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  1. Ign:Code6Shooter Faction: Fk I wish for Pink Flirty First Place Jumpsuit custome for Punisher, Tqvm
  2. Wow. I dunno what to say mate ... this is a heck full of error on the game SB launcher.exe Error code 00405d8d . Invalid pointer operation . WOW ~
  3. that was such a total random timing on the server to be down ~ i nearly wanted to reinstall the game ~ .
  4. XingCode3 Error CODE : e0190304 What is the problem? Was able to login in 4 hours ago n this pop up so oftenly when i wanna to trade for items by the npc on halloween items submittions
  5. Did u watch the posted vidoes on the forums ? sw has always being nerf in far too many way i can count. How many of our times has our skill tree has been nerfed. our void debuff n defense reduction is a mere 160 defense n 13% .Our precision Min.atk-Max.atk has no bonus of dmg increase anymore . Lower atk=longer killing time even u still have cri rate n cri atk remained . No damage also equal lower critical damage.Where is the sense of that ?Have a 2nd look, do u know how stupid and silly tat sound for a assasin class ? In Tartarus dungeon its passive skill of revealing light is eating off our
  6. To be very honest . The lastest skill patch and dungeon is very badly done especially in hard mode solo, i hate the fact of evasion is reduce to nothing as some classes are being nerf from bad to worst. Take Sw for an instance, eva plays a huge role for tat class in specific and may i remind u tat class has very little health piont to go with as well.When tat is taken away what do u leave the sole character with ? Shadow Walker's percision has also been remove from its buff again and being replace mere cri atk only. <- that was really a sick joke. Without those damage bonus how could a Shad
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