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  1. It's easy guys. Classic: No Class Drops = No % on gold wep With Class Drop = % on gold wep I prefer the one without Class Drops.
  2. Me and my boys totally agree with this. Although we would prefer removing the % instead of implementing the Class Drop because it would be too easy to get geared. But yeah they should make a pool or something and as some other guy said, we are playing with mechanics that came with the Class Drop, but without Class Drop.
  3. Exactly, I love a classic experience but this is a private server after all and the idea is to not make it a chore. Farming 200 bosses a piece of set? Thats a no no from me. Not worth the time and honestly, discouraging.
  4. Kirlu

    Auto Loot

    I mean I kinda get your point, but I dont understand. This is not my main language xd. Can u explain it like if you were explaining to a 10 years old?
  5. Kirlu

    Auto Loot

    So I know this is a classic server, but is doesnt have to be strictly like a classic one. There are some things that made the game less annoying like the auto loot. I don't feel that waiting for doggo to collect drops or waiting until he finishes attacking a mob so he can pick the loot is a good idea because, at least for me, makes it a bit annoying. Another thing that happened is that the loot landed in a place the pet couldn't reach so he almost had a stroke.
  6. Oh boy. A lot of people on the other server have like 9 alts.
  7. Kirlu


    I remember playing EE since before The Reawakening update, even though Im still a noob and don't know much of the game, mostly went online to hang out with guildies, do trials and TW for fun because we only won every now and then, and I think is going to be a lot easier to quest and lvl up than then anyways because I remember that in order to complete a dungeon quest you had to enter in hard mode, so you had to look for parties anyway to continue to the next map, so I think it is going to be faster to proceed even with x1 exp. Another off topic thing sorry for asking it here. Since there are no guides around for this caps, maybe some good soul with a lot of knowledge could make some guides about gearing classes, class certs and stuff, mechanics in different trials etc?
  8. Okay. So I'm going to suggest some ideas that are my personal opinion, so they don't mean to be perfect and they even might have flaws. 1: What about starting at lvl 50 cap, and gradually rising cap by five every 3 or 4 months so we can get a chance for achievements, sets and really enjoy the game, so it doesn't feel that you have to rush for cap. This would be good for casual players too who don't spend 12 or more hours a day online. 2: The exp rates should be low, because I don't see the point in reaching cap in 10 hours. It doesn't give longevity to the game. Now, when talking about drop rates, like trophies, cc equipment fo bosses and armor or enchantment chest should be higher. nobody wants to kill a boos 150 times to get a trophy, or kill 150 elites to get to armor boxes and then dont get what you were looking for. 3: World bosses should spam a little quicker. 4: Crystal altar rotation should be once a week, so more people would be able to get whats on it before changing again. 5: Honor Stars. I don't think POD is game breaking for classic. But if you are going to remove it, maybe put some other way to get the honor stars. Remember, before you jump all over me this is just my personal opinion. so tank you for reading. If I think about something else, I'll post it.
  9. Kirlu


    I don´t understand. When talking about rates, is it just drop rate or also exp rate? Because one of the problems im having with the other server is not the exp rate, in fact, I think is too high and you lvl up pretty quickly, nor the gold rate, because the idea is that if you are going to dedicate your time to a main game is that it feels rewarding when you finally can buy a piece or set or amor, etc. My problem is with drop rates. It is too difficult to get certain items, for example amor boxes. It is so frustrating having opened around 100 elite boxes and only got one armor box. So that is a joy killer for me. So I'm asking what do you mean by rates so I can vote properly, tank you.
  10. Hello yall. I've been playing Vendetta for like 1 year now I think, in game I'm Kirlu but I don't play much and created a forum account just to comment this topic. I was very happy to see that I was not the only one wanting an old school EE. I remember that to complete dungeon objectives you had to enter in hard mode, so in order to complete/proceed to the next map you HAD to make a party using the holy trinity and beat the bosses (At least in vileshark, mayors dream, eroda, branda, root, etc.) So you had to socialize and make new friends and join guilds to have people who could help. It was a challenge. I remember you had to sell runs in Veninfang to make money when lvl cap was 50 if I remember correctly. The thing with an old school EE is that it would be better if you had no exp boost, try to make it a challenge, kinda grindy so when people get a piece of set or an item they wanted, or they clear a dung it would feel like an achievement. Honestly I hardly play the VGN actual server not because i don't like the game, i just feel like with awknd classes and the mimic is not the essence of what EE really is. Everything was simpler, you could actually enjoy being a lvl 55 char, completing achievements and everything you needed with spare time until the 60 level cap and so on. I would like to express myself better and tell you guys how I completely feel but this is not my main laguage and my head already hurts. But hey, this is just my opinion. I want to clarify this because as far as I have read there are some people here that take opinions as attacks to their beliefs. I'll give this server another chance just because the GM's asked us to prove that people were interested in a classic server. And thank you guys for letting me know by this thread that im not the only one missing the old EE and wanting to play an old school server.