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  1. Vivi and the staff do so much for y'all lol. It takes forever to make changes and then y'all just shit on it. Vivi especially cares so much about trying to make y'all happy (I don't fucking know why). P.S Vivi is the one that is treated like a peasant, slaving away. If you want to actually give useful feedback, make a list, with more details on what you'd like to see changed/improved and send it on Discord. I'm in all you guys' channels. Noobs. Fu
  2. So, the bosses I made specifically for the event will be available for next week. For this one, I came up with prizes that will be given out for every player that participated. If enough people show up, next week, we'll spawn the bosses (filled with good loot)
  4. It will be tricky. The one hosted on ASB, we just kinda matched up teams based on their players' gears. The good thing is that it's not a competition and there will be open PvP as well. If you have any ideas, let me know though!
  5. THREAD FOR PVP EVENT Post your teams/suggestions/questions here! Banana and Kawaii will be hosting the event and will not be participating unless it's extremely needed. If you have any questions, please visit the Event Thread, ask here, or PM Banana or Kawaii. LINK TO EVENT THREAD
  6. BananaHand

    PvP EVENT!

    PVP EVENT! Hey, all. We are planning a PvP event! I hosted one back on ASB and it was a big success and since Kawaii and others were talking about having one here, I figured we should give it a shot. This is not a GS/GM event and thus will require the maturity of the community to set aside differences and come together to ensure the success of this event. CHECK OUT VIDEOS OF THE PAST EVENT I HOESTED ON ASB: Relentless team 1 Another player's POV Example of a 12 vs 12 fight HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Gather up 5 of your friends (6 of you in total), give your team a name and post it in the comments, along with the members' names and level by Thursday 31st December 2020. If you do not have enough people to make a full team, just list the members you managed to get or enter solo and a team will be made for you. DATE: Saturday 2nd January 2021 at 20 minutes after Al Kasava LOCATION: Middle of Amara (we will kill the bosses first) CATEGORIES: 6 vs 6 12 vs 12 (2 teams vs 2 teams if we have enough participants) Open PvP NOTE: If we do not get enough participants, we will just have open PvP with rewards after. RULES: Resurrections and Mother's Miracles are not allowed No Cyberclusters/Napalms/Ults It will be a best of 3 A GS will stand in the middle of the arena and once they mech, the fight begins! Each team must include 1 of each class (your team will have either a DE or a CB and we will try to match your team with an opposing team of the same classes) Players who aren't participating will not enter the ring/pvp with others during the event or will be kicked by a GS. If you're not fighting in the ring, just look on from the sides. Toxic behavior will be given warnings and if it continues, you will be kicked until the event is over. REWARDS: Since it's not a competition and just for fun, rewards will be for everyone that shows up. However, we are not yet 100% sure what the rewards will be but expect some kind of spawn with new fashion and other rare, valuable items. We will make it worth your while! FINAL THOUGHTS: If things work out, we can make this a weekly event with lesser rewards. Also, we will most likely be updating this post regularly to add things that I missed. Your suggestions/criticism is welcomed as I'm sure this isn't perfect and can only get better with your input. Please understand that this is just something for fun and I implore y'all to be civil. Where to sign up for the event:
  7. If you got suggestions, be sure to toss 'em our way!
  8. Read all your suggestions. Really appreciate it. We definitely took them all into consideration and will for sure do what we think will benefit the game and increase the fun aspect of the game.
  9. Thnaks for the feedback. We'll take a look and see what we can do.
  10. That would unfortunately make the game pay 2 win. Feel free to give suggestions on anything else you'd like to see in the item mall in the suggestion thread though.
  11. We both stopped playing for a while but when we did, we farmed a lot. We farmed and got our gear, just like you did. In fact, I played 10-15 hrs a day back in SB when I finished school and stayed home a couple years. I farmed a lot for my uniques and then all of a sudden, rates increased and uniques started raining. I know how annoying it is but in this case, I think it's necessary. Again, it's not like we want our efforts to be waste but there are people who still don't have their jewels and they've been playing for years, just couldn't spend as much time playing because of work or w/e. It's time to move on from the jewel thing and focus on the future updates to come.
  12. I do understand your frustrations. It took me soooo long to get my jewels but it really is too hard for a new player to get fully geared, like years even maybe. If the game were more populated, it would be fine but it's a small community so the more people playing endgame, the better. I do agree that some things should be really rare and hard to earn but imo, that should be cosmetic stuff.
  13. Well, I am sorry you feel that way. We're just trying to make it easier for newer players to get to end game and PvP. Hopefully whatever we add in the future will bring more for you to do.
  14. So you think a new player will be able to do that? Again, a new player will take a very very very very very long time to get their full gear. Players who already have full gear maybe be easier for but others, it's still really hard.
  15. It takes way longer than 2 months to farm full uni r2. If a new player gets to lv65, it will take a realllllly long time to get full uni r2, even with these changes. Like I said, we are coming with new stuff that should keep y'all busy and hopefully increase PvP.
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