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  1. The price of Coral Lucky Safety Stone was from 700g to 850-900g in less then a week. A f2p with normal time spend in game do 2k-5k for day of farming (if he sells runs). So he can buy 4-5 stones a day and the chance of he fails all stones is extremaly high due to 10% chance is more like 1% (i failed 20 Corals and my club still +8). I really tired of farm gold all day and throw away in less then 5 minutes later with this fk stones.
  2. EC 120g Reset Scroll 1k Coral Lucky Safety Stone 950g Ultramarine Lucky Safety Stone 800g U guys are fk idiots for let this price be "normal". Good job to all of u....
  3. It be sooooooo good if we have an answer about this. Then i can focus on get a 110% weapon and sell my 101% garbage that is block a slot in my bag -.-
  4. The players on this server are very dumb, they come here on forum to complain about the value of the stones. But there in the game they are practicing ridiculous prices aiming only greed profit. There is no use coming to cry here and go there and do the same thing.
  5. I think is a good idea of how release the content. The issue of weapons needs to be thought out carefully, there will be a lot of people who will not improve the weapons in cap 65, because they know that the awakened ones reset everything and there are few that have stored stone or gold at the moment to put the normal and awekened version +10 About TW, there are some guilds that don't want play if they have a small chance (but a chance) of victory. This is not ur problem but a problem with this ppl. Now, the time of TW will need a change in nearly future, for us brazillian players with the end of quarentine the participation on tw will be gone. The TW now are 5pm (BRT) for us, most of workday end on 5-6PM here, so until we leave of our jobs and go home, we will lost TW and with no chance of winning, why try playing right? I know we are not a majority, but many Brazilians play tw every day at the moment and I guarantee that it will be a big loss if the schedule remains.
  6. If the server stay without class drop, i think that option C is the best choice. Now, if the class drop came in next patches then % in itens will not be a problem.
  7. If u guys launch a new classic server, i will play 100% for sure. VGN is a great server, but not for me at moment =x
  8. I was the first player in PT server to get all the achievements, i try play here in vgn server a while ago but the server didn't cheer me up. I have a halfkin named Gally that some friends still uses as an alt. Here a print from the PT server time: