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  1. Idea is like turning any legendary pet into a book for its 3rd slot pray. Sacrifice a 4star pet with a 4th skill in Arcane Box to turn it into a skillbook for its 4th skill (or maybe at least a skillbook for Vicinity - 4 for a random 4th skill) which in turn can be fed to another 4star legendary. Pretty fringe, considering it takes a quite a bit to fuse a legendary pet into 4star in the first place, and it hardly provides any advantage aside from ensuring you have a 4th skill you want on the pet model you want, so I think it's a QoL thing at best? Understandable if you think this is not worth the hassle. Regards, A pet-fusing maniac
  2. IGN: Ragnera Mysterious Royal Guard Dress (Legendary)
  3. Is it bugged? In the preview when applying a starlight dye on a face costume the color changing effect is there, but after that it's not. Intentional or something that can be fixed?
  4. xMZMA


    1. I suggested this in the Content Suggestions post (which was apparently the wrong place to put it in); is it possible to expand upon Heroic Traits? As in, more than being minor stat increase, maybe having unique bonuses? e.g. Leadership on party leader gives buff to party members, Guardian for actual tank playstyle instead of being tacked-on resists, Crack Shot promoting magic critical hits, etc. Nothing too fancy, just something to make Heroic Traits more exciting. 2. What’s your stance on putting class drop on lv95/110 Trial World Bosses? Lv75 ones had it, and the 95/110 drop rates are depressingly low, though I’d understand if you meant it like that so “people don’t get immediately geared up after a few trial runs”.
  5. IGN: Ragnera (This is a joke submission, as might seem apparent while you read.) <Murder Empress> Shikage Mira Weaknesses: Strike, Dark Model: Any blonde female NPC in EE. Passives: Murder Empress Attacks have a 5% chance to set a bomb on the target. After 5 seconds, all enemies within 15 meters of target receive damage equal to 80% of its max HP. Cannot be removed. More likely to target female characters with pretty hands. If attacked by a character named "Ambulance", has a chance to be killed instantly. Common Skill: Stray Feline Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 30 seconds Increases ATK SPD +50% for 20 seconds and increases the proc chance of Murder Empress to 20%. Pure Cardiac Arrest Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 30 seconds Summons an Explodatron-4000. It remains dormant for 5 seconds, after which it will charge towards the enemy with the highest combined core stats. When it hits, deal damage to all enemies within 15 meters equal to 80% of the target's max HP and stuns for 4 seconds. Explodatron-4000 takes 90% reduced damage. Countdown Skill: Taste the Dirt Cast Time: 2 seconds Cooldown: 20 seconds Caster gains "Taste the Dirt" effect for 5 seconds. If attacked while under this effect, immediately recover to full HP and MP and leave combat. Additionally, the attacker and all of its allies within 100 meters are sent back to the entrance of the dungeon instance and they recover to full HP and MP as well, but the attacker receives the effect of Murder Empress. Drops: <Ominous Necktie> "A necktie that seems normal by all means, except that it's lined with images of the menacing Explodatron-4000. Looks pretty dapper, though for some reason it makes the wearer unassuming and hard to notice; perfect for a quiet life, eh?" Trophy Exclusive LCK +222 Malice -100% Grants "Permanent Invisibility" while out of combat. Level Requirement 120 Achievements: "What Beautiful Hands You Have" - Defeat <Murder Empress> Shikage Mira "Ready for Prom Night" - Acquire Ominous Necktie Lore: My name is Shikage Mira. I'm xx years old. My house is in the northeast section of Aven, where all the Personal Residences are, and I am not married. I work as an employee for the Auction House, and I get home every day by 8 PM at the latest. I don't smoke, but I occasionally drink. I'm in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a vial of Four Seasons Hibernation and doing about twenty minutes of running in Dragonside Ridge before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning. Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I was told there were no issues at my last check-up. I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to live a very quiet life. I take care not to trouble myself with any enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. That is how I deal with society, and I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to fight I wouldn't lose to anyone. Quotes: Battle Start: "My goal is to have a peaceful life." Countdown Skill: "Third bomb activate!" Defeat: "Nooooooooooooooo-" Notes: Yeah, it's a reference to something bizarre.
