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  1. This whole post is funny, we are still discussing things that have been told in older posts already and still we have no solution. The economy is disgustingly bad for a private server because its worse than other main servers ( before some1 pin this sentence I know you dont care about being compared). VLSS were 350g before the introduction of the GM's solution of making VSS in lower rows which still have low rate of landing on them for an example I tried 20 EC for every altar change and the max I got was 3 VSS if we do math its cheaper to buy them. at this moment VSS cost 350 while VLSS reached 450. so the solution actually made the matter worst because no1 cares about VSS when they can buy SS for the same price and they can be used on every upgrade not just +6. Also since we might reach the second phase of the "Solution" which is stone wipe, just like how armor boxes reached 3k gold for the first 3 weeks of the new content if u wipe stones before awaken weapons that means 3 weeks of f2p players struggling in arena to keep up because the stones will reach higher prices. We can go on and on about the status of the game but in the end the GM's have decided that they wont make the same "Mistake" they did on awaken so we are stuck with this situation because its post number 10+ that discuss the same thing. I will just be the same as 90% of the players of this server and turn to PVE instead of PVP because there I dont need to have +6 I just have to struggle with the drop rates .
  2. Hi, I'm thinking about making a healer in the newly 65cap. From what i'v seen in the game, everyone is using lck elimination gems and mainly focus on crits. I heal trials with fame set mcrit and cast set and only have wis from proccs (rings and weapons), this build is serving me well atm as its similar to what everyone is doing focusing on crit heals. I wonder why no1 is using wis gheal gems or G heal focused builds. is that build really weaker than crits? can some1 explain to me which is better for healing and why? I'm a frog and looking for mainly tanky heal build i dont really care about dealing any dmg with my cleric build. Thank you.
  3. Hi, Just wanted to share an opinion that maybe will knock some sense into the players of this game. How come an item int the 3rd row that should never cost more than the gems themselves is costing double? are you all for real? chisels lv70 are sold for 650-700?... I know its day one but where is the thought process behind the players in this server? a chisel should never cost more than the gem itself... very disappointed in the current economy of the game, and you all bitching about the decisions Jordan makes while you all are ruining the game. Just wanted to say it out loud.
  4. Just wanted to know, the only pet that cant be re summoned during combat is the ranger pet. is this a bug? or it was meant to be that way?
  5. The whole talk about races comes back to 1 question, why didn't u pick X race... we all know the game and we all know what each race does... also humans are not weak at all, look at all of the humans topping the game being the strongest.. I find humans very balanced such as every other race. and as I said any changes to racial that worked the same way for 10 years will cause X race to want to change and race change is a problem because the % stats are different.
  6. Lately I'v been seeing a lot of posts about racials of people demanding nerfs and changes not only on forum but also in game. I just wanted to make this clear to everyone, when u all came back to this game you all played it before. you all know what zumi's do and what anuran's do... why keep crying about it? I play anuran only because the racial passives and skills fit my play style, I love playing a healer who can sit in front of the boss because of my aoe heal... I love the orange immobilize that works as a stun and makes me able to stun after. but I pay the price of frogs looking beyond disgusting... its hard to find a good outfit to look decent but its okay because this fits my play style... I'm sure that what goes in the mind of everyone who creates a character in this game is not how the race looks but what stats come with it... and match it with their favorite classes. please stop demanding changes to things that have been in the game from 2010... think about the people who choose to pick a race and invested all of their money into achievements... if the racials are changed they would quit because all of their build is now wasted on a race they didnt pick because it got changed. (unless it will be possible to race change). Thank you, Just wanted to share a point of view.
  7. Hi, Just a suggestion that I have in mind, to resolve the whole saving up stones for next patch. how about bring back the 75% stones, this way everyone can gear up and when next content arrives everyone can gear up again. I know there was a post somewhere that you said that stones wont be coming back except for ranking rewards and maybe events. but the thing is at this moment the 10% SS are sold for 750g when not on the altar and 600g when they are. people abuse that and only sell after the stones are gone. one month ago these same stones were sold for 500g but since all the rich people have +10 and 100 more in bank the prices keep getting higher and higher. The server is really feeling like Aeria 2.0. I love this game and came back after 10 years, but sometimes the frustration is upsetting when the prices keep getting higher and higher, specially for items that we need to gear up. I don't mind if customization like primes reach 10k each as long as I can have decent gear to be able to partake in the end game content, otherwise its not much fun after reaching level cap which takes 3 days. This is my opinion and I am sure a lot of players share this, hope there is something to be done.
  8. Hi, Just wanted to know, is the Mimic class planned to be released? I played a different private server years back and Mimic wasn't in the game. That made it alot more fun since each class had it's own identity. Not everyone playing mimic with the same skills. Also basic classes were useable unlike when mimic was around.