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  1. Theres no guild that can really put 30 players on pvp map and theres alot players that have a alt as couple or get some alt to buff party... I mean, the numbers of real players in gvg map is actually fake. Its seems a waste of dev time.
  2. Tbh, since when i went back to playing pvp on the awk server, i was very dissatisfied with the way the crystals are broken, just people who run to the crystal and attack until they die, there is no strategy or gameplay... I believe that a simple hp increase in crystals will not solve it cuz the damage is usually based on the amount -resist/def stacked. My suggestion is add a buff to the crystal, just like the 95 trial bosses, that removes all debuffs every second.
  3. My suggestion is to drop a token with trial quest. After that use in the arcane box with a class token then trade for a +1% token; Its a system like DoD(godstone), we use a Token + Magician Honor modal for a random +1% token staff(+1% Magic Skeleton/+1%SSW) This also helps in encouraging the arena. As we are already discussing arena in another thread I think it is important to link in other points.
  4. I believe that changing the % of items is very complicated, not only for development but too for players that already have items with a good %. Regarding the change to a limit of 10 entries per day, I think it is not a good idea. In cap 60, there are many trials that need to farm. Its 24 entries for all 55/60 trial. My suggestion is to increase the drop rate, at a rate worth keep farming and keep %. I believe that the rate needs to be readjusted to a rate that is not even close to the class drop but is too far from the current. Something that keeps me farming for better items.
  5. Hello, As most are aware of the economic crisis that countries are going through, I wanted to open a discussion about creating a dynamic value in the purchase of VGN. In my case, I am from Brazil and it has been a while since the purchase of VGN is complicated by the discrepancy in currency values. Following is an image of the currency difference: As you can see, the currency difference is 1 to 5. Now bringing it into context. I am a software engineer and I will show my reality regarding the problem I want to discuss. *All links that I will use as reference are for Brazilian sites but the information is clear* Software Enginner Salary BRAZIL:ários/engenheiro-de-software-salário-SRCH_KO0,22.htm Software Enginner Salary EUA:ários/chicago-software-engineer-salário-SRCH_IL.0,7_IM167_KO8,25.htm As you can see the salary difference is not big, we could even say that they are the same. BUT in reality, the salary is 5x lower because of the currency. I believe that the creation of a dynamic value of VGN will be able to rescue the purchasing power of several players who are experiencing economic problems in their respective countries and that the purchase of VGN is also economically fair. I also believe that this can add a positive image to the "Vendetta Gaming Network" as it shows empathy for all players who are experiencing some type of difficulty. Thanks. IGN Classic: Feeling
  6. 1. Reduce HP crystal to 1/5 current; Today i saw like 15ppl hitting xtal and the hp was not falling; 2. Add Class Drop back; I made all my run on 8p trial and we got like 2 item; 3. Safety Stone 25% on altar; That would make the economy more active;
  7. Hello Community, I'm here today to gather your opinions about launching a Classic Server for Eden Eternal Vendetta and i gonna talk as player. After reading all I have to say, please vote so we can show the Staff from Vendetta, that if they decide a classic server they will gain more than they have to lose. I will list below some facts that support this: EE is not the best game in the world, most of the people who play this are here for the nostalgic feeling, and there is nothing better for that than playing lower cap, doing content with the meta of that cap, building an economy from the beginning. Some people want a fresh start, where you can start from the bottom with everyone. The majority of people are done playing the game the way it is right now, most of them don't quit just because they don't have anything better to play, to be honest. But all can agree that Awaken's class changes the game to worse. I know you guys created the Normal Class TW, but this is just a "mode", people want to use the normal class in contents, gvg, tw, trials, etc. Because let's be honest, aside from TW, normal classes were trashed for the rest of the game's content. The most important item, the Classic Server is gonna happen, it can be a random private or Vendetta stepping-up, but it's doomed to happen one day. A few days ago, we had a private doing a Level 55 Classic Server. Everyone probably knows that the server has extremely game change bugs, a TRASH website, a Donate system that doesn't work, almost the same exp from MAIN SERVER, and still it got a great amount of people. They had almost 500 people on discord within 7 days of the server. All of this in a server full of bugs, where people don't see a future, where the admin is and student with little time and almost no knowledge about EE, donates not working, and people are still willing to play it. I had almost 15 friends coming back to play just because they were happy to play on a low-level cap, after YEARS. Now imagine if this was launched by Vendetta, with the experience you guys have, with a stable client, working with the players, we can establish a Classic Server where people would be happy to play, knowing that they would have a great staff behind to support and care for them. Please vote with your best intentions.
  8. Hello @Lonvas You need a 4 star pet for use third skill and dont worry about stats, pets don't have a big effect on end game content. And nop, they don't stack 😉
  9. Hello o/ It's still bugged 😕 , you need to relog and reset the dungeon, so you can use crystal on spot to enter on dungeon again. 😉
  10. Nothing specifically, right? So why not?
  11. @Jordan Mhmm Why not awk set 80? Im a old player, maybe one of the first. I made some awk set for pvp, possibly some other players too, why not recycle that time?
  12. Mozz


    25 slot free on vendors and add 45 slot bag