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  1. Hello yall. I've been playing Vendetta for like 1 year now I think, in game I'm Kirlu but I don't play much and created a forum account just to comment this topic. I was very happy to see that I was not the only one wanting an old school EE. I remember that to complete dungeon objectives you had to enter in hard mode, so in order to complete/proceed to the next map you HAD to make a party using the holy trinity and beat the bosses (At least in vileshark, mayors dream, eroda, branda, root, etc.) So you had to socialize and make new friends and join guilds to have people who could help. It was a challenge. I remember you had to sell runs in Veninfang to make money when lvl cap was 50 if I remember correctly. The thing with an old school EE is that it would be better if you had no exp boost, try to make it a challenge, kinda grindy so when people get a piece of set or an item they wanted, or they clear a dung it would feel like an achievement. Honestly I hardly play the VGN actual server not because i don't like the game, i just feel like with awknd classes and the mimic is not the essence of what EE really is. Everything was simpler, you could actually enjoy being a lvl 55 char, completing achievements and everything you needed with spare time until the 60 level cap and so on. I would like to express myself better and tell you guys how I completely feel but this is not my main laguage and my head already hurts. But hey, this is just my opinion. I want to clarify this because as far as I have read there are some people here that take opinions as attacks to their beliefs. I'll give this server another chance just because the GM's asked us to prove that people were interested in a classic server. And thank you guys for letting me know by this thread that im not the only one missing the old EE and wanting to play an old school server.