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  1. 10 minutes ago, kevinx1234 said:
    what happened? Will open the server? I already told him like 10 friends and we are waiting for him to open haha.

    There is a no and yes in this situation they are still deciding whether to open a new server or not. Because right now admins are so busy making the 4 servers better.

  2. That will be a good idea, however, we are doing an event on a random day but maybe we can follow the time that you were given if some of the players agreed to you.

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  3. 5 hours ago, Jordan said:

    We'll be opening a suggestions thread once we have full decided to go through with the server and have it mostly prepared on our end so that we can apply a bunch of quality of life changes to the game before we release the server.


    Jordy i love you <3

    11 hours ago, Jordan said:

    I'm down for it, will need some helpers to give some suggestions to what needs improving from official / private server that exsists so that I can make ours better.


    So many to balance in this server, what i miss here is the fast weapon changing.

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  4. 5 minutes ago, Tsukichan said:

    What i mean is some senshi like fina, samuel , azusa, duo, duet, zaro etc even if u do their senshi quests and get their bag, their bag dont have lv2 book for making them lv2 senshi (meaning if they give %4atk %4crit > it will be %6 Atk and Crit other new senhies has their own lv2 books in their bag like cherry, ivor, guo etc) so the only way to make them lv2 senshi like others the general lv2 book (which can make lv2 any senshi (well i dont now its exact name bc it was chenese its looks like arynn's lv2 book as picture) but u can only get 1 of it from main quest with only your 1st char so ucan only make 1 senshi lv2 from that senshies (which i mentioned up there - and there is a few more-)  

    Lol sorry for long describe :( i hope i can explain myself better :) thx for fast answer too:)

    I see, well i dont think putting them in lp is possible but will see in the GM's choice

  5. 2 hours ago, Tsukichan said:

    Well last post seems to be in 2016 here so idk if it will work but,

    1st if can, put starstone resufling scrools in lp shop or decrease the price please (bc i used nearly 250+ resuff for two stone and still couldnt menaged what i need to get).

    And 2nd please put general lv2 senshi book in lp shop (even if it 9999lp is fine) because we only get 1 from main quest with our 1st char and there is like 8-9 senshi need to be use (either way they dont get lv2 bc their own bag not drop it like fina,zaro,samuel, azusa, sheldon, laura etc.) Well or if possible please add their lv2 books in their bag:)

    Thank alot for everthing b4 hand:)


    1:I think that's possible,

    2: I don't know what you mean but exact senshi book will not be fair if inserted in ap/lp shop, however getting there books has a chance in the quest bag and questing at terra cottage.

  6. 16 hours ago, LionSin said:

    It's not that eazy it took me 4 days of farming lp just to upgrade 3 gears from +30 to +40 xD


    But i just said what i do with the lower ench scrolls? Delete them? Or what xD

    An idea of an item that can transform them intro higer ench scrolls is good if you ask me

    We all know it's good to transform them into a higher one, however its not good for the community because it's the only cosmetic in the AP and LP that can make farming alive and cash alive, if this kind of custom thing inserted in the game the community will be easy as I can farm hundred of lower upgrade scrolls in just an hour.

    Also, it really depends on your luck as someone I knew makes +50 x4 equipment in just 3 days without spending a penny.

  7. 14 hours ago, LionSin said:

    I suggest that you add a npc or item that can change Gear Evolution Scrolls into Advance Gear Evolution Scrolls

    As for Accesory Evolution Scrolls into Advance Accesory Evolution Scrolls .

    And the trade should be like 7 to 1 or so..


    I have alot of gear and accesory evo scrolls..and i dont wanna delete them just cause i cant use..nor i cant give them to new players..

    Hi LionSin,

    Thanks for the suggestion, as i know it won't be possible as it's easy to get advance gear evolution via Loyalty Points and getting Loyalty points is easy too even your items isn't that pro you can join the loyalty ground and join the solo one as it's easy to do it.

    Some of the players just reserving the extra gear and accessory evolution scrolls so when they create a new character they can use it to them.

  8. On 6/9/2017 at 3:33 PM, LionSin said:

    Hello , New here. I was wondering why there are just 3 classes weapon costume in LP shop.


    Can you add for other classes to like samurai hunter etc? 


    As for astral puzzle , Add mounts to like (ruby dragon) or (illusion flame dragon) and senshi , aryn would be fine.


    9 hours ago, OnyWiz said:

    imo to support the server you should add better stuff to the AP shop and maybe a fwe weeks/month later add it to LP and rotate in that fashion

    this allows you to make a little cash ( which keeps the server running etc...) whilst still giving the players the option to either get X now via AP or wait a few weeks/month to get it with LP

    I also think it would be a good idea to have more options in AP/LP than the small amount (iro cotumes, mounts etc..) at present unless you are thinking of rotating more often

    We talk about it as a GM reply. It will be in a maintenance update but not in a regular maintenance.

    They will add the mystery box soon too, so i hope you guys can wait for it and stay at the astral puzzle atm

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  9. This becoming a common question, so I will leave this here.


    Eden Eternal

    Exp: x8
    Class Exp: x8
    Gold: x2
    Drop: x8

    Eden Eternal Classic

    Exp: x1
    Class Exp: x2

    Gold: x2
    Drop: x2

    Scarlet blade

    All new content that SB gets is custom drop/gold/exp either way.

    Exp: x5

    Quest EXP: x2

    Quest Gold: x2

    Drop: x4

    Gold: x3

    Increased pet exp

    Increased enchantment rates

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  10. On 6/9/2017 at 3:41 PM, LionSin said:

    Achievements hidden quests language..

    I'm the type who love doing quest for a decent reward but.. Im tired of not understand anything..

    Same as some starstones stats , enchament cards..Would be a real enjoy if you can fix those.

    Ik how you feel however they more focus on giving new custom things inside the game than translating some of the chinese languages that can be understand insomeway, however, i can help at them if u need something to understand.

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