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  1. pls, thx >:v ❤️
  2. huehue >:v ja man exactly, just for some stupid rp :3 i just started around 2yrs ago... and had 1 or 2 longer breaks from the game
  3. is it possible to make a transmitter for amara?! would be nice :v
  4. hey @Vivi, ur willing to give us a double rp reset next maint for a week? thx ~ :3
  5. same~ was funny -- Event was damn long, thx for the time and effort of all Gs's who were there only thing that was kinda annoying, was the starting point... map too damn big can understand it, so we dont see where u going ... but ya event so far was good. and gz to all winners again ~
  6. Blue bathing suit pls :v
  7. Larissa

    Exp Buff

    If there will be a late easter event with the new dungeons is it possible to add a little exp boost buff when you enter the map?
  8. those who got chars on both sides go AK with their rg at saturday from beginning... same like midweek they all go fk side.. mby few ppl would change at last mins ..but most already at the right side .. so ?!
  9. so many ppl Dc everytime in AK, is it possible to make the portal permanently open? kinda annoying coz midweeks AK is 4-5am for some german sb players and then a dc at end is frustrating :s
  10. Larissa


    :v u need to post this here
  11. doc once made a gold ball event in mereholt same spot as aeria did at the racetrack, ppl always go to different spots there and spread themselfes over the racetrack, which i find very good and i prefer an extra gold ball event beside a monster spawn
  12. those 5sec. are there to give u hope but u know u gonna fail... no srsly ... its kinda annoying ur right
  13. wanna see something funny? look at your enemy don't you dare to forget to feed me waddup, LOOOT