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  1. Larissa

    Medic Pet

    lol yea already teste a bit with skill builds, thx
  2. Larissa

    Magnum Bikes

    shows different
  3. Larissa

    Magnum Bikes

    Ver 1 - Ver 2 - Ver 3 -
  4. Larissa

    Medic Pet

    What pet chips for a Medic ?
  5. Larissa

    Mystery Box Item Requests

    Silver weapon skins
  6. Larissa

    Mystery Box Item Requests

    Uni lvl 30+ Lingerie's pls
  7. Larissa

    Skill Changes

    many of the players who still play dont even got a full l2 pet ______________________________________________ guess ur a new player ... i play whipper since the start of sb... and now where it has crit eva it helps a lot ... so better know a class before say such things thats what makes tanks, a tank ... ... __________________________________________
  8. Larissa

    Skill Changes

    60+ needs min. 7k crit eva ... would be already enough to higher it from 750 which it is atm to 1000
  9. Larissa

    Skill Changes

    qq, just dont want this post to get closed because of any stupid comments from ppl who mby dont agree with me pepper is full crit void, + the Defenders Might wich is 4500 crit void, its super op ... but yea ..kinda weird u right there ____________________ its not just the PU's ... im so quishy in my dmg set and as i already said Thank you very very much @GoddessSand for ur comment !
  10. Larissa

    Skill Changes

    some whippers (including me) worked their ass off to get full crit eva stuff and its just worthless after the patch, i tried it for a long time and now i decided to say something. higher the crit evasion again please 14 points for that low crit eva is just sad and all my gear completely worthless... and really dont like to change jewels after every patch Lower the crit void there as compromise to make it for everyone even ... crit void / crit eva thats way too OP... had some 1v1s with a cb over a min. what abt higher the cd to 1,30min. Hope you think about it gm's ... all u other ppl ... keep your stupid comments for yourselves, thx !
  11. some are already going with alts, @DrDieLess said it alright, so no more wasting bgs and loot
  12. Larissa

    Ellis for 60+

    what about give 60+ a debuff like it was in scylla lol _________ not many rg in amara ... maybe 2-3 and no one wants to do hauler
  13. Larissa

    Ellis for 60+

    i know its a littls risky to do that but there are so many players i like at 50-59 at both sides and it would be great if it is possible to higher the lvl of omega and giant to 59 and open ellis for 60+ so we can enter that map again and do some pve toghether and hlep eachother, ofc i know its a pvp map and some players will zerg the low lvls but what about give it a try for some weeks (2-3weeks?) and see how its going , also lvl60 could do the def quest again too, was thinking abt that and thought its a good idea thanks in advance :3