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  1. Larissa

    Pet Chat (Round 2)

    wanna see something funny? look at your enemy don't you dare to forget to feed me waddup, LOOOT
  2. Larissa

    Wh Skill Changes (idea)

    there u go salty sb community ~
  3. Larissa

    Wh Skill Changes (idea)

    what abt give WH a kinda cleansing skill in mech like some other classes have WH Mech Buff / Move spd + debuff remove ~ CB Mech Buff ___ and no one skills passive sp, so what abt give wh more def buffs or finally some dmg, ofc not that high like dd classes like PU etc. but maybe just a bit :v
  4. Larissa

    Mystery Box Item Requests

    pls all versions of the bathing suits + Flek pet Norb pet Gruel pet
  5. Larissa

    [VOTE] Al Kasava Proposal

    then lower the number to 20, cant be worse than it is now...worth a try i think
  6. Larissa

    [VOTE] Al Kasava Proposal

    i thought about that too, and i think there is nothing else that would be as fair as this is, example ~ let everyone enter the map, those who enter map first got better chancec to stay in , like the reg. button for bg's if u press reg. first ur in for sure. so RG - 30 and FK - 18... so system kicks the 12 ppl that were late on rg side .. and make this a even fight
  7. Larissa

    Good way to get Gold ?

    to buy ap lol? look ~ Instructions:- Go to pixel game card website and login to their website.- If you are new to Pixel Game Card then register an account before logging in with Pixel Game Card.- Once you are logged in select the card value you wish to purchase.- Complete the purchase using the payment service selected.- Once you have gained you card via email/payment page you can use the widget on this page to add the VGN Points to your account.- The widget requires your Game Login not your Pixel Game Card login.
  8. Larissa

    Good way to get Gold ?

    u saw my luck :3..... but true, make naraks and sell em
  9. Larissa

    Good way to get Gold ?

    or buy ap 1:1 ingame then resell 500-1k more than original price ... items that go ez in AH are name and skill reset items, uni tools ...
  10. Larissa

    Good way to get Gold ?

    if u want fast gold thats the only way :v
  11. Larissa

    lv 60 mech? cyberskin lv 60 /

    doc said theyre in the works >:v some time ago qq
  12. Larissa

    More Tradeable stuff

    smh ... i just asked and thats where it comes to ... anyway ... thx for answer
  13. Larissa

    More Tradeable stuff

    is it possible ... would be nice if Clusters will be Tradeable in future
  14. Larissa

    Mystery Box Item Requests

    + hat ver 1 & 2 camo thx in advance ~
  15. yap... theres no real challenge anymore... rgs winning all the time... kinda boring