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  1. Hi Vendetta, Thank you very much for this "classic" experience, and thank you very much for "listening" to what your player base wants. This game reached a point where its really toxic and unpleasant to play. The game's economy keeps getting worse and worse by the min, the rates are really really bad. PVP is a dead system. PVE is frustrating to play with the rates ( which you all said that lv65 cap has better rates than 60, but just try to hunt something from 60's trials and compare the drops you get when you od the same amount in 65T) The forum is filled with players that suggest various ways on how to fix the economy but you refuse to listen, as they say "Greed is blinding". You keep saying that you want to have a "classic" experience and when players come to you about specific balance changes that arent like the classic server you simply ignore it, the game is filled with mechanics that werent in the classic game and you keep them as "classic" experience. awhile things like 30 phys resist ( I know Jordan said he has no record of it in the files, but almost all players know that it was 30.. shows how much you guys know about the game. you refuse to listen fore the basic demands like class drops... you really want to milk the server by making us hunt so much for items that they get so expensive for an example a healer set BP can cost like 3k.... and before any1 comes and say that never happened please... just dont. The forting system in the game doesnt reward you anything, I spent 32 ULSS on on Zeus hat trying to make it from +7 to 8. quick math thats 25.600 gold. The stones keep getting higher and higher, leaving players with no other option but to hoard. Good luck Vendetta and thank you very much for your "hard" work and for "listening to your community. PS: I will be watching the downfall of the server because that's the only thing that enjoyable atm.
  2. Well ur wrong again because pdps classes arent useless at all, rangers are too strong (its just that there arent much good rangers in the server) but rangers can kill illu and healer really fast. Also GEARED ma are really strong and can shut down the rise of healers that we have. At this cap pdps are really strong and with a good shield (orange or gold +3) they can survive illu and counter kill them. Atm 3v3 and 10v10 is filled with wariors that can 3hit any1 like Udo and Waldruf not sure about the name kf its correct also we have ppl like dani and heart. So to reply to ur first post not even gonna react to the essay u wrote. No physical resist is fine as it is and the game isnt dominated by mdps that much its mot like 60 cap. If a pdps feels like he is weaker than mdps then what he needs is to fort his gear and build it right not ask for lower resist. And trust me even with +6 on everything the dmg is enough so +10 is sure to do the job.
  3. So you are making a post to complain (suggest) something that doesnt even affect you? if some1 has a prolem with the current resists or any stat then they should come and speak about it, because from what im seeng ur making a post about how the life of pdps are "ruined" but its not something that you personally experience? maybe come and provide us with something you experienced with evidence on how lowering the resists will help these pdps that u "saw" complain... And yes resists were 25 in 65 cap but this isnt really a classic server, we are in a private server that is trying to improve the "classic" and tbh no1 does 50 resist on physical except for ppl who are sacrificing their lck gems to put on gems that give 3 to each resist... its hard to build these type of resistance and if some1 choose to go beyond the cap which is supposed to be 25... thats on them... not even healers have base presist above 25 unless they use the event buffs and healers need these type of resist more than any1. As I said before ur whole point is invalid unless you provide proof on how much physical resist reduction will help these players that you "heard" complain and as for ur last line if u want to make things fair before coming to complain about resist which are a personal option in builds maybe make a post about the % on weapons? which we had since 60cap and that sure wasnt in "classic". and thats something that not an option for everyone because getting a higher % doesnt sacrifice anything in ur build unlike physical resist. Thank You
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    Can we have more prime pets in altar? we went for more than a month without prime pets and this week we had them again so the prices has gone too high. can we have a balance of prime pets? like once a week? even if u repeat same pets at least make them around.
  5. Thr almighty cape says it gives 228 healing while when it procc the procc stat says it gives only pheal but the gold version says it gices pheal and gheal. Can we have an update in game to all g heal pheal items and trophy? Just to make it more clear? Because when building a gheal focused healer it matters alot when a procc is pheal not gheal.
  6. Norjomah

    Drop rates

    I would love to see that
  7. So this post has been here a while, is there any plan to fix this or is it intended?
  8. I know the released dates... But trials arrived earlier than whats written in that post... That's why im asking if there is a chance for the awaken weapons to arrive early too. As a suggestion I suggested the first of August instead of the 27th.
  9. Hello, I am just wondering since we got trials earlier, can we have awaken weapons earlier too? Maybe like the beginning of August?
  10. Okay im going to be blunt in my answer, you wrong! You said urself in aven a week ago that phys resist is useless when u were Dueling a frog named Baskervile. He had a ranger with bade 41 on all phys resist because " you deal the same dmg to ur couple who is a cleric with alot less resist". Also ur going to arena with +2 weapons... Ofc ppl with high resist will survive ur dmg. Another thing to add phys resist is hard to get unless ur a ranger atm we have ring enchants that give 6 and 1 cert that gives 5 including achievement add another 10 and 15 for strike thats base 21 resist. If u need to go higher u need to give up alot of dmg to add gems and since each gem gives 3 even if u gem a full set with all 3 phys resist u wont reach the cap.. and no1 does that because ice resist is more important and they need the dmg. Im sorry to say it but u complain alot in forum while ign ur always speaking of how these resist dont matter to you.
  11. This whole post is funny, we are still discussing things that have been told in older posts already and still we have no solution. The economy is disgustingly bad for a private server because its worse than other main servers ( before some1 pin this sentence I know you dont care about being compared). VLSS were 350g before the introduction of the GM's solution of making VSS in lower rows which still have low rate of landing on them for an example I tried 20 EC for every altar change and the max I got was 3 VSS if we do math its cheaper to buy them. at this moment VSS cost 350 while VLSS reached 450. so the solution actually made the matter worst because no1 cares about VSS when they can buy SS for the same price and they can be used on every upgrade not just +6. Also since we might reach the second phase of the "Solution" which is stone wipe, just like how armor boxes reached 3k gold for the first 3 weeks of the new content if u wipe stones before awaken weapons that means 3 weeks of f2p players struggling in arena to keep up because the stones will reach higher prices. We can go on and on about the status of the game but in the end the GM's have decided that they wont make the same "Mistake" they did on awaken so we are stuck with this situation because its post number 10+ that discuss the same thing. I will just be the same as 90% of the players of this server and turn to PVE instead of PVP because there I dont need to have +6 I just have to struggle with the drop rates .
  12. Hi, I'm thinking about making a healer in the newly 65cap. From what i'v seen in the game, everyone is using lck elimination gems and mainly focus on crits. I heal trials with fame set mcrit and cast set and only have wis from proccs (rings and weapons), this build is serving me well atm as its similar to what everyone is doing focusing on crit heals. I wonder why no1 is using wis gheal gems or G heal focused builds. is that build really weaker than crits? can some1 explain to me which is better for healing and why? I'm a frog and looking for mainly tanky heal build i dont really care about dealing any dmg with my cleric build. Thank you.
  13. Hi, Just wanted to share an opinion that maybe will knock some sense into the players of this game. How come an item int the 3rd row that should never cost more than the gems themselves is costing double? are you all for real? chisels lv70 are sold for 650-700?... I know its day one but where is the thought process behind the players in this server? a chisel should never cost more than the gem itself... very disappointed in the current economy of the game, and you all bitching about the decisions Jordan makes while you all are ruining the game. Just wanted to say it out loud.
  14. Just wanted to know, the only pet that cant be re summoned during combat is the ranger pet. is this a bug? or it was meant to be that way?
  15. The whole talk about races comes back to 1 question, why didn't u pick X race... we all know the game and we all know what each race does... also humans are not weak at all, look at all of the humans topping the game being the strongest.. I find humans very balanced such as every other race. and as I said any changes to racial that worked the same way for 10 years will cause X race to want to change and race change is a problem because the % stats are different.
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