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  1. Update : Found a solution. Delete everything about Vendetta Gaming Network that is on your computer, run as administrator, put the files in anti-virus and firewall, and then verify client, and launch. I don't know which one of those was the error, but it finally worked ๐Ÿ˜‚thanks Jordan and Norleras for your help (You can close the topic i guess)
  2. http://www.noelshack.com/2021-21-1-1621862409-capture.png I got this by doing what you said. And if i don't close them all, 2 others pops up in the next 5 seconds. So basically, if i don't touch anything, it will open that same window over and over again, and i don't know why. Oh, and still no game opened by the way.
  3. Still nothing, i reinstalled the game, did a verify client thing with the installation files, and on the client, and nothing happened again.
  4. Well, hi VGN, it's been a long time i haven't played on one of your games, but this week i wanted to give it a try, because Eden Eternal is one of the game i liked the most in my childhood. But here's the thing : when i try to launch my game, i double click on the app on my computer, then the launcher starts, there's no problem. Then i click on "Play Awaken", the launcher closes, and then... nothing. Just nothing. No error message, no game, nothing at all. I tried the "Verify" button to verify the installation files, and there's nothing wrong, then i tried to desinstall and reinstall the game entirely, by deleting everything i had on my computer about VGN, and downloaded the launcher again on the website, but again, nothing happends when i click on "Play Awaken". So i tried to launch it as an administrator, but again, nothing. So i'm here today to ask for a solution to my problem, i can't play the game anymore.
  5. Is it possible to bring back the old % or a better % to drop safety stones in alpaca mystery capsules ? The only other way to get them is by buying them to other players, and it cost a lot of gold, or to be in the top 20 of the race rankings, and it's not easy.
  6. It's in french but just in case...
  7. When i'm trying to launch the install.exe of Scarlet Blade, it's giving me this error : "Unable to execute code because JPGI.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may correct this problem." (it was in french because i am so i translated it). I never played at Scarlet Blade ever, i never downloaded it, i never launched it, so i don't know why i should "reinstall" the program. Please help me.
  8. For the drop system, i'm suggesting a kind of an "infinite backpack" available only in dungeons of course, this backpack keep all dropped items until the end of the dungeon. When you're out of the dungeon, you have 1 minute to decide what you're keeping or what you're selling, but if you don't pick up the items in the backpack, all the items are wiped out. Could be OP, and i think it's a bad idea, but it could be interesting or give some ideas to GM team. Actually, not a lot of people like the drop system because pets are dumb with it, they don't know when to attack or when to pickup, so they run to pickup the items and they can't attack. I already seen and read the topic where Jordan were saying the actual drop system is better than auto-pickup, but it will get to be annoying to pickup every items for more than a year if the server is successful.
  9. As the GMs said in the Intro of this server, the game will remain the same it was years ago before awakened classes and all that shit. But I think, and it's certainly true, that the server still need a little bit of VGN's touch. It just can't be a copy/paste of an old save of EE. So the GMs said that custom or new items will be introduce in the game, and I'm opening this topic for that. Ya'll are gonna say "lmao man we have time for that, level cap is 55, they have planned to make custom items when level cap will be 75" (that's what i read). Yes, we have time for that, but maybe some of you already thought of some ideas of custom items and don't know where to put them, so this topic is made for that. But please, make a decent and readable suggestion. I will make an example if necessary. Name : Moon Rune / Sun Rune Description : Runes are rare items which can be crafted with a special new fame : Galactic Guardian of Eternal. Galactic Guardian of Eternal is a glory that can be obtained by completing repeatable quests. They are used to craft the Moon and Sun Runes and other interesting objects. Effect(s) : Moon Rune : On use, this object gives to your class (every classes) the features of the Moon. Moon Features : Deals darkness damages to ennemies. On hit, slow them down of 10% for 5 seconds with a cooldown of 12 seconds . Have a 5% chance to deals 2x hit damages to ennemies. Sun Rune : On use, this object gives to your class (every classes) the features of the Sun. Sun Features : Deals light damages to ennemies. On hit, applies a DOT of 1% of the enemy's HPs every seconds for 3 seconds. Has a "cooldown" or give a immunity (to ennemies) to sun damages of 15 seconds. Have a 5% chance of healing the party of 10% of the caster's HP with a cooldown of 45 seconds. (The effects can be changed, it's just a global idea of what I wanted to introduce). (The example is : item name + description of item + effect(s) of items + other things).
  10. Ok so no BM in dungeons because it's classic and slow server, no BM in PvP because it's OP, no BM in maps because of captcha so it's useless, why the hell i started this topic ? ๐Ÿ˜‚
  11. That's my point SenorBernd, i don't want battle mounts for PvP, only for PvE and for a little bit of move speed in dungeons maybe, dungeons like veninfang are actually the main way to make gold, so why not faster ? But it's just a suggest, i'm not saying "you have to do it" don't worry ๐Ÿ˜›
  12. Battle Mounts are an other subject i wanted to talk about (after the Unlimited Dungeons). Will they be added on Classic since there's no Awakened Classes (for now, i don't know what GMs have planned for this server). They were OP with classes like GM (Gravity Manipulator) because you could just run, jump and one shot people. But since there's no Awakened classes, i guess it could be good, but only for PVE, not PvP. There's actually 2 points i wanna talk about if they are planned to be added (if it's not, just skip this part) : - Does the stats they were giving on the main/original server will be on Classic too ? - Will they still give as much move speed as they were giving on the main/original server ? (i think it was 90% for legendaries, just like normal mounts)
  13. Hi, some people already talked about endless dungeons, and the answer they got was "It will bring bots and infinite farming". I'm wondering if the captcha thing of the "main" EE game of VGN couldn't be added on dungeons. But not in dungeons strictly speaking. Why not create a sort of random captcha for each 1 to infinite entrances in the dungeon. It will only show up outside the dungeon (to prevent crashes in dungeon and things like "man i died because of the captcha, it sucks") and the player couldn't enter the dungeon if the captcha isn't solved. With that solution, the bot farming could be possible of course, but it will be limited and the players will need to be semi-afk or at least in front of their screen to solve the captcha. The other problem of this endless dungeon idea was the amount of gold you can farm. For that, you could make a 0/10 or 0/20 thing, each completed dungeon add 1 to it and at 20 you can't earn gold anymore from monsters, and items are 80% rarest so you could still earn some golds, but you can still earn XP if the level of the player is adequate. Like that, it will prevent from bots, massive eco farming (even if you can still drop items), and will help for leveling.
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