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  1. Hello I would like if possible to get, In Altar : Ethereal Wolf (Legendary) ✔️02/17/22 this one is a Mystery Box exclusive item. tyyyy
  2. Stalwart Razorback's mount in Altar ✔️1/3/22
  3. Hello! Thanks in advance Mysterious Rocker Shades [Legendary] (Altar/Eden gem altar) ✔️12/02/21 Orange Love Surprise Box(Legendary) [Eden gem altar] ✔️1/21/22 (Crystal Altar) Mysterious Dynasty Jacket[Legendary] [Altar] ✔️12/09/21 Hand-Dyed Camo Beach Shorts(Legendary) [Altar] ✔️12/17/21 Mysterious Piped Suit Legendary [Altar] ✔️12/09/21 Amethyst/Frost/Sundown/Lava/Emerald Crystal Wings[Legendary] (Boxes)✔️12/30/21
  4. For altar : Mysterious Alchemist Goggles (Legendary) ✔️07/22/21 Myterious Men's Yukata (Legendary) ✔️07/26/21
  5. Hello. I be asking if you can put any MDMG dealt +5%'s pet(second pray) in Boxes. I didnt see these in for a long time still. Thanks you. 01/28/21
  6. yo, is it possible to have pinwheel prime (quality) in altar? we aint got any prime weapons yet in the altars Pinwheel(Prime) thx
  7. Thanks you very much :z > Main altar I think so >< Mysterious Men's Yukata(Legendary) ✔️08/20/20 Mysterious Gentleman Kimono(Legendary) ✔️03/19/20 Gem altar if I remember well : Mysterious Tip of the Hat Fedora(Legendary) ✔️03/19/20 And in the boxes Robust/Magic Devilish Belle ✔️05/21/20
  8. Hey! I would like that you put in altar(makes longtime too) Mysterious Aviator Shades(Legendary) ✔️03/06/20 thanks
  9. Hello, I would have those fashions in the altar, they so rare. Mysterious Gentleman Kimono (Legendary) ✔️03/19/20 Flaming Uriel's Wings (Legendary) ✔️02/29/20 Thanks much !
  10. Hello, can you think to put this fashion in the altar ? I didn't saw this since much time and would get it Altar 😮 Flaming Uriel's Wings(Legendary) ✔️02/29/20 Thanks you
  11. Hello, can you try to add this fashion in the altar soon? : Flaming Uriel's Wings(Legendary) ✔️02/29/20 ty
  12. Altar : Pinwheel(Legendary) ✔️01/07/20 I didnt see this since so longtime in Mystery box : Hello Kitty Kimono(M/F) ✔️12/28/19 ty:)
  13. Hi suggest those fashion Pinwheel(Legendary) <- didnt come since longtime, idk about others.✔️09/21/19 Mysterious Aviator Shades(Legendary) ✔️09/21/19 Mysterious English Mustache Fallen Angel Wings(Legendary) ✔️09/24/19 Secret Treasure Hand Dyed Pirate Captain Garb(Legendary) ty
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