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  1. I agree. HP book gave us a lot of powerspike. Additional soft in 45c xbow made Swordsman the best class in the game. Next is Mage, which is super tanky. The last one is Archer. HP gave him a bit of powerspike. Tho, he doesn't have mana shield, any tanky buffs (besides DH) which would make him less squishy. Overally, Archer is the worst class right now.
  2. Currently its like: - Archer: High Dmg, low def - Swordsman: high dmg, high def - Mage: high dmg, high def We must face the truth, Archer at the late game PvP is useless, comparing to the Swordsman or Mage.
  3. Moved to the right section~
  4. 13175

    Pve assets for mages (act 6/6.2)

    On mage I'd prefer having 100 ele rest atk, since mage doesn't get a profit from the Critical Damage, which you get on 100attack. On Archer and Swordsman I'd totally use 100atk rest element tho.
  5. 13175

    Comfortable Perfection

    Imo I'd make it like "Continous Production" - the character would just constantly perfect SP without clicking anything.
  6. 13175

    Shells Options

    Yeah, true that. This option is currently useless and would have to be changed anyways. No one uses this stat at all
  7. 13175

    Shells Options

    S-Large Monsters should work only on mobs which give you sth to the eq instantly. So it should work also on all fc mobs (for example from Unknown Land).
  8. 13175

    mage op or i'm noob?

    Yeah yeah, stun chain is a good option also since many of the mage players uses 2x def. It can melt this SP, but It's relying on your luck. More luck you have, more chance you have to win.
  9. 13175

    mage op or i'm noob?

    Actually no strategy will let you win with the Seer. There isn't something like "skill" or "strategy" in the game where everything is point click. In NosTale luck plays, not your abilities. That's a total bullshit if you say that you can beat Seer with "a strategy". This SP has only 2 counters: Anti-magic boots (they are useful, but still they shouldn't let you win vs a Seer) & Cut (WK,DH,Ninja). Nothing else can stop that SP (besides insane luck with softcrit + onyx, which is nearly impossible to do). Basically, you need to go some Cut SP and hope that this debuff will go through all negative effects, which your opponent has. That's all you can do vs this SP.
  10. 13175

    Swordis SP choice in A6.1 OR 6.2

    Personally I think that enh dmg/lower society/dmg to evil/any kind of element property is not necessery for a6.1-2. It's like you deal a lot of damage without them. Obviously it's nice to have them but it's not 'must have'.
  11. 13175

    Fernon seals

    I'd agree with giving 2x Fernon Seal instead of 1x after caligor gets killed as a reward.
  12. 13175

    Some FC adjustments

    Zenas gives 10% Damage to Demons and Erenia gives 10% Damage to Angels. This is how it works even outside of the FC. I'm 100% sure that it works. I've tested it here, on VGN.
  13. 13175

    Some FC adjustments

    I agree with Fernon fairy. It should cost around 3-4b~ since its 15%dmg. Also, to make it clear, Zenas/Erenia fairy DOES work outside the fc.
  14. 13175

    Some FC adjustments

    +1. Fernon Fairy is impossible to make now since there isn't enough fairy essences on the server. Also there is no Fernon anymore on the server since the only player, which had her, got banned. So actually we have this patch for 0,5year and still there isnt any fairy on the server.
  15. 13175

    Top 10 Rewards on RBB

    I've personally thought about some cosmetic reward for top ~20 like Fame Ranks (Legendary, Mysterious, Ancient Hero & Blue/Green Legends).