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  1. First, many thanks for @Jordan's, @MrDoudou's and other support staff's hardwork for this Patch. To me, as a player aiming to collect all achievements, the most concerned phenomenon after Patch 100 is about the ease to compete all achievement. The trophy drop rate in the new dugeons are pretty low. I have spent days for getting a particular trophy in a dgn. I don't really mind the drop rate of World Bosses in map or Battle Map could have been set in such rate, since the purpose of those bosses are for hunting by parties, which gives players more challenging routines or missions and these trophies are generally giving more strong stats / effects. I understand and agree we may have to spend more time on them. However, for the trophies in dgns. I think it is rather a way for new-comers a better chance to get more useful gears before they start to join some advanced dgns. It is not a surprise if I can't get any trophy after 10/10 in these new Patch 100 dgns. I think the drop rate should be similar to that of PoD or other previous dgns. (at least a lot of trophies dropped after 10/10 runs) It may not be a good place to torment players like me, to collect stuff. Rather let it appears in more challenging dgns in the future patches. Another things about Elemental Batterfield, @Nanami has posted a suggestion related to this expedition. I would like to add more ideas on it here. Since it is also related to achievement points. Most of the parties most likely to do this for Grand Statues. There are still some players or guilds may not really need such grand statues, but for me, my focus is about the "Trophies" in this dgn. Yeah, since they give points as well. I would say they are likely the remaining 1% achievement of the entire game that I can barely finish it. These points really torment me a lot since it has been released. I can't organise a smooth party easily with my guildies bc of the time zone issue, and even if i can play in the peak hour, there is not so many parties left due to the dgn is costly (Time for recruiting enough players, finish the dgns and gather mats just for a statue) for most of the players and small guilds AND not to mention they may not accept players outside their guild . Just wondering if there may have some altenatives for collectors to get the materials more easily for trading the " Trophies" only, but not a easy way to get a statue to cather some players really wants the trophies and achievements. Thanks for reading my suggestions which are pretty long. Hope they would be considered.
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