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  1. Me, my girlfriend and a couple of friends who recently found this server are leaving since we have been run off by a few people who think they own the server when my girlfriend tried to sell something earlier today. Thank you to the GM/GS who gave me advice the other day but we are gonna look for another game to get into. Might pop in here and there though, Eden always was a favorite game of mine in the past from the Aeria years. Thanks
  2. Johnny

    Pet help

    Ok so I managed to buy a Petra from someone and dont want to ruin it but would like to know the best way of getting magic man pray 1 on it. If I get a pet like this hades here with the same 2nd pray it is basically 50/50 to get the other pray 1 right? Do you think its worth it or should I just keep the Petra the way it is?
  3. Icegem Snowflake legendary altar ✔️01/03/20
  4. The Sprite Star Stones ✔️01/31/20
  5. Will this diamond altar be here till new years or will it be removed thursday?
  6. Johnny

    Pet help

    ok so I have to find a pet with a 1 with xp or cp then when i fuse them it has a chance to be both?
  7. The pet fusion is confusing to me never tried it before. So can someone clarify this for me. Say I fused these 2 together to try for Pray of Exp II and CP EXP II as both pray abilities is that possible?
  8. Red Heart Angelic Staff Icy Ghost Scythe ✔️12/20/19 Purgatory Ghost Scythe Blazeblight Cestus (all colors) ✔️12/28/19 😍
  9. Yea I agree with you, your servers are way better than the original. Not sure what could be on them. Maybe event point? Or what I did like from the aeria teir spender is the gm wish for spending x amount. Maybe have holiday based ones during holidays only?
  10. Has there ever been a thought to adding a reward system for people who buy and spend VGN? For example spending so much vgn gets you an event point or something along that line?
  11. The farthest I got on the official servers years ago was veninfang grinding with my bard selling runs before they nerfed bard's cast. I just got to level 69 on Vendetta servers and have a quick couple newb questions. What does awakening classes mean, and when is this possible to do? I keep hearing that phrase around and on Youtube. Is my best bet for gear the temple quest gear boxes I get for now? Is there anything else I should be doing Pve wise right now around level 70 besides questing? Thanks!
  12. I tried Mint as well at first and when I went to their site they said they didn't have any available for my region (USD). So I did more digging and found a site that lets you purchase mint gift cards. So I signed up quick and then found a 30$ USD Global Mint card there and purchased it. After they verified my purchase I went to my order tab on that website and the mint code pin was on there. I copied it and went to Pixel Game site. Signed in, clicked paymentwall mint option. Made sure the dropdown was on USD (use whatever currency your using/bought for Giftcard) clicked 30$ and the mint paymentwall asks for a pin. so i pasted it and clicked enter and was done. They gave me a pixel code and I punched it in on here and got my VGN.
  13. I can confirm that the offgamers method of buying a mint card worked for me. 1. went to offgamers / signed up 2. bought a 30$ usd mint card 3. after they verified go to order page and the code will be there 4. copy it 5. go to pixel gaming website, login, go to purchase, click paymentwall/MINT clicked 30$ usd 6. It will ask for a mint pin and you paste 7. done (I tried buying a Mint card right from the Mint website but they said they didn't have any for my region (US).
  14. Lifesaber's in diff colors for the starwars movie release on the 20th.
  15. Hi thanks I saw that, payment wall only has an option in chinese writing or using giftcards, where can I use my normal debit card?
  16. Trying to buy VGN, but having trouble. When I go to the Pixel Game Card site I usually use the "Super Reward" payment option. It has been disabled and the only other option is in chinese and or cvs/giftcards? Anyone know how I can buy VGN with my debit card
  17. Thanks so much! Got it working again!
  18. Hi, I have been playing EE Vendetta perfectly fine lately, but today I tried starting it back up and it was no where found on my computer. I turned my PC off and restarted it and it was still gone so I went back and tried redownloading it and it was randomly put back on my desktop. Then I got a notification from windows defender that there is a threat within the patcher? How do I go about this.
  19. IGN: Johnny Not great at making Videos but wanted to give it a try! Good luck to anyone who enters!
  20. Please put the lightsaber weapons in for the new star wars movie coming up in all diff colors maybe in a box.
  21. Hi! I am pretty new to this site and have donated a bunch for VGN, I have a quick question hope not bothering you. I just deleted a character under level 10 on EE and would like to use the same name again. Searched up the past threads and someone had a similar question to mine and I think you or another GM wrote that if it was under level 10 that it could be done quickly. If over level 10 then it would take 1-2 months. I did a ticket earlier and someone responded saying that I would have to wait 1-2 months which is why i was confused cause I think the character was only level 5 if I recall. Is there anything I can do to get the name back quicker? I apologize if there is an inconvenience, thanks for all you do.
  22. Mysterious Dark Wizard's Hat (Legendary) Obsidian Mummy Coffin (Legendary) Magic Broom (Legendary) Demon Eye Greatsword (Legendary) ✔️11/08/19
  23. What is the star icon i see on some pets? Why do some have it and some dont?
  24. IGN: _Merlin_ Happy Halloween everyone! Good luck