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  1. Thats nice Also "copy image" works as well if ur lazy peeps Just right click the image and a option for "copy image" will appear then just paste it or just " ctrl + v "
  2. Welcome to vendetta. I hope u enjoy ur stay
  3. Heya. Feel yourself at the forum hhave fun
  4. New Loli ! Welcome If u need some questions dont hesitate to ask me or the other member here.
  5. Welcome, well we currently having OUR own updates. We just not do the Copy and Paste thingy. We make our own things Plus we still gathering people and we really dont need too many staffs to begin with. Also the community here is fun to play with so you will enjoy your stay. Have fun Cheesy
  6. Welcome Reimi, If you need help just tell me. Lux
  7. If your in for PvP Go Eden Eternal Because Currently Twin Saga is only PvE but we have a nice player out there playing. Welcome btw, if u need help just ask
  8. Welcome.Exe is now running ! Hahahahah Enjoy and have fun.
  9. No Problemo. Sorry i cant give enough info on monk since im still experimenting some of the build which good in PVE. 75 DK, hope it helps
  10. Nice to meet you gungnir. If you want to kill mobs/bosses faster ill suggest go atk n crit since Dragonic Flame DOT's does crit. Also go with Sky Uppercut and Inspiration common skills it will help you skill faster Note: Thats DragonKnight Build
  11. Welcome back and Enjoy Playing again
  12. Dafuq all VGN Staff thankies
  13. Thanks you for the warm welcome vendetta staff.
  14. No problem. So GS is the same as GS in the OS. I was a GameSage in OS until i resign. Nice to meet GS's. Well i had bunny so i love bunny.
  15. Thanks for the very big welcome <3, dont worry if i need help your the first one to know.
  16. Hi, my name is chub. Some of the best zumi in the official eden eternal. EE Main is a trash now. So im here <3 I will be enjoying my long long stay with you guys. Hope to have some friends here. Dont dislike me :c
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