  6. Any chance that Heroic Traits can be expanded upon? I mean, they're pretty neat for min-maxing, but they just lack that bit of pizazz, and some are just completely overshadowed (Maverick, Adventurer, Crack Shot). I like the idea of people branching out their builds a bit using Traits. Like, maybe give each trait an additional effect. Leadership can give a bonus to party members if the person is party lead (sounds weird but it's pretty thematic, don't ya think?). Guardian for promoting tanky builds instead of being tack-on resists. Crack Shot promoting magic crits (reduce elem resist on a crit, maybe?). Stuff like that. Doesn't have to be fancy, but almost anything can be more exciting than what we have right now.
  7. IGN: Ragnera <Bane Overlord> Cylcarna Weakness: Strike, Holy Boss Model: This guy, but darker? Passives Stifling Presence All enemies within 10 meters receive 50% reduced healing. Every 3 seconds, they take 8% max HP damage and lose a buff. All enemies within 50 meters receive 30% reduced healing and take 1% max HP damage per second. All enemies within 50 meters use 100% increased mana when using skills. Bane of Existence Immune to Pierce and Dark damage. Immune to Demonfire. When killing an enemy, all other enemies within 50 meters receive 50% max HP damage and are stunned for 3 seconds. Skills Mark of Desolation Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 10 seconds Inflicts “Mark of Desolation” status on the target for 10 seconds. Reduces all core stats -80%, increases malice +100%, and deals 5% max HP damage per second. Cannot be removed. The effect is also applied to the target’s allies within 15 meters of it. Ominous Gale Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 12 seconds Increases M-ATK. Deals Nature damage to all enemies within 30 meters, knocks them back, and reduces their Move SPD -70% for 8 seconds. Skyfall Cast Time: 3 seconds Cooldown: 8 seconds Increases M-ATK. Deals triple-hit Lightning damage to all enemies within 60 meters and stuns them for 4 seconds, ignoring immunity. Additionally, reduces their ATK SPD and Cast SPD -70% for 8 seconds. Effects cannot be removed. Enemies within 10 meters of the caster are unaffected. Countdown Skills Advent of Annihilation Cast Time: 1.5 seconds Cooldown: 13 seconds Deals 999,999 fixed damage spread evenly across all enemies within a 15-meter target area. Ignores damage immunity. Paradise Down Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 60 seconds Caster sets 4 Blighted Earth areas within 30 meters at random. Lasts 50 seconds. Enemies standing on Blighted Earth are silenced and receive 10% max HP damage per second. Drops <Cylcarna’s Unmoving Heart> “Cylcarna’s dark heart lies still, signifying a moment of peace for the world. But even if paradise is made eternal, darkness will always remain, and the moment the Overlord’s heart beats again is when chaos reigns once more.” Trophy Exclusive All Physical Resistances +3 Physical DMG dealt +5% STR +184 Attacks and skills have a 5% chance to increase P-ATK +16294 and ATK SPD +382 for 5 seconds. Level Requirement 120 <Cylcarna’s Blazing Eye> “One shudders to imagine how an Overlord sees the world through this eye. Although, it’s not exactly an eyeball; just a ball of wispy flames. How did he even see with it?” Trophy Exclusive All Elemental Resistances +3 Magic DMG dealt +5% INT +184 Attacks and skills have a 5% chance to increase M-ATK +16294 and Cast SPD +382 for 5 seconds. Level Requirement 120 Achievement “Sometimes Games Have a Final Final Boss After the Final Boss” – Defeat <Bane Overlord> Cylcarna “Where’s My Soul? Where’s My Heart?” – Acquire Cylcarna’s Unmoving Heart “Always Sees Red” – Acquire Cylcarna’s Blazing Eye Dungeon: Desolation of Aven (You know how Battle of Time and Space is just Highlands but with a lot of fire? Imagine Aven like that.) Boss Location: This little square in the back Lore “Heroic tales often tell the adventures of a hero who will save the world from the evil that plagues it. The hero, most likely accompanied by a ragtag team of other brave adventurers, set out to vanquish the darkness and ultimately defeat the demon lord behind all the chaos. And most likely, the tale ends with a ‘happily ever after’. Nowadays, when one hears about a demon lord, most