what is stupid).
  5. Nah they cannot sadly. Tested on r0 Mukraju Robe without shell.
  6. +1, pretty nice QoL change.
  7. It might be your antivirus/Windows Defender blocking NT. Check this thread:
  8. As Squizzy said, It's really unneccessery. I think it can stay like that.
  9. Hello! Firstly you have to know, that NosTale VGN is source, not opennos, therefore you don't have to put it on the official's files. Coming back to the main topic. So, maybe you have problems with your Nostale Client because of Windows blocking it? Check this thread, it might help you:
  10. There was such thing existing in a KR version of Nostale, so I guess it can be created also in VGN. +1 on that idea.
  11. I can tell you just some of the most used ones: Main/Sec weaps: - Crit DMG - 58% - Crit chance - 9% - %Evil - 19% - %Stun/Deadly Blackout/Freeze - 4% - Enhanced Damage - 190 - SLs: Def/Prop/Ene/DMG - 17 - SL Overall - 11 - S%Dmg - 19% - S%PvP Damage/ S%Def down - 33% - S%All Ress down - 17% - A%Ress down Water/Fire/Light/Dark - 14% Armors: - Enhanced def magic/melee/range - 190 - A%Ress Fire/Water/Light/Dark - 19% - S%All Ress - 26% - S%Neg effects - 38% - S%Def - 23% - S%PvP Def - 38% - S% All dodge - 19% - S% Dodge magic/melee/range - 13% I hope it helped a bit. Someone can maybe update the rest.
  12. You cannot negate the fact that Onyx are the best wings in the game. None of the wings are worth to be traded for Onyx in top tier SPs such as Scout/Seer. Therefore Vanguard Wings shouldn't be nerfed.
  13. As I told you, you are trading the OP Onyx effect, which has 20% chance for 100% DMG in PvP (thanks to the 0.5 damage on arena/RB) for 10 ress and 2ms. I still don't think that this thing is unbalanced.
  14. Those wings are pretty balanced. You trade Zephyr's effect for Onyx, what is a very fair trade imo. -1
  15. That's a part of the scam. We've already told you - the guy covered in black is the scammer.