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  1. Larissa

    Map Rotation

    yea, miss nemesis pvp qq
  2. Larissa

    Map Rotation

    didnt know... im just asking :v nice :v thx letting us know
  3. Larissa

    Map Rotation

    :v i think it would be rly nice if there are monthly map rotations, atm 60+ is amara, what abt next month we get nemesis map and the bosses with higher lvl etc. 20+ cg ---> amara 30+ viledon ---> ellis 40+ nemesis ---> viledon 50+ ellis ---> cg 60+ amara ---> nemesis
  4. Larissa


    Alright, thanku
  5. Larissa


    Hey exp rate is still horrible. and its still so hard to find a exp pt. its not only me, there are some others aswell but sadly from the other side. And i dont really wanna farm alone from 60 to lvl 65. its annoying that the only thing u do when ur online is farming exp. so my question is, would u higher the exp rate and give us new 1hr exp boosters like... 5000% instead of 1000% its still not enough but it will help a lot more. maybe im 65 next year x-mas time @Vivi thx in advance :v
  6. u got a running game, and dat comes with responsibility >:v
  7. shud open fc npc if this is possible permanently lul
  8. huehue >:v ja man exactly, just for some stupid rp :3 i just started around 2yrs ago... and had 1 or 2 longer breaks from the game
  9. is it possible to make a transmitter for amara?! would be nice :v
  10. hey @Vivi, ur willing to give us a double rp reset next maint for a week? thx ~ :3
  11. same~ was funny -- Event was damn long, thx for the time and effort of all Gs's who were there only thing that was kinda annoying, was the starting point... map too damn big can understand it, so we dont see where u going ... but ya event so far was good. and gz to all winners again ~