thoughts point to a Bane Prince. More rarely, one thinks of the Maharaja ruling over the Devastation Dimension. But in reality, they are nothing more than agents of darkness, mere subordinates to the one true lord of evil. Aptly named the Bane Overlord, this entity possesses power far beyond the reaches of a Bane Prince, and even the mighty Maharaja Kimba, considered above a Prince, kneels before it. Fortunately for the world, an Overlord appears only once every few millennia. Unfortunately for the modern world, one has appeared now. The arrival of the Bane Overlord heralds the coming of a truly dark age, where death and destruction run rampant. The current Overlord Cylcarna aims to begin his conquest by eliminating the Eternal Guardians that stand before him, and a conquest it shall be should they fail to stop him. His first target? Aven. Will you be the hero who gets their happily ever after?” Quotes · Battle Start: o “I suppose you deserve a chance before your inevitable demise.” o “You dare to match against me? Let us test your foolish endeavor.” · Casting a Countdown Skill: o “You shall now see why you do not deserve the title of Eternal.” o “A pity this must all end soon. Then again, everything must have an end.” · Defeat: o I-Impossible… I am… unmatched…” Notes I think a lot of the harder bosses in the game require good positioning during battle. This is especially seen in fights that have portal effects to add/remove buffs that help/hinder the player, such as Cerberus and Luchesse in GoP (and from what I know in the guide, all of the bosses in Sanctuary). To a certain extent, Asmodeus also requires this due to the DoT effects on the field. Positioning requires a presence of mind from the player so as to avoid tasting the floor when they suddenly drop dead due to some debuff they forgot to remove. The above examples require you to think of your own positioning. Most of the time, as long as you can fulfill the requirements on your own character and your other party members do the same, the party is pretty much set to go (excluding the healer of course, who should be aware of what their allies are doing). I made this boss with the idea of taking the positioning of your own teammates into account as well. Mark of Desolation is the main skill here, as it weakens one target to a point that they're virtually deadweight (or at least I think so; I don't know how much of an impact a reduction to core stats can have), and unless the party wants to have more than one member affected by it they would have to observe social distancing the positioning of each other. That's not all: Avoiding the debuff is one thing, but the increased Malice almost ensures that the victim would be the target of Advent of Annihilation, which if tanked alone is a certain kill. It would be helpful to avoid this since Bane of Existence triggers with a kill, and if the party is not careful one death can snowball into a wipe. In essence, the party must know when they should and should not enter within the effect of the debuff to avoid dying; it's as if the target affected by the Mark is the portal for a safe effect against insta-death. Later on the boss starts casting Paradise Down to add a bit of difficulty in maneuvering the field. The other two skills, Ominous Gale and Skyfall, is just a basic combo for potential burst damage and debuff. If running around avoiding the Mark isn't enough, the boss can suddenly knock people back, maybe even into Blighted Earth, then cast Skyfall for a different way to wipe the party. Skyfall can be avoided by running near the boss (made harder by the Move SPD debuff), but it would mean taking the effect of Stifling Aura and losing some buffs. If anything, the knockback can just be a way to put the players out of position for a while. I included the idea of Aven as a "battlefield" for a dungeon just because I like the thought of having an actual demon lord threatening a city with a major population (lore-wise). As for the dungeon itself, I made the boss with the idea that players have a buff similar to the one in GoP (+max HP), hence the 999,999 damage. (I put images in links because I couldn't directly insert them. Sorry for the inconvenience~) PS Formatting on forums is weird.
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