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  1. pls Dark green clothing color n.n) ??
  2. PLS GS Can you put the new seraphics wings on a box of their own and not together with the ones already existing? pls u.u Dark black clothing color pls c:
  3. could put some of these items in altar or box ... pls .. QwQ Thanks
  4. °- °) ty ... GS Thy c:
  5. Mysterious Officer´s Dress skirt legendary /// Mysterious women´s resolution garb legendary Azure,Crimson, shadow emerald Reaper Luna Rock Magical zodiac star stone Goldfleece, pinkcandy Sheep luna rock pls
  6. Mysterious rose eye patch legendary Mysterious officer´s dress skirt legendary Mysterious fitted pea coat legendary Mysterious militissa ensemble legendary Mysterious miko dress legendary C: Midnight blue clothing /headwear color pls owo
  7. Mysterious Wizard´s top hat (legendary) Toy cigarette (legendary) Mysterious purple demon horns (legendary) Mysterious aviator shades (legendary) Mystic Gothic Corset (legendary) Dark red clothing/headwear color (: pls, ty
  8. Koega

    Halloween Event!

    ~~.. This was a doll who used to sing to her master everyday, for it was the only way for her to show him love; Time and days passed and the doll prayed for the opportunity to sing for her master, it was her desire, her only hope. Until one day the doll accomplished her dream but when her master saw her, he felt horrified so the doll cried and left his side, so she remained alone waiting for the day when she can sing for loved on. Koega~~ C: