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  1. IGN :Xciimo Item : Golden Unholy Aurora Lance (Prime)
  2. Hello I open this topic to discuss the stone reset. I totally agreed with the first reset. Too much stone accumulated but now given the activity of the server the amount of stone should not be excessive. Except the reset would only tell people, do not play at the altar, do not play just waiting for the release of 70 and come back. The few players present get ready and hold the server with their arm's length. Don't let them go.
  3. You are Froggy right? You talk to me about running when you are sitting at the respawn because your guild was on the enemy side. I'm only talking about one fact, the class swap in the arena never existed in official, therefore in classic. I simply ask the question of why it is therefore present on a "classic" server.
  4. Hello, I have a question. Why currently we have the Vendetta arenas, ie a change of class authorized in the arena when it is not at all classic. Before we spawned with a class and we had to build a solid group to win. Whereas now there are only class changes after class change. This is clearly not classic?
  5. Hi Jordan, I don't know if you've seen the GTs this past week, but if you haven't noticed it was mono class. Currently the power of the magician with a weapon 120% for gold or 160% for purple makes a feeling of disgust for physical classes. You can't do anything. At the time of 55 max or even 60 max we didn't have this powerful weapon. We were with 100% classic weapons, much harder to obtain and craft. Maybe you will answer me that the percentage has nothing to do with it but how else to explain this mono class so powerful in GT?
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