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  1. I think class drop makes drop rate way too high at least from playing on awaken server to be similar to original classic game (not sure when class drop was added to main server, but I don't think it was there during 70 cap trial, but I could be wrong) I prefer one or the other, either: Lower Chance Class Drop and % system Or No Class Drop and No % system
  2. I don't think battle mounts will be added? (they are not available even on awaken server lv120)
  3. miyeon

    Bard Skill

    Insta cast aoe on bard burning metal was removed 50 cap by Aeria, but it was aoe skill on ground before for a long time
  4. Asking for a friend: Is fame bugged for Valley of Kings map (and maybe other low level maps as well?). Submitting 10 items from legions does not give any fame
  5. miyeon

    Auto Loot

    Auto-loot bad because: - can give random person important item instead of party - buggy and can increase drop rate
  6. I think the meta will be similar to how 70/75 cap was on MS where we will farm gold by doing all the 0/2 solo dungeons for money and to level up classes My initial thought was also that gold will be hard to farm without a larger limit than 0/10, but we should test this out ourselves before jumping to conclusions
  7. miyeon


    I played MS from open beta until 75/80 cap. I think x1 rates for character exp is 100% fine (it took around 3-5 days to reach level cap on every release for 50-70 caps with no knowledge of content and around a week for 70-75 cap doing reps outside of vingot) Class exp on the other hand was really slow on MS and took a while to cap classes just to get certificates, etc. I think EXP/CP needs to be buffed if 0/10 is kept in the game (but issue with botting might happen if cap was removed...). Otherwise, each cap, players will be spamming reps for levels for days to reach the next line of story quests.